by Larry Lowe
PMPhoenix UFO Examiner

April 30, 2009

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In the wake of the 2009 X-Conference, a gifted viral video journalist has given the exopolitics movement a gift of his own. In an email circulated on the Exopolitics mailing list he divulged the URL of a groundbreaking short film that answers the basic questions those new to consideration of ET/UFO reality tend to ask.


The film, titled Disclosure 101: a beginners guide to the extra-terrestrial issue (below video), is not your average YouTube air guitar lesson or CGI UFO hoax


Thoughtfully shot by cinematic unknown Jake Gould with a filmmakers eye for composition, it deserves the cliché 'stunning debut'.  The sound track - the most often abused aspect of citizen videos - is elegantly low-key, a burst of guitar to get your eyes open at the onset, then style sublimated for substance for the duration.


And the substance is stunning in its simplicity. 


A number of key players in the Exopolitics/Disclosure movement giving clear, straight-ahead answers to questions they have so long ago answered for themselves that they tend to forget anyone would need ask:

What is Disclosure?

The formal acknowledgment of the Extraterrestrial presence by the governments of the world. 

 -  Steven Basset, Paradigm Research Group


How will disclosure affect everyday life?

Everything we know about life will simply expand.

 -  Jeff Peckman, Political Activist


What is Exopolitics?

Exopolitics is the study of public policy implications of extraterrestrial life.

 -  Dr. Michael Salla, Ph.D, Founder Exopolitics


How does Exopoltics facilite disclosure?

Exopolitics builds up a huge cannon ball of consciousness which will bash down the shadow government's Berlin Wall.

 -  Neil Gould, founder Exopolitics Hong Kong


Are we ready for disclosure?

Were we ready to go to the Moon?

 -  Rebecca Hardcastle, Ph.D, originator of Exoconsciousness

It's the simple reality of the filmmaking that gets you.  Watching this not-so-random sampling of planetary society, what you notice is that they are real people and for them the ET/UFO issue is simply real.


This small film is the starting point for those whose model of reality does not yet include the ET presence in Earth's biosphere to learn why disclosure of that presence by governments and the acceptance of it by citizens is a critical step we must take into a future coming at us at an exponentially faster rate. 


It's also the trigger point for Disclosure 2.0, the semantic social networking process that will ultimately render public pronouncement by government officials more admission than disclosure.  That process can transform a society's consensus paradigm at the rate electrons flow through wire.


The film itself is an act of disclosure, the medium in which it was released the true gift.


Before we get into that, watch the film and I'll discuss the implications of this pocket masterpiece after you've seen it:





Disclosure 101
by solidgouldprod
April 24, 2009

from YouTube Website

A short film outlining the basic information behind the Disclosure Initiative.

Featuring the Kings and Queens of Exopolitics, this film cannot be missed!
This film is a gift to Exopolitics.
from Jake Gould






Disclosure 101 is quintessential viral video journalism.


Gould shot the film (as only a filmmaker can say about a video recording session) in 16:9 aspect ratio on a Sony HDD Camcorder. He does not own what he considers a professional camera, but his use of the civilian Sony demonstrates the maximum-utilization-of-tools-available skill set endemic to great filmmakers.

That may be because 23 year old Hong Kong resident Jake Gould is a graduate of film school in London where he made a few short films, one of which won Best short film at the International UFO Congress and film festival in Laughlin, Nevada.


His work encouraged his father, Hong Kong Exopolitics honcho Neil Gould, to take Jake to the IUFOC earlier this year to meet the people who make the movement move.



Maurizio Baiata, new editor of Open Minds Magazine,

Filmmaker Jake Gould and journalist-researcher Paola Harris

outside the Luxor hotel at the 2009 International UFO Congress.

Photo: Harris



The film's genesis was a matter of talent meeting opportunity.


Once at the IUFOC conference, a light bulb went on in Jake Gould's head and he took advantage of the chance to meet the advocates his father works with. Armed with nothing but his Sony HDD, a list of basic questions and a filmmaker's instinct, Gould set out to capture the moment, improvising a set out of a hotel room. What he captured is the essence of a movement. Filming took place over the course of 2 days inside the IUFOC conference hotel and Gould ended up with nearly two hours of footage.

The source material was edited down to 10 minutes running time on a MacBook Pro using Final Cut Studio 2 and was originally made into an *.m4v file using a program called Compressor.


Gould then passed the *.m4v file through the stock Apple Quicktime player to boost image quality and change the size of the picture to match YouTube specs.

"It has actually taken a long time to get it right," says Gould. "I do have other films on YouTube but they are no where near the quality of this one."

The result should win an award from Apple, given their penchant for pointing out how their technology  -  a fair amount of which was utilized in the production of this piece  -  enables talented visionaries on a budget to put their best message forward.

After Gould poured his expertise into the project, he uploaded it to YouTube for free distribution around the planet. He never thought to make a DVD and sell it at the next UFO convention. The purpose would be better served the more people viewed the film.


The strategy worked. Within 24 hours of his initial email announcement to the exopolitics community, Gould awoke to find his email box crammed of positive reaction and the film in place on numerous websites.


• • •


Timing is everything in life, regardless of what planet you are on.


The 2009 X-Conference will be looked upon as a seminal event, one toward which Paradigm Research spark-plug Steven Bassett has been working assiduously for years.


The exopolitics/disclosure movement reached critical mass in mid April, the culmination of which was Apollo 14 Astronaut and moon walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell's post conference appearance at the National Press Club.


The video of that announcement is the symmetric reflection of Gould's work, representing Disclosure 1.0's direct assault on the truth embargo that has kept the issue of ET/UFO involvement in Earth's biosphere the subject of disbelief via ridicule and denial since the Battle of Los Angeles in 1942 and, by some accounts, far earlier.



Steven Bassett poses the challenge to Barack Obama

at the National Press Club.

Image: CNN


Edgar Mitchell is far more than just a cream of the crop test pilot who got a chance to take history's greatest risk and walk on the moon as a reward.


He's a gentle, thoughtful, carefully spoken intellect, with an engineering degree from MIT. Since his spacefaring days has mounted a concerted investigation into the nature of consciousness and reality via his work with Professor Walter Shempp. Mitchell's latest endeavor is Quantrek, a nonprofit frontier science research organization also interested in the ET presence.

Like many who have investigated the reports Mitchell feels there is potentially enormous benefit to society if advanced ET technology can be brought to bear to address issues such as energy production, food production, biosphere repair, health and wellness in ways that would turn crisis into positive change.


He also understands that it's not likely that the ET/UFO presence is going to share any advanced technology with humanity until such time as we stop sending fighters armed with live missiles up to greet them and the governments tell the citizens what many already know - we're not the only kids in the universe.

To those who spend enough time investigating the UFO/ET issues and analyzing the reports of high strangeness that accompany them, it eventually becomes clear that reality, consciousness and quantum physics are somehow intertwined in a subtle manner not readily discernible to the Rational Mind. Cartesian dualism's commandeering of the human experience in the seventeenth century lead to reductionist science, a materialist viewpoint of reality, renegade capitalism and a disassociation of the individual from the universe around him.


Ironically, it also lead to the research and engineering that build the LEM that took Mitchell to the surface of the Moon. And the command module in which Mitchell had his initial epiphany on the return trip, when there was little to do but consider the vast cosmos around him.

One can arrive at the nexus of science and spirituality in a number of ways, from shamanism to physics class, but few have done it as painstakingly as Edgar Mitchell, who is meticulously carving out for the rational mind a tunnel to the dyadic model of reality, where,

"all human experience, including the mystical experience, has a valid informational basis, that is information (patterns of energy) is the root of all perception."

The description of this reality is the quantum hologram, a model that reconnects western civilization with the intuitive mind it lost touch with in the seventeenth century.

A hologram analogy is valid, not only for the visual sense, but for all senses as well, it seems. The brain (and every cell of the body) is a quantum device. And every quantum entity has both a local (particle) and a non-local (wave) aspect. Prodigious amounts of information can be carried in this holographic manner including, theoretically, the entire space/time history of the learning organism.


In other words, the totality of our physical and subjective experience can be thought of as a multimedia hologram resonant with ourselves and the zero-point field.
 -  Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Chewy stuff, you say. What has that to do with UFO's and a brilliant little YouTube film?

Just this:

Reality is what we make of it. That is the last bit about how the reality we perceive is a resonance between ourselves and the energy around us.

Consensus reality gives us a common particle-based 'hard' world with which to interact with each other.


There is a non-local, 'soft' wave-based reality that Western civilization has become less and less aware of and increasingly skeptical about. That wave based reality is the basis for a wide variety of ephemeral phenomena the particle-based mind doesn't like to acknowledge, much less try to understand, such as telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, remote viewing, bi-locality and telekinesis.

Wave-based reality also begins to account for:

  • the reported capabilities of ET/UFO

  • aliens walking through the bedroom wall

  • craft that exhibit no mass and unlimited power

  • UFO's that warp and wink in and out of existence

It also begins to explain the phenomenal capabilities of the UFO craft seen around the world with increasing frequency - massive, mile wide wings, glowing orbs, triangles that float at pedestrian speeds in silent hovering mode and then zip vertically in the blink of an eye.

The extraterrestrial  -  or is it extra-dimensional?  -  entities that control these craft and perform such feats have clearly mastered the manipulation of the Quantum Hologram, of which we are just beginning to formulate a comprehension.

They can, in effect, manipulate reality.



One of the Big Ideas in quantum physics - something called “wave particle duality”.

Click above image.



To the human mind trapped in classical Newtonian thought structure that notion is, well..., un-real.

Thus reports are denied, witnesses ridiculed and the media only dispenses to the masses the truth it thinks they can handle, something closer to, um, consensus reality.

More often, it's a truth the media itself can't handle.

Because un-informed consensus reality has yet to come to grips with the paradigm shift currently underway, there is an increasing cultural schizophrenia between clearly observable UFO phenomenon and the politically correct model of reality. They are rather obviously here, even if the government says they are not. The government's inability to acknowledge ET puts a discordance into the morphic resonance of reality. In the back of its mind, the crowd is aware the Emperor hasn't got much to wear, but in order to be a member of the tribe, they publicly acclaim his wardrobe.

The political denial of ET/UFO reality therefore keeps our civilization trapped in a place where you have to fight wars over access to oil, where humanity shreds its environment like the lost tribe of Easter Island and where we are quarantined from the stars due to our species immaturity.

Disclosure 1.0 recognizes the terrestrial political roots of humanity's inability to face up to the what is observable and seeks to address that in a straight-forward manner.


At the conclusion of the recent press conference, Paradigm Research activist Steve Bassett informed the Obama administration that if it did not finally address this dichotomy with some form of disclosure, it risks being trumped in planetary history by some other nation that will. It's not a poker bluff. This is consistent with rumblings from CSETI's Steven Greer who implies he is close to staging an event with a "major G-8 Country" to recognize ET. That major G-8 country is not the United States of America.

What Disclosure 2.0 recognizes is that you can change reality from the other end of the spectrum - the personal decision. In fact perhaps you must, for the paradigm shift that changes the course of reality is intensely personal. It's too important to entrust to the government. It happens when the ridicule factor is removed and discussion freely takes place with those you trust.


The privacy between you and your browser is as close as many will get to the inside of an Apollo Command Module drifting a quarter of a million miles from the Moon to Earth.


The link you read forwarded to you by someone whose opinion you respect gives you the information in a manner that enables your change of mind. Knowing who sent you the link brings cohesion to communication.


It's what shifted the political paradigm in this country from Bush/McCain to Barack Obama. Call it the Facebook effect.

The way you can effect consensus reality in the internet age that you could not in the age of mass print and television media, is to inform each individual consciousness, one mind at a time, peer to peer, until you have enough individual minds resonating with the same conceptual framework. Each of those minds will then, Mitchell tells us, resonate with the zero-point energy that is universal consciousness and reality will change. And that change has an enormous upside for the planetary civilization.

How do you alter reality?

Jake Gould has made the film that will do it.



• • •



How can YOU help with disclosure?

Disclosure is very much a social process.

 -  Dr. Michael Salla, Ph.D

First of all, Support PRG.

  1. Pass the Disclosure 101 (above video) YouTube URL on via Twitter, Facebook or social networking mechanism of choice. Take the new consensus reality viral.

  2. Inform yourself. (reading list below)

  3. Inform others.  Write articles or otherwise become a media activist.

  4. Engage in the political process. Start a local ballot initiative.

    1. For extra credit, write a Facebook App that will track and unite those initiatives.

  5. Form a local working group, just like the sustainable living initiative folks are doing

  6. Figure out how you are going to live in a post-disclosure world

Because a Washington Post report on X-Conference 2009 began with the following two paragraphs:


Extraterrestrials exist and they visit Earth routinely, according to people who know this for a fact. Moving on.

- Dan Zak, Washington Post

Disclosure 101, me to you:  We are not alone.


Pass it on.