by Mark Sircus
July 20, 2018
from DrSircus Website


Ultimately there is no lying about the weather or climate.


Presently things are getting colder on planet earth but there are people and institutions as well as governments that do not want you to know about it.


The Deep Sate in the United States certainly does not want you to know yet we will all know soon enough. Though the media can continue to hide this for a while longer the information is out there and spreading.


Ice that is supposed to be melting is not. Record warmth is a distant dream as temperatures regress to what they were decades before all the hysteria about manmade global warming started.


The ice is not melting this summer, not melting according to predictions, according to climate fear and climate panic.


Obama was wrong, the Pope is wrong...


Today we find human consciousness and politicians radically split in their basic perceptions of reality. This is true for many issues between liberals and conservatives but in terms of climate science there is only one truth so someone has to be wrong.


In Greenland there is no summer and millions of shorebirds are starving because of it.


As of the middle of July more than 3 feet (about 1 meter) of snow remains on the ground. Millions of shorebirds usually descend on the Arctic during the first half of June to mate and raise their young.


But this year, summer has not arrived. Instead, a record late snowpack has sealed the birds off from food and nesting sites.





The Ice that is not Melting Increases Ice Coverage.


This chart from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) speaks for itself. The blue line shows Greenland ice-mass balance as of today.


It is far, far greater than the mean curve - the average, if you will - from 1981 to 2010 (dark grey line).




  • Blue line: Accumulated surface mass balance from September 1st to now.

  • Purple signifies sea-ice thickness of approximately ½ to 1½ meters (20 inches to 5 ft).

  • Blue or green signifies 1½ to 3 meters (5 ft to 10 ft) of ice.


  • Yellow or orange signifies 3 to 4 meters (10 ft to 13 ft) of ice.


  • Red signifies 4 to 5 meters (13 ft to 16 ft) of ice.


  • White signifies zero thickness of ice.

According to a new paper (Thin Sea Ice, thick Snow and Widespread Negative Freeboard observed during N-ICE2015 North of Svalbard) published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, the observed mean thickness of the sea ice in the region north of (Arctic) Svalbard was substantially thinner (0.94 m) in 1955 than it has been in recent years (~1.6 m, 2015/2017).


In 1955, the atmospheric CO2 concentration hovered around 315 ppm, about 90 ppm lower than today's CO2 values.





On July 4th, Chubu University scientist Professor Kunihiko Takeda told a national audience on popular Japanese TV program 'HONMADEKKA! TV' that cold will be reported on rather than global warming in the second half of 2018.


The story that the ice of Antarctica and Arctic is melting is a lie, he stated further.

"Global warming is a hoax."

It sure is and all one has to do is look back in time and see for oneself what has been going on these past months as temperatures just begin to fall off a cliff.


The sky is not falling but we have growing glaciers and falling sea levels despite the reports of a 'few locations' that have record heat.


The planet has not been warming except in the highly active imaginations of a few well paid off scientists' minds.


What is happening, that global warming fantasizers are ignoring is:

"The Belgian department of solar physics research (SIDC) says we are about to touch 100; that is, a hundred days in which we do not see spots on our sun," says Italian meteorologist Dr. Carlo Testa.

The climate is at a crucial crossroads.


Big changes are waiting.

"It seems something can not be hidden longer…" says Italian geologist Dr Mirco Poletto.

They are already anticipating cooler weather as solar activity continues to weaken.


Greenland and Arctic record cold and snow are once again being blamed on "climate change," according to an article in Scientific American.


The July 13 article declares a,

"Lost Summer for Greenland" as "a record late snowpack - lingering into July."

It's not just Greenland experiencing a year without a summer.


According to Scientific American,

"Researchers elsewhere in the Arctic are also reporting unusually late snowmelt this year."




Temperatures are Going Down!




"The 'average' world temperature for June 2018 was +0.21º C above the 1981-2010 mean. That represented a decline of about 0.65º C from the all-time high of this 39-year record, which was reached in early 2016.


The 0.65º C decline represented more than 75% of the amount by which the average temperature had exceeded the 1981-2010 mean at the highest point."




No global warming in the Arctic





This graph from the Danish Meteorlogical Institute shows Arctic temperatures.


The horizontal blue line marks the freezing point. (32ºF, or 0ºC). The green line shows the mean temperature from 1958 to 2002. The red line shows where we are today, 16 July 2018.


If the present trend keeps on, Arctic temperature will drop below the freezing mark much earlier than usual.





What is Happening on the Ground


What can be described as a once in a century snow fall event with record cold swept across southern Africa over the last four days, leaving record snow and snow accumulation in areas of South Africa that have never recorded snowfall over the last 150 years is no one's fantasy.


But the international press will not report on them because we do not have any real media anymore just giant propaganda machines that the elite love to play with, so they can toy with us to their hearts content.


Just for fun we show a video where certain people in South Africa are enjoying snow for the very first time...


The winter down under has already been the coldest in 26 years. Temperatures plummeted on the East Coast at Marangaroo to a low of -11.1C.


It is amazing that the amount of money on the table to justify global warming which is all about raising taxes for carbon emissions is placing us at a greater risk for it is distracting everyone from the real threat:

global cooling...

Meanwhile, ski fans are rejoicing calling it an Epic Winter in New Zealand.





Very large hail hit parts of,

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • France

  • Austria,

...over the weekend, prompting officials to declare the highest alert level.


"Extensive damage" has been reported to agriculture, especially vineyards, and this years harvest has been put at serious risk.