by Joe Martino
August 05, 2018

from Collective-Evolution Website


I guess I may not call it a theory per se, more of a knowing deep down within myself about why humans have had a fast growing interest in discovering aliens.


It's a message I've shared with many people and will continue to share, and I'm going to lay it out in this piece too.

When I was young I was always intrigued by the idea of aliens. I knew deep down they existed and that in fact we are aliens to those beings, but at that age, I did not really see much solid proof, nor was I super into looking for it.

Sure I watched all the episodes of Unsolved Mysteries that spoke about aliens and I was obsessed with the show The X-Files, but I wasn't a big time researcher like so many who helped to bring this subject to the forefront for people.


Authors, speakers and researchers who have dedicated their lives to going through the thousands of declassified files, witness testimony, eyewitness stories and so forth.


These people have made it possible for people like myself, who started researching and reporting on this subject about 10 years ago, to more easily access this important information.

Over the years, I've come to explore the ET subject a lot more in depth.


Not only have I had my own ET and UFO-related experiences directly. I've also spent many hours diving into the documents, researching truths, and becoming friends with whistleblowers, contactees and people who've also had experiences.






Most importantly I've come to deeply understand why I feel the ET reality is not only something talked about by enthusiasts but why it has even become an obsession for the mainstream.




A 'Theory' of What is Happening


"The biggest reason, hands down,

for the secrecy and cover-up

of extraterrestrials is consciousness,

not energy."

Joe Martino

The way I explain what is happening with the ET reality is simple.

Imagine you were in Europe before you had knowledge of North America.


You lived life a certain way, spoke a certain language, didn't know what else was out there and probably had specific beliefs.


One day, while on a long trip across the ocean, you come across a new landmass. You and your crew venture onto this land and eventually come across people living on this land.


They speak a different language, wear different clothes, have different ideas about building, living, treating one another and so forth.


Suddenly what you knew in your conscious mind can now begin to expand based on meeting people you never knew existed. A shift in the way you see your world and reality would begin to change.

This is called a shift in consciousness. This, is the exact same thing happening to humanity now but in a slightly different way.


Let me explain...


This breaks down into two pieces,

  • our current understanding of one another

  • the shift

Just for one moment close your eyes, after reading this little sentence of course.


Does our world feel outdated to you in a sense?


I'm talking about,

  • the way we live


  • the way we struggle


  • the way we primitively fight over money, power and use money as a means for enslavement


  • the way we don't allow ourselves in our society to do what we love, but instead, it's always about doing what we need to do to survive

  • does this story, this narrative, this belief we live under, seem outdated and old?


  • are you aware that humans are capable of much more, and you are looking for that?

Humans have been experiencing one another and learning from one another for thousands of years.


While we are still evolving our technologies and ways of doing certain things, for the most part, we've learned a great deal about each other, who we are and what we do.

With that said, we are also experiencing a shift in human consciousness right now.


What...? Yes, a massive shift in the way we see our world, ourselves and why we are here:

watch "The Collective Evolution 3 - The Shift".

Given this shift is taking place, and people are feeling like they are looking for something MORE, something deeper in life, we inevitably have been asking some big questions.

  • Who are we?


  • Why are we here?


  • What is the meaning of life?

While these questions have been asked many times in the past, it is becoming a deep exploration and is relating deeply to the way we are living our lives on this planet.


The way we,

  • go to school

  • get jobs

  • start a family

  • retire

  • then die...

We are questioning whether or not this "reality" resonates deeply with us.

We are also in a great search for truth. We are beginning to see that the world we thought we knew is actually one of great manipulation.


There is an elite or what some call a 'deep state' that has been pulling the strings of our reality for quite some time and this is all being exposed, even in the mainstream, via leaks, whistleblowers and truths coming to the surface.


This too is all part of the shift in consciousness we were talking about earlier. We're shattering the reality we THOUGHT was 'real', but really was simply a projection of one state of consciousness.

Our interest in ET's and ET life is really a consciousness evolution that we are seeking. Like the Europeans discovered North America, we're looking for an expansion of what we know and how we live.

Now some will bring our current level of consciousness into the picture and say things like 'The Europeans came and killed all the Native Americans, we're going to do that with ET's too!”


No... That's not what this is about, and that primitive warring is not part of humanities future.

I went into deeper detail about what is taking place here and also threw in some details about how we can help move this process of contact along: