This message was a response by Dan to another member of the “Projects” and contains plain language about his work, his thoughts, his contact with J-ROD, the extraordinary Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, and his beliefs as a person and a scientist.

This is recorded for posterity for it will be those who inherit the future who will discover the truth or falsity of these statements. The first information will be Dan's 'non-technical' statement about his work.



Quoted as dictated by Dr. Dan Burisch

"Dear Politically Prepared:


This question stirs memories of my best buddy (we will call him “Mike”) and myself when strolling near the Old Chem Building, it seems not so long ago. He met with me, between my having to attend a lecture and going to another session with a seasoned professor trying to straighten up my youthful “problems” at that time with my “melting point unit” technique—but that would be another story. :) [I still hold that it was that particular damned machine’s fault! ... :()...]


Mike told me, between my over-eager questions about the blackops community I was preparing to enter, that a man of science, in our community, was only as good as his ability to explain himself: to his God, other scientists, and the non-science members. Thus far, I pray I have at least fulfilled the first two in the list. I feel comfortable with the first (God), and given the support of the various National Laboratories and their quiet assisting scientists, okay with second. The third seems to be the greatest challenge.

If you have college preparation in political science, I am hoping that you have had at least some basic undergraduate preparation in biology. If not, I fear that I will not have the time necessary to explain myself, before I am due to return to the Shady Rest. If I fail, I apologize in advance.

For so long I accepted the classical mechanisms that Darwinian and Neo-Darwinian Theory provide (together with other genetic/population dynamics data), and extended my science into their accepted belief system: the one that leaps from microevolutionary changes that result in speciation, to the dogma of the common ancestor which links the evolutionary path (albeit dated) of the earliest bacteria to the human. I laughed with my fellow theorists at the Creationist’s “misinterpretation” that inanimate rock gradually yields life. I relegated the Creationist belief system to fanaticism and the Darwinian belief system as science and truth.

Frankly, my experience in “training” for Project Aquarius and the J-Rod extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE) did nothing but enhance those beliefs.

As our future plays itself out (within the conditions I have read), the genetic divergence which caused the difference between we (now) and us (the J-Rod species, later) fit well within the same mechanism posited for our gradual development from a prehominid to the modern humans we see today.


The interrelations with the Neanderthals, and our current body shape also promoted me along the trail of Darwinism. This, together with the psychological nature of the J-Rod (a future, evolved, logical, and mathematical/scientific kind), made an easy fit with the dogma of modern evolutionary biology. It was all good, and all my training seemed to match. Then I became his friend.

My experience with the J-Rod and his willingness to suffer for his (and our) kind entranced me. Was his willingness based on logic and/or the preservation of favorable characteristics? Well, it could have been, and that was my supposition before friendship. His current state may have had sequences that drove him to the notions of altruism.


Once the bond was made, I found that while he was aware that his nerve degeneration disorder could have a future treatment, that was not his major concern. Rather, this logical being seemed, by virtue of constant statements, to long to help set straight a series of errors in judgment and events that culminated in our being separated from our spiritual nature. He was searching for something lost, not being driven by something gained (a mutation). I had only really heard about the so called “Orion Beings”.


He only inferred their existence and called (I presume them) as the “Brothers”, but spoke to me of the catastrophe that led to his peoples existence, and his “logical” processing of the need for rejoining because of “something” missing from his and the “Brother’s” DNA; something not based in the sequences of the biomolecule...something he called the “joined resonance”. I soon put 2-and-2 together and looked to him as one of two future species, in present time called ‘Homo sapiens sapiens’, and found humanity to be greater than the sum of its base pairs.


Could adaptive radiation and new speciation account for the future “true” dichotomy, those same natures that we (now) as humans understand to be both parts of us as a single species? Didn’t the base pairs and the preservation of favorable characteristics through fortuitous gene mutations answer to the differences between the J-Rods and the “Brothers”? I asked him.

He replied, (paraphrased as best as I can remember) ‘We are here in your present presence asking for help.’ This statement struck me dumb and made me numb. If the answer was completely found in the material (handled through logical process and with technology) or completely spiritual (handled by the so called “higher human self”) why not deal with it, my dear J-Rods or my dear “Brothers”, yourselves?


I reasoned, and he confirmed, that we now possess something unique together with the necessary technological achievement level, expressing itself from the spiritual through the material, and allowing us to contact a root genesis from whence springs life on earth. He confirmed that this “contact” is allowed only while we are a fused being, with both material and spiritual natures acting in both complementary and internally (and intensely I may add) disagreeing ways, through the “joined resonance”. In an effort to assist him with his particular neuropathy (as no cure or treatment then existed) and to possibly gain insight into the larger scale problem of the fracturing of humanity, I requested to know what he knew of the genesis time.

The J-Rod rapidly approached me and grabbed me, knocking me to the grated flooring of the clean sphere. For the next 20-30 minutes (until my fellow scientists could drag me from the clean sphere—they didn’t have secondary suits ready to immediately enter...and we are all told before entering of the possible things that can go wrong!), he flooded my mind with moving images (like a 3D movie), thoughts and dulled emotions. Some of the thoughts appeared more as metaphors than concretized reality.


He showed me the process of genesis from the perspective of his interaction with the “Brothers”. [So, I guess you could say that it is some kind of extraterrestrial hearsay? :) ] The images, I later found, were close to the ancient mandala of creation, the Sri Yantra. I saw a pearlescent lotus flower emerge from a near spherical crystal matrix, in which resided an object that looked like the Sri Yantra.


The Sri Yantra collapsed into itself through successive stages that looked like the platonic solids, and was carried along like a seed in a river of light to an oscillating drop of water. It entered the drop of water.

The drop of water divided into 12 parts by pinching itself off into 12 separate locations while each location stayed in contact with the seed. The seed divided (or ‘budding’?) itself into each of the 12 drops. I was aware enough to count the parts and see that each parts’ substance coalesced into what appeared as fully functioning prokaryote and eukaryote varieties. I witnessed one of the drops, with rapidly dividing cells, as it seemed to become covered in a dark red material.


The material pushed itself away and a looked into the face of a man. He felt like he was there and I could swear I felt him breathe in. Was this the dawn of humanity? I struggle with the potential and am torn in my soul, to this day, with the possible reality. I didn’t see the destiny of the other drops, but since that time of experience, my thoughts have been very fertile!

For a few years I plodded along with the Serial Endosymbiotic Theory of Eukaryote Origins, (This is a cute way of saying that the so called complex cells are composites of simpler cells that once danced the minuet of “I’ll eat you or you’ll eat me”; then almost mystically agreed to remain one within another giving a competitive edge in survival) and then posited a large virus which may have seeded the garden called earth. (Sound familiar?)


The totipotent virus would necessarily possess a unique genetic package sufficient to be the forerunner of all earth life. I covered this research, as I was still engaged with the Maji in other pursuits and had not informed them of the content of the message from the J-Rod, within the framework of an endosymbiotic research project that was originally called “Mission Genesis”, a staged logical next step from an endosymbiosis project with which I had been involved for a number of years.

(In that early research I was originally looking for ways to extend lengths of time for bacterial and algal samples to remain alive after they had been engulfed as food by protozoa. I was also conducting research into possible chemical signals being exchanged between the foodstuff and the hungry protozoa.)

During the early stages of Mission Genesis, I began looking into the data points and resultant statistics of that very early research project, which had become known as the FBM Project... or Fresh-Brackish-Marine... as salinity levels were employed as one of the variables (oxygen levels another). During that project, I found points at which the hungry protozoa began to behave unusually, that is “predictably”, in their retention period of either respiring foodstuffs (for example a variety of bacteria) or phostosynthesizing foodstuffs (for example algae).


I thought, “My God, have I found some kind of biochemical or behavioral trace to an original engulfment, which according to the endosymbiosis theory ultimately gave rise to mitochondria and plastids like chloroplasts?” Looking further into the data, my team observed clusters of data points in areas that could be easily mathematically related to the Golden Mean / Phi Ratio (an important number in nature), the age of the earth as currently determined by science, and the incorporation/retention rates of viral strands in prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes.

Mission Genesis was then moved forward to confirm the original FBM results and to further elucidate the data points. Further, I determined that it may be good to test these hungry protozoa in the presence of strata of differing ages. I placed this subset of the project in motion just in case variance may be found amongst the behaviors of the hungry little protozoa, when they were in the presence of the minerals from rock of various ages. (Refer the data points relating to the earth’s age!)

Frenchman’s Mountain was determined a nice setting because of the availability of ages that range from 1.7 Billion years (or so) before present to 20 Million years (or so) before present. The research was started at the oldest area, the Vishnu Schist, after what amounted to a flip of the coin among my team members.

Soon after research was initiated, and small samples were being harvested, an unusual event was captured on video during a test of the rock’s electrical properties. As electrical current was applied to the rock, thin heat streams, emanating from that area were observed on infrared. At that time, a heat target was also observed, nearby.


That area was destined to be the target location for the Staar-Flower Astrophysics Unit... and the so called “Stargate” area that is responsive to electromagnetic thumps from the HAARP unit. The infrared streams interested me and I repeated the experiment using a great deal more electricity. This test (May 31, 2001) resulted in a heat liberation I termed a “flare”.

Further tests were conducted using varying electrical pulse levels until the high limit was found that would be detected on infrared, but not visually. That level was employed during microscopic analysis of the rock’s crystals, in the presence of strands of algae. (This ultimately led to the discovery of the so called “ganesh particle”.)


At that point, the Maji asked me ‘...just what the hell...’ I had in mind with all of this and where did the idea come from? I seemed too prepared for the results and was the one that had requested the massive infrared study be concurrently conducted during my early tests at the Vishnu Schist. From their viewpoint I seemed to be working a process with one stated framework, but really was engaging in something quite different. Oops, I was caught! :)

A deal was struck, one that you will readily understand...quid pro quo, anyone? In exchange for knowledge of the “big” interaction with the J-Rod, the day I saw the images, I would be placed in the need-to-know about the Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox (DCTP), something I was barely allowed to know about...and only because I had told them about some of his (J-Rod’s) responses to my early questions.


As I saw images, that day, of what looked like Inca City, Mars, but in its heyday... I wanted to know how all this figured together. The totality of my knowledge of the DCTP is known information within this community. I doubt I could add anything of interest (save one aspect to come that could possibly utilize the Lotus to assist the J-Rods and “Brothers”).


The thought that the gods of Sumer and other places, were the misinterpreted future humanity; viewed as magical instead of technological, strikes me deeply. What could have they been thinking, to tinker with the pulse of time and alter our genome and history?  I hope that my giving to you the association between what is now called Project Lotus and how I came upon the idea, satisfies that part of your request.

After the deal was struck, the research continued. I had long felt and related that should a huge virus have been the progenitor of life on earth, that its artifact would be found in the strata as well as within the living cells. The aforementioned data also leaned me in that direction. The Ganesh Particle, under the correct electrical impulse levels, were observed being liberated from the crystalline rock.


It is currently believed that the Ganesh Particle is a dense collection of electromagnetism or a collection of electromagnetic waves, containing information, and floating in a river of less dense electromagnetism. As each particle (dense collection) passes a nearby living object, the image of the shape of that object appears to bend over and onto the particle, giving the false appearance that the particle is actually such a prosaic item.


When it nears its destination (the method of that target determination not yet known), it hovers above the target cell, then chemically communicates with it by spraying what appears to be chemical substances upon the target cell’s surface. It lands and instantly begins a rapid division process that ultimately results in a bridge of cells that connect the target cell to a nearby cell. The cells of the bridge stop their life sequences at particular points, offering some kind of frozen library from whence the target algae cells could be given necessary information to change and help them.


A tube with a needle-like penetrating end, enters the nucleus of the target cell and the cell at the other end of the bridge. This tube (for purposes of name assignment called the Shiva Linga) winds all of the way through the bridge between the two cells (the target cell and the one on the other end of the bridge). The tube can be observed entering the nuclei of all of the bridge cells between the target cell and the cell at the other end of the bridge. After a few minutes, the bridge detaches and disintegrates.


Biochemistry of the surrounding medium revealed no traces of the substance that created the bridge. It is possible that the bridges are composed of some kind of condensed electromagnetism, taking the form of cells. Damaged cells were exposed to the particles. The actions of the Ganesh Particles resulted in both partial and full restoration of normal cellular function. It has been recently determined that Ganesh Particles will attach to normal cells, use the penetrating tube to enter the cell’s nucleus, but not form bridges to other cells.


The results of the communication between the Ganesh Particles and normal cells remains unknown. The cells of the crossbridges are as tenuous and fragile as clouds.

The restorative ability, ascribed to these particles, is being investigated as a possible treatment for the J-Rods neuropathy. To date, the Ganesh Particles have not been used in vivo, in J-Rods. Theorists are also working on the possible uses of the Lotus (rock emission component + Ganesh Particle + cell interaction component) for everything from ecological remediation to how its use could reset certain aspects within the DCTP. I remain opposed to any application until much more is known about it.

The origin point of these particles has been determined. It’s quartz. That is, the vibrating quartz crystal. I am under direct order that,

“I am not at liberty to at this time announce the form of quartz or how the crystal may accommodate the liberation of Ganesh Particles. That order also holds for known changes in the genome of the cells targeted by the Ganesh Particles.”

There are implicit weaponization issues that cannot be broached in this medium. Albeit this whole paper will be set for some kind of classification I am sure! :) The base pairs, decoded from a world-wide detection of Ultra Low Frequency emissions at 1.618033Hz, appear to match certain base strings found in the target (injured) cells while they are being repaired through the actions of the Ganesh Particle created cells of the bridges.


The strings, working in concert with resident viral components of the genome (what I will call the “Vishnu” part of the Lotus) appear to set in motion a rapid cascade of activation and deactivation gene switches that promote cellular repair. I am not allowed to speak more to that issue at this time. By the way, if you are from Sweetness or working for, or in cooperation with that unit, I won’t help you anyway.

In nearly every paper I have authored about the Lotus, I have given a warning that the Ganesh Particle (what I believe could be the seed of life) is not to be toyed with. Further, that it may play in the higher scheme (the Tree of Life and the Fruit of the Tree of Life), found detailed in sacred literature throughout many cultures. My warnings have seemingly come true in a few instances.

Some attempts to use this project in manners that would immediately lead to an applied technology have resulted in bad things happening to those doing it. Reports of angelic beings, described in a manner very like how the Kerubim allegedly appear, have been detailed to me. A noted occurrence at the Shady Rest resulted in physical injury to certain personnel and massive property damage.


Other reports, centering around the Staar-Flower (originally called Star Flower by me...I guess they like their spelling better!) team at the Frenchman’s Mountain detailed severe physical and emotional injury to personnel, and the loss of personnel altogether. The alleged beings have red-coal-like eyes, multiple (4) faces, and are dangerous to those not heeding warnings to give distance. It remains unknown whether the Frenchman's beings related to the Lotus or the alleged stargate.


The beings reported having done damage at the Shady Rest, were described in a way that could lead one to the belief that they are Kerubim, and such beings allegedly did directly announce that the Lotus is related to the Seed and Fruit of the Tree of Life. I say: be careful! That’s all I can say. I am trying to be careful and respectful.

We have enlisted the assistance of a very professional remote viewer who is attempting to help us clear a sacred path that doesn’t upset those seemingly in spiritual charge of this phenomenon. Results of the remote viewing exercises have assisted us in seeing the phenomenon from a philosophical, spiritual, and sacred geometry perspective. Some may conclude that such application (even in such an advisory capacity) isn’t doing science.


That’s fine with me. We will continue to use it and hold its results in the right frame of reference. As previously stated by me in other papers: the Cosmos, Life preceded the tool of the whim of man, called the scientific method.

In conclusion, I want to thank you for the request, and say that I hope I have in some measure answered to it. I suppose when we arrived at our mutual destiny, we will know whether this project was of benefit. I seek a future not filled with the paranoia of such projects as the Rain Dancer, and its needless introduction of an agent to the sum of humanity.


In that vain and with those things of this project to which I have just (in the last few hours) been made privy and am sadly not allowed to say: I see a future filled with the “Fruit of the Light of Loving-kindness” and “Healing through Togetherness”.
Yours very truly,

Dan Burisch