Kona, Hawaii

May 24, 2008

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A consortium of citizen organizations focusing on the study of extraterrestrial life has cooperated in the development of a Declaration that calls for the establishment of Citizen Contact Councils.


The Councils will comprise private citizens meeting in small groups around the world that use “positive intention” and “telepathic communications” to achieve their goals. Disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology, and transforming Earth into a galactic society are two of the goals of the proposed councils.


A further goal includes taking proactive steps to promote mutually respectful extraterrestrial contact. Finally, the Councils would pioneer “citizen governance” on issues concerning extraterrestrial life, including the diffusion of advanced technologies and exposing secret government policies.

The Declaration for Citizen Contact Councils was announced at the Big Island of Hawaii’s annual Earth Transformation Conference that focused on the themes of New Science, Consciousness and Contact. Dr Michael Salla, a co-organizer of the conference & Founder of the Exopolitics Institute, announced the Declaration. He believes it will stimulate private citizens to become proactive in developing citizen governance concerning extraterrestrial life. In the concluding conference presentation, he cited a number of groups in Hawaii and around the planet where Citizen Contact Councils exist.


Angelika Whitecliff, main organizer of the 2008 Earth Transformation Conference and convener of a Citizen Contact Council in Hawaii, emphasizes that,

“we can choose individually and collectively how mass extraterrestrial contact will take place. We can choose it to be with benevolent beings who honor human sovereignty, and should in fact settle for nothing less. Citizen Contact Councils have the power to realize this goal.”

“The Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS),” according to Alfred Webre, J.D., its International Director, “supports the Declaration for Citizen Contact Councils. ICIS mission is to prevent the weaponization of space, and to promote cooperation amongst intelligent civilizations in the Universe.”

Another prominent citizen organization dedicated to the study of extraterrestrial life released the following statement:

“Exopolitics Toronto supports the Declaration for Citizen Contact Councils as a terrestrial imperative that employs just and ethical means by citizens to coalesce global awareness and communal efforts to initiate viable diplomatic interspecies communication with extraterrestrial civilizations.”

Its Director, Victor Viggiani, further states that,

“Exopolitics Toronto also supports the just and ethical citizen governance required to expose government secrecy, the suppression of advanced technologies and to ultimately empower the human family to guide and represent itself as contact with off-world civilizations evolves.”

An online petition has been created for those wishing to support this Declaration at: http://www.petitiononline.com/D4CCC/petition.html. More information on the annual Earth Transformation Conference available at: www.EarthTransformation.com

Declaration for Citizen Contact Councils


We are an association of citizen organizations and private citizens dedicated to research, public education and political activism with regard to extraterrestrial life. We are convinced that citizen groups can network together in the use of “positive intention” and ‘telepathic communications’ to achieve ‘citizen governance’ and contact with extraterrestrial life.


We consequently issue the following Declaration:

We recognize the reality of extraterrestrial life; and the existence of advanced technologies, scientific principles and universal knowledge extraterrestrials offer.


We affirm that the diffusion of this knowledge and technology can significantly improve the human condition.

We declare our support for the establishment of “Citizen Contact Councils” that will share the following goals:

  • disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life and exposing government policies that were secretly implemented

  • sharing the knowledge and technology provided by extraterrestrials for the benefit of humanity and the biosphere

  • representing the interests of humanity and biosphere in communications and interactions with extraterrestrials

  • promoting Open Contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, and transforming Earth into a galactic society wherein human sovereignty is respected

We declare our support for “Citizen Contact Councils” using the following five principles in their operations:

  • using positive intention to transform the human condition

  • establishing telepathic communications with extraterrestrial civilizations

  • building positive relationships with advanced ethical extraterrestrial civilizations

  • cooperating with advanced ethical extraterrestrials in achieving common goals

  • using consensus and empathic communications to promote group cohesion and cooperation

We subsequently support the formation of “Citizen Contact Councils” around the world where existing ‘councils’ on the Big Island of Hawaii and elsewhere provide examples for the above goals and principles.

We, the undersigned, do pledge to support the creation of Citizen Contact Councils to achieve its above stated chief purpose.


We call upon members of the public to show their support by distributing and/or signing this Declaration.


Exopolitics Institute


Institute for Cooperation in Space

Exopolitics Radio

Exopolitics Toronto