by Net Zero Watch and CCD Editor

December 08, 2022

from ClimateChangeDispatch Website








A new paper from Net Zero Watch argues that,

climate alarmists are waging psychological warfare on the public...

Those alarmists are being funded by American billionaires, with the help of psychologists who are advising alarmist groups that fear tactics are a useful tool to use on people, which is an utter breach of ethics.

According to the report's author, Stephen McMurray,

"a cursory glance will make it clear that the people behind [climate alarmist groups] are not everyday members of the public but a group of highly influential American billionaires."

They are the main source of backing for the Climate Emergency Fund, which in turn funds eco-activist groups like Just Stop Oil.


McMurray writes that the three founding members of this "Fund" are,

  • Aileen Getty from the Getty oil family

  • Rory Kennedy, daughter of Senator Robert Kennedy

  • philanthropist Trevor Neilson

All three own houses on Malibu beach, which is at odds with the climate cult's claim of dramatic sea-level rise.


McMurray also says that professional psychologists are using fear as a weapon to manipulate public behavior.

"Psychologists are saying, quite openly, that telling people facts doesn't work, and that psychological pressure should be brought to bear in other ways."


"Their professional bodies seem to have no interest in preventing this shameful and completely unethical behavior."

McMurray says that,

the Government and Civil Service are also quite open about using psychological warfare (fear) against the population at large...

Indeed, the view in Whitehall appears to be that fearmongering, as widely applied during the Covid pandemic, was a success and should be seen as a model for use in the drive for Net Zero.

"Civil servants seem quite happy to treat the public as lab rats for them to experiment on as they see fit.


They are out of control, and nobody in Government seems to have any interest in stopping them."

Read "The Climate Change Cult and the War on the Mind" by Stephen McMurray.