by Makia Freeman
September 06, 2019

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The Admiral Wilson leak

refers to notes where Wilson, a high-up official,

admits he was denied access to a

Special Access Program

reverse engineering UFOs.




Notes have been made public of a conversation that allegedly occurred on Oct. 16th 2002 with US Admiral Tom Wilson (at that time Deputy Director of the DIA & Vice Director for Intelligence [VJ2] for the Joint Chiefs of Staff). Wilson admits he was denied access to a SAP involving reverse engineering an alien UFO craft.

If true, this incident shows that high-ranking officials are excluded from SAPs & USAPs by an oversight committee above & beyond the law. The top military/aerospace corporations can reject anyone without 'need to know.' Highly advanced technology is in private hands with no public oversight.


Admiral Tom Wilson is a military officer with a long and distinguished career.

He was a Real Admiral (upper class).


He served as the Deputy Director, and later the Director, of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency).


He also served as the Vice Director for Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a position known as VJ2 or J2.

On April 19th 2019, researcher Canadian Grant Cameron uploaded to the internet 15 pages of documents which are allegedly notes taken by Dr. Eric Davis on October 16th 2002.


These notes record the conversation between Admiral Wilson and Willard Miller, a US Naval Reserve Commander and top military advisor to Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project.


In the (fiery at times) exchange, the admiral admits he was denied access to a SAP (Special Access Program) or more accurately a USAP (Unacknowledged Special Access Program) because, despite his rank and position, he still didn't have need to know.


Guess what...?

This USAP, in the hands of a top military aerospace corporations, involves the reverse engineering of UFO/alien craft technology...!

The Alien/ET face

on the side of the

Bigelow Aerospace building.




The Admiral Wilson Leak Documents

The notes were taken by Dr. Eric W. Davis, a scientist who was a member of NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Sciences).


NIDS is owned by aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow (who has openly talked about UFOS and aliens for decades). NIDS conducted scientific research into UFO-related phenomena such as the mystery of the black triangles.


Additionally, Davis is an associate of Dr. Hal Puthoff, the famous developer of Remote Viewing in the US in the 1970s.


Exopolitical researcher Dr. Michael Salla, contacted Davis to verify whether the leak was genuine and confirm whether he had indeed written the notes.


Davis replied that he had no comment, which apart from their explosive content is another clue they are genuine, since Davis refused to call them a hoax.

The 15 pages of Admiral Wilson leak documents are worth reading in full...




What the Documents Reveal

The documents record a conversation from 2002 where Admiral Wilson, with hindsight, was referring back to a period from April-June in 1997.


They start with Admiral Wilson confirming that he met with,

  • Greer

  • Miller

  • Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut and founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences)

  • Admiral Mike Crawford

  • General Pat Hughes (who was Wilson's boss) in a Pentagon conference room

The notes state that Wilson and Miller talked privately for 2 hours on,

  • UFOs

  • MJ-12

  • Roswell

  • crashed UFOs

  • alien bodies, etc...

In the notes, "TW" stand for Tom Wilson and "EWD" stands for "Eric Davis":

TW: Confirmed Greer/Miller/Mitchell gave talk in Pentagon Conference room.


Adm Mike Crawford, Gen. Pat Hughes (Hughes his boss) were present (others too.) Date April "97. (Ed Mitchell said 4/9/947.) After group broke up, Miller/Wilson talked (privately) 2 hours on UFOs, MJ-12, Roswell, crashed UFOs/alien bodies, etc.


TW intrigued - knew about intelligence on US mil/intel UFO close encounters - and foreign gov't encounters. Seen records. Told Miller.

TW: Yes, Miller asked the question on MJ-12/UFO cabal - crashed UFO. Confirmed he called Miller ca. late June '97 and told that he/Miller was right - there is such an organization in existence.

Davis notes that Wilson was furious that Miller had betrayed his confidence and shared the conversation with others (according to Davis, Miller only told Greer and Mitchell).


Wilson goes on to state that he started investigating whether there was a secretive group hiding UFO secrets:

EWD: Okay then, what happened in April-June '97?

TW: After parting with Miller (week later, he thinks) - I made calls, knocked on a few doors, talked to people - went on for 45 days (thereabouts) on and off,

  • Suggestion came from Ward (Gen. M. Ward) to go through the records groups files (like an index system) in OUSDAT (Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology)

  • Ran into Bill Perry in May '97 - talked about this quietly - he suggested the same thing

  • They told me of a special projects record group not belonging to usual SAP - a special subset of the unacknowledged/carve-outs/waived programs - not belonging to usual SAP divisions as organized in '94 by Perry himself - set apart from rest but buried/covered by conventional SAPs


Admiral Wilson Leak Docs Mention Existence of MJ-12 and USAPs

Let's pause here to consider the ramifications before going on.


In just the first few pages of this leak, Wilson has admitted both that MJ-12 exists (or existed) and that advanced technology projects/UFOs are hidden within USAPs.


That is big news...!

In the second quoted section above, Wilson states he spent about 45 days looking into the matter, and in the first quoted section above, he states that he concluded that MJ-12 did exist.


He also reveals how he learnt that USAPs exist, as a special subset of SAPs which are "unacknowledged/carve-outs/waived", something which various whistleblowers have exposed over the years.


In other articles (e.g. this one on 1947 and this one on declassified files) I have discussed how the shadowy group known as MJ-12 (MJ 12, Majestic 12) was set up by President Truman in 1947 after the Roswell UFO crash to handle the UFO matter in secrecy - away from public scrutiny and with the barest of oversight.


Ufologist Richard Dolan, who wrote his analysis of the Admiral Wilson leak here, coined the phrase "Breakaway Civilization" to describe the state of affairs whereby a private military aerospace contactor has out-of-this-world technology and is able to speed light years ahead of what we think is possible - to literally create another civilization.

Michael Salla points out how USAPs are often hidden inside SAPs, and shows a NSA document leaked by Snowden to prove the point:

"The method of hiding the most highly classified programs behind less classified ones was verified in one of the NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden called Sentry Eagle.


It graphically depicted how Exceptionally Compartmented Information (ECI - an Intelligence Community classification similar to an Unacknowledged SAP used by the Pentagon) would be hidden behind a Non-ECI Program (similar classification status to a conventional SAP)."







Wilson Meets the USAP 'Gatekeepers'

Furious, Denied Access as He Doesn't Have 'Need to Know'

There are more fascinating details to the story, however to keep this brief, it gets really interesting when Davis starts asking Wilson what he found.


Wilson at first is tight-lipped:

EWD: … so what SAP compartment did you find in?

TW: Core secret - won't say

EWD: Code name?

TW: Again won't say - core secret

EWD: Who was the project contractor or USG agency that runs the program?

TW: An aerospace technology contractor - one of the top ones in US

EWD: Who?

TW: Core secret - can't tell

EWD: Defense contractor?

TW: Yes, the best one of them.

EWD: Intelligence too?

TW: In their corporate portfolio.

EWD: Give a hint?

TW: Sorry no.

People have guessed that it could be Northrop Grumman or Boeing, although Lockheed Martin is also likely, given the notoriety of its Skunkworks program.


Wilson goes on to say how he called them and demanded to be "read in" or informed about the project - but he was given the access denied treatment:

TW: (End of May '97) Made three calls to the program manager - one of them conference call with security director and corporate attorney. Confusion on their part at to why I was looking for them and what I wanted from them or wanted to know about. Very testy tone from all of them.

TW: I told threesome I wanted formal briefing, tour, etc. - was exploiting my regulatory authority as Deputy Director DIA/Assistant Joint Chief of Staff J-2 - Told them my not being briefed was oversight they needed to correct - I demanded!

TW: They needed to discuss this (his demand) so hung up. Got called 2 days later and they said they don't want to talk on phone and arranged for face-to-face meeting at their facility.

EWD: Did you go?

TW: Yes, ten days later (mid-June or so). Flew out there,

  • Met in their conference room in their secure vault

  • Three of them show up

EWD: 3 guys with whom you had telecon?

TW: Yes, same 3,

  • Security director (NSA-retired, a CI expert)

  • Program director

  • Corporate attorney

  • Called themselves "the watch committee" or gate keepers

This watch committee or group of gatekeepers then proceeded to tell Wilson that although his rank, authority and credentials checked out, he still wasn't getting access.


They said they had reached a previous formal agreement with the Pentagon's Special Access Program Oversight Committee (SAPOC).


The agreement was that they (the watch committee) and only they would decide who met the rigorous criteria to gain access - and those people would be on a list called the 'bigot list':


TW: Said after that episode a formal agreement was struck with Pentagon people (SAPOC) to prevent this in future - didn't want a repeat,

  • Special criteria were established in agreement

  • A special circumstance that must meet rigorous access criteria set by contractor committee

  • No USG personnel are to gain access unless they met the criteria - to be administered by contractor committee (program director, attorney, security director) irregardless of the tickets and position USG personnel possess

  • Literally their way or the highway

EWD: What are criteria?

TW: I asked for that and they refused to give answer. I was mad - implication is now - to me - they operate without official oversight or any justification - politically dangerous place to be!

TW: … they weren't going to let me in the door

EWD: Why?

TW: They said my tickets were all confirmed and valid, but I was not on the bigot list


The bigot list is, according to Wikipedia,

"is a list of personnel possessing appropriate security clearance and who are cleared to know details of a particular operation, or other sensitive information."

It is a term of British origin and is widely used by US intelligence agencies. The program director then, somewhat surprisingly given his general secrecy, showed Wilson the bigot list.


Wilson saw that there was no-one from the Executive (i.e. White House) or Legislative Branches of the US Government - just private contractors and a couple of Pentagon people.


EWD: Who was on it? Recognize names?

TW: That is core secret. Willing to say that most were program employees - names and titles (job titles) - civilians - didn't recognize any military personnel - could be there.

EWD: Any politicians?

TW: No,

  • No White House names, no President!

  • No Congressional people

  • No Congressional staffers

EWD: Any in Clinton or Bush Sr. Administrations?

TW: No! But handful of names were Pentagon individuals I recognized…




The Watch Committee Admits They are Reverse Engineering UFOs of Extraterrestrial Origin

Now for the coup de grace:

the Admiral Wilson leak document describes how the Project Manager of the watch committee actually admitted the nature of the project they were so closely guarding:

reverse engineering technology from a crashed UFO...!




[TW] Program Manager said they were,

  • Not any weapons program

  • Not any intelligence program

  • Not any special ops or logistics program

  • Doesn't fit these categories

I asked what they were then,

  • Loud groan from Program Manager

  • Security Director and attorney say it's okay to say it.

EWD: Say what?

TW: There were a reverse engineering program,

  • Something recovered years ago in the past

  • Technological hardware was recovered

  • So I thought they meant recovered Soviet/Chinese, etc. hardware and reverse engineer it - like a missile or intel platform or aircraft - actually came to meeting expecting to find a sensitive foreign collection and reverse engineering operation - thought "UFOs" used as a cover for that

  • So I said that and they said they weren't that either

  • They had (program manager talking) a craft - an intact craft they believed could fly…

  • Program manager said they didn't know where it was from [they had some ideas on this] - it was technology that was not of this Earth - not made by man - not by human hands


Conclusion - Further Evidence a Gigantic, Massive Truth is Being Kept From Us

Wilson ended his tale by saying that eventually he did meet with the SAPOC chairman at the Pentagon, who backed up the access denial Wilson was given.


Wilson got angry against at the SAPOC chairman, who then told Wilson that he had better shut up and drop the matter, else he wouldn't get the DIA directorship and he may lose a ranking star.


Wilson backed off...


This story goes to show the way that, in the world of military intelligence, information is tightly compartmentalized and knowledge is only doled out on a need to know basis.


The strictest of access criteria are created and enforced to guard the secret, that not even presidents and high-up officials in the military can meet.


At the end of the notes, Wilson acknowledges that the basic theme of the work of Philip Corso (author of The Day After Roswell) was correct.


That is, that at least some of the technology recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash was taken, hidden and reverse engineered by private industry.

The evidence shows Eisenhower wrestled with this issue during his presidency, even threatening to send the First Army from Colorado to Area 51 to find out, but was ultimately unable to wrest control of the issue; ditto for JFK, assassinated as he tried to gain control.


Will an awakened humanity be able to crack the secrecy around this issue...?