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March 30, 2020

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Dr. Soňa Peková.

Picture credit : AE NEWS


30th March 2020 – (Prague)


A Czech molecular biologist, Dr. Soňa Peková (english translation HERE) explained in detail why she believed that the novel coronavirus originated from the laboratory in the U.S. and not in China.

She also tried to disprove the claim which appeared on Nature Medicine journal (The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2) that the virus evolved from a natural mutation.

Dr. Soňa Peková revealed the shocking exposé in lay man's terms to a journalist of American European News.


She has become literally a Czech national celebrity and star in the last few days, not only because her laboratory was the first in the Czech Republic to test one of the first cases infected with novel coronavirus but she also developed a new and cheap method to test this virus.

During her interview with the Slovak news channel TA3, where she openly talked about the origin of Sars-Cov-2 virus and explained in detail to the host in detail why she thinks COVID-19 originated in the laboratory and not a natural mutation found in infected animals.


It does not happen too often that a leading biologist can explain to ordinary laymen how it is recognized that some virus originates from the laboratory and another is not.

During the press interview, Dr. Peková explained that viruses generally consist of RNA strands that tend to mutate, change, merge and alter, especially in those RNA sections that take care of protein production.


In this region of RNA, the changes are so dynamic that the influence of nature is natural and mutations from natural cycles are the most common form of mutation.


However, each virus and each of its RNAs has something called a "control room", a control site that controls mutations in the rest of the RNA.

This region of RNA at the very beginning of the helix could be compared to any boot sector on the computer disk from which the operating system itself is booting.


Basically, this can be thought of as a BIOS interface. And when biologists look at this piece of RNA, they just don't go together.

The novel coronavirus RNA control centre looks like somebody who turned it upside down and it still worked perfectly.

From the biologist's point of view, it looks as if, figuratively speaking, someone has invaded the headquarters of this RNA control room, turned it all up there, throwing away all the cabinets and drawers in such a way that it is very hard to believe,

  • on the one hand, this process originated accidentally in nature

  • on the other hand, that this chaotic and accidental process would not kill the virus...


Dr. Peková shows the regulatory part of Coronavirus RNA

where the so-called control room is located.

Picture credit : AE NEWS

Indeed, the RNA control room itself is the main point of controlling the mutation of the rest of the RNA, and in this case it would mean that we should believe that in nature somehow the inserter and the control room of the virus were rewritten to perfection without destroying the virus function.


That's why Dr. Pekova believes that novel coronavirus could have originated in the lab, because such fundamental changes in the RNA control room of the virus would naturally not have occurred in the case, without destroying the virus.

In an interview, Dr. Peková explained that the RNA virus functioned in such a clear way that it caused horror at certain places.


Her explanation of what had happened in the RNA control room of this virus had crossed the line of separating incomprehensible information from the general public.

She explained to the viewers that there had been massive gene changes and transcripts, insertions (deletions), deletions (deletions), and other complex changes in the magnitude of the RNA Sars-Cov-2 control room, if nature had created it chaotically and randomly, the virus would simply perish because it could not have functioned in an orderly manner.

She explained in an understandable way to ordinary people how the virus works, intense "damage control" is triggered somewhere else with the sole aim of denying this information and impersonating it as a natural, albeit unusual, natural mutation without any intervention of man and his laboratories.


She claimed that the US government issued an order to American scientists to deny this information.

US government urged scientists to write counter-analysis refuting Chinese accusations and also statements by the Czech molecular biologist several days ago.


It was more like a crisis management to refute all the information that the novel coronavirus originated in the laboratory.

The paradox is that Dr Peková made reference to a laboratory in Wuhan, that is the well-known National Biosafety Laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and she said that it is not China that needs to refute anything about this theory.

The analysis itself is full of scientific and biological phrases and information about the genome, which may not tell us much, but only the introduction and the end of this text will be pinned from the document itself.


As it turns out, this is not a comprehensive scientific study, but rather a political proclamation to protect the US that 'US laboratories are not behind the gene manipulation of novel coronavirus'...


The article on ScienceDaily itself published on 17th March this year is called 'COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic has a natural origin' and in its introduction completely excludes the laboratory origin of novel coronavirus.


The introduction to the analysis reads:

'An analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered.'

Study co-author Andrew Rambaut in the article cautioned that,

'it is difficult if not impossible to know at this point which of the scenarios is most likely.


If the SARS-CoV-2 entered humans in its current pathogenic form from an animal source, it raises the probability of future outbreaks, as the illness-causing strain of the virus could still be circulating in the animal population and might once again jump into humans.


The chances are lower of a non-pathogenic coronavirus entering the human population and then evolving properties similar to SARS-CoV-2.'


Peková working at her laboratory.

Picture credit : AE NEWS

On the other hand, the motive of the US military is clear,

it is fleeing viral infection from Europe and there will be no Defender 2020 exercise this year


(This year's exercise was planned to simulate a fictional near-peer competitor in a post-Article V environment set in the year 2028).

So, from the categorical statement in the second paragraph at the beginning of the analysis which shows that the novel coronavirus is not a laboratory product, she came to the conclusion that it is currently impossible to prove or disprove the described theories of the origin of novel coronavirus, and that the theory is only "Unreliable".




Information about James Lyons-Weiler



She understood why American scientists have adopted this approach because they want to keep the door open for the future, in case it breaks and the truth is open to the public.


Scientists don't want to risk their discrediting as part of the US government's political campaign and damage control management where information is leaking and China accused the US of sending troops to China to plant the virus during Military World Games that took place in Wuhan last October.

The US military has de facto silently abolished the largest NATO exercise in Europe since the end of the Cold War, Defender 2020. The reason for the abolition of the exercise is the Covid-19 infection that is currently raging across Europe.


However, this is an absolutely unprecedented step, because in Europe, American soldiers and military vessels were already deployed.

Everything was planned and it suddenly came to an abrupt end...

With SARS, MERS epidemics, all possible avian and swine flu in the past, the US military did not interfere with any operations and major exercises.

Why then suddenly, because of novel coronavirus, the biggest NATO exercise in Europe in 30 years has stopped?


Did the Americans bring a biological weapon to Wuhan last October, which mutated and, instead of infecting only Chinese people, the virus now invades everybody and, as it turns out, mainly Europeans?

The reason is obvious, the American generals seem to know very well what novel coronavirus is and where it came from, where the virus was created.

If the Pentagon never does anything, it is exposing its own army to its own biological weapons.


And it is novel coronavirus, according to all information, not only according to the opinion of Dr Peková, and not only according to the claims of the Chinese government that really comes from some laboratory program, and we can speculate that it may be a biological weapons program of the US Army and US Navy respectively.

It all fits into a picture together perfectly...


In October 2019, the Military World Games was held in Wuhan and attended by an American military delegation of athletes.

A novel coronavirus epidemic occurred in Wuhan in December 2019...


At that time, European media said that the virus originated due to poor hygiene and insufficient heat treatment of Chinese traditional foods sold on the street of China.


Virus analysis on computer.

Picture credit : AE NEWS

In just two months, the contagion reached Italy in Europe and the Czech government in its naivety declares that it would not control the Southern border of tourists returning by car from holidays in Italy.


A month later, the whole of Europe was in crisis, emergency states were announced.

In the light of this contagion, NATO is cancelling the biggest military exercise since 1989.

If nothing else, NATO has just shown its weakness to Russia that it is enough to spread the virus in Europe and NATO is completely shut down.

Many NATO countries have disagreed with abolishing the Defender 2020 exercise, but the Americans obviously knew what they were doing.

Can a more severe flu stifle NATO's largest military maneuvers in Europe since 1989?


And can a virus from a research laboratory do it?

Apparently yes...


Abolishing the Defender 2020 exercise is also perhaps an attempt to avoid sending out misleading signals if it turns out that some NATO countries will refuse to participate in the exercise due to the viral threat. And that would be an indication of NATO disunity, fear of viral contagion, etc.


The Pentagon's decision was certainly not easy because, according to the latest information, 9,000 US troops out of a total of 20,000 were to be deployed to Europe in the near future.

Instead of Defender 2020, there will be a minor routine military exercise of artillery, armored vehicles and aircraft in the Baltic, but to a limited extent and format. All because of the virus, which, paradoxically, even according to American scientists, from this analysis is still unclear and inconclusive.


When China openly accused the US of planting a virus in Wuhan, it is a scandal, as well as the confession of CDC chief Robert Redfield that in the US people were dying of novel coronavirus at a time when no one in the US knew about novel coronavirus, and death was originally attributed to influenza and only recently was found to die from novel coronavirus clearly reveals a very scary context.


Dr. Peková may have revealed more to the world than she might suspect.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Larry Klayman and his group Freedom Watch has filed a class-action lawsuit against China at the federal court in Texas seeking at least US$20 trillion from the Chinese government because of its,

"callous and reckless indifference and malicious acts."

Researchers and public health experts have repeated shot down the conspiracy theory that the coronavirus was man-made, with 'studies' showing that it originated as an animal virus that eventually jumped to humans.


Nonetheless, the claim has gained traction on the right, with conservative media figures seizing upon it to advocate for a more aggressive U.S. posture toward China.



Please note that Dr.Pekova

made reference to the origin of coronavirus

in an exclusive interview with AE NEWS

and not in this video.

Original article appeared in AE NEWS...