by Alfred Lambremont Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner
November 3, 2010

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The outright rejection by Denver, CO. voters of Initiative 300 to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission by a projected 83 ‘no’-17% ‘yescan reasonably read as a referendum by a representative sample of informed urban humanity on whether humanity wishes to establish rational interactive protocol-based relations with intelligent civilizations that are now not only visiting Earth, but concerned about the viability of our terrestrial ecology.

According to press reports,

"The... proposal, which was defeated soundly during midterm voting, would have allowed residents to post their observations on Denver's city website and report sightings. Early results showed that Denver residents voted 106,776 to 20,162 against the proposal.


Jeff Peckman, who originally proposed the measure, said that the government was already tracking alien sightings but refused to make the reports public. Mr Peckman is a meditation instructor and promoter of new technology, including something he says reduces the "chaos of electromagnetic fields."


Mr Peckman claimed that the measure, known as the Denver initiative 300, had failed because opponents had greatly inflated the commission's projected cost. He had said that the plan wouldn't cost taxpayers any money and would be funded through grants, gifts and donations.


The commission, staffed by astrobiologists and other PhD scientists, would have been charged with dealing with credible UFO reports, listening to and documenting reporting of encounters and abductions, among other responsibilities."

The Colorado Vote: Our immediate future (2011-15)

If the results of the Nov. 2, 2010 vote by the population of Denver, CO. are a true indication of the attitude of representative sample of the human population toward other intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse, then the implications for the human population and for the future of our biosphere and our planetary ecology may be severe.

The reason?


The Denver, Colorado vote functionally represents a rejection by humanity of the opportunity to become interactively, consciously, and proactively involved in a reported positive plan by intelligent civilizations to intervene by 2015 to cleanse Earth’s atmosphere of excessive CO2, before inevitable collapse of the planetary ecology occurs.

According to ex-NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham, some of the principal intelligent civilizations concerned with the husbandry and guardianship of our young planet and civilization - the Pleiades, the Alpha Centaurians, the Sirians and others - decided in an unusual meeting around January 2010 (our time) to intervene because they reached the conclusion that Earth did not possess the technology to do so itself.

This decision sets aside the law of non-intervention (which would let out planet and human race die) and is a rare one. These advanced races have allowed Earth to live because of the unusual qualities of humans, such as emotion.

As of October 2010, carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is at a concentration of 388 ppm by volume. CO2 is toxic in higher concentrations of 1% (10,000 ppm). Atmospheric CO2 concentrations are leading to ocean acidification, according to some experts.

Intelligent civilizations are, according to these reports, attempting to enroll humanity in its plan to clean Earth’s environment.

The first signal was a predicted ‘decloaking’ or sighting of the intelligent civilizations’ UFOs over New York City on October 13, 2010. The intelligent civilizations signaled this decloaking to ex-NORAD official Stanley A. Fulham who reported it publicly.


The Oct. 13, 2010 UFO sightings were reported in the world press, mixed in with disinformational media exaggerations of released balloons by the New York Times and other mainstream media that for over 60 years have helped enforce the ET truth embargo.


2010 - 2014 the path ahead

In soundly rejecting a rational no-cost proposal to develop a policy for social interaction with extraterrestrial civilizations, the people of Denver have sent an unfortunate signal on behalf of the human race.

The citizens of Denver - as a representative sample of urban humanity - has identified with the disinformational cover story that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency created with the 1953 Robertson Panel.


They have voted with the fear that their city would be identified as ‘crazy’ rather than as rationally wanting to interact with higher intelligence, and in this case quite rightly so, to be of support in the regional galactic governance authority’s plan to intervene and clean the Earth’s atmosphere in 2015 before our total extinction.

This Nov. 2, 2010 ‘ET GO HOME’ vote by the citizens of Denver - as a representative sample of the human population’s functional attitude towards supportive interaction with intelligent civilizations - may not be a positive sign for human race’s immediate future.

According to the communications to ex-NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham, the Pleiadian plan to deliver a world-wide speech in the General Assembly hall of the United Nations announcing their 2015 plan to deploy 250-300 advanced Pleiadian spacecraft to remove excess CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere and biosphere.

The timing and nature of the intervention necessary for this speech will follow a period of profound changes on our planet 2010-14, ranging from possible Earth changes, collapse of the present world order and nation-states, collapse of the monetary system, and the emergence of a new sustainable way of living. Whether this is a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ landing for humanity will depend on our collective attitudes of consciousness and interactive participation or unconsciousness, fear and reactivity.


Humanity, according to these reports, will survive all of these. What humanity cannot survive is environmental collapse and that is what the Pleiadians and others are here to forestall.


The words of ex-NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham

about these forecast 2010-2015 period

Listen below for an exclusive 90-minute conversation between ex-NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham and Alfred Lambremont Webre on the forecast of this 2010-2015 period.