June 10, 2019

from ColdClimateChange Website



Some people are thrilled with the increasing snow and cold that is plaguing the world.


What we are getting this spring in the northern hemisphere is record breaking cold and that is still the case in the beginning of June.


The reports keep coming in of record cold and yet the media and most politicians still think the world is going to end from too much heat.

Unfortunately for them the Sun is not cooperating.


We are still hearing about Winter in the continental United States on June 7th where  4 to 8 inches of snow was expected in Billings Montana.


The biggest climate headline in the first week of June read:

"Due to Cataclysmic Flooding, Millions Upon Millions of Acres of US. Farmland will Not Be Planted with Crops this Year."

Climate change is already with us and it is devastating the agricultural sector so by the end of the year many countries that depend on imports will mostly likely be scrambling for food.


Most of us will be paying a greater percentage of our income on food or we will simply eat less. Violent climate change is upon us and it is wet and cold.


However, according to the mainstream press none of this is happening.




"It looks like 2019 could be the worst year for US. agriculture in modern American history by a very wide margin.


As you will see below, millions upon millions of acres of US. farmland will go unused this year due to cataclysmic flooding. And many of the farmers that did manage to plant crops are reporting extremely disappointing results.


At this point it is too late for many farmers to plant crops at all, and it is now being projected that 6 million acres of farmland that is usually used for corn will go completely unsown this year," writes Michael Snyder.

The 12 months that ended with April were the wettest ever for the contiguous US. and that is climate change in action being driven by increasing cosmic rays (caused by decreasing solar protection) seeding clouds that increases precipitation. (See below)


This week's USDA Crop Progress report reveals that just 67% of America's projected corn acreage was planted as of June 02 due to an historically cold and wet spring, with soybean acreage faring even worse, with only 39% in.


Our civilization is suffocating, caving in on itself, on its own inconsistencies, on all the lies. So much energy is going down the sink-hole of global warming that little is left to address the real problems of the world, of which there are many.


In the real world things are getting really bad for farmers and thus soon for the rest of us.


If one wants to measure the current level of insanity in the world one needs look no further than the sea of lies and deception we read everyday about climate change where fake news takes on Mother Nature.


Global warming proponents are caught up thinking,

"The singular challenge to our species and to our political economies is what to do, collectively, about global warming."

It gets kind of sickening to read everyday the doom and gloom about man-made global warming when its cooling we are facing.


Global cooling as a result of a dimming Sun offers civilization an even worse case scenario than warming does. In the next two to three years global cooling may very well crush a great part of modern civilization through food scarcity.





Climate Change - "Lies (described) as Truth


We're constantly fed "Lies (described) as Truth" that our supposedly 'warming' world means fewer extreme cold temperatures, but that just isn't what real world observations are showing us - someone has it wrong, and it isn't Mother Nature.


As our Sun continues it's descent into this next Grand Solar Minimum Cycle, global average temperatures will continue to fall with it.


Paul Craig Roberts said,

"We live in a 'Matrix of Lies' in which our awareness is controlled by the explanations we are given. The control exercised over our awareness is universal.


It applies to every aspect of our existence."

'Climate change' (a.k.a. 'man-made global warming') is being used by the globalists, the hard left which will end up acting like the hard right once it gets power.


They want to change everything and install a World Government.

"Everything human must change: our meat-based diet and industrial agriculture, our power and transportation, the megatons of concrete we pour.


In short we need not just a Green New Deal but, as Wallace-Wells argues, a Green Marshall Plan for the entire world, and since the criminally irresponsible Trump regime would try to block this, the world needs to circumvent the U.S., until a saner administration is in place, by creating an international body far more powerful and effective than the UN.


We need a global government. No individual nation state has taken the lead on this, not effectively anyway," writes Eve Ottenberg, author of the book Carbon.

Fake news is the main game in the media today and yet reality has a way of imposing itself.


CNN has lost almost all of its viewers, all of its moral authority, and every bit of trust it once had for this reason.

"CNN got it deliberately wrong because CNN is nothing less than a hysterical propaganda outlet, a fire hose of hate, violence, and lies," according to Breitbart.

Networks, which bet the farm on the Mueller report finding collusion are going down in flames and as soon as man-made global warming is seen as a hoax, the mainstream media will crash and burn along with the Democrats, who will loose all credibility and the next election for the deception, though with politics it is anyone's guess what will happen.


That is if the conservatives do not ruin things for themselves with their own versions of insanity.





Betting the House on Warming


The disappointment over that error in leaving the Sun out of their calculations will be epic.





Everybody in the global warming community will apparently be dragged kicking and screaming to face the reality that,

the Sun still holds the dominant place in weather and climate...

Global weather patterns are dramatically shifting, and there is nothing that the authorities will be able to do to stop it from happening because the main driver are cyclic changes in the Sun, as well as temporary changes in the earths orbit and an increase in cosmic rays.


Galactic Cosmic Rays are a mixture of high-energy photons and sub-atomic particles accelerated toward Earth by supernova explosions and other violent events in the cosmos.


Solar Cosmic Rays are the same, though their source is the Sun.


Cosmic rays hitting Earth's atmosphere create aerosols which, in turn, seed clouds - making cosmic rays an important player in our weather and climate (Svensmark, et al).


During solar minimum, like the one we're entering now, the sun's magnetic field weakens and the outward pressure of the solar wind decreases - this allows more cosmic rays to penetrate our planet's atmosphere.


The press is hiding the truth, meaning they will not report on it...


Hiding the fact of diminishing solar out put is one thing. Hiding huge volcanoes that are blowing up right and left is another. Yet we hear politicians like German Chancellor Angela Merkel urging the world to do "everything humanly possible" to combat climate change.


The words fight and combat are being used frequently these days as if that were even possible. How are we going to fight the Sun...?


Fighting is not going to get us anywhere when it comes to the weather or climate...