by Cap Allon
January 04, 2020

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The last decade in the UK went down as the 'second' hottest of the past 100 years, at least according to the Met Office's temperature dataset AND this recent article from the BBC.

But taking the Met's politicized, warm-mongering, UHI-ignoring data as read, for arguments sake, the simple fact remains:

the 2010's have come out cooler than the 2000's - the agency may be in control of the spin, but it hasn't been able to fudge the findings.

Dr Mark McCarthy, from the Met Office in Exeter, said it was,

"a consequence of our warming climate".

That's right, Mark - despite this most recent decade coming out cooler than the previous one, the AGW juggernaut must keep-on rolling, your funding depends on it, doesn't it?


And even in the face of such evidence to the contrary, you can't bring yourself to stop and ask… why, or how… the 2010's were cooler than the 2000's?

I was told average temperatures would rise "linearly" - always up and up and up on an endless march to catastrophe if no action was taken - as depicted by Michael Mann's now infamous Hockey Stick Graph:


Now, I can buy a year or two falling out of line - local weather patterns and natural ocean current-fluctuations etc. can explain why 2018 was cooler than 2017 and 2016, for example.

But an entire decade dropping by the wayside?

No, this appears to be evidence that the sun has had its say, that its Grand Solar MAXIMUM has run its course and that its activity is now waning, likely ushering in the onset of earth's next cooling cycle - perhaps even the next Grand Solar MINIMUM:




Furthermore, the BBC is also trying to paint 2019 as a disastrously 'hot' year...

But the reality, again according to the Met Office's own warm-mongering data, is that 2019 was merely the 11th warmest on record - hardly signs of an impending fiery 'doom'...

And serving as a further indication of how hard it is for the Met to tell it's arse from it's elbow, I'll leave you with this recent quote from Dr Mark McCarthy:

"We are expecting to see an increase in winter rainfall, so wetter winters and drier summers - but we could still experience dry winters and wet summers."

Bases covered - the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) juggernaut is safe to roll-on for at least another decade.

Or is it…




…natural climate cycles can scupper even the best-laid frauds.

And as the lower-latitudes continue to refreeze, as depicted by the below Total Snow Mass for the Northern Hemisphere chart, a period of GSM-induced global cooling is likely that natural climate cycle.





NASA Predicts Next Solar Cycle

 will be Lowest in 200 Years

(Dalton Minimum Levels) + the Implications



Prepare according - relocate if need be, and grow your own...


In the last 30 days,

the United States set a Total of 7,112

new All-Time Low Temperature Records

vs. just the 1,605 Max




Greenland just set a new

all-time Record-Low Temperature