by Saeed Qureshi, Ph.D.
November 15, 2022
from Drug-Dissolution-Testing Website
transcript by Principia-Scientific
November 17, 2022
from Principia-Scientific Website

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The following is a brief scientific explanation of mRNA technology (aka gene therapy), often presented as something new, advanced, or novel...

The literature described it (mRNA, messenger ribonucleic acid) as a chemical compound (a shorter version of nucleic acid or RNA), like a peptide molecule, compared to protein, the larger (chain or necklace) molecule.

It may be impressive and overwhelming for medical professionals because of limited learning and understanding of science/chemistry; otherwise, nothing is unique or novel about its nature and characteristics as a chemical molecule/compound.

The promoted novelty aspect of "mRNA technology" is based on the chemistry narrative as it would occur in the body, as described in the literature, such as in a report from Pfizer to the FDA for vaccine approval (BNT162b2 Vaccine Candidate against COVID-19).

The description is that,

once mRNA is administered, it will then supposedly get involved with the body's chemistry (or chemical processes/synthesis) to produce a specific protein (called spike or s-protein) associated with the virus (SARS-COV-2)...

Once that protein is produced in the body, the body's immune system will be triggered to produce defense (antibodies/immunity) against the protein (considered as a foreign body) capable of killing the future attack from the virus, which is supposed to have the specific spike protein.

It is the chemistry aspects at both levels, i.e., in (synthesizing of spike protein and developing immunity) and outside (synthesis of mRNA in the lab) of the body.


In short, the narrative is based on chemistry (science) and its reaction/processes at its core.

The process described above could be divided into five steps (with their respective missing scientific basis):


  1. The mRNA has been synthesized and characterized in a laboratory or manufacturing facility.


    Unfortunately, the literature does not provide relevant and essential details about this part, such as mRNA's identity, purity, and stability.


    So, it is an unknown item to anyone outside the pharmaceutical company which makes it.

    Therefore, any claim made about the mRNA technology, its benefit, and its relevance by anyone, including medical professionals (supporters or non-supporters) not associated with the company, has to be speculative (fictional) - not factual or scientific.


  2. Once administered (shot or jab) into the body, the mRNA is claimed to produce 'spike protein,' the same, or similar, to what the SARS-COV-2 virus is believed to have...


    There is no evidence provided or available to show that, indeed, the mRNA produces the specific spike protein. The existence or production of the spike protein can only be detected or monitored by a test.


    Furthermore, the test can only be developed by having a physically purified spike protein sample (reference), unavailable from anywhere.


    Spike protein is unavailable because the virus specimens are unavailable from which the spike protein is to be extracted.

    Therefore, detecting or making valid claims of its existence is impossible.


    Hence, any claim that spike protein is 'produced' and its presence is detected or monitored should be considered invalid and fictional.


  3. It is claimed that the spike-protein triggers the body's immune response, i.e., the body produces specific antibodies.


    How has this been established?


    It cannot be because showing spike-protein and antibodies interaction require a pure isolated specimen of the spike protein, which is not available, as noted above.


    Hence, one cannot establish the production of specific antibodies.

    Moreover, detecting and monitoring antibodies requires a test for the specific antibodies.


    The test cannot be developed without the pure isolated sample of antibodies, which is not available either. Therefore, the claim that antibodies are produced or will be produced by spike protein cannot be true.


    Hence, such a claim has to be false and fictional, not scientific.


  4. The next claim in the novel mRNA technology narrative is that the produced antibodies will have and provide a protective shield against the virus attack.


    This claim has to be false because it requires the specimen of the virus to test the claim, which is now very well established that the virus specimen is not available anywhere in the world.

    Hence the immunity/efficacy of antibodies through mRNA cannot be verified. It is as simple as that...


    So all claims about mRNA have to be imaginary and presumptuous - not factual or scientific.


  5. Concerning the safety claim of the mRNA vaccine, this is probably the most straightforward step which could be conducted experimentally.


    All one requires is to dose cells, tissue, animals, or humans and observe any potential adverse effects. Such studies are lacking.

    This creates a valid concern about the mRNA, i.e., why such studies have not been conducted or reported. Hence, the claim that the 'safety' of the mRNA has been tested remains weak or false.


    The steps mentioned above are not only a scientific requirement but logical; they are missing.


Therefore, if one sees it from the chemistry (science) aspect, the mRNA scenario is without facts and scientific support, more like a fantastic fairy tale...!

The only reason reality is hidden is because the claims and assessments about mRNA have been reported by medical professionals, not by scientific experts, in particular chemistry related.


an urgent evaluation by an independent third party is needed to address the current situation...

Otherwise so-called 'pandemic' will continue with recommendations of an ever-increasing number of fictional and irrelevant vaccines or mRNA vaccines or their repeats (aka boosters)...