by Tim Truth
May 07, 2023
from Principia-Scientific Website






In this video, a beekeeper in Australia,

blows the whistle of his own Government who are mass killing bees which is going to be the end of many different food supplies...

This keeper tested all of his bees for Varroa mite, which is the parasite the Government is supposedly concerned about and all came back negative.


Yet, the DPI still gave to burn all 17 of his hives with petrol, which is complete overkill.

Even after proving his hives were free of the mites, the DPI still insisted on destroying them without performing their own testing to verify what the keeper had told them.


It makes no sense.


In the end, it seems the Australian government is trying to stop pollination and intentionally attack the food supply of so many people...








NSW Australia Government deploys...

Fipronil Bee Killing Traps
by Tim Truth
May 07, 2023
from Principia-Scientific Website





The New South Wales Government has gone berserk and is now executing any bees they can find.

They are carrying out this execution in 10 kilometers regions around where they claim to have found a 'parasite'...

They claim this parasite infects bees and they are simply culling the infected population.

This execution doesn't just apply to wild bees but to hive bees as well, they claim they have detected this parasite on 137 premises and create a radius around each of them.

Many videos have been seen of the traps to NSW Government is using to carry out this execution which are filled with the poison, Fipronil...

This is an intentional attack on the food supply and the farmers who produce the food.


Without these bees the human food supply will shrink which is exactly what these governments want...