by Mark Sircus
January 17, 2018

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Treason against humanity, that's what the climate change manmade global warming scam is all about.


Those foolish enough to believe in their government and in the press are taken in to the treason. This treason will end up with uncountable people freezing to death because everyone is being led to prepare for warming instead of the cold.

The frozen woolly mammoths discovered in Russia completely frozen and intact with plants still in their stomachs have long made many ponder just how fast the planet can freeze.


We can see by the rapidly increasing cold and record-breaking snow falls that we should be worried and planning for a bone chilling future.

Today about 2 in 3 Americans say fabricated news stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts and realities of life yet more than 8 in 10 feel confident that they can recognize news that is fabricated.


Politicians, their elite backers and the media chose the wrong subject to lie about when it comes to climate change.


Nature is striking back and there will be hell to pay because the cold is getting colder and the lies are getting bigger.


Even thermometers can't keep up with the plunging temperatures in Russia so imagine the fabricators of global warming how far they have to stretch their necks out to keep up with the cold.


Almost all the graphs we look at point to a large-scale betrayal of mankind with global warming lies, which will hit the masses where it hurts most, in their stomachs and in their pockets as they end up having to pay through the nose to keep warm.


Reports are piling up of major hits to agriculture. Fruit, vegetable prices surge as blizzards cut off roads, damage crops after record snowfall paralyzed parts of the country.


In China,

"More than 45,000 acres of fruit trees, tea farms as well as greenhouses for vegetable have been damaged by freezing rains and snow," the Ministry of Agriculture said, adding that wheat planting could be delayed due to the cold weather.

In northern Shanxi province, greenhouses for vegetables collapsed under the weight of snow, footage on state television showed on Sunday.





The headlines about what is happening in Russia read:


Over the weekend there, two men froze to death when they tried to walk to a nearby farm after their car broke down. Three other men with them survived because they were wearing warmer clothes, investigators reported.





Meanwhile it snowed 16 inches in the Sahara Desert near the town Ain Sefra in Algeria.


In Morocco, according to the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, 37 roads became impassable, 26 of which were re-opened but 11 are still closed.


Almost 8 feet of snow in 48 hours in the Alps.





Bangladesh hit by Coldest Temperatures Ever





Temperatures in parts normally warmer Bangladesh dropped to 2.6°C (36.7°F) on Monday, January 8, 2018.


At least 12 people, including 6 children, died of cold-related ailments in just 4 days.

"It is the lowest temperature since authorities started keeping records in 1948," Shamsuddin Ahmed, head of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), told AFP.

The previous record low of 2.8°C (37°F) was recorded in 1968, he added.


On January 6, Worcester, Massachusetts, reported record snowfall of 16.8 inches (42.7 cm), far surpassing the city's previous record for the date of 9.8 inches (25 cm) set in 1994.


Also on January 6, the high temperature in Worcester reached just 6F (-14.4ºC), tying the previous record for this date set in 1896. At the end of the first week of January we had record lows from Richmond, VA to Boston, MA.


The craziness around global warming has no limit.


As the temperatures drop the New York City government is attempting to shift the costs of bracing the city for climate change (manmade global warming) onto the world's five largest publicly traded oil companies, which it claims,

"have done nearly all they could to create this existential threat."






The Hudson River.

"Ice, ice, ice, as far as the eye can see."

I remember, before global warming became the story it is today the Hudson freezing over. That was over fifty years ago and now that we have record hot temperatures it has frozen over again.


On the Great Lakes we see a dramatic change of ice cover at the end of the first week of January. The abnormally cold air isn't only freezing us. It's causing ice cover on the Great Lakes to expand rapidly.


All of the Great Lakes have more than double the amount of ice cover today than the long term average, with the exception of Lake Superior.

  • 2018 - 30%

  • 2017 - 9%

  • 2016 - 2%

Moving much further south we see that in normally warm Mexico the Secretariat of Civil Protection of Mexico City activated the red alert for six districts:

  • Álvaro Obregón

  • Cuajimalpa

  • Magdalena Contreras

  • Milpa Alta

  • Tláhuac

  • Tlalpan,

...where temperatures will drop to between -1 and -4 degrees Celsius.


The Secretariat issued an orange alert for the other 10, for the districts,

  • Azcapotzalco

  • Benito Juárez

  • Coyoacán

  • Cuauhtémoc

  • Gustavo A. Madero

  • Iztacalco

  • Iztapalapa

  • Miguel Hidalgo

  • Venustiano Carranza

  • Xochimilco,

...where temperatures are expected to range from 0 to 3 degrees Celsius, so he urged the population to take precautions.


Sure, looks like there is a warming trend...! It is getting colder fast though the trend was obvious for almost 10 years except for people, presidents and Popes who have no idea how to look at things carefully.


Humanity in general has a problem with listening and that extends to not only listening to the people in our lives but to scientists and events which speak for themselves.





Looking Carefully at how the Media Lies


The Independent in the United Kingdom writes,

"As bitter cold continues to grip much of North America and helps spawn the fierce storm along the East Coast, the question arises:

What's the influence of climate change?

Some scientists studying the connection between climate change and cold spells, which occur when arctic air dips south, say that they may be related.


But the importance of the relationship is not fully clear yet."

Record cold obviously represents a change in climate.


The earth's climate is always changing day by day, year by year and century by century. We have seen throughout earth's history dramatic changes in climate. Modern day rip off artists have changed the meaning of climate and its normal and natural changes by redefining climate change to mean man made global warming.


Armstrong Economics puts it this way,

"When the weather goes against Global Warming, they flip it into volatility and claim cold is now the by-product of Global Warming."

The Independent goes on to say,

"The reason a direct connection between cold weather and global warming is still up for debate, scientists say, is that there are many other factors involved.


Ocean temperatures in the tropics, soil moisture, snow cover, even the long-term natural variability of large ocean systems all can influence the jet stream."

Notice that they say nothing about the sun, which holds the most powerful influence over the earth's climate.







The more desperate the liberal democrats become to sell their climate agenda to the American people, the more strange and nonsensical their arguments become.


We might as well call the Democrats the hate party for they hate anyone who disagrees with them and their taller than skyscraper lies over the weather or anything else for that matter.


Nature has her own plans for those who turn their backs on truth.


The elite rich, who are of course behind the major themes being presented to the public, should be afraid, not only for the financial ruin they are enacting on the world but for their scam against the realities of Nature.