by Helen Tindall
January 11, 2023
from NZDsos Website




Bombshell Interview

with Pharmaceutical Executive,

Sasha Latypova...



A recent lead story with Clayton Morris on Redacted featured former pharmaceutical research executive Sasha Latypova, who has accessed a series of high level documents showing Department of Defense involvement in all levels of the Covid-19 response.


Latypova reveals that the Pentagon used deceitful authorizations to shield the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies and medical participants from liability in delivering unregulated "vaccines".


Latypova first realised that the products did not comply with good manufacturing practices upon observing a 1000-fold difference in harms between lot numbers.


This can be seen at HowBadIsMyBatch and was presented in detail by Dr. Michael Yeadon to Session 86 of the Corona Investigative Committee in January 2022.


In November 2022 pharmacologist Dr. Maria Gutschi gave an independent technical analysis of the compliance failures of Pfizer in the manufacture of Comirnaty.


Documents accessed by Latypova reveal the details of laws exploited to shield responsible parties from liability, avoid proper clinical trials, and engage in fraudulent manipulation of public perception.


Latypova explains how most involved parties were deceived, as the fraud is driven from top level management in select government departments.


Latypova also explains that the US National Security Council is responsible for Covid-19 policy.


This department represents defense and intelligence, and has no health representation.


Health and Human Services are managing information but not setting policy, and Latypova concludes that consecutive US governments have therefore treated Covid-19 as a war response, not a health response, whilst deliberately deceiving the public.


The planning for this started as early as 2012, as evidenced by a "pandemic enterprise", which she describes as a public-private partnership involving ten heads of federal agencies.


Secret meetings have been held between these leaders to discuss pandemic countermeasures, and how to maintain utmost secrecy and confidentiality of discussions and plans.


Latypova questions why an alleged health event needs to be kept secret from the public.



"They are covering up

military activity with

this representation of health"...



Countermeasures are not a pharmaceutical product, and so Latypova concludes that these products are not vaccines.


The Department of Defense ordered them from private manufacturers as prototypes. No animal trials were conducted on these specific products prior to the mass-inoculation program.


This is a complete violation of all regulations and has been lied about throughout.


A good summary of the details regarding the role that the US Department of Defense has had on the Covid-19 vaccine program was written by Australian pharmacologist and drug regulatory affairs consultant Dr. Philip Altman:

Did National Security Imperatives Compromise COVID-19 Vaccine Safety...?

Latypova warns that the next plan is to surrender sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO), via their International Health Regulations...


This leads us onto another highly informed investigative source, James Roguski.





Opposing World Health Organization Power Grab with James Roguski


In a 4 January 2023 article, Roguski alerts us:



Secret Negotiations


"The super-secret International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC) is scheduled to meet January 9-13, 2023. They plan to submit the amendments on January 15, 2023.



He explains the planned events in Geneva Switzerland over these five days: a meeting of the unelected International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC), who will be editing amendments to the International Health Regulations.


The work is to be conducted in top secret, with the committee answerable only to the Director-General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


It should be noted here that Ghebreyesus has strong Marxist ties, and partners with unelected global powers such as World Economic Forum and Bill Gates:






The proposed amendments are available at this link provided by Roguski. The IHRRC meetings will be completely obstructed from public scrutiny.


Aware that none of this preposterous power grab will be reported by complicit mainstream media, in his 8 January 2023 article, Roguski calls for us all to please alert alternative media outlets to report on the secret negotiations and provides the resources to do so.


Please let the following New Zealand outlets know that you want the story to be publicized: