by Just Have a Think and PSI Editor
November 15, 2022
from Principia-Scientific Website







Climate models have been getting more and more sophisticated as the power of supercomputers has increased exponentially over the last few years.

But have all the variables been factored in? A machine is only as good as the person that builds it, after all.

Now a new research paper has found some very strange temperature differences in the Eastern Pacific Ocean between climate models and observed ‘real world' measurements.

State-of-the-art climate models generally project enhanced warming in the eastern equatorial Pacific.


But now we're heading into the third year of enhanced eastern Pacific ocean cooling, aka La Niña.

The study (Systematic Climate Model biases in the Large-scale Pattern of recent Sea-surface Temperature and Sea-level Pressure Change) investigated the ability of 16 climate model large ensembles to reproduce observed sea-surface temperature and sea-level pressure trends over 1979–2020.

So, what's going on...?