by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

November 9, 2009

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A September 15, 2009 report using Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (ALTA) of data collected by the Web Bot predicts that,

“It is very likely that the ‘whistleblower’ who had been described in previous ALTA reports (see 1309) as emerging out of the period of the [coagulation] of the [government/officialdom of the USofA due to financial structure collapse] is a person by the name of [Andrew D. Basiago].”



Andrew D. Basiago



Clif High, administrator of the Web Bot and author of the ALTA report, states that the truth campaign of American whistle blower Andrew D. Basiago will raise Mr. Basiago’s public profile “to a very high level within the mainstream media and that such presence in the media will climb over the next 9/nine months to a planetary level.”

Basiago published a paper entitled
The Discovery of Life on Mars on December 12, 2008 that contains photographic evidence and textual analysis of humanoid beings, animal species, carved statues, and built structures on Mars. These were derived from images taken by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit on the surface of Mars. His paper, which achieves over 50 “firsts” in science, is the first work to prove that Mars not only harbored life in ancient times but is an inhabited planet today.

Referring to his paper, the ALTA report states,

“The past forecast for this person who would make a [planetary impact] of such magnitude that [a second wave] of other [whistle-blowers] of all kinds would be drawn into the public view includes descriptors and archetypes that are currently being fulfilled by reports about Andrew’s paper.”

The ALTA report also states,

“[T]he linguistics both around Andrew D. Basiago and by him reach to almost 34/thirty-four percent of the predicted linguistic set (actually quite significant levels when attempting to match personality to forecast at this early a stage).”



The methodology of Web Bot and ALTA reports

The Web Bot project on which the ALTA reports are based uses software to,

“search the Internet for about 300,000 keywords with emotional context and record the preceding and following words to create a ‘snapshot.’ Through this, the technology is claimed to be able to examine the collective unconscious of the world as a whole. It is thus said to be able to predict catastrophic [and other] events 60 to 90 days in advance.”

The Web Bot is claimed to have accurately predicted the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in June 2001, as well as the blackout of the Northeastern United States in 2003.


The project was unsuccessful in predicting a Vancouver, B.C. and Pacific Northwest earthquake for December 12, 2008.



Russian television reports Basiago’s discovery

A recent interview by reporter Daria Okuneva of TVC-Moscow is illustrative of the planetary media coverage that is beginning to be accorded Andrew D. Basiago’s discovery of life on Mars.


TVC-Moscow is a state-run Russian TV station with the fourth-largest coverage area in Russia.

Daria Okuneva, TVC - Moscow: What have you found in NASA's photographs from Mars?

Andrew D. Basiago, President, Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS):

First, I have found abundant evidence of humanoid beings of two types on Mars, one closely resembling modern human beings on Earth and the other the Grays of the UFO contact literature.

Second, I have found animal species, including animals that presently exist on Earth, that once existed on Earth but are now extinct, and that have never existed on Earth.

Third, I have found many carved statues, especially large heads and faces of humans and animals made from indigenous rocks, which is a distinctively Martian art form, as exemplified by The Face on Mars at Cydonia.

Fourth, I have found built structures, including aqueducts and buildings.

Fifth, I have found dead bodies, including a large mass of dead humanoids littering the arroyo immediately west of the Home Plate Plateau in the Columbia Basin of the Gusev Crater of Mars.

Lastly, and most intriguingly, I have found evidence of both large monuments and small rock carvings establishing the connection between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mars.



MARS - Humanoid found by Basiago on Tsiolkovski Ridge on Mars

Okuneva: Does this evidence establish the existence of a previous civilization on Mars?

Basiago: Yes. Mars was inhabited in antiquity and is inhabited today. The civilization on Mars was impacted by the solar system catastrophe of 9,500 BC, in which debris elements from the Vela supernova explosion entered our solar system, devastating Mars and destroying the great maritime civilization on Earth that built the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

The evidence on Mars of this ancient civilization consists of very large monuments that can be seen from satellite images and now smaller details photographed by NASA's rovers Spirit and Opportunity, such as the image of an Egyptian pharaoh that MARS has identified on a rock on Mars that was photographed by Spirit, that we are calling "The Rosetta Stone of Mars" because it establishes the connection between Ancient Egypt and Mars.

After this catastrophe, the human beings on Mars took refuge underground, where their post-catastrophe civilization has survived intact, and where, according to a senior CIA officer who contacted me after I published The Discovery of Life on Mars in 2008, one million Martian humanoids of several different types now live.



MARS - The Face of a Pharaoh as seen on "The Rosetta Stone of Mars"

Okuneva: Is there any evidence of forests and water existing on Mars?

Basiago: In my opinion, yes. Although the ecology of Mars is fragile and even tenuous by earthly standards, there is evidence that both forests and water presently exist on Mars.

Several years ago, the late Dr. Thomas Van Flandern, the former chief astronomer of the US Navy, published photographs showing "possible trees" on Mars. He concluded that they were "ancient forests remains," that is to say, fossils.

He also studied The Face on Mars at Cydonia, and concluded that the probability that it is a built structure is astronomically high − "a thousand billion billion to one."

He determined, however, that such evidence was from a civilization that died out on Mars 3.2 million years ago, when life was beginning on Earth. Dr. Van Flandern concluded that Mars is a dead planet. I disagree.

My analysis of NASA image PIA10214 in 2008 proved that Mars is inhabited today by humanoid beings and by many different animal species.



NASA image PIA10214



Mars' biota also includes plant life that we would liken to the algae, lichen, mosses, ferns, and sedges that we find here on Earth.

As for the presence of water on Mars, I would cite the fact that in 2008, at the very time that NASA was announcing its "chilling discovery" of ice on Mars, I published data derived from NASA's own photographs showing evidence of both standing water and flowing water in the West Valley of the Columbia Basin of the Gusev Crater of Mars, which is in the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere of Mars, about where Columbus, Ohio is here on Earth.

In NASA image PIA10214, a lake, azure blue in color, can be seen at the foot of Husband Hill, to the west of the Home Plate Plateau. In NASA image PIA11049, a pipe can be seen, and from it, water can be seen flowing downward into a catch basin, around which, in turn, human beings can be seen standing, to the south of the Home Plate Plateau.

Such evidence shows that NASA is attempting to conceal the obvious evidence of life that exists in its own photographs, which is contrary to the mission that the US space agency was given by the US Congress in the NASA Act of 1958, which was to foster "the expansion of human knowledge of… space."


It is trying to do so by making periodic announcements of discoveries on Mars of a de minimis nature, most recently, the discovery of methane.


Surely, the people of this planet have a right to know that the planet that every two years comes closest to our planet, Mars, is an inhabited planet, and, in this way, to know and understand the true natural history of the solar system that we live in as inhabitants of this planet.

Okuneva: What is the probability that all of these forms of evidence are optical illusions?

Basiago: None. I am a lawyer in Washington State, and I can say with some authority that the evidence that MARS has already published on the Web is sufficient to convince any jury in the United States that Mars is an inhabited planet.

However, we are not at that place in the debate. Where we are at in the debate is whether President Obama will honor his own call for "Change" and change the traditional policy of the US government, established by the CIA's Robertson Panel of 1952-53, which has been to deny the existence of extraterrestrial life.

You may remember that during the presidential campaign in 2008, President Obama was asked about extraterrestrial life and he joked that the critical question was whether or not the ET’s were Democrats or Republicans!


I met Barack Obama in 1982 when we were college students, and I think that he is smarter than that.


I think that he recognizes the great contribution that he could make as president were he to embrace my call to acknowledge that Mars is inhabited, establish a Mars protectorate under the UN, and normalize relations with the human civilization on Mars.


Ultimately, I think that he has no other choice, now that the evidence that Mars is inhabited so far surpasses the possibility that it is an optical illusion that it falls somewhere between the "substantial evidence" standard and the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard.


Clearly, there is still some skepticism, but in my view such skepticism results from fear of change rather than the courage to confront the truth.

Okuneva: If the artifacts truly exist, what lessons should be learned by humanity about your discovery of life on Mars?

Basiago: The overarching philosophical lesson to be learned from this new discovery is that we live in an inhabited Universe and that human life as we know it on Earth might be more commonplace in the Cosmos than we once thought. The 21st Century will see something that human civilization on Earth has not seen for 500 years - the discovery of a new world.


The immediate lesson to be learned, however, and the reason that I am leading the campaign to achieve political recognition that Mars is an inhabited planet, is that we must begin the great debate on Earth to enact the international treaty that is now required to protect the ecology and the civilization of Mars from visitation, exploration, habitation, and colonization by human beings from Earth.


We must remember that Mars does not belong to the people of America or of Russia or, indeed, the people of Earth. Mars belongs to the Martians! If we fail to recognize this, then we will fail our first major test of cosmic citizenship.


I think that the people of the Earth are ready for cosmic citizenship and I think that they are also ready for the truth.


Note: see Mr. Basiago’s paper The Discovery of Life on Mars


Basiago reveals US government’s “quantum access” capability

What is fascinating about the determination made by Mr. High is that Mr. Basiago’s high level (34%) in the linguistic set predicted by the ALTA model might be caused by revelations of his other than those pertaining to life on Mars.


On August 31, 2009, in a six-hour interview by Jessica Schab that has become a YouTube classic, Mr. Basiago disclosed the existence of a secret US time travel program called Project Pegasus.

In the interview, Basiago states that the US government’s “quantum access” capability was so advanced 40 years ago that in 1971, he was asked to read a copy of his paper The Discovery of Life on Mars that had been retrieved from the future, so that when he wrote it, in 2008, it would contain as much data about Mars as possible.


This interview, in which Mr. Basiago explains the connections between his childhood involvement in Project Pegasus and later Mars findings, can be viewed here.


Project Pegasus was a classified, defense-related research and development program launched by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the late 1960’s.


In the YouTube interview with Ms. Schab, Mr. Basiago,

“relates his experiences in DARPA’s Project Pegasus during the period 1969 to 1972, and describes probes to past and future events that he took via teleportation and chronovision during the early days of time-space exploration by the US government.”

According to Mr. Basiago, the US government already had a fully operational teleportation capability in 1967-68, and by 1969-70, was actively training a cadre of gifted and talented American schoolchildren, including himself, to become America’s first generation of “chrononauts” or time-space explorers.

This training, he said, culminated in 1981, when, as a 19-year-old, he teleported to Mars, first by himself after being prepared for the trip by CIA officer Courtney M. Hunt, and then a second time in the company of Hunt.


Both trips, Mr. Basiago said, were made via a “jump room” located at a CIA facility in El Segundo, CA.


The apparent purpose of the trips to Mars was to familiarize him with Mars because the CIA knew of his destiny pertaining to publicly establishing the fact that Mars is an inhabited planet and deemed it important that he visit Mars and experience its conditions first-hand.

Mr. Basiago’s involvement in advanced US time-space research as a child, as well as Courtney M. Hunt’s identity as a career CIA officer, have been confirmed by Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo, an ethicist who works closely with US military and intelligence agencies, and by US Army Captain Ernest Garcia, whose storied career in US intelligence included both serving as a guard on the Dead Sea Scrolls expeditions of Israeli archaeologist Yigal Yadin and as the Army security attaché to Project Pegasus.



Remote sensing in the time-space continuum

Mr. Basiago has revealed that between 1969 and 1972, as a child participant in Project Pegasus, he both viewed past and future events through a device known as a chronovisor and teleported back and forth across the country in vortal tunnels opened in time-space via Tesla-based teleporters located at the Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Company facility in Wood Ridge, NJ and the Sandia National Laboratory in Sandia, NM.

DARPA had, he explains, five reasons for involving American school children in such new, dangerous, and experimental activities.

  • First, the Department of Defense wanted to test the mental and physical effects of teleportation on children.

  • Second, Project Pegasus needed to use children because the holograms created by the chronovisors would collapse when adults stood within them.

  • Third, the children were tabula rasa and would tend to see things during the time probes that adults would tend to miss.

  • Fourth, the children were trainees who upon growing up would serve in a covert time-space program under DARPA that would operate in tandem with the overt space program under NASA.

  • Lastly, the program sponsors found that after moving between time lines, adult time travelers were often becoming insane, and it was hoped that by working with gifted and talented children from childhood, the US government might create an adult cadre of “chrononauts” capable of dealing with the psychological effects of time travel.

In one time probe to the future undertaken by Project Pegasus from a chronovisor device located at ITT Defense Communications in Nutley, NJ, Mr. Basiago viewed the US Supreme Court building in Washington, DC as it would be in the year 2013.


During this probe, he found that the Supreme Court building was under 100 feet of stagnant water and reported this to the Lieutenant Commander from the Office of Naval Intelligence who debriefed him after the probe to the future was completed.


He hastens to add that because the chronovisors did not identify absolute, deterministic futures but rather alternate futures in the “multi-verse,” this catastrophic vision of Washington, DC might be from an alternative time line that does not materialize on our time line.

In contrast to the chronovisor probes, in which a form of virtual time travel was achieved, the teleporters developed by Project Pegasus allowed for physical teleportation to distant locations, sometimes with an adjustment forward or backward in time of days, weeks, months, or years.


According to Mr. Basiago, by 1972, the US government was using “quantum displacement” of this kind to both send people forward in time several years to store sensitive military secrets in the future and backward in time several years to provide the government current intelligence about future events.


Societal impact of chronovision and teleportation

Andrew D. Basiago’s Pegasus revelations establish that a secret, advanced US time-space program emerged 40 years ago. For four decades, this program has used esoteric technologies involving chronovision and teleportation to perform “remote sensing in time” of past and future events.


For the past three decades, teleportation has also been used to send individuals from Earth to strategic US bases on Mars. He is adamant that these technologies be revealed so that their positive and negative aspects can be debated and their positive aspects used to advantage humanity.

Chronovision, he said, could be used to create an international network of virtual museums in which images from the past would be shown to enlighten and educate the public.


Misapplied, such technology could also be used to create a Fascist society based on 24-hour surveillance of individuals by government, which may have been portended by the DARPA project called “Total Information Awareness” that President George W. Bush established and placed under Admiral John Poindexter.

Teleportation is a second quantum access technology developed with public funds that the public is being denied the full benefits of.


Teleportation could be used, Basiago said, to move people and goods more quickly and efficiently around the globe, without the pollution caused by planes, trains, and automobiles or the negative land use effects from airports, railroad tracks, and highways.


Yet, if it is not declassified, teleportation will remain what it has been for 40 years, that is, a weapon for use only by the US military, to have the option to put troops precisely where they are needed on battlefields.

“I take my responsibilities as a planetary whistle blower very seriously,” Basiago said.


“This is a truth campaign for positive human development on this planet. The people of this planet have a right to a true telling of the natural history of the solar system that we inhabit. This includes the truth that Mars is an inhabited planet and also that the United States’ secret space program has already sent individuals from this planet to the Red Planet.


If we are to achieve a sustainable human future on this planet, we must demand that the US government reveal the teleportation that has been used to reach Mars so that it can now be used to revolutionize human transport on Earth. The people of this planet have a right to inhabit a future global society in which all human beings enjoy the life-advantaging benefits of all of the technologies that all of human ingenuity has ever produced.


In both of these cases, whether a treaty protecting Mars or a global network of teleports results, the truth shall set us free.”