by Vince White
 September 28, 2007

from OpenMindForums Website


A very impressive take on the immediate realities we are likely to see in a post-Disclosure world. Right on the money. I will draw upon this for rhetorical exposition and will put it up in the PRG Commentary section (with your permission).

Everyone is encouraged to make a similar effort to project what they expect in the aftermath of Disclosure. This intellectual process is critical to being able to respond promptly to whatever curve balls may be tossed our way at that time.

It is often said the first 12 months in a child's life are the most important to the quality of that child's long term future. The same can and should be said about the first 12 months following Disclosure. This because Disclosure will, in fact, mark the birth of a new world.

Great effort.
Steve Bassett
Sept 29, 2007, 11:45am

The impact of disclosure, will be across a huge spectrum of response - fear, panic, put's and call's, visits to libraries, churches and bars, marathon sessions in front of televisions, and spreading intellectual dishonesty.

Masks will come off, others will don masks, the search engines of the internet will be white hot with many accessing sites that will be melting down powerful servers.

There will be, some time interval ,before an actual announcement, before the pending Oval office address, while preparatory , interagency meetings, across executive, legislative, military, intelligence, take place to synchronize , and coordinate policy positions, and this will leak out - once the deep inside structure has made the fateful decision.

This will be, depending on the forced trigger event, an interval ranging from a few hours, of desperate via , massive internet broadcast e-mails, rushed phone and video conferences, and meetings in DC., consultations with many foreign leaders and officials.

Suddenly the existence of the, until that time, a quite hidden subgroup within the NSC, called various titles, over the decades; 5412 , Excom, PI-40 etc... will attract world wide attention, finally receive scrutiny and mention in world wide media - from the NY TIMES to Cable networks.

It is likely additional time will pass, a few days to a week, in that interval, the world media will be nearly insane with speculation.

So the actual Oval Address impact will be cushioned, from a few hours to a deliberative process of trying to get all major agencies and institutions with guidelines and on the same "policy" page.

Many many, skeptics, prominent academics, scientists, SETI partisans, and politicians sensing at long last the reality of events, the many details that finally will begin to leak out, as the chief investigative correspondents, defense and intelligence reporters, and media consultants are scrambling to describe what is coming, will be frantically considering and drafting statements to dishonestly alter and fudge their position... in the direction of the leaks.

This will turn reality upside down, as conversations with staff by politicians in which they dismissed UFO reality as "impossible nonsense", will be inverted into "I had many serious policy discussions with staff on these matters", and books on UFOs dusty and unread, will be dusted off and quickly read, or the sheer chutzpah of some legislators that will demand staff read the books deemed important and create a synopsis and deliver briefings on the subject and write disclosure support speeches without a twinge of embarrassment - are the same legislators that sign bills they haven't read, now.

Reporters such as Bob Woodward, Sy Hersh, Fred Francis, Jim Bamford, William Burrows, Will Arkin, will suddenly speak for the first time in a serious fashion about the reality of ET presence.

This as prominent UFO researchers will be interview besieged, from Stan Friedman, Maccabee, Hopkins, Jacobs, Randle, Greer, The Woods, Linda Howe, Rich Dolan, Paola Harris, Steve Bassett, and many more. And they will begin to lay out the likely structure of revelations.

Many well known names, will astound with contortions that will make Olympic gymnasts look tame.... "I knew all along, but believed it was best to work behind the scenes..." etc etc.


The fuse burns down and ignites world media

Some of this dishonesty will be laid bare after the mere introduction to 60 plus years of hidden history by the White House address, but what will rock the nation and slash away the facade of familiarity is the Pentagon press conference with the first avalanche of information and images.


World media burn with sudden forced fire realization

The press corps will be transformed from lap dogs to pit bulls. Sudden wickedly nasty with an artillery barrage of questions, born of the then obvious fact -  that they for the majority of a century, were virtually totally; snookered, suckered, fooled, lied to, mislead, victimized, used, conned, "watch the birdied", infiltrated, moled, paid off, bought, and coopted.


Out of that victimized trap of towering trickery will come real fury, at the scale of what has happened over the decades begins to emerge.

This press conference at the Pentagon will likely be the longest, loudest, biggest, news headline making press conference in history. In a process that few seem to appreciate, a certain amount of hard truth with video record is required to attempt to have, and rebuild, and document credibility - or try to.

This will have blackberries humming hot, as images for the first time, are shown to a silent room except for, gasps, groans, and imprecations of "holy jesus,"" dear God, holy crap", "I'll be damned, I don't believe what I see", "Damn they have big heads," "look at that move - che-rrist they can move ", !!!!!

Some of the real footage of historic events will be shown, from White Sands N.M. Washington DC 52, Kingman crash retrieval 53, Holloman AFB diplomatic exchange in 64, NASA footage that will stun the world from the Apollo missions (recent STS shuttle numbers where in the span of a couple minutes half a dozen high speed orbs, triangles, boomerangs go streaking past the Shuttle), and from orbit NRO views of galactic class ships half a mile across will fill briefing screens.

It will be necessary to admit certain unpleasant hard facts that will have fundamentalists in apoplectic rage, and atheists bewildered. The paraphysical capabilities of visitors will be broached in euphemistic language, though surely some reporter will be blunt. "You mean they can read our minds?''

It will be necessary to admit; we have lost many planes in the past in conflict, that humans have been used in a large scale genetic programs, that we are the result of upgrades to primates by a consortium, project GARNET described, outside involvement in earth religions, and extensive well hidden land and undersea bases around the planet... (this real estate will either soar or tank?) admitted.

The rewriting of history will begin, archeological ruins currently ignored will be the sudden focus of enormous sums of money, the hard physical fact is MASSIVE ANCIENT ruins that the National Geographic can't get dollars for off the coast of Cuba will be perhaps video background portions of the DOD (Department of Defense) press conference. There may be a parallel press conference at JPL with escrowed much higher quality images of vast ancient ruins on Mars, and the extensive forests will astound biologists world wide, with such statements as "this was all available in the catalogs - how could we have been so stupid"?

This epochal door will only open one way, further and further, and the dishonesty of the denial drenched intelligentsia will be a scalding bath of humility as many realize history was hijacked for 60+ years. Physicists will be in turmoil realizing that much of current physics texts will be useful for landfill, the local light speed limit of "C" is ignored in interstellar jumps routinely taking place at enormous multiples of luminal velocity - and those abductees who saw double suns in an hour long abduction will be taken seriously.

Certain lionized researchers who are bored by star travelers, and some holy book thumpers who have labeled the entire galaxy as populated by demonic hordes will be difficult to interview as they plot a way around the facts as presented.


World media catches fire in a planetary firestorm of revelations

The secrecy makers will spin and plot frantically to regain control and direct this opening. They will fail spectacularly. A cascade of global media chain reactions, fueled by long withheld suppressed life changing experiences of hundreds of prominent voices, will be told. There will be a thousand voice speaking out as ex Arizona governor Fyffe Symington did, suddenly admitting many stunning events and details of global management of truth.

As many spoke about retrievals to the late Len Stringfield in the 70's emboldened by the imminent never occurring President Carter announcement, there will be a much greater number of pilots, editors, radar operators, astronauts and household names that will demand recompense and action concerning their abductions

This fantastic iceberg of never told human experience will collide with the SS Titanic of lies and cover up. an encyclopedia of incidents, lost planes, and intense thoughts of world leaders, will break out. Whistle blowers will arise as a reserve army of truth soldiers, feeding the breakout, and fighting back the attempt to limit and control this firestorm on several continents.


Global firestorm burns secrecy structures to the ground

This extreme chain reaction will be a natural pendulum cycle , one excess leading to another excess. The enormous success in dumbing down , much of the planet, will lead to a correspondingly greater failure and need to be undone. The populations will have to go through the equivalent of UFOs/ ETs 101.


The genuine tools and technologies available in the black world will have to be admitted and openly discussed , this will be very contentious. A prominent Disclosure proponent who expounds this operational reality will be vindicated on this, but will be confronted with areas he was a victim of counter intelligence.

A planetary movement for transparency of governance will emerge, as will demands for a democratic organic equitable shared value global government to represent the whole of humanity. Some governments will fall, new political parties with names as CLEAN HOUSE and NEW BROOM will replace existing discredited parties in ruins.


Globalism transformed built on the ashes of lies

The named measure of history will be B.D., before disclosure , and A.D. after disclosure.

In a mere few hundred years from this planetary housecleaning, more humans will be living and swarming around G class stars in the interstellar region of 100 light years radii of our sun than presently live on earth.

The human race will have begun to remake itself, genomically in the image of the, then scientific fact, of the prime architect, as almost all civilizations in the galaxy do, becoming much brighter and longer lived.

But we'll still like beer, soccer, baseball, and dancing, and sunsets on a thousand worlds.



an unashamed optimist