Comet NEAT (C/2002 V1)

Let’s take a brief look into the history of Comet NEAT, as it appears on the website, titled Promising New Comet Called NEAT Graces Evening Sky, written by Joe Rao, and posted on January 31, 2003:


The first word about this new C/2002 V1 [comet] reached the astronomical community on a routine announcement card from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO), Cambridge, Massachusetts, the clearinghouse in the United States for astronomical discoveries. The SAO also serves in that capacity as an agency of the International Astronomical Union.

The I.A.U. Circular No. 8010, dated November 6, 2002, stated that Steven H. Provdo of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory reported the discovery of a new comet as part of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s NEAT program. NEAT is an autonomous celestial observatory [Near Earth Asteroid Tracking] searching for and studying asteroids and comets that roam the same region of the solar system through which Earth orbits.

The NEAT system, using a 1.2-meter (4-foot) telescope, is located in Hawaii and is a cooperative effort with the U.S. Air Force.

The following day on I.A.U. Circular 8011 a preliminary orbit for the new comet was published. The comet was then about 217 million miles (349 million kilometers) from the Sun. It was projected to make its closest approach to the Sun (called “perihelion”) at a distance of 9.2 million miles (14.8 million kilometers) on February 18, 2003. That’s just under one-tenth the Earth’s average distance from the Sun.

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Let’s turn now to an article written by Fintan Dunne, editor of the website. The article is titled:



Welcome To Planet NEAT

Many NASA scientists are listening to his radio broadcasts, according to James McCanney in his February 27th broadcast. Server bandwidth was exceeded on the broadcast due to the increased volume of listeners.

In a reference to and other websites, Professor McCanney complimented the “amateur scientists who have uncovered the manipulation of images by NASA”.

Summarizing the current situation for new listeners, Prof. McCanney said:

“Something big is going on in our solar system right now. All the planets did not form at the same time. And a new planet can form at any time. The planet NEAT is obviously a new planet.”

“The nucleus is probably about the size of the planet Mercury. It is in an orbit that is perpendicular and will not interact in a gravitational manner, but action at a distance is the rule in the solar system.”

“You could see the Earth react to Comet NEAT. And NASA shut down the SOHO feed because clearly they were not getting the photos they wanted. [SOHO feeds are live, real-time daily images of the Sun through a variety of very sophisticated lenses.] The comet was doing things it shouldn’t.

“All the satellite information on solar winds, etc., were giving different readings. NASA is hiding data. A group of scientists are in charge who are, well, liars. They are not talking about this.”

[still quoting:]


Internet And Disinformation

Professor McCanney said that people should beware of the Internet.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there. A lot of government sites out there are giving misleading information.

“One piece of misinformation came out today that this comet was about a six-kilometer-sized piece of rock.”

Later in the broadcast Professor McCanney detailed the second misinformation in an article by Lee Dye.

“He quotes a David Morrison—who they say is a senior NASA scientist. He is saying that asteroids could collide with Earth and cause a problem.

Morrison is a very elderly man and they are ridiculing him.

JPL and Goddard are the two news release agencies for NASA—so why is ABC News using Morrison’s name to talk about a possible threat?

“And the article quotes Lee Clark—Associate Professor of Sociology from Rutgers. What is he doing talking about asteroids? Where are the NEAT impact team?

Clarke says it may not happen for thousands or millions of years, if at all.

“The article says nothing about Comet NEAT. They knew it was big, they knew it was inbound and said nothing. Why?“

Because they knew the public is smart enough to ask what else is out there. And what if they came near the Planet Earth? The average guy would realize this immediately.

“But the public realized one thing—that Comet NEAT was huge. If you can see a comet in broad daylight Sun, near the Sun, it must be huge.

“Now, 2.5 years into a solar minimum, the Sun is going crazy. We have had about four comets come in by the Sun in a week.”

[still quoting:]


Neat Info

Later in the broadcast, Prof. McCanney revealed important information about the NEAT Comet passage past the Sun.

“As NEAT rounded the Sun, it was in perfect alignment with Mercury. On the 19th [of February 2003] you see a very faint trailer. That’s the electron beam that is connecting the comet to Mercury. Mercury at the time was probably turning into a comet and attracting quite a bit of material.”


Weather Effects

“The response on Earth is incredible weather. You get very exaggerated flipping of the jet streams taking place. Because the jet stream is influenced by the solar wind.

“Comets at a great distance can affect us—as described in the Hopi legends, which say blue comets are the dangerous ones.”

[end quoting]

On February 27 I [R.M.] received an email dated February 24, titled This Is Really NEAT, written by Edgar J. Steele:



After a great misery for mankind an even greater approaches.

The great cycle of the centuries is renewed: It will rain blood, milk, famine, war, and disease. In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks.

Nostradamus, Century 2, Quatrain 46 (1654) Something else truly amazing is taking place in the solar system at this moment. A huge comet is rounding the Sun, a comet twice the size of Jupiter (about 22 times the size of Earth).

Some have seen it at sunrise and sunset; otherwise, it is not visible because it is occluded by solar glare. Essentially, it is coming from behind the Sun....


NASA’s solar observatory has released a number of pictures of this comet, but those stopped just as a huge coronal mass ejection (CME) erupted from the Sun toward the comet. Some call these things “sunspots”.

This comet is passing within 9 million miles of the solar surface. In celestial terms, that is a very near miss.

You haven’t heard about this, have you?

Remember the hullabaloo over Hale-Bopp and Levy-Shoemaker? They were pikers by comparison with what has been dubbed Comet NEAT.

Why all the silence this time?

I have read a good deal of speculation on several different Internet sites. Some see it as biblical prophecy fulfilled. Some consider this to be Nibiru or Planet X, foretold by the Mayans as passing through the Solar System every 3,600 years or so. Some consider this simply to be an awesome photo opportunity.

Some say the strange weather on Earth lately is the result of an effect caused by the Sun, which in turn is responding to Comet NEAT.

Electromagnetic fields reach hundreds of millions of miles into space, you see, and are generated by all celestial objects. Influences occur at distances far in excess of that between the Sun and Comet NEAT or, for that matter, between Earth and Comet NEAT.

The Sun has a regularly-repeating solar “sunspot” activity cycle of approximately 11 years. 2000 was to have been the most recent peak. Solar activity, rather than dropping off in year 12 [2001], as it always has, has continued to rise ever since.

Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening in an accelerating fashion of late. The North Pole, which wanders anyway, has traveled almost as far in the past 20 years as it did in the 100 years prior to that, when it was located in Canada’s northern Yukon Territory. Some hypothesize that Earth’s poles reverse when its magnetic field reaches zero. The geological record proves the poles have shifted many times down through the history of the Earth (metal flakes in lava align with the magnetic field, to be frozen in place when the lava cools, you see, just like the needle in a compass). Coincidence? Perhaps.

Maybe it is nothing. Maybe it is something. If something, it could be the most significant occurrence in recorded human history.

Generally, the concern is not that Comet NEAT will strike Earth or even come near us (though I have yet to see a good description of its path relative to Earth). Rather, the concern is for the effect upon us through the electromagnetic interaction between it and Earth and the Sun.

There is a secondary concern that something this huge could have smaller objects following in its wake, or that pieces of it broke off during the massive solar flare when it passed near the Sun, pieces that might find their way to Earth. “Planet-buster” asteroids can be as small as 1/3 mile in diameter.

[end quoting]

Then, in an article from an e-mail I received on February 23, titled Comet Side-Effects, author unknown, comes the following information:



Comet Side-Effects

Massive solar eruptions have accompanied the close solar flyby of the Comet NEAT Tuesday. One coronal mass ejection plume at 05:00 hours 18 Feb., Tuesday morning, extended at least 5 million miles from the surface of the Sun toward the comet. Other coronal discharges were observed extending in excess of 12 million miles.

[Editor’s note: See representative photos nearby.]


SOHO Images Of Comet NEAT

(click images to enlarge)

Image 1

Image 2

In the early hours of Thursday morning [Feb. 20] around 6:30 a.m., the comet discussion board (linked to the absent Kent Steadman’s CyberspaceOrbit website) inexplicably went offline about thirty minutes after participants discovered that NASA had been faking web-images of the comet’s passage past the Sun on the morning of the 18th of February.

A web-image posted by NASA from a sequence of 7 missing hourly photos of the comet near the Sun, had a tell-tale partial white comet image below the observed comet location. The photo thus shows two positions for the comet. This partial matched the exact position of the comet in later NASA images in the sequence posted from the SOHO satellite.


A total of 7 hours of data from early Tuesday had been missing from the hourly photographs released by the SOHO project monitoring the comet’s passage. Also a U.S. military website following the comet’s flyby did not provide new images from 11:30 p.m. EST Tuesday until late Wednesday afternoon. The images normally update several times an hour.


At one point the website showed pictures from Feb. 12, 2003 in their 5 minute update. The implications given all this is that the current image data has highly dubious credibility. The severity of the solar reactions could have torn the comet apart, and even without this, the coronal mass ejection could cause significant weather, geomagnetic, and seismic effects on Earth. One side effect of the interaction with the Sun may be that the orbit of the comet has been flattened.


Orbit calculations had indicated it would be directly overhead around Nov. 28, 2003, but if alternative theories about comet composition are correct, then the close flyby could have altered the trajectory disastrously.

[end quoting]

There are numerous other articles available on the Internet concerning the controversy of “tampered with” images from SOHO. But, I want to keep progressing with this story and there is a lot of ground yet to cover.

In an e-mail I received on March 2 comes the following information:



Danger Comet
Photo/Story Update

We have witnessed far smaller and less relevant comets being given more publicity and hype, yet when a few thousand-year event takes place with a comet larger than a small planet (“It is far the brightest and largest comet seen” says Paal Brekke, SOHO deputy project scientist, telling”), there is MEDIA COVERAGE SILENCE!


This when added to the data manipulation and silence from NASA and other observatories leads us to one conclusion:

This event has everyone in authority extremely scared and they have no idea what may be the final results of its trajectory or its passing.

Silence is a strategy that a top advisor to the U.S. government has already stated would be the policy for impact or dangerous objects moving through space. We may be seeing this policy currently being enforced.

Here are some quotes from the Homeland Security Office one day after the comet changed its trajectory, being influenced by a massive solar flare. (This happened on the 18th of February. Homeland Security issued their warning on the 19th of February.)

Here are some “give-away” quotes from the Homeland Security website:

• “Be prepared to improvise and use what you have on hand to make it on your own for at least three days, maybe longer.”

• “Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling a supply kit and developing a family communications plan, are the same for both a natural or man-made emergency.” (

• “You may have trouble getting through, or the phone system may be down altogether, but be patient.” (

• “If you see large amounts of debris in the air, or if local authorities say the air is badly contaminated, you may want to “shelter-in-place”. (

Do you think that terrorism will cause “natural” disaster or “debris in the air”?! (That is a giveaway.) The only advice to readers is: Be vigilant/be prepared. Please note that the preparation steps issued by the U.S. government on February 19th at are the bare minimum and do little more than avert panic and limit liability so the government can say they at least warned us.

[end quoting]

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