by Richard West
01 February 2017

from ComebackToTheSource Website





In a universe of constant change,

change is the only constant
Open (Openhand)


Things are really beginning to be shaken up in the world, and no doubt this is being reflected in peoples personal lives. name but a few.


So we can be forgiven for feeling rather unstable and insecure as the very foundation of our reality is changing.

So, how might we embrace this change, both in the wider world and in our personal lives, while maintaining a sense of who we are within all this?


The answer:

embracing death, in order to truly live.



Deny Death - Deny Life

We live in a world that is afraid of 'death'.


The uncertainty of what lies beyond and the fear of losing ourselves is so strong, and this manifests itself in our lives every day.

It is not just about the final goodbye to this world, but in all the little deaths that happen throughout our lives.


We cling to who we once were, afraid to take the step into the unknown. What does this do to us? It makes us misers - hoarding possessions, experiences and identities, never letting go and moving on.


We seek security and routine because within these we can build up a safe and consistent picture of who we are. But if we never let anything go, how can we bring fresh and new experiences into our life?


By denying death in our lives we never really truly live.

How limiting this is?!


I put to you that we are not a set of conditioned responses to a set and limited environment, but infinite beings expressing and creating from the pure potential of the Source.


Yes, we are all unique in our own way, but why can't we express that uniqueness in all circumstances.


Check out Lisa Rankin's Love letter to humanity for a lovely take on this perspective.

It's about finding the essence of who we truly are (which is unchanging) and dropping the limiting identities that we so desperately cling to.


In doing this we can embrace life and live it more fully, however it changes for us.


We know exactly who we are in every moment - our essence does not change. Is embracing vulnerability, change and the unknown and finding our true, unchanging essence within them not the real meaning of security.




Conscious Dying in Every Moment

How can we apply this philosophy to our everyday lives? It's about embracing all the little deaths that occur. It also helps to work with your feelings about the end of your life.


What does it mean to you to let go of your body, your personality, your experiences and your loved ones?





When we really go into these feelings it's bound to get a little rocky.


Lots of unconscious fears will start bubbling up to the surface. It's important to let any feelings that you might have about the big or little deaths in your life come forward.


Honor them by expressing them and then feel who you are through them i.e. the essence of who you are - the silent witness beyond the feelings. Surrender totally and let go.

This will likely initiate feelings of expansion and peace, and if not then there may be something deeper to work on. When these feelings arise then work to express them.


Perhaps you want to move your body, dance or sing, draw a picture, or maybe you feel to sit in it for a while. It's essential to focus on how you feel to be, rather than what you want to do, and then let right action take place.


For further exploration on taking the next step into action see this article by Stacy Vajta.

As you develop this practice you will likely receive regular intuitions on how to proceed around change in your life. It will just feel 'right'.


And, your life will be changing, as you flow with the constant movement of the universe.







Breaking through Subconscious Limitations


Here's a really powerful video from Openhand, which goes into more detail about breaking through subconscious limitations.