February 11, 2021
from ColdClimateChange Website

It is cold out there...

Wind chill values well below zero and as low as -50 degrees could be experienced at times across the central northern regions of the US.


Hundreds of COLD RECORDS have fallen across North America over the past few days, and hundreds - potentially thousands - more are expected to tumble over the coming 10-or-so days as the Arctic air descends south.


Extreme cold has been gripping our planet for the past few months, driving its average temperature down (UAH) and the Northern Hemisphere snow-mass up (FMI).


Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) says 15 new record lows were set in Alberta this past Monday alone due to an "unseasonably cold" arctic ridge of high pressure.

These are in addition to the 26 new lows set over the weekend.


Without coal, millions in Germany would now be freezing to death.

Germany now finds itself in the dead of winter.


Much of the country has seen considerable snowfall, meaning solar panels are often covered by snow and thus rendered useless.


Even without snow cover, the weeks-long overcast sky prevents any noteworthy solar power generation.


Moreover, this winter there have been many long windless periods, and so Germany's approx. 30,000 wind turbines have been largely out of operation...

In a world 100% reliant on green energies, this would mean near 100% darkness at home.

Is this what the Green New Deal envisions?


Spend and borrow incredible trillions just so Americans will freeze?

Climate change is getting serious as the lies about warming turn deadly cold.



Coal can be made safer

if the mercury is scrubbed out,
and even if CO2 was a problem,

which it is not,
it could be turned into bicarbonate

with relative ease.



As reported by themoscowtimes.com, western Russia has been hit by bitter cold this week and has joined central and eastern regions that have been battered by brutal Arctic lows of -58.3C (-73F) and beyond for months now.


In a world that is supposed to be experiencing record warmth and in an age where snow is supposed to be a thing of the past, according to man-made global warming experts, Americans must be truly surprised by the smashing amount of snow hitting the nation. Yet Americans are not alone in this.


The Arctic has also descended in Northern Asia and much of Europe, suffering unprecedented cold and massive snow amounts.


Just look at Japan, where an incredible amount of snow has fallen this winter.


Following the historic snowstorms of the past few weeks, Japan has been hit again:

at least 13 people died, and more than 250 were injured, but as snow continued to blanketed regions along the Sea of Japan coast, data now shows that nearly 100 people have died in Japan while clearing this season's record-breaking snowfall.

"Older people had no choice but to clear snow by themselves as they had to wait for one month to receive support from a snow removal company," the official said. 

Compounding the issue, draconian coronavirus restrictions enforced by the Japanese Government has meant family members aren't permitted to travel to assist older relatives.





Meanwhile, climate change (man-made global warming) moves to the front of the new American administration agenda.


Unfortunately for the nation, it's precisely the wrong plan since it is getting colder, not warmer. There is a danger that climate change can lead to political and even personal insanity as one loses one's grip on reality.   


Temperatures are crashing, and as everyone can see out of their windows, the snow that is not supposed to be anymore is piling up. Those who are fortunate to live in southern regions, look at this and this video to get a picture of the snow chaos.


Cold Climate Change is going to be far worse than the worst fears about 'global warming'...





Vegetables Are Freezing To Death



ABC News A winter storm

will bring significant snowfall

to the Northeast,

Feb. 6, 2021.



Does this look like a picture of man-made global warming?


Climate change is by far the biggest scam in the history of man. Nothing can compare to this big bet against Mother Nature and the consequence of ignoring the power of the sun over the Earth's weather.


If it continues to get colder, there will not be enough food, and fewer and fewer will afford to heat their homes.


As temperatures in the States tumble 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit (17 to 22 Celsius) below normal prices for natural gas and heating oil, fuels used to heat homes are surging as the cold sets in.


As Asia's energy prices go through the roof, China's fresh vegetable prices rise to unprecedented levels.


The record cold (not the heat) has hampered the efforts of farmers across the continent.


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices have soared to their highest level on record as a severe cold spell in Asia and Europe boosts demand at a time when cargoes of the super-chilled fuel are hard to come by.


Bermuda and Guam are islands separated by more than 14,000 km (8,700 miles), yet both suffered record cold the last day of January - a further indication of the global cooling we are all now experiencing.


64% of people worldwide say climate change is a global emergency, a United Nations poll published on Jan. 26. It truly is an emergency but not a hot one.


In China, the nation's wholesale price index for agricultural products surged to a new all-time high. The price of cauliflowers and cabbages almost doubled compared to a year earlier.


It is so cold that "Some vegetables have frozen to death," a spokesman said,

"even the vegetables growing in greenhouses may freeze badly, such as red cabbages and lettuces."

Throughout history, humanity has waged a constant war with starvation.


Last month, the World Food Program said  that the 'pandemic' had shown vulnerability in the world's food system that could lead to "mass famine."


Millions of people in developing countries around the world, shopping for staple foods such as rice, beans, oil, or potatoes now means making hard choices because food prices are shooting up to the stratosphere.


On  Reuters, we read, "Earth is losing ice faster today than in the mid-1990s, study suggests.


Another headline on the same day from the U.K. read,

"Climate change: Global ice melting accelerates in line with 'worst-case' scenarios."

Yet we read:


Now, climate chaos is at hand as the freezing weather that's sweeping the northern hemisphere is causing chaos in energy markets, damaging infrastructure, households from Japan to Pakistan, and France is being asked to curb their electricity use.


Portugal's electricity consumption broke its record high, with natural gas consumption also exceeding historical benchmarks, according to data from REN (National Energy Networks).


The influx of polar cold is to blame for the record increase in energy consumption, not heat bubbling up from the Equator.


Videos of animals freezing to death are not surprising in such cold.

Siberia logged a low of -58.3C (-73F)...

And while the official weather station in Oymyakon, a rural locality of the Sakha Republic, Russia recently surpassed that with a low of -59C (-74.2F), locals were adamant the mercury sank lower:

their thermometers reportedly bottomed-out at -67C (-88.6F) which, if correct, would be among the coldest temps ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere, coming perilously close to the only recently confirmed all-time N.H. low of -69.6C (-93.3F) observed in Greenland on Dec. 22, 1992.


Blizzard warnings

and temperatures 10-30 degrees below normal,
and the U.S. government is foolishly

fighting 'global warming'...?



In Asia, extreme cold prompted record-high power demand and a scramble for natural gas to keep the lights on in China, Japan, and South Korea.


In Sweden, a utility is paying for hotels for its customers after heavy snow brought down sections of the power grid, cutting supplies. At the same time, French households were advised to delay doing their laundry to save energy.


It does sound like we are suffering from excessive heat in the political sector, which cannot say,

"we were wrong."







The height

of recent climate intelligence,

blaming this year's extreme cold

on 'global warming'...


"Man-made Climate Change is being used as the catalyst for tall tales of melting ice caps, drowning polar bears, and flooded islands.


It's even being blamed for a rise in wars and poverty.


In the name of Climate Change there is a drive to destroy Free markets and the very concepts of limited Government, private property, and individual liberty," writes Tom DeWeese at the American Policy Center.







Why are...

Volcanoes All Along the "Ring of Fire"

...suddenly Starting to Pop Off like Firecrackers?







Grand Solar Minimums Increase Volcanic Activity


Within the past couple of days, we have seen numerous volcanoes along the "Ring of Fire" shoot hot volcanic ash thousands of feet into the air. 


That list of volcanoes includes,

  • Popocatepetl in Mexico

  • Sangay in Ecuador

  • Klyuchevskaya on the Kamchatka Peninsula

  • Sabancaya in Peru

  • Raung in Indonesia

  • Reventador in Ecuador

  • Fuego in Guatemala

Overall, 28 volcanoes around the globe are currently erupting right now, and most of those are located somewhere along the "Ring of Fire."



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