by Michael Topper

First published in TNTC Vol. 2, No. 8 Oct.-Nov. í91
from Zelator Website


If youíre being watched by the Shadow Government, you perhaps know that they have the technical ability not only to know wherever you are, and to listen to your thoughts (frightening enough!) - they also have the technical capability to interfere with your thought patterns and with your pain centers.


Thatís even worse! What can you do about it? This article tells you! Better yet, the methods explained herein work also if youíre under occult siege from astral entities or anybody else outside our "known" realms who would want to try to mess with you. Now, they canít mess with you anymore!

The following excerpts from letters received by the T-Bird over the past year, have been mixed together randomly and allowed to flow into one another without separating quotes so as to mask the individual identities of those involved; the reason for this should become clear in perusing the collective contents, for all these excerpts pertain to the single theme of current, covert espionage operations involving brain-wave monitoring and mind-control, conducted on involuntary subjects in the populace at large.

As was indicated in the lead editorial article, amongst those authentic inquiries and depositions there appear covert inquiries received along with all the rest, which while they purport to be from ordinary victimized citizens like the others are in fact forwarded from the "secret" agencies responsible for much of the silent brain/mind monitoring. The reason for their having directed such "disguised" inquiries toward the T-Bird, was also touched upon in the lead article, where it was noted that although such agencies have long been practically familiar with the kind of technology involved they have been largely unsuccessful in developing defenses against it.

This contretemps does not have primary "Cold War" significance, as commentators have frequently suggested when describing the development of these covert powers in the conventionally-accepted context. As Dave Emory of Radio Free America noted in a recent broadcast on the subject, when the specter of "Russian technological superiority" has been invoked as rationale it inevitably turns out the U.S. is already ahead of the Soviets in those same areas.

The actual source against which such agencies seek defense, is the same which teasingly extended the original leads relative to such super-technology; the real fear haunting personnel of DARPA (Defense Department Advanced Research Projects Agency) and the counterintelligence branches has to do with the altogether transcendent faculty of space-alien factoti to impose just such technological manipulations unhindered, and indeed to do so from a "density" or higher-dimensional point of leverage which is untouchable and inaccessible where the militarists stand.


The potent admixture of truly Psychic force with electrogravitic wizardry as characterizes the capacity of higher-density "alien" forms, preempts and completely outflanks anything that may be developed at the purely mechanical 3rd-density level. The military/powerstructure has certainly gotten the hint over the years that Psyche patterns Soma, and that the void-value of mind informs the complex nonlinear matrix of em identity-signatures in the same way that "paper covers rock".

As we indicated in our lead article, part of the higher-dimensional negative pattern of Stalking has to do with imposing and stressing such a capability-disparity, turning up the pressure through fear-reaction (of an invasion threat etc.) so as to drive the targeted subjects toward deeper and progressively irreversible degrees of Negative polarization, i.e. driving them to commit a succession of acts - with their consequences - out of preservational self-concern that requires certain ratios of psychic balance inscribing threshold degrees of consolidative mind/body "intensity" to the negative side upon the summary soul-record.

Indeed the pressure that pushes them to investigate more deeply, to experiment the more thoroughly with wanton disregard for anything aside from their immediate results, is precisely responsible for having driven open the devoutly secularized eyes of the scientific "elite" to the prospect of rethinking conventional wisdom on the subjects of psychism, the traditional avenues of metaphysics and the arcane knowledge etc. - for while it is persuasively there, in those shuttered rooms and side-corridors of the current scientific edifice that the prevailing potencies are certainly to be claimed, it is there also that the altogether-greater potential for higher density consolidation of either positive or negative kind may be directly engaged in the form of a temptingly mischievous mind-power. Thus the "Orions" unerringly herd their targeted Earth elite straight toward those doors containing the kinds of elements that can "do the most damage".

Here then is the composite letter. These letters and passages have been specifically selected for their correspondence to truth, i.e. they are not the misinterpreted expressions of schizophrenia and they are not the products of hoax. Initiated awareness has, as always, "screened for verisimilitude" (and itís precisely through such process that the "ringer" from the boys-in-the-agency was detected, included here amongst the excerpts since "the boys", after all, know whereof they speak, hrnmm?)

I believe that you or someone you know may be able to assist a group of people in the _____ area who are possibly the unwilling subjects of psychotronic experimentation... I am currently in contact with four people in the _____ area who claim to be hearing very realistic voices and other sounds they report that the sounds do not necessarily originate inter-cranially but can come from anywhere in their environment. The nature of the communication is quite negative in nature... I have had brainwave testing at ______; brainwave patterns are normal, and they were unable to distinguish intrusive input when experienced...when I go into another room, they seem to know just where I am. This is true if Iím at home, or somewhere else. Itís as if they were seeing through my eyes... the specific content of the communication is usually quite negative, sometimes cryptic. When asked who they are they reply, "We íre watchers". When asked why they are doing this they say, "We donít know. "


They do tell me their names (or pseudonyms). One of them who is called ____ is very insulting. He usually says things like: "____, You íre an animal. You íre an animal lover ". Sometimes it is possible to converse with them but I try not to... Sometimes there are surges of pain that seem to take over my whole body; at other times they are very specific, local like shocks or a cattle prod... I have had one telephone conversation with Dr. ______ after I became aware of his investigation. At first Dr. ______ thought these people were suffering from a cognitive disorder. After extensive testing he concluded there is nothing wrong with them.

The manner in which these marvels are accomplished, has been detailed to a degree in available works; again we refer you to the writings of Tom Bearden, and also to relevant tapes available from Archives On Audio (415-346-1840, P.O. Box 170023, San Francisco, CA 94117) in particular the broadcasts of Dave Emory, Radio Free America. In one such tape he quotes from a 1991 paper by Harlan E. Girard delivered to the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on "Coherent And Emergent Phenomena In Biomolecular Systems" held at the University of Arizona; and he refers as well to a Dell Publishing reissue from 1977 by John Marks called "The Search For The Manchurian Candidate: The CIA And Mind Control".

From the above sources it becomes persuasively apparent even to the average lay reader that such technology is firmly in the hands of government agencies; and that fact requires no hypothesis of "unknown" or "secret" technologies in itself, since well-known equipment (i.e. of the Cray supercomputer type etc.), even publicly available to some degree, comprises the backbone beneath the total range of engineered effect. (Initiated understanding would include, however, the practical presence of scalar technologies not nearly so well known, by which multi-leveled coded potentials may be patterned and directly discharged without "intervening em waves" through the brain-molecules of the targeted subject.)

The principle behind these seemingly impossible feats of mind-monitoring, influence and control/harassment employing quite conventional technologies, involves the currently "hot" science of Fourier analysis whereby any image, sound or sensation may be converted on an oscilloscope and analyzed into "discrete Fourier transforms" i.e. audio, video, photographic or telemetrically-retrieved brainwave data may equally be converted to an equivalency of simple sine-wave signatures compared, averaged, integrated and digitized so as to produce a profile signature.

Acoustic processors analyze vocal patterns, for example, and by Fourier transform continuously synthesize spectral time samples which can be kicked out by the hundreds every second, correlated with stored prototypes in the processor and decoded to probable sentence-patterns. Since the human brain can process 5,000 bits of information per second, the capacity of current market computers to perform hundreds of millions of calculations a second through injection logic circuits easily explains how the subjectís actions and ideas may be anticipated through analysis of preverbal thinking. It explains as well how computer response programs modulated to typed vocal patterns can produce the effect of voices discharging in oneís brain as if in answer to thoughts, actions or ideas not yet clearly formulated in the mind of the subject (since the computerized vocal-patterns bypass auditory circuitry and resonate the brainlobes directly, no detection of mechanical artifice arises; the brain directly interprets the signal as human speech-pattern without tinny resonance, robotic diction etc.).

In this way the brain-wave patterns of many subjects may be sampled, so that a functional signature of certain common or collective forms can be extracted (i.e. a synthesized pattern that would couple to and resonate the brain-wave signatures of all those sharing a taste for chili peppers, or those who participated in common belief-patterns as in a church or club); or conversely, the brainwave behavior of a single subject may be sampled so as to produce an ongoing pattern-analysis distilling the various types, ranges and idiosyncrasies of speech and thought, mood and emotion into a sleek Fourier profile.

Possessing these brain-wave signatures (which, whether on a collective or individual scale function as fingerprints of selective identity-resonance), the "agencies" in question can target and fine-tune a subject long distance, picking the relevant wave-identity profile out of the hologram of complex interferences through which all things appear magnifying weak signals of motor activity belonging to the electrical precursor gestalts of speech patterns, for example, with use of the SQUID or "superconducting quantum interference device" (click image left), and deftly extracting them from environmental noise.

In this way all the invasive programs becoming progressively more "familiar" to the general public may be implemented without obstruction: thought may be monitored, and thought may be implanted; pain and pleasure centers may be stimulated, total sensory distortion or deprivation imposed, diathermic effects disruptive of the autonomic system generated. And all this seemingly without respect of distance, location, lead-shielding or any of the reasonable resorts which could at least minimally be counted on when such technology was still in its primitive implant stage (not to say that there isnít still a substantial bit of implant-work being done; the variables involved in this basically-nonlinear process make the additional assurances accompanying physical implant a desirable adjunct still, where implant is at all feasible).

Stimulation of the brain and nervous system directly through microwave beam technology and ultralow frequency, Gigahertz radiation masers constitutes an altogether formidable weaponry directed upon an unknowing and defenseless civilian population; add to this the lesser-known capacity to code and tailor complex scalar infrastructures into the EM delivery systems, programmed with variable and simultaneous messages involving any range of factors from emotional conditioning, subliminal trigger-responses and even health (cf. Beardenís discussion of the presently-operative "death photon") and you have a good composite portrait of that which the very perpetrators themselves most fear, seeing that this prospect of their greatest control is at the same time the threat of their most thorough subjugation, when displaced just "a few inches above and to the left".

There is however a secret to this level of control, which is still, at bottom, material-reliant (itís that fact which after all makes the power elite aware of its vulnerability with respect to the higher-density "reptilians" etc. i.e. the biogenetically engineered and tailored "Orion SS shock troops").

That secret may be located in precisely the technical capacity adjudged by commentators perhaps the most frightening of all, i.e. the capacity to deprive the thought-process itself of one of its most identifying if taken-for-granted features, i.e. the ability to hear the thought internally as itís being formulated.

We intercept the process of thought at the ordinary 3rd density level, as "inaudible speech". This is supported by the fact that thinking is always accompanied by electrical activity of the speech centers patterning nerve signals to drive the vocal apparatus. Although commentators attest they have no idea how this altogether disconcerting deprivation of the echoing feedback function belonging to inaudible "verbalization" of the thought is accomplished, initiated understanding points to EM interfering of the speech center itself as being primarily involved. It is noted that through this effect, thinking still goes on but seems suddenly shut up in vacuo where no corroborative and comforting echo of itself may be "heard".

Despite all this, even longtime victims of brainwave manipulation may generally be distinguished from the superficially similar schizophrenic pattern which, while it also "hears voices", exhibits dissociation etc., is also accompanied by rapid verbal dysfunction - the speech pattern itself becomes dissociated, neologisms intrude constantly and thereís every indication from this that the actual thinking of the schizophrenic is aberrative. On the contrary, a mind/control victim even if he ultimately snaps under stress and shoots up a McDonaldís continues to display the capacity of coherent thinking as reflected in his speech patterns.

As far as ordinary, 3rd-density level mind/control techniques are concerned, then, they do their distinctive work by seizing the effective zone at which thought is already being generated, at a pre-reflective level, into potential speech patterns. It is at this level that "thought" is identified, and its components analyzed. However the very fact that such deprivation techniques operating through the speech center leave proof as to how thought continues even when disconnected from motor activity patterning neural messages, indicates that thought and therefore mind functions upon another level altogether, and on a deeper basis than may be analyzed in the context of Fourier transforms heavily reliant on verbal signatures. This is why it has been emphatically noted that the most verbally-oriented and communicative, are those most vulnerable to the technique of mind-control.

Herein lies the answer. The highly verbal being of 3rd-density is also emphatically left-brain (women have the verbal faculty distributed more evenly across the hemispheres, which only means that in "3rd density" context the left-brain verbal emphasis has taken advantage of the thicker corpus callosum and encroached on the gestalt or pattern-recognition function of the right-brain). The typical form of such verbal consciousness is a brainwave mixture strongly emphasizing beta-wave activity. These verbal brainwave patterns function on highly repetitive, habitual configurations their very, verbal character adapts such thinking to the stylized linguistic convention of structured, formalized and very linear repeatability. This is why "high verbals" are so especially subject to brain-wave monitor and control such highly structured and diagrammatic thinking loans itself admirably to the necessary computer-process of averaging and distilling to an overall, typal profile.

It is this same abstract-verbal, left-brain emphasis (at bottom a product of enculturation rather than genetics) which caused brain-researchers to believe for so long that specific muscles and their rote-mnemonic movements were stored in the motor cortex, and that word-order was the basic function recorded in the language-centers. Even with parallel-process computers, thereís a greater comfort and state-of-rapport between the ens of computer-technology and the brain/mind paradigm based on 19th century notions of linearity and object-specific learning patterns.

Modern brain research however knows a whole other paradigm wherein meaning rather than word-order is represented in memory and language; in which acts and their outcomes (aims and anticipations etc.) are represented in the motor cortex rather than muscles or movements. This is of greatest significance to the problem of mind-control, because it distinctly points away from autonomic or conditioned, linearly-ordered response patterns and toward the volitional void-variable of the Conscious Axis itself. Language, motor activity and all other "voluntary" patterns of the being are based on an abstract-cognitive fulcrum: the presiding idea with its form and aim powers a variable patterning process, indeterminately elastic in itself and maximally adaptable. It is therefore sensitively subject to initial conditions, and so participates in the basically non-linear paradigm of Chaos models through which an indeterminate interplay of "angular degrees of freedom" allows for optimum adjustment and responsive reorganization of coordinates.

Such a sensitively contingent adaptability has always characterized the behavioral processes, but that fact has been habitually damped and masked by chronic verbal left-brain emphasis.

What is called for, then, is a shift in the actual, functional ratio of emphasis between left and right-brain hemispheres. Such a shift would place proportional emphasis on the variable gestalt-patterning processes of the right-brain hemisphere, resolving the mind/body system as a whole into deeper congruence and true functional correspondence with its presiding, nonlinear (cognitive or ideo-form) values i.e. meanings, acts etc. as opposed to rigid structural circuitry. Since such a significant shift would effect a deeper alignment with the central, adaptive variability and living responsiveness of the system as a whole it would necessarily draw the personality into deeper congruence with the essential, volitional void-variable coincident with the Conscious Axis itself. And this would be equivalent to the adjustment of balance between parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve-networks of the autonomic system in favor of the sedative value of the parasympathetic, also characterized as aligning a more direct congruence between the subconscious response-patterns and the whole-being value of the Conscious Axis.

Referring then to our T-Bird essay in Vol. 1, No. 7, "Mind/Brain Behaviors: Why Some Citizens of Gotham Fear Batman and Draw Reactionary Cartoons About Him", we recall that any such reorientation and overall alignment toward the basic, nonlinear variability and volitional indeterminacy (i.e. freedom) of the Conscious Axis necessarily results in a shift in the admixture of brain-wave patterns, recessing the ordinary beta-storm of cortical activity and drawing forward altogether deeper values of alpha, theta and even delta thus bringing forward and integrating directly into waking consciousness the creatively elastic qualities belonging to the dimensions of dream, and deep dreamless sleep (i.e. those values and corresponding dimensions of the brain-mind most directly correlated with the essential, creative void-value of consciousness).


As we learned from that article, far from the verbal-linguistic faculties usually identified with thought itself proportionately diminishing and disappearing, theyíre taken up and integrated into a much more powerful complex of brainwave activity which enriches and extends their power altogether; they simply decouple from exclusive association with beta-wave activity, and proceed to function on a far more optimal basis through dominant theta and delta patterns.

What this means in terms of the specter of technological mind-control however, is that the usual accessible juncture at which identifying patterns of the verbal-linear "habit" discharge and may be seized, becomes integrated and aligned to a very different principle. Typical forms of expression may still seem to characterize the personality; but this is deceptive, for such forms arenít tied so tightly any longer to chronic patterns of one-to-one identification. Therefore "typifying" or computer-averaged values of representative brain-wave pattern dissolve into a more elusive, variable, creatively adaptive range and depth of brain-wave mixtures progressively baffling to strict computer "typing".

Such a transformative realignment is indeed equivalent to a higher-density shift in function; any deeper shift toward congruence with the volitional or conscious axis, corresponds to higher-density degrees of function. Thus, whatís apparently called for from both "victim" and íí victimizer" alike in confrontation with the looming problematic specter of mind-control, is nothing less than total shift to a higher-density framework of functioning. As large and preemptive a demand as this appears to be, the situation is such that "both" seem, mutually, to have been driven into a comer and thereís nothing left to do short of making the "unthinkable" leap. When reasoned through, such a millennial/irreversible step into the higher dimensions of consciousness itself is the only way to get "behind" and therefore above (in terms of hierarchic flow) the otherwise-swift etiological stream gathering mind into the measured flux of the rigidly regulatory Sine.

There are three basic exercises which must be engaged in order to demonstrate a practical, non-technological means of overcoming the mechanics of brainwave control; the mastery of these means is the only sure protection against such a thing, and at the same time secures oneís "sovereignty" of psychic function against higher and even more subtle forms of mental interdiction generated from potent conscious planes.

[1] Charger Breathing
[2] Banishing Star-pentagram
[3] Hounds of Heaven

[1] Whole-charger breathing as outlined in past issues of the T-Bird, furnishes an ideal first step since its oxygenation of the system and ionization of the bloodstream generates a very rapid metabolic economy for the overall, mind-body complex; through this deeper more integral economy (spontaneously powering a subtle shift in ratios-of-emphasis across the autonomic systems in favor of the parasympathetic, correspondent with the ideal value of Phi aligning subconscious current-centers in exact proportional equivalency with the Conscious axis from which they spring), a surplus "charge" may be quickly accumulated at the vital-physical battery of the solar plexus.


High negative ionization-potential translates into greater magnitudes of negatively entropic pattern-building synergic energies, or subtle "pranas", drawn directly into the economy of the system through electron surplus (electrons are the atomic "void-navels" or points of physical ingress into the transdimensional infrastructures finely coding and "building out" variable nucleon patterns "from the inside"). While the pH factor tends to average-out the ionization potential, the prana drawn in through it doesnít neutralize but accumulates, each energy surplus reinforcing and adding to the average across the solar voltaic at the manipura.


That surplus charge in conjunction with the deeper metabolic economy, means proportionately less bioelectric energy need be invested in the hormonal and neurochemical cycles conventionally claiming the available energy-capital; the surplus may be used to power glandular chemistries of a higher integral order, manufacturing hormonal keys to complex-dimensional "locks" of the plexiform centers only present previously as dormant/pre-coded potential of the biogenetic pattern.

Unlocking of those threshold values of the multidimensional being, generates a progressively deeper (functional) congruence between subconscious systems patterning the mind/body networks, and the Conscious axis itself. Such a deeper, multidimensional alignment and integration doesnít mean a more rigid-inflexible structure; on the contrary, deeper integral harmony of the autonomic with the conscious systems imparts to the former greater available values of the latter, so that the essential indeterminacy belonging to void-consciousness allows for expandingly elastic degrees of freedom in the variable patterning of memory-codes and subconscious circuits.

The resonant harmonics of the sine-wave patterns emerging from this integral alignment are highly non-linear; reflect a deeper ratio of emphasis on gestalt, right/brain perceptual and cognitive patterning; magnify the presence of theta and delta, incorporating the normal beta functions; and express the presence of an operative mind/body complex progressively functioning between the electrical frequency ranges of 400 cps and 200,000 cps on the electromyograph, out of range of the ordinary 250 cps indicative of 3rd-density cognitive patterns (the latter being optimally, the former being minimally subject to Fourier analysis, averaging, identification and resonant duplication).

Charger Breathing is therefore a principal means of "pumping up" the mind/body system out of range of technological aim. In the practice of Charger Breathing, there is no group profile sine wave signature generated since such practice resumes the totality of mind/body systems from the biophysical pole rather than the mental pole; its effects are immediately nonlinear to a high degree, and there is no characteristic mental response or linear tailoring of a common, cognitive profile as there would necessarily be in resort to a belief system. This is why under the insidious circumstances of brain-wave control, the victim finds that "turning to Jesus", "petition by prayer" to the favored denominational deity etc. doesnít work, and indeed simply generates a high-profile identification pattern.

In the event that the subject/practitionerís physiological response-patterns are highly monitored already, owing to brain/mind access through signature thought-structures, one may avoid punitive pain-center stimulation etc. by varying the intensity, depth, time intervals, locations and accompanying activity relative to performing the exercise. Experimentation is the only means of determining the optimum combination of factors.

[2] Mentally visualizing the Banishing Star Pentagram three times a day or more, produces several important interrelated effects. First of all the figure of the Star should be traced in the imagination, at the general "locus" of the third eye center, approximately 1Ĺ inches between and above the brows and 1Ĺ inches behind the frontal bone; progressively produce its image (to the extent of oneís visualizing ability) along the trajectory indicated in the diagram.

Thus the image is drawn in the imagination from the bottom left-hand ray and around.

There is a very wide range in the ready capacity to perform this or any visualization exercise. The instruction is to simply do the best you can. Try to visualize the image in scintillant electric-blue lines, the quality of neon tubing. Even if you canít see it at all, or visualize the color accurately, or hold it steadily or retain all its lines and angles and segments at once, it is the intent and effort to do so that counts not the degree of positive result. The intent alone instructs and activates appropriate centers and lobes of the brain/mind. Current alignments and ratios-of-rebalance are generated in response to the abstract form as an idea in its own right.

Itís important to understand the effectiveness of visualizing (impressing the subconscious systems with) the idea-intent of such a basic geometric figure. The reader will note the honor paid geometryí s noetic status in the ordering of all energies, dimensions and zones for the mind/body complex and creative field as a whole, in past T-Bird essays (i.e. "What Is The Mother Current?" "What Is íChrist Consciousnessí?" and "What Is Physics?" etc.). The noetic value of geometry underlying all fields, imparts immediate efficacy to the conscious/volitional projection of any such pattern through the generative locus of the third eye center. The projection or willed impress of such an image energizes, reinforces and optimally organizes the states and current fields coded through its abstract presence.

The traditional image of the Star-Pentagram has optimum symbolic and literal potential for the nature-patterns and mind/body form of man. It constitutes a key organizational template. Its pentagonal lines and proportions can be found in:

  • the physics of the water molecule

  • the Fibonacci series recurrent throughout nature

  • the crystalline lattice-network of the DNA molecule

  • the secret, structural grid-matrix ordering and informing the brain/mind

As its deliberate visualization impresses ideal-coordinate values of the brain/mind pattern more deeply, an influence is generated through the third eye locus which reinforces overall reordering of hemispheric ratios in favor of right-brain emphasis, and nervous-network ratios in favor of the parasympathetic system.

Internal visualization of the Pentagramís criss-cross lines, parallels the pattern of nerve-optics in the visual system; it therefore traces an ideal group and reinforces optimum, angular harmonics coded through the complex of the brain-mind (the visual system is the mind/bodyís chief sensory processor; the other senses and their systems are subordinate. Even when blind, the visual system continues to operate and process the other senses).

Charge the image with Charger Breathing when visualizing it. Again, there may be a "strategy" required to practicing this without repercussion, if technologic interlopers already have access to your neural/cortical systems through signature (verbal) brainwave patterns. The same instruction for varying direction, intensity, time and place applies here.

Although at first the introduction of this " uncommon " cognitive pattern to your thinking processes might be "noticed" and draw suspicion, with practice it will serve to reorder brain/mind ratios and conscious/subconscious systems in such a way as to enhance, and optimally reinforce, overall nonlinear current-harmonics strongly modifying verbal identification-patterns and folding all such functions into a far more complex, elusive, subtle and elastically variable field. The procedural tracing of the figure incorporates a "left-brain" value into right brain imagistic processes; the effort to visualize the Star in totality at the completion of tracing, is a strongly right-brain exercise.

[3] The diagram of the Hounds of Heaven should be visualized in totality, closing eyes and internally imagining the superposition of the entire image (in all its geometric parts and lines, with each of its "hounds" properly placed), in alignment with oneís own head and neck the "hound" at the top corresponding to a point parallel the top of the subjectís head, and the "hound" at the bottom placed parallel the base of the brain. The lateral "hounds" should correspond to the actual placement of oneís temporal lobes.

After separately practicing visualized placement of the entire image, this key is to be used in a very specific manner; even prior to but especially when a particular class of "disturbance" is induced, the "hound" corresponding to the type of disturbance should be visualized. One need not visualize the entire diagram, any other part thereof or any other "hound"; indeed one should fix attention firmly only on the ííhound" most appropriate to the situation, imagining it at the location of the brain/mind to which itís assigned on the diagram. Visualize it the duration of the effect.

The importance of this "exercise", is to impart a special instruction directly to oneís brain-wave patterns as a holonomic system; with the visualization of the diagram and its guardian "hounds", you are coding a particular and special class of identity-signature into those patterns. The implicit "instruction" to your brain/mind patterns is that they themselves are to take on the specific configuration of these guardian hounds; and that the nature of these hounds, is that they bite! i.e., they sniff out, identify and detain with their sharpened fangs any energy-code which attempts to encroach by disguise.


Your subconscious systems can identify and discriminate what "you" as the resultant, composite "conscious" system cannot. Your subconscious systems can distinguish the authentic from the counterfeit. And you are further programming them, through visualization of the "hounds", to attack and repel or powerfully turn back on their "owners", any such surreptitious interloping signals, or furtive foreign radiation-patterns. In effect, you are phase-conjugating those signals, and bouncing them back down the very phantom "thread" of their trajectory. At the very least, you should give some Cray computer a terrible virus!

This works faster than you might think. In a relatively short period of time (especially in conjunction with the first two practices) the least inkling of an "alien" stimulus will trigger-alert the appropriate "hound", even without your strict conscious participation; and the first brain-wave upsurge of that signature-hound should act by jujitsu directly on that "heat-seeking" signal sent to greet one by identification, trapping it and locking on to it by precisely the mechanism of its own identity-correspondence to oneís signature-patterns.

The very activity of that counterfeit identity-pattern thinking to resonate oneís brainwaves, causes it to generate its own phase-conjugate reversal signature, forcing it to be repelled from the target subjectís presence and "returned to sender".

Nor can this be successfully counterprogrammed against. The virtue of meeting these technological wave-conjurations with consciousness rather than combative-mechanical wave patterns, is that one functions from the irreducible fulcrum, the ultimate Axis of all energy-waves and polarized sinusoidal patterns. An attempt to contradict or circumvent your own conscious programming would run directly up against its inbuilt instruction, and thereís no way around it. Identifying the brain-wave signature that characterized your hound visualization would do no good, since counter-programming it would, in this case, drive up against the irreducible paradox of Consciousness in the manner of what happens when any "objective" or third-person proposition (of the categorically negative type) is stated in first person: the effect is suddenly that of the double-negative paradox or self-referring statement, where the negation immediately negates by confirming itself. "All sentences are false including this one".

The two "pain" centers may be visualized at once,

both to block the pain signal (left) and induce a canceling pleasure signal (right).