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In an e-mail I received on 3/19/03, there came the following information, originally from Mark Hazelwood, author of Blindsided. We read:



Subject: Planet X - 2003
Russians Are Aware Of A Large Body/Comet Being Inbound

This information may be repeat for some here. Because of its significance I want to make sure all here are exposed to this. James McCanney met a colleague of his from Russia in Laughlin, Nevada, and confirmed that the Russians are aware of a large body/comet being inbound.

Mark H.

Notes taken from McCanney’s radio talk:

He said he has interviewed a colleague in his field from Russia, where they have decided to begin opening this subject (coming large-body comet) up to the public. In fact he said that the United States citizens are now the least informed in the world about this.

This interview (2/6/03) with the Russian scientist is available on McCanney’s archives.

He doesn't give a specific date at this point when he predicts the arrival of the large planet-sized object that is out there and is currently having tremendous effects on the activity of the Sun, and on the amount of solar radiation which we are getting which is affecting the weather as well as the amount of volcanic activity and increasing numbers of earthquakes, but based on the behavior of all objects in the Solar System, there is no doubt that it’s out there.

Remember the woman doctor who had to be emergency evacuated from one of the polar stations because she discovered she had breast cancer? Well, as an aside, McCanney mentioned that the Earth’s magnetic field has gone to zero at the poles a number of times already, and because of the tremendously increased radiation when this happens, anyone exposed gets mega-dosed with x-rays and can develop cancer in as little time as a WEEK!

He said the last time we had a major close call that no one was told about was when Hale-Bopp passed by. He said it was about half the size of our Moon when it entered the Solar System and (because of its electromagnetic interaction with the Sun) grew to approximately the same size as the Moon by the time it left. Its original orbit as it came in would have brought it into an intersection with Earth’s orbit, but as it passed by the Sun, it was diverted [due to the tail-drag].

He said if we had passed through its tail, based on its size, we would have been inundated by water and hydrocarbons (combustible) thrown off from the nucleus, would have had tremendously powerful storms, and tides three times their normal height, which would essentially be like tsunamis which would have completely rolled over the island of Manhattan (for example) and penetrated one to two miles inland (this is without any “impact” of the comet itself).

The comet that is passing through now (NEAT), he says has a nucleus about the size of Mercury (though the entire body, including the out-gasing tail, has been estimated at up to 2X the size of Jupiter as it passed by the Sun).

And even NASA has been quoted as saying that the CMEs (coronal mass ejections) which this comet’s pass by evoked from the Sun were the largest ever measured.

Bill Pawelek was also on the show and said:

There are four categories of telescopes on the planet:

(1)  4-inch to 8-inch scopes used by most amateurs
(2)  12-inch to 4-foot scopes located mostly at universities
(3)  4-foot to 12-foot scopes which represent the older mainline observatories (4)  state-of-the-art observatory scopes with clusters of mirrors, each 25 to 30 feet across

McCanney said that most people don’t realize that NASA reports to the NSA (top-secret National Security Agency), and that all NASA employees are under strict loyalty and secrecy oaths. He said that NASA, the NSA, and the National Science Foundation (all governmental agencies) are the major funders of the category 2 and 3 observatory programs, which are dependent upon this funding to be able to afford to continue in operation and make equipment upgrades.

He said that he has been personally following the tribulations of one graduate student who hasn’t been able to complete his degree because the scopes at his university and every other university he has contacted have been “down”, either for maintenance and upgrade, or simply without any explanation at all, FOR THE LAST YEAR! He said that all category 2 and 3 scopes have been unavailable to the public since at least May of last year. He said that the category 4 scopes have a 1- to 2-year waiting list to schedule scope time. He said that an even more top-secret subsidiary of the NSA, the National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO—so secret that Congress didn’t even know it existed until its budget for an extravagant new office building created a scandal a few years back) is now in charge of putting spy scopes into near Earth orbit that are the size of busses (some already there, others on the way), some taking pictures and film, some monitoring communications.

And the most interesting thing about that is that some of these are monitoring activity on Earth and some are pointed the other way, monitoring activity out in the Solar System, including communications, presumably of alien craft.

He said that all top-secret programs like this have a public “mirror agency” as front—in this case the SETI program which goes on “listening” for possible signs of life in the universe without ever finding any, and that its purpose is to reassure the public that nothing is going on.

He said that the Columbia had a project onboard which used high-resolution ground-penetrating radar which discovered a large underground river 750 feet under the Sahara desert (as an example of what it can do), and on this last mission this technology monitored “something” that sent out a light signal from 40 feet to 50 feet underground in Iraq, and received a signal back.

As posted in other threads on this forum, Iraq is the original territory of the people chronicled in the Sumerian tablets, which tell the story of Nibiru and its 3,600-year orbit, the same Planet X which is purportedly on its way, and Iraq has a lot of ruins which Saddam has been excavating for some time now.

These people came from an advanced, space-faring civilization, so their “artifacts” could be something quite unexpected. You can get transcripts of James’ talk-shows at the website.

You can also listen to a weekly series on Mysteries Of The Mind, on the Millennium Radio Network (, where they have McCanney on every Thursday night.

[end quoting]

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