by Mark Sircus
November 14, 2019
from ColdClimate Website








Breaking records set more than 100 years ago - more than 100 in Alabama alone...


Record lows were reported this morning,

from Birmingham, Alabama, to Burlington, Vermont, from New York City to Detroit, from Wichita to St. Louis, from Atlanta to Ohio.

Birmingham's low of 18ºF shattered the previous record of 22ºF set in 1911.

New York City and Buffalo, New York, as well as parts of Ohio set new cold records.

Around 240 million people are now facing winter weather according to CNN.


It literally feels like it is mid-January in much of the central and eastern portions of the United States, with temperatures that are 30 degrees below normal.


Winter started early this year, witnessed by heavy winter snowstorms in October that actually started in September in certain places, yet hardly anyone thinks its funny or strange that the media is still insisting its catastrophic warming we are facing.

"The planet is coming apart at the seams right before the eyes of scientists at work in remote fringe areas of the North where permafrost crumbles and collapses.


It's abrupt climate change at work in real time, but the governing leaders of the world either don't care or don't know.


If they did, there would already be a worldwide Climate Marshall Plan to save civilization from early warning signals of utter chaos," writes Robert Hunziker for Counter Punch.

This is all true but its cold climate change at work, NOT "man-made global warming"...


The New York Times competed with,


"How Scientists Got Climate Change So Wrong


Few thought it would arrive so quickly.


Now we're facing consequences once viewed as fringe scenarios. For decades, most scientists saw climate change as a distant prospect.


We now know that thinking was wrong. As we now know, all of those predictions turned out to be completely wrong.


Which makes you wonder whether the projected risks of further warming, dire as they are, might still be understated. How bad will things get?"

Yes how bad will the cold get and how much of our agricultural sector will fail do to the collapsing time of our growing season?





Hiding cold climate change with 'global warming' is like hiding a stampeding herd of elephants charging down fifth avenue.


There is no middle ground when it comes to climate.

We have climate reality, measurable by thermometers to see how hot or cold it is and measuring sticks to see how much snow or rain has fallen.

Then we have what the governments are saying, what the UN is saying, what climatologists are saying, which basically adds up to this summarized by Reuters:

"A child born today faces multiple and life-long health harms from climate change - growing up in a warmer world with risks of food shortages, infectious diseases, floods and extreme heat, a major global study has found."

Just run over to and run your eyes down the headlines but be sure to dress warm while you do because reality, a cold one, being set up by our entry into a grand solar minimum, will chill your bones, while at the same time show you how terribly we are being lied to by the elite class who own the media...


It also shows how scientific integrity has been destroyed, trashed by politicians and compromised researchers and governmental institutions who think they can get away with lies about the nature of climate and what is going on with the sun.


The lower-latitudes are actually COOLING, and cooling fast - in line with historically low solar activity.

That is a fact of life that hundreds of millions can testify to this week yet we are to believe the press and politicians?


Don't be fooled by bogus political ideologies - the lower-latitudes are refreezing in line with historically low solar activity.

NASA itself has recently revealed this upcoming Solar Cycle 25 will be "the weakest of the past 200 years," and they've correlated previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling...





Yes, even winter alerts in Florida this week though in much of the rest of the state pleasant cooling. So many record cold temperatures set all over the country, yet this is not just an anomaly.


It has been getting colder for a few years but no one expected us to fall off a cold cliff so intensely as we are right now in,

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia...

Something must be done about climate change - and fast...


The IMF says 'Just Do Something!'... does not matter what, does not matter whether its right or wrong:

'just do something' is the sentiment among many children and media.

According to the director of the CIA, its going to be a much worse mini-ice age than scientists expect, because whoever it is that is sponsoring geoengeneering are doing it to cool the planet because of the non-existent warming...


I doubt that is the real reason but that is what the director of the CIA said about two years ago.

"If planners and governments want to prepare for a substantial 'climate change' in the future, it's global cooling they should be concerned about, not global warming," writes Gregory F. Fegel.