by Paul Chen
from AgoraCosmopolitan Website




In the Exopolitics Journal (Journal 1:4 - October 2006), Dr. Michael E. Salla documents that,

"In 1969, NASA passed a federal regulation dealing with 'Extra-terrestrial Exposure'. The Extraterrestrial Exposure law, offers a legal precedent for the detention and indefinite imprisonment of any individual who comes into contact with extraterrestrials."

The existence of such law at any time, is a basic acknowledgement that government interests are aware that Extraterrestrials have come into contact with the human population of Earth.


The striking of such a law, also demonstrates an effort by the creators of such a law, to repress individuals who come in contact with Extraterrestrials, from being able to formally acknowledge an Extraterrestrial presence to other members of the diverse public.

Indeed, laws are not created for no reason. A law concerning human contract with Extraterrestrials would only be created because Extraterrestrials did exist, and also demonstrates that humans were having contact with ones that did not want to make themselves known, who operated in one form, or another.

The most relevant passages in that law concern the power of a NASA administrator or his/her designee to:

"Determine that a particular person, property, animal, or other form of life or matter, whatever is extra-terrestrially exposed and quarantine such person, property, animal, or other form of life...


The quarantine may be based only on a determination, with or without the benefit of a hearing, that there is probable cause to believe that such person, property, animal or other form of life or matter whatever is extra-terrestrially exposed."

(Title 14 National Aeronautics and Space section 1211.102 A3).

"Most disturbing about this federal regulation was that such detention could not be appealed and due legal process, could be denied to citizens on the basis of “probable cause” that they have been extraterrestrially exposed," documents Dr. Michael Salla in the Exopolitics Journal.

"While the Extraterrestrial Exposure law was 'officially removed' and placed on reserve status in 1991, it nevertheless creates a precedent that the legal counsel of any government agency or military department could cite for possible enforcement against individuals who have had extraterrestrial contact.


NASA’s regulation, and similar laws or regulations in other countries, provide a powerful means of silencing individuals who come into contact with extraterrestrials, and who have merged into the general population," adds Dr. Michael Salla.

"Essentially, anyone encountering such extraterrestrials could be subjected to indefinite detention without any legal protection. This would not only deter individuals from disclosing such interactions with extraterrestrials, but would also help deter extraterrestrials from disclosing their origins to ordinary citizens," further documents Dr. Salla.

The Extraterrestrial Exposure law appears to have been designed to complement a context of UFO and Extraterrestrial dis-information against the development of a societal context of full disclosure of human contact with Extraterrestrials, consistent with a free and democratic society.

Laws and regulations passed in the United States and elsewhere can be used as legal means of coercing private citizens who discover the true identity of extraterrestrials living among us.


Some individuals have indeed reported that Extraterrestrials looked just like Earthbound humans.

"Accepting evidence that extraterrestrials are closely monitored and that covert agencies are responsible for ensuring that such information does not get into the public domain, the conclusion is that private citizens are at great risk if they make contact and government agencies that wish to suppress this," Dr. Salla further illuminates.

Private citizens can be denied their constitutional rights despite the imputation that such laws or regulations prohibiting unauthorized contact with extraterrestrials had been withdrawn and placed on reserve status.

Dr. Salla documents discreet testimonies of different contactees and whistleblowers which suggest that extraterrestrial visitors who are virtually indistinguishable from humans are living among us. These extraterrestrial visitors appear to have very attractive physical characteristics, extraterrestrial females being described as among the most beautiful women that male observers have witnessed.


The documented extraterrestrials go to great trouble in learning the indigenous language of the culture they are immersed in, learning how to drive and navigate on highways systems, and taking innocuous jobs over several years.

Dr. Salla indicates that, extraterrestrials visitors are monitored and even taken into custody before being released which he says, suggests that a vast covert monitoring system is in place.

Some Extraterrestrials living among us appear to be operating in a manner similar to a celestial peace corps where they try to blend in. They presumably wish to learn about Earth culture and behavior; and to, perhaps, assist in passing on information to selected individuals.


The fact that these extraterrestrials are monitored rather than immediately taken into permanent custody suggests that decisions have been taken by responsible government agencies to tolerate such an extraterrestrials presence.

However, it appears that other human-looking Extraterrestrials living among us, are a part of an apparent alliance of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, which seeks to help facilitate the organized control and exploitation of Earth.


Such human-looking Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their controlled human minions have been linked by various Exopolitics groups to a currently being initiated totalitarian "New World Order" agenda.