by Pam Barker
April 25, 2019
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In a recent short piece for Causeur online magazine, titled J'ai tenté d'interviewer Greta Thunberg - Les plus fervents défenseurs du "climat" ne connaissent rien au "climat" (I tried to interview Greta Thunberg - The most fervent Defender of the 'Climate' know Nothing about it), Marc Reisinger details how he met Greta on the street in Stockholm during one of her climate sit-ins:

"I heard you're telling students to study the climate. I'd like to interview you on this topic if you agree."

He sensed her discomfort, perhaps fear, then she pulled off her wool cap at which point a middle-aged woman appeared, pulling Greta away, saying she had something else to do.


All with the help of a bodyguard dressed in black watching the scene.


The video showing this encounter has English subtitles:





Reisinger rightly wonders how some of the globalist big-wigs can prostrate themselves before her when, clearly, she's virtually mute with adults, only able to chat easily with other young people she's recruited to persuade.


His sense is that she's been programmed - manipulated no less - to give apocalyptic speeches in front of the great and good, and wonders if her autism is used as an excuse to shut her up at key moments.

Reisinger also interviewed a secondary school teacher (on video in French) who encourages his students to protest against 'global warming' (we've published a lot on why this is fake science), yet he appears to know no more than his students on the topic.

FreeWest Media below gives us the connections between Greta's 'handlers',

The globalists are relentless...




George Soros Backing Greta Thunberg

by Free West Media Staff

April 24, 2019

from FreeWestMedia Website




Luisa-Marie Neubauer,

Greta's shadow who works for Soros.




Behind the world famous

16-year-old climate activist,

there is a liberal oligarch and

a globalist movement...

Greta Thunberg has become world renowned because of her fight against climate change and lower temperatures on Earth.


It all started in 2018 when she began a school strike on her own, standing outside the Swedish parliament with different placards trying to shape opinion and get young people to join.

The Swedish mainstream media quickly picked up her one-girl-mission against climate change and wrote several articles about her.



Few citizens of Sweden could back then even dream of what the future would hold - soon enough Thunberg met the Pope, spoke in front of the United Nations, and has even been nominated for the 'Nobel Peace Price'...

The once lonely 15-year old girl has become world famous, more or less over night, when international mainstream media started reporting about her 15-day-long school strike.


Arnold Schwarzenegger even invited her to a climate meeting in Vienna.

So who is this young idealist?





Greta Thunberg is now 16-years old and the daughter of famous opera singer and left-liberal activist Marlena Ernman (above image), who in the background has helped her daughter get started.

Thunberg soon also got her own coach - a well-known climate activist from Germany by the name Luisa-Marie Neubauer.



Luisa-Marie and Greta


What is the likelihood of a young girl who starts a school strike outside the Swedish parliament, getting schoolchildren from all over the world to join her cause and fight against climate change?


And how often do 16-year-olds have their own coaches?

Luisa-Marie Neubauer, who has been captured on a numerous images and videos together with Greta when the two direct climate change protests all over the world, belongs to the organization called "ONE" foundation.

It has several well-known wealthy financiers, including Bono as well as Bill and Melissa Gates.


An even more striking name is that of the multi-billionaire oligarch George Soros, notorious for his currency speculation and maybe even more prominent as the father of the global, radical, and left-liberal lobby and activist network "Open Society", supporting thousands of NGOs.








I Tried to Interview Greta Thunberg

-   The most fervent Supporter of the "Climate" know Nothing about the "Climate"   -
by Marc Reisinger
April 09, 2019

from Causeur Website

translation by Biblioteca Pleyades

Original French version

Greta Thunberg

during a "climate strike" in Hamburg, Germany.

© Public Address / action pre / SIPA / 00897308_000030

I wanted to know

if the actors of the "climate strikes"

knew what they were talking about.

I went to see Greta Thunberg and some of her admirers.

And there, I knew...

In February, a climate march led by Greta Thunberg crossed Brussels.


I was there and questioning young participants, I realized that they did not know the cause of the reason they were protesting for:

global warming...

A week later I interviewed a high school teacher (below video) who encouraged his students to demonstrate for the climate:

he knew no more than the students.






Assuming that it is better to go to God rather than to his saints, I decided to question Greta Thunberg herself.


I flew (I admit ...) to Stockholm to find her in front of the Swedish parliament, where she conducts her school strike every Friday. Bad luck, she had taken the train to demonstrate in Berlin.




When Greta Thunberg takes off her hat...

Of stubborn nature, I took the plane the following week (yes ...). After all, Stockholm is a very beautiful city. Victory: Greta is at her post this Friday.


She chats with a small group of young francophones and I am waiting for my turn to address it:

"I saw you in Brussels, there were a lot of people... I heard that you suggested to young people to study the climate. I'd like a little talk about that, if you agree... "

She nods, but she feels shy, uncomfortable:

I feel she says "yes", but thinks "no"...

At this moment, she takes off her hat. It's a signal.


Instantly, a blonde woman in her fifties wearing dark glasses, who was following the scene behind me, approaches with a fake smile:

"Hello, sorry, we have something to do now. I have to take him away, thanks..."

End of the interview...


A bodyguard dressed in black - which we see on the video, he was watching me too - accompanies them a few meters further:

the "thing to do" was to put Greta away from my questions.






Unlike to the young demonstrators in Brussels, Greta did not answer any questions.


I found myself facing (above video) a little girl, extinct, without passion, manipulated by disturbing people, child under terror.

It is programmed for apocalyptic and provocative speeches of a few minutes before the big ones of this world. Perhaps we will evoke her "selective silence" linked to autism, but we note that she responded complacently to the questions (anecdotal) asked by young people before me.

A strange climate leader who does not accept being asked a question about the climate.


One can only prostrate oneself, and the world does not hesitate:

  • Angela Merkel

  • Emmanuel Macron

  • Jean-Claude Juncker

  • jury of the Nobel Prize,

...and when the Pope...?




The climate religion

A few hours later, going back to the same place, Greta is still there, among a few people. His bodyguards were replaced by two new gorillas.

On an undetectable signal, she retrieves her sign "SKOLSTREJK FÖR KLIMATET" (Strike for the climate) and, like an automaton, settles against the railing of the river for a group photo with children.


The advertising ballet is perfectly tuned...

I was accused of "trapping" young protesters. I may be accused today of blasphemy. What I observe is a crowd of blind people led by a blind person, as in the Gospel...