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 -  A History of Secret Human Experimentation



 -  Al Menos 1 Billón de Muertos o Discapacitados por el Arma Biológica CV-19 - Dr. Betsy Eads


 -  Anthrax Scare Initiates New Anti-Terrorism Plan



 -  At Least 1 Billion Dead or Disabled from CV-19 Bioweapon - Dr. Betsy Eads


 -  Banderas Falsas y el Amanecer del Bioterrorismo


 -  Be Paranoid About Bioterrorism, Experts Say



 -  Bill Gates funded Bioweapons Experiments to spread Bird Flu to Humans


 -  Bioterror Busters Turn to N.Y. Team to Fight Smallpox



 -  Bioterrorism - Can We Deal with It?



 -  Bioterrorism Facts - Q&A


 -  Bioterrorism Threat Finds New Urgency


 -  Bioterrorism - WHO and What is The Threat?



 -  Bio-Terror Scare Hits Ottawa



 -  Coronavirus and 'No Weapon Left Behind' - The American Hybrid War on China


 -  Countering Germ Warfare



 - "Covid-19 - Un Acto de Guerra Biológica" - EE.UU. "Liberó Intencionadamente el Virus en Wuhan", cumbre UE


 -  Crimen Organizado - COVID-19 y ANTHRAX-01 - Entrevista con Heiko Schöning


 -  Crossing the Threshold - The Increasing Threat of Biochemical Terrorism


 -  Czech Molecular Biologist explains in Layman Terms COVID-19 virus Originates from Lab in U.S. not China


 -  DNA can be Engineered to Kill Individuals, Families or Entire Ethnicities


 -  Doctor with Bioweapons Expertise calls Covid-19 Vaccines "Weaponized Medicine"


 -  Dottore Specialista in Armi Biologiche definisce i Vaccini per il Covid-19 "Medicina Armata"


 -  EE.UU. desarrolla un Arma Biológica de Ingeniería Genética 'Universal'


 -  EE.UU. trabaja en un Arma Biológica 'Universal' Modificada Genéticamente - Investigación Parlamentaria Rusa


 -  El Coronavirus y el 'Factor Miedo'... - Main File


 -  El 'Oscuro Invierno' del Covid - Cómo los Juegos de Guerra Biológicos nos Robaron la Libertad


 -  Facing a Bio-Terrorism Threat



 -  Injection put into People's arms Instructs the Human Body to Manufacture a Scheduled Toxin - Bioweapon


 -  Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?



 -  La Pista del Bio-Terrorismo Covid riconduce ai collaboratori del PCC Anthony Fauci e Peter Daszak


 -  La Próxima Amenaza - Explotación del ADN


 -  Malone sobre la Investigación de Armas Biológicas en Estados Unidos - ¿Somos los Buenos o los Malos?


 - 'Plagues, Cyborgs, and Supersoldiers' - Report suggests Pentagon exploring Biotech-Based Warfare


 -  Prepare for Bioterrorism Attack, Military Doctor Warns



 -  Rusia reveló cómo los Experimentos Biológico-Militares de EE.UU. prepararon el Covid-19


 -  Silicon Bugs - They're Half Bacterium, Half Microchip


 -  Technocrats Prepare to Meet a 'Never-Ending Parade of Biological Threats'


 -  The Coronavirus and the 'Fear Factor'... - Main File


 -  The Covid Bio-Terrorism trail leads back to CCP collaborators Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak


 -  The U.S. is the World Leader of Bio-Weapons - Research, Production and Use Against Mankind


 -  The WHO's Proposed Treaty will Increase Man-Made 'Pandemics' - Final version: Sept. 3, 2023


 -  Un Médico con Experiencia en Armas Biológicas dice que las Vacunas Covid-19 son "Medicina Armamentizada"


 -  U.S. Confirms existence of Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine - Says Russian Attack may Target them


 -  U.S. 'Intentionally released Covid Virus in Wuhan' - EU Summit Told...


 -  U.S. Still Unprepared for Bioterrorism

   -  Vaccines and Covid-19 - Gene Therapy - Main File

 -  Vacunas y Covid-19 - Terapia Genética - Main File

 -  World War III - Depopulation, Nuclear War vs. "Bio War"


Additional Information


 -  Armas Biológicas Étnicas - Una Amenaza Real


 -  Armas Genéticas - ¿Una Pesadilla del Siglo XXI?


 -  Biological Weapons Amidst the Biotech Revolution - The End of A Looming Threat or A Nightmare...

 -  Biotechnology - Genetically Engineered Pathogens

 -  Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity II


 -  Bioterrorism - Plague as A Biological Weapon


 -  Bird Flu Research Rattles Bioterrorism Field


 -  Bioweapons - At the Breaking Point of What We Call History


 -  Body of Evidence Suggests New U.S. Biological Warfront Opening


 -  Científico Aboga por la Eliminación del 90% de la Humanidad Mediante el Ébola - Noticia del año 2006


 -  'Coronavirus Fatality Rate' lower than Expected - Close to Flu's 0.1% says Study


 -  Crear Laboratorios Biológicos con Fines Militares - Plan de Estados Unidos en la Amazonía


 -  Cynthia - Peligrosa Bacteria Sintética Carnívora Descontrolada


 -  Dancing the Apocalypso with the Microbial Gestapo


 -  DARPA Blue Angel Project to Develop a Vaccine Surge Capacity for Flu Viruses


 - ¿Demasiado Poco y Demasiado Tarde? - India Enfrenta a la CDC


 -  Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA & Army Experiments


 -  Did The Alternative Media Force U.S. Government to Block Deadly Bird Flu Study?


 -  Ebola Outbreak May Already Be Uncontrollable - Monsanto Invests in Ebola Treatment Drug Company as...


 -  Ebola - Pandemia, Bioterrorismo o Operazione Falsa?


 -  Ebola Virus - The Global Elite’s Bio-Weapon Scheme for 90 Percent Depopulation


 -  ‏El Ébola - ¿Pandemia, Bioterrorismo u Operación de Bandera Falsa?


 -  Engineered Viruses Created in Government Labs Validate Mass Vaccinations


 -  Estados Unidos usa América Latina para Desarrollar Armas Bacteriológicas


 - ¿Estamos al Borde de Una Gran Epidemia?


 -  Esta Prueba Demuestra que el SARS-CoV-2 fue Creado en Laboratorio


 -  Ethnic Specific Weapons


 -  Evidence of The Use of Pandemic Flu to Depopulate U.S.A. - Bioterrorism


 -  Experimentos Médicos en Seres Humanos en Los Estados Unidos - Impactante Historia de La Medicina...


 -  Genetically Engineered Viruses are Next Generation of Warfare


 -  Global Depopulation, Eugenics Agenda and HIV


 -  Hacking The President's DNA



 -  Hillary Clinton privately warned France that Wuhan P4 Lab may lead to 'Bioweapon Research' - Leaked Cable


 -  How The HIV Virus Became The US Government’s Most Successful Bio-Weapon


 -  How We Can Stop the WHO's Horrific Pandemic Treaty

 -  Human Ebola Virus Species and Compositions and Methods Thereof


 -  Human Genome Project Opens the Door to Ethnically Specific Bioweapons


 -  Human Medical Experimentation in The United States - The Shocking True History of Modern Medicine and...


 -  Humans as Bioreactors - How DARPA pioneered the idea behind mRNA Vaccines


 -  Is it Wise for Obama to Send Thousands of U.S. Troops into The Ebola Death Zone?


 -  Is the Coronavirus Scare a 'Psychological Operation'?


 -  Laboratorios Biológicos de Estados Unidos - ¿Una Nueva Era de Control Mundial?


 -  Lack of Security at Labs Handling World's Deadliest Pathogens Could Lead to Epic Pandemic


 -  La Guerra del Futuro - Las "Bombas Étnicas"


 -  La Guerra Genética - El Nuevo Escenario de Confrontación de Estados Unidos


 -  Más Conocimiento Previo de esta Actual Plandemia


 -  Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic by December 21, 2012 - Secret Revealed


 -  Más Sobre Guerra Genética - Laboratorios Secretos el Pentágono en Georgia


 -  More Plandemic Foreknowledge...


 -  New Report Predicts Source of Next Pandemic


 -  Next Generation Bioweapons - Genetic Engineering and Biological Warfare


 -  Officials Warn of Weaponized H5N1 Bird Flu Pandemic Amid Debate


 -  Preventing The Bio-Weapon HIV - New Test Uses Cancerous Nanoparticles


 -  RNA Viruses are Being Exposed as 'Man-Made' and Vaccines are the Carriers Spreading Disease without...


 -  Scientists Brace for Media Storm Around Controversial Flu Studies


 -  Scientists Engineer Bioterror Fears



 -  Scientists Weaponize Deadly Bird Flu, Consider Releasing Results Necessary to Create Bioweapon

 -  Special Virus Cancer Program - Travails of a Biological Moonshot


 -  The Coming Pandemic - Expect All Protective Systems to Fail


 -  The 'Coronavirus 5G Connection' and Coverup

 -  The Darker Bioweapons Future


 -  The History of Biological Warfare


 -  The Midwest Respiratory Crisis - Infected Chemtrail Beta Test?


 -  The Power of Fantasy - Bioterrorism, ISIS and Ebola Mania


 -  The Smoking Gun proving SARS-CoV-2 is an Engineered Virus


 -  Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Population


 -  Unholy Grail - The Quest for Genetic Weapons


 -  Un Doctor de EE.UU. Denuncia algo Muy Sospechoso Sobre el Ébola


 -  U.S. Army Rejected Successful Ebola Drug Two Weeks Before Outbreak - Doctor Says


 -  U.S. Government Urges Scientists to Censor Findings on New Strain of Bird Flu


 -  Vaccine Inventor and Genetic Engineer Jokes About Depopulation and Biological Warfare


 -  Varios Ataques con Armas Químicas del Gobierno de Los Estados Unidos de Los Cuales No Quieren que...


 -  Viruses - An Instrument in World Depopulation  - Main File


 -  Virus Genéticamente Diseñados son Armas de Guerra de Próxima Generación


 -  Virus - Un Instrumento Para La Despoblación Mundial  - Main File


 -  'Your Government is Lying to You in a way that Could Lead to your Death' - Says former Pfizer Vice President


Books - Treatises


 -  Bitten - The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons - by Kris Newby

 -  Infected - by J.D. Morvan and Huang Jia Wei - EU Publications

 -  Microorganisms and Bioterrorism - by Burt Anderson, Herman Friedman and Mauro Bendinelli




 -  2019 Biological Attack in UK?

 -  Anthrax War


 - ¿Ataque Biológico en 2019 en Gran Bretaña?

 -  Bioterrorism Evidence Against WHO and UN


 -  Bioterrorism - Steve Quayle on Alex Jones TV


 -  BioWar - Project Blue Angel - Elite Develop Genetically Engineered Weapons to Eliminate Ethnic and...


 -  COVID-19 al Descubierto

 -  In Lies We Trust - The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism


 -  Ukraine Bioweapons Funded by U.S.? - Russia's Accusation Explained


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