by Wes Penre

October 8, 2012

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Listed in alphabetical order:

  • 4-Space/Time: Our 3rd Dimensional reality plus time; the 'known universe', which we can perceive with our 5 senses, including planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies..


  • 7 Superdomains: The seven 'super dimensions' which are the building blocks in LPG-C's (see def. below) 'Working Model' (see def. below), where 4-space/time (see def. above), which is the 'known universe', is the 7th, and 'lowest' superdomain. For more information regarding the 7 superdomains, see Exploring the Unum - The Building Blocks of the Multiverse.


  • AIF - Alien Invader Force:  Is the group of rebellious star beings, led by Prince Lucifer of the Orion Empire (see Fourth Level of Learning). Prince Lucifer, also known on Earth as Lord and Lord Ea, rebelled against his mother, the "Orion Queen," or the "Queen of the Stars."


    He wanted more power, and disagreed with how things were run in the Empire. Hence, he gathered star beings from Orion and other star systems and started a war against his mother's armies.


    This is known as "Lucifer's Rebellion." Lucifer lost, and he and his cohorts were cast out of An (Heaven the Orion Empire).


    Lucifer fled to Aldebaran in the Pleiadian star cluster and built a new, extended army in secret. Approximately 450,000 years ago, Lucifer and his "Fallen Angels" attacked Earth, at that time under the wings of the Orion Empire, and hijacked it.


    When all Orion and Lyran beings were killed or driven out of our solar system, Lucifer and his scientists started manipulating the existing human species on Earth and mixed our genes with Orion, Sirian, and genes from other beings from star systems.


    Eventually Homo sapiens was created as a slave race to these star beings, whom I call "the AIF."



  • Alignment with the Galactic Center: The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes.

    Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very slowly on its axis and shifts the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years. Because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator.

    This 26,000-year precessional cycle shifts the apparent position of the sun, on the December solstice, backward through the signs of the zodiac. This leads to the observation (as viewed from the earth) that the December solstice sun is moving "around" the Galactic Center, coming into alignment with it once every 26,000 years.


    This is the galactic alignment. It is a name given to a relative perception of the stars while observing from the earth.



  • Amašutum: Anton Parks' term for the female Gina'abul (see def. below). The word, according to Parks, stems from old Sumer, but if we trace it back far enough, it comes from the stars, and looks very much like a female, Aryan word. I use this word as a synonym for the Titans in these papers; something that would be quite acceptable.


  • ANGAL, The: A term used by Anton Parks, describing the dimensions of the beings of Higher Order (we may call them angels, or Builders). The ANGAL has its own set of dimensions. The upper parts of the ANGAL corresponds pretty well with what I otherwise call the 96% Universe, consisting of 96% dark matter and dark energy, in contrast to the 4% Universe, which is the Universe we are currently perceiving with our 5 senses.


  • AOM: Allies of Humanity. This is an alien group in contact with the medium Marshall Vian Summers. They are here to warn us from taking part in any TTP (see def. below) between ETs and the human governments of Earth, because this is a way to control us. [3/9/2013]


  • ARIDU (Ar-i-du): One of many names of our solar system, used by extraterrestrials. This is the name I chose to use in my papers.


  • 'As Above So Below': This expression is said to originate from the Freemasons, but may be much older. It refers to the relationship between the Macrocosms (the Universe as we can see it) and the Microcosms (the Universe of particles, like cells, atoms, neutrons, positrons, electrons, tachyons, and other quantum particles). It is said that if something for example happens here on Earth, i.e. we have constant wars going on, it is a ripple effect from what is happening above (in the Cosmos above our heads). So if we have wars here on Earth, we can almost take for granted there are wars out in Cosmos which extend to down here. If we want to take it further, there are probably "wars" all the way down to the quantum world.


  • Avatar:

  1. A part of the soul, also called the 'light body' in metaphysics. This is the ethereal body we use in the afterlife where we 'mock ourselves up' so others can see us. In the afterlife, we usually mock ourselves up the way we looked like when we were alive.


  2. The light body which extraterrestrials sometimes us when they 'shapeshift'. ETs who travel through space and time in spirit form (so called ontoenergetics [see def. below]) and are coming here as intruders, are usually mocking themselves up as humans to blend in, but can also show themselves off as Reptilians, Grays, Dragons or whatever they want.

  • Beast, The: A future Supercomputer with the brainpower of trillions of human brains, which will be run by the Sirian Alliance in order to steer humanity into the core of a Machine Kingdom, where all are One Mind to follow One Command. [4/3/2013]


  • Biokind: The biological body of any given race. Term coined by LPG-C (see def. of LPG-C below).


  • Biomind: The combined mind of a being + their biological body. Term coined by LPG-C (see def. of LPG-C below).


  • BLA: 'Between Life Area', where the soul and its composite goes between incarnations.


  • Black Magick: I am using the term 'Dark Magick' in contrast to 'Black Magick' throughout my papers. Black Magick is used to describe magicians who use magick to access the Void and use it for personal gains against someone else, while 'Dark Magick' is used to signify shamans and others who use magick, also to access the Void, but with the intentions to help self and others in a positive manner. I am not using the term 'White Magick', because both the good intended and the bad intended are both trying to get in touch with the Goddess Universe (see also, 'Magick').


  • Bloodlines, The: During the Atlantis Era, Lord EA selected an elite of human hybrids who were direct descendents of the Aryan/Sirian bloodline and had EA's blood running through their veins, and also possessed the Fire to become the Ruling Elite we see today (we often call them the Illuminati, the Global Elite, or the Cabal).


    The chosen ones were always males, because he feared that if the women ruled, they would be too powerful and therefore a threat. The Women of Fire instead became the sorcerers, witches, the psychics, and were often psychic healers to the ruling Men of Power. So it has remained up until this day. We now call these shamanic Women of Fire 'High Priestesses of the Illuminati', but their powers have been tremendously watered down from what they once were.


  • BSMC: Body/Spirit/Mind Complex, i.e. you as a human being. This is what you consist of, whether you have your experience in a physical body or an etheric one [1/25/2013].


  • Builders: The original Creator Gods of a Universe (Unum). The Mother Goddess is giving birth to universes, and then she assigns 'Builders' to 'go out and create' in her new universe. These Creator Gods, together with the Goddess are responsible for that the goals for that specific universe are met.


  • Creator Gods (capital letters): My combined name for all creator gods who have understood the mechanics of the Multiverse and have learned how to create intelligent life forms outside of their own planet.


  • creator gods (small letters): A term used for a race who has just begun to explore genetic engineering and are experimenting, using DNA from different life forms to create something new. Humanity is about to become 'creator gods' at this exact moment, even if it's done in secret. We are experimenting to create both artificial intelligence, clones, and new races.


  • Dark Magick: I am using the term 'Dark Magick' in contrast to 'Black Magick' throughout my papers. Black Magick is used to describe magicians who use magick to access the Void and use it for personal gains against someone else, while 'Dark Magick' is used to signify shamans and others who use magick, also to access the Void, but with the intentions to help self and others in a positive manner. I am not using the term 'White Magick', because both the good intended and the bad intended are both trying to get in touch with the Goddess Universe (see also, 'Magick').


  • Debt, The: When the Sirian Overlords took over real estate Earth, they had, per universal law, the obligation to see to that the intelligent beings already inhabiting Earth (we humans) were not interfered with to such a degree that it inflicted on our development as a species. The Sirians broke this law, but 'put things right' by letting a few human soul every now and then leave the Prison Planet and find their way to the stars in order for the Sirians to pay off the 'Debt', meaning they had to show that humans down here actually evolved. However, these souls who were allowed to escape were so depleted of energy that they were literally 'useless'. So, the Sirians sent souls they had no use for anymore to the stars, thinking they were paying off the Debt. It was sort of a bypass of the law. The Queen of the Stars disagreed!


  • DRAP: 'Death-Recycling-Amnesia-Trap'. An orchestrated chain of events, created by a composite of alien races to keep us under control.


  • EC: 'Etheric Composite' (see these words below).


  • Einstein-Rosen Bridges: Interconnect all stars in all galaxies, and even galaxies with each other. ER bridges can be seen through telescopes that capture images in the visible light range. Used by extraterrestrials to travel from one point in space to another, when the distance is an issue. Somewhat synonymous to stargates.


  • ENS (Extension Neurosensing): In a nutshell, ENS works as follows[...]: a human being, applying this technique, lies relaxed in a resonance-inducing sarcophagus, while his vital energy thresholds are monitored. A photonic body (an avatar) is induced and through advanced technology and the person's own mental abilities, he is capable of neurologically "extending himself" wherever he wants; nearby, to the edge of the Physical Universe, or even beyond! Hence, the Physics Group has been able to open the doors of perception to explore nature and the universe in a manner that has never been possible before, or even been perceived as a possibility. By expanding on the research of scientists such as Albert Einstein and David Bohm, they have been able to accomplish getting astonishing results from this technique.

    (http //


  • Etheric Composite: The three composite parts of 'you' that leave the physical body (biokind) when the body dies. The Etheric Composite consists of the information cloud (the soul), the avatar (the light body), and the emotional body respectively.


  • Exopolitics: The politics regarding extraterrestrials. The subject of "exopolitics" includes both the political issues, as well as interrelating and relating issues, regarding ETs here on Earth, near Earth space, or in the Multiverse in general, and their relations, political and others, with we humans here on Earth. It has become a broad definition which sometimes includes everything that has to do with extraterrestrials.


  • Experiencer: A person who is exposing what he has experienced first hand with extraterrestrials; either through abductions, face-to-face encounters, mind to mind, or written communications. Channeling could also go under this category.


  • Exteriorization: The phenomenon when the soul (avatar and fire[s]) leave the body temporarily (not including body death). Could happen through shock and trauma, but also at will, if a person is trained in different spiritual rituals and exercises. The word originally comes from L. Ron Hubbard and his Church of Scientology. Hubbard used this term to describe when a soul (thetan) leaves the body during Dianetics or Scientology processing as a part of the End Phenomenon of any particular process. I am using this term as described in the first definition above.


  • Fire: another word for 'soul'.


  • First Level of Learning: The first series of papers that I completed in October, 2011, and posted here. I am suggesting that the readers start reading these papers before they continue reading the Second Level of Learning (see def. below). The First Level of Learning can be found here.


  • Founders: Creator Gods who seed planets with different life forms, such as plants, insects, animals, and one or more intelligent species, which has programmed into their DNA to feel the urge to reach for the stars (such as humankind). They always leave their signature in what they create; a butterfly may have a physical outlook similar to the Founder who created it and a praying mantis may be a small version of the Founder who created this particular insect. Even we humans sometimes have the signature of the Founders who created us.


  • Gina'abul: A common Sumerian name, used by Anton Parks, for the Reptilian star races in this part of the Galaxy, whom are supposedly coming from the same ancestors.


  • Goddess, The: The creator of all Universes, often also called God, Source, First Source, Prime Creator, All That Is etc.


  • Greater Community: An alliance of star races who engage in business and trade with each other, often in ways where they get dependent upon each other, and in many cases star races have a tendency of using technology to control other races. The Allies of Humanity (see AOM above) is a group of aliens who advise mankind not to get involved with the Greater Community. [3/9/2013]


  • Helpers: A combined word for creator gods on all levels whom are helping Mother Goddess to create life within her universes.


  • Hušmuš: Sumerian/Akkadian name for the Dinosaurs.


  • Hyperversals: see "Ontoenergetics".


  • Information Cloud: Another word for soul. Term coined by LPG-C (see def. below).


  • Innernet: Instead of connecting to the Internet to find all the information we want to learn about ourselves, the most important thing is to connect with nature and use the INNERnet more than the INTERnet to connect to Self and evolve as a being. The Innernet is your own, local universe, which is inside of you.


  • Kadištu: [Sumerian term] See 'Founders'


  • KHAA, The: The Mother Universe, also called the Void, which is the 96% of the Universe science can't explain. This is the Home Universe of the Mother Goddess through which you travel when you enter a stargate after have 'shrunk' yourself into nano size. This is the fastest and easiest way to travel between stars, galaxies and universes.


  • KHANUS KHANUR: The Sirian 'Foremost King of Kings'; he who had the ultimate power of the Sirian Kingdoms and ruled over all other kings. Sitchin and the Ša.AM.i call the KHANUS KHANUR, AN or ANU.


  • KI: The 3rd Dimension, consisting of several sub-dimensions, or densities. KI is sometimes used as a substitute for Earth by the Ša.AM.i. (Sirian star race).


  • Kingú Races: Reptilian races in Anton Parks' chronicles. The White Kingú is the one race which more resemble humans of all Gina'abul (see def. above) races. The White Kingú may correspond with the Vegan star race.


  • Law of Free Will: We live in a 'universe of free will', which means we have the right and the ability to create as we want without restrictions, but we have to take the consequences for our actions. Not all universes are 'universes of free will'.


  • Law of Non-Interference: Each star race has the right to develop and evolve without interference from outside star races. When a star race is landing on an evolving star race's planet without permission, they are breaking the 'Law of Non-Interference'.


  • Law of One: The concept that we are all One with the Creator, and everything is connected with each other on a subquantum level; therefore, what we are doing to others we do to ourselves. The expansion of this is that by being of Service to Others (STO), we are also being of Service to Self (STS), and everybody gains. If we are excessively STS, we are not including others in our decisions, and therefore separate ourselves from others.


    According to the Law of One, we live in a Universe of Free Will, which means 'anything goes', but the road back to unity with Source will be much longer and more cumbersome the more STS we are. We can still evolve while being STS, up to a certain level, but the way to get there is that of violence, vendetta, and other hardship that can more easily be avoided by being more STO.

    Law of One also involves 'catalysts'. The idea is that everything in the Universe if of service to the whole, whether it's evil or good. Therefore, if you experience 'evil', you can use that as a catalyst to learn what you are not and thus build your knowledge from that and use a negative experience and turn it into something positive (more on the Law of One).


  • LERM: Light Encoded Reality Matrix. A term coined by LPG-C (see def. below). It is advanced science, explained to LPG-C by extraterrestrial beings. It is basically a technology to manipulate light. You can use it to change shape and form in objects and humans, so they appear to look different from what we're used to.


  • Lesser Council: In Atlantis, ten Kings ruled ten Kingdoms (see RGCA below), and under them were the shamans and their High Priests and Priestesses, who formed the 'Lesser Council'.


  • Level One (Level I): see 'First Level of Learning'.


  • Level Two (Level II): See 'Second Level of Learning'.


  • Living Library: In an ancient past, Earth was selected to be one of twelve planets (according to the Pleiadians) who as going to be a Living Library. Star beings from all over the Universe contributed with flora and fauna from their own worlds; thus the richness and the variety in plant and animal life on Earth. Many plants and herbs were seeded here as a part of a Universal Pharmacopeia. The early humans were meant to be the Guardians of this Living Library and let star beings from all over come and get, not only medicine, but knowledge built into the DNA of life on Earth. This was all a Great Experiment in progress and was working excellently, until the Sirian Overlords came...


  • LPG-C: (Life Physics Group California). This is a group of rogue scientists, who formed LPG-C in the late 1990s to further study subquantum physics and the ET influence on human life on Earth. They are now in connection with at least 118 different alien races; some of them with whom they have annual meetings; on planet and off planet, respectively.

    By researching the Multiverse, mainly through advanced remote viewing (ENS - Extra Neurosensing), they were able to map it quite accurately. They also had help from different ET races in their explorations of the Multiverse, which in their "Working Model" became known as the "Unum".


    Currently, LPG-C is working with a faction of the Anunnaki (the ancient ET "gods" of ancient times), in an attempt to steer things right here on Planet Earth, and claim human sovereignty of Earth and our own human bodies, which were genetically tampered with by the Anunnaki, resulting in homo sapiens. We allegedly have Anunnaki genes.

I wrote a simplified description of LPG-C's "Working Model" and talked a lot about them in Level One (see def. above). I am currently in frequent contact with their leading scientist, Dr. A.R. Bordon, and their web address is,

  • : (see Namlú'u far below).


  • Lulu: (plur., "lulus"). The Anunnaki's name for homo sapiens, meaning something to the effect of human workers, or slaves.


  • MA'AT: The 'Justice of the Goddess', from where the expression that your heart should weigh less than a feather comes from.


  • Magick: Magick spelled with a "k" was introduced by one of the most influential and (in)famous magician of the 20th Century, Aleister Crowley, to separate stage magic (applied by "Illusionists" and "Stage Magicians") and "real magic", which are two different things, entirely. So he added a "k" at the end to distinguish between the two. In my papers, I will do the same (see also, 'Dark Magick' and 'Black Magick').


  • MAKH Scientists: The Orion Queen's personal scientists, whom among other things, developed the S'MA, the life elixir, which extended the life of a physical body, sometimes with millions of years.


  • MAKH Warriors: Warriors of the Orion Special Forces, whose task was to keep the Empire safe, and to protect the Queen and stop intruders and invaders from entering the Empire.


  • Meš: 1) 'Tablets of Destiny'. 2) Small crystals, containing important information needed for the Sirians to get access to information, but also to run computer networks and other electronic devices.


  • MIC: acronym for Military Industrial Complex. Military and Industry working hand in hand in the weapon industry, building more and more destructive weapons for so-called 'defense purposes'. The MIC is also responsible for hijacking free energy and other 'useful inventions' that can be used destructively.


  • MIKH/MAKH Warriors: (See MAKH warriors).


  • Namlú'u: The primordial human species. The Guardian of Earth and the Living Library. They were created by many different Founders and had the Fire of the KHAA. They were androgynous and lived during Earth's Golden Age.


  • Nano-Second: The time period between 1987-2012 when our solar system is lining up with the Galactic Center. This lineup is very rare and only happens once every approx. 26,000 years (one cycle around the Zodiac). This means we are bombarded with gamma rays, directly from the Central Sun in the Galactic Center, but also relayed from our own Sun.


    This will fry the nervous system on some people who are not ready for this, while others, who have prepared by already gathered information on what is going on and have evolved to some degree, will get a boost of energies which will take them to another level of evolvement.

    The year 2012 marks the end of the Mayan Calendar, but not the end of the world. Every galactic cycle is 26,000 years; then it ends and a new cycle begins. It's the Phoenix burning and then rising again from her ashes. A New Era begins, and in our case, a new species is born - a new humanity, which is multidimensional. But first the old must die to make room for the new.

    Time here on Earth is also divided into Zodiacal Eras, each one lasting around 2,200 years. We are still in the Age of Pisces, but are moving into the Age of Aquarius.


  • NEKH-T or NEKH-TT: Title for the Orion Queen.


  • Níama: The Feminine Life Force of the Universe. This life force is all around us and consists of the energy that is in everything. For us to master the Níama, we must first know it exists and learn to "tame" it so we can use it for our own benefit. George Lucas, in his "Star Wars" called it "The Force", but is the same thing; it can be used for good or evil.


    The Star Wars series was based on a lot of truth and was mainly describing the Great Galactic Wars, although in reality it didn't happen in "a galaxy far, far away" but in our own sector of the Milky Way. Lucas has a lot of inside information, and so does Steven Spielberg.


  • Ontocyboenergetic: (onto = life form; cybo = artificial; energetic = soul carrier): This life form has both artificial and natural systems, also known as a cybernetic organism (Figure 4:1).

    They often have living tissue over a metal or ceramic-like endoskeleton. Ontocyboenergetic means they are intelligent, cybernetic organisms dressed by organic tissue. They are hominid, and with a larger head than the trunk head human proportions, and their height is almost 7 feet.

    This group of beings has not been examined closely by the LPG-C as of yet. What is known is that there are several groups in this class, some not from our galaxy.




  • Ontoenergetics: Non-physical beings.


  • P: Short for Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadian group.


  • Panspermia: an idea with ancient roots, according to which life arrives, ready-made, on the surface of planets from space. It is often said that panspermia isn't very interesting, because it simply removes the problem of the origin of life from our planet to some other place.


    And yet, panspermia has gained the attention of our science.

    There is now,

    • Pseudo-panspermia (the delivery of complex organic compounds from space, to give the prebiotic soup some starter ingredients, a notion has already becoming widely accepted)


    • Basic Panspermia (which holds that microbial life is present in space or on bodies like comets or asteroids, and it can be safely delivered to planets and start life there. If the cells escape from a living planet on fragments after a meteor impact, the phenomenon is called litho-, ballistic-, impact- or meteoritic panspermia)

    And that’s not all. Svante Arrhenius proposed that naked cells might travel interstellar distances propelled by light pressure, a theory now called radio-panspermia.


    Whereas a light coating of carbon could protect single cells from UV radiation, a couple of meters of water or rock are needed for protection from cosmic rays. Consequently, radio-panspermia is currently in disfavor.


    The danger of radiation damage influenced Francis Crick and Leslie Orgel, in 1973, to propose that life came to Earth by directed panspermia, the theory that intelligent life from elsewhere sent germs here in a spaceship. Modern panspermia proposes comets as the delivery vehicles. Comets can protect cells from UV and cosmic radiation damage; and comets can drop cells high in the atmosphere to float gently down. If bacterial spores can be immortal, as it appears, comets could spread life throughout a galaxy.

    Hoyle and Wickramasinghe ,starting in the 1970s, rekindled interest in panspermia. But they went further to include a new understanding of evolution. While accepting the fact that life on Earth evolved over the course of about four billion years, they say that the genetic programs for higher evolution cannot be explained by random mutation and recombination among genes for single-celled organisms, even in that long a time: the programs must come from somewhere beyond Earth.


    In a nutshell, their theory holds that all of life comes from space. It incorporates the original panspermia in the same way that General Relativity incorporates Special Relativity.


    Their expanded theory can well be termed "strong" panspermia. Their Cosmic Ancestry is a new theory pertaining to evolution and the origin of life on Earth. It holds that life on Earth was seeded from space, and that life's evolution to higher forms depends on genetic programs that come from space. It is a wholly scientific, testable theory for which evidence is accumulating.

    I am personally using a more simplistic way of describing panspermia, putting it into 4 sub-categories, which are as follows:

    • Lithopanspermia - rocks thrown off from one planet’s surface transfers the ‘seeds of Life’ to another planet in a distant solar system.

    • Ballistic panspermia - rocks thrown off from one planet’s surface transfers the ‘seeds’ of Life to another planet in the same solar system.

    • Directed panspermia - the ‘seeds of Life’ are spread intentionally by an extraterrestrial civilization from one planet onto another.

    • On planet panspermia - intelligent Life from another planet deliberately came to Earth to plant the ‘seeds of Life’.

  • PESH-METEN: 'The Ninth Passageway'. This is the Commercial Route lots of ETs are using when trading with each other. It has a long series of stargates and Einstein-Rosen Bridges, which makes it easy for different races to travel. This is the route on which Planet Earth (Uraš) is sitting in the heart of. It starts in the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy and spirals out, following the path of the Orion Arm, passes right through the Mintaka star system, continues to the Pleiades, runs further through our own solar system and continues beyond, probably disappearing off of the galaxy and to one of the next, perhaps the Andromeda Galaxy (Source: Arynama and Robert Morning-Sky: "The Terra Papers")


  • Pleiadians: Group of non-physical entities, said to have their homestead in the Pleiades, mostly on planets around the stars Maia and Electra. They are channeling messages to mankind through a "vessel" (human body) - Barbara Marciniak.


  • Pleiadians B: This group is represented by Satya, a Pleiadian who is said to be the keeper of the Library of Alcyone. This entity channels through Barbara Hand Clow.


  • Pond: I am using the analogy of a 'pond' when talking about the creation of universes. For more detailed information, see Metaphysics Paper #2: 'The Creation of Universes'.


  • Post-Nano: The nano-second (see def. above) was the time period between 1987-2012, when time sped up a million fold. The post-nano is the time after the nano-second, basically between 2013-2030, which is the "aftermath" of the nano-second, when time is slowing down, going more back to "normal", while mankind is pondering what they learned during the nano-second. It's in the post-nano so many decision have to be made. Mankind will during this time period decide their own destiny. Some will merge with the upcoming Machine Kingdom, led by the Sirian Alliance, while others will create a new Earth, which eventually will vibrate on a much higher frequency. With time, the "old world", based on technology, will fade and disappear from the reality of those who chose nature before technology.


  • Project Elohim: ENKI's and NIN's project to create a new species of humanoids, based on upgraded Homo Neanderthalensis and Homo Erectus, which contained the Fire of the Mother Goddess, created from the midst of the KHAA, making the species truly Divine. A downgraded version of 'Project Elohim' was created after the Deluge, and this downgraded version became today's Homo Sapiens (see 'Project Sirius').


  • Project Sirius: After the Flood (the Deluge), the Sirians took the existing 'Project Elohim' (see above) and downgraded it to become less psychic, less multidimensional, and more obedient to following commands. 'Project Sirius' is today's Homo Sapiens.


  • PTB: (Powers That Be). Also called The Global Elite, The Shadow Government, The Illuminati, The Secret Rulers and more. They are the human hybrids who rule the world in High Places (being advisors to Presidents, Kings, CEOs of Global Businesses and the International Banking Industry etc.) and those who rule behind the scenes, invisible to the general public. Above these hybrids are the Earthbound Anunnaki, the Dracos, the Grays, the Mušgir and a few other star races working together.


  • RGCA: The 'Royal Governing Council of Atlantis'. Poseidon's (EA/ENKI) ruling council in Atlantis, headed by ten ruling Kings over ten Atlantean 'districts' or Kingdoms. This ruling Elite were Aryan/human hybrids of the first generation.


  • RMS: acronym for the Hopi/Apache author and researcher, Robert Morning Sky.


  • SA: The Sirian Alliance. A group of star races working in unison to conquer the universe and overthrow the Mother Goddess as the One Creator. [2/1/2013]


  • Ša.A.M.e.: The Sirian word for Nibiru, the planet they are using to visit our solar system.


  • Ša.A.M.i.: Equivalent to the 'Anunnaki', the Sirians, or the Sirian Lords.



  • Šar: (pronounced: shar) šars became the new term for counting time on Ša.A.Me after the planet was catapulted out of its orbit around Sirius C and became a part of our solar system. A šar now represents one year for the Anunnaki, a year which is approximately 3,600 earth years; one of their šars representing one orbit around our Sun for their planet.


  • Satania: The Inner Sanctuaries of the Orion Empire, where the Thrones of the Orion Queen (the Queen of the Stars) and Khan En.lil are located. It's said to be located in the Twelfth or Thirteenth Dimension. (The Fourth Level of Learning) [02/02/2014]


  • Second Level of Learning: The second series of papers, succeeded by the First Level of Learning (see def. above), which I completed in October, 2011. I am suggesting that the readers start reading these papers before they continue reading the Second Level of Learning.


  • Sector 9: The Milky Way Galaxy is divided into different sectors for commercial purposes between different ET species. Earth is part of 'Sector 9' (Sources: Robert Morning-Sky, L. Ron Hubbard, Anton Parks, and my Orion Source).


  • Service to Others (STO): a person, group, or species who believe that by making others a priority instead of oneself in more than 50% of the cases is considered being STO. Those who practice STO understand Unconditional Love, either on a conscious, or subconscious level, and the nature of the Creator, and are in service of It rather than just "self". These beings have matured as biokind/biomind and know what is needed to evolve to higher levels of existence. They know that by serving, helping and showing unconditional love to others, they also do it to themselves, and everybody wins.


  • Service to Self (STS): a person, group, or species who believe that by making themselves a priority on others expense by being more "selfish" than helpful to others. This mindset started when beings started realizing we are all ONE with the Creator, and by prioritizing oneself before others would thus help them as well, because we are all ONE. This thinking eventually got out of hand, and some beings started using Service to Self (STS) to the extreme, and became dishonest, violent and less emotional about what harm they did to others while getting what they wanted. This is basically the reasons for wars as well.


  • SHC: The Sirian High Council, a highly evolved star race from Sirius B. They are not the Sirians I am mainly talking about in these papers.


  • Sirian Alliance, The: An alliance of star races, led by the wolven/reptilian species from Sirius. Their objective is to become the Kings of the Universe, and they use races like we humans to achieve and accomplish this goal; they are in many ways like cosmic vampires.

    There are many other star races supporting the Sirians in this mission; most of them once upon a time conquered by the Sirian star race and under their command; others may have joined the Sirian Empire by choice.


    A few of the star races supporting the Sirian Overlords are factions of Vegans, Alpha Draconians, Andromedans, Pleiadians (former Lyrans), the Grays (basically from Lyra, where they were genetically manipulated, then Zeta Reticuli), and a few other star races.


  • Sirian High Council: See SHC.


  • S-MA: Life prolonging elixir, used by the Orion Queen to keep her body young and healthy. Can extend longevity in species with millions of years. The Queen distributes this elixir to other star races in the Orion Empire, if the star race is evolved enough to use it respectfully.


  • SMC: Social Memory Complex. In channeled material, many beings are of a high density and have merged into a group mind and a group soul, in preparation of becoming One with the One Creator at an even higher level of existence. When they come through as a channel, they are often merged into one such Social Memory Complex. [2/4/2013]



  • Soul-carrier: a biological body created by creator gods, good enough to be able to carry an Information Cloud/soul. Artificial bodies can have intelligence, but their bodies are not suitable enough to carry an Information Cloud.


  • Sources: Here a common name for "channeled sources", i.e. entities that a "vessel", or a "channeler" is channeling. It may be a single entity or a collective of star beings [1/25/2013].


  • Stargate 9: One of the major stargates leading on and off this planet. It's located in Sinai (the one stargate most important to the Ša.A.M.i - see def. above); the one they always used when they were on Earth. From there, the traveler can connect directly to PESH-METEN (see def. above). It was closed down by the Ša.A.M.i when they left around 4,500 years ago after have nuked the Sinai Spaceport and Sodom and Gomorrah (see Sitchin's book, War of Gods and Men). It's since then been taken over by the Earthbound Sirian Lords, led by Marduk, but the Incoming Ša.A.M.i. are supposedly fighting to get it back.


  • STO (Service to Others): a person, group, or species who believe that by making others a priority instead of oneself in more than 50% of the cases is considered being STO. Those who practice STO understand Unconditional Love, either on a conscious, or subconscious level, and the nature of the Creator, and are in service of It rather than just "self". These beings have matured as biokind/biomind and know what is needed to evolve to higher levels of existence. They know that by serving, helping and showing unconditional love to others, they also do it to themselves, and everybody wins.


  • STS (Service to Self): a person, group, or species who believe that by making themselves a priority on others expense by being more "selfish" than helpful to others. This mindset started when beings started realizing we are all ONE with the Creator, and by prioritizing oneself before others would thus help them as well, because we are all ONE. This thinking eventually got out of hand, and some beings started using Service to Self (STS) to the extreme, and became dishonest, violent and less emotional about what harm they did to others while getting what they wanted. This is basically the reasons for wars as well.



  • Supriem David Rockefeller: His full name is Supriem David Rockefeller, a 35 year old man who says he is Marduk Ra and Lucifer redeemed, the Messiah the world has been waiting for and the Bible has been telling us about. (PDF here)


  • Technology Transfer Program: (see TTP)


  • Terra: The name I use for Earth, more or less throughout these papers.


  • TTP: Technology Transfer Programs. Since at least the early 1950s, but more than probably before that, human governments all over the world, but the U.S. government in particular, have been involved in technology transfer exchanges between humans and aliens.


    The aliens have given us technology in exchange for getting permission to abduct a certain amount of humans to do genetic experiments on them. They promise to return the guinea pig after they are done with them, and the people they use will not have any memories of the abduction afterwards.


    Many governments have agreed to such transfer programs, and that's why you hear about so many abductions from the 1950s and up to this date. It showed later that some guinea pigs actually had some flashbacks and memories from the abductions, and more could be revealed in regression therapy. In spite of this, and the fact that many people who were abducted were severely traumatized afterwards, the government let the transfer programs proceed.


    The technology they received, they apparently think overrides the suffering innocent people have to endure. This human-alien trade continues even today.


  • Type I Civilization: Type I civilization controls the resources of an entire planet (weather and earthquake control, plus exploration of an entire solar system).


  • Type II Civilization: a Type II civilization controls and directly uses the power of its sun and begins to colonize nearby star systems.


  • Unum: See LPG-C.


  • Uraš: Planet Earth.


  • Walk-in: A walk-in is when a non-physical being is taking over a body from the original soul. If it's done per a previous agreement (usually between lives), the original owner willingly leaves the body, but if it's done unexpectedly, the original soul may have to be kicked out by force. By some, a walk-in can also be defined as someone who comes in and shares a body with the original soul, but I would call that 'possession'.


  • Wanderer: A term coined by the RA Social Memory Complex (see the books in the Law of One series), meaning a person who decides to stop his own evolvement for a while and descend to a lower density to help out in the process of ascending. A Wanderer therefore incarnates on the specific planet, amongst the beings he/she wants to assist. There is, however, always a chance that the Wanderer forgets who they are and get stuck in the system of the planet due to the Veil of Forgetfulness [1/30/2013].


  • White Kingú (or Royal Kingú): see Kingú Races.


  • Working Model: The research done by the rogue science group, LPG-C (see def. above), into how our Multiverse is built. Their result is what they call the 'Working Model', in contrast with the 'Standard Model', which is the model of mainstream science. Also, see '7 Superdomains' above.