19 March 2014

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The Four Mars

  1. The Mars of NASA - Mars Devoid of Life or had Possible Ancient Microbial Life

    Andy: NASA's most recent political statement regarding Mars, during 4/28/10 press conference, which was that Mars is probably devoid of life, but that in the interests of science, we should do things like collect gypsum and rock samples on Mars, because if life exists on Mars it is probably extinct and was microbial when it once existed but might now be found.

    Alfred: We know that,

    • NASA position is false

    • intentional disinformation

    • negative legacy of the Robertson Panel Report of 1953 to debunk ET life

    • NASA violating its legislative mandate set out in the NASA Act of 1958 to promote "the expansion of human knowledge of… space"


  2. The Mars of The Hoagland-Van Flandern Fallacy - Mars once Harbored Ancient Life

    Andy: This fallacy states that evidence of life exists on Mars but only evidence of ancient life that flourished there in pre-history of Earth and Mars.


    Thrust of claims of Richard C. Hoagland since 1976. Dr. Tom van Flandern: The Face on Mars a manmade monument by odds of "one thousand billion billion to one" but from "a civilization that died out 3.2 million years ago."

    Alfred: Hoagland continues to defend this fallacy despite clear, convincing and cogent evidence that, as found in Andy's landmark paper The Discovery of Life on Mars (2008), Mars has an indigenous ecology and civilization.


    Hoagland has resorted to defamation to inoculate the public against revolutionary new data showing that Mars is inhabited.


    He called Alfred "crazy" and Andy "a nut" and accused Andy of being a "paid government agent spreading disinformation far and wide" on Coast to Coast AM after our position prevailed at Alien Event when we used an evidence-based approach to show that Mars is inhabited and 90% of the audience agreed.


  3. The Mars of today's - New generation of Mars anomaly researchers Andrew D. Basiago, Andrew R. Stec, Ross Curley, Paul Goodwin, Lewis M. Rhinehart and Emily Cragg.

    Andy: This is a Mars that has a sensitive, fragile desert ecosystem, with both running and standing bodies of water,

    • that is populated by several humanoid species and numerous animal species

    • that has seen its rocks, mesas and hills so extensively terra-formed that we should have always been speaking in terms of the thousand faces on Mars rather than the single anomaly focus encouraged by Hoagland and the previous generation of Mars researchers on the face on Mars

    • whose animals include species that presently exist on Earth, that once existed on Earth but are now extinct, and that are hybrids of both living and extinct Earth species, especially human-insect hybrids

    • that has a food chain consisting of rapacious competition between animal species on a planet virtually devoid of vegetation

    • where reptoid predation of humanoids is commonplace

    This poses a dilemma between applying The Prime Directive (...of non-interference) and not interfering in an ecosystem where reptoids are eating humanoids versus applying established jus cogens norms on Earth protecting "humans" from genocide.

    Alfred: As a major concern, the need for a Mars Protection Treaty under the 'United Nations' protecting the ecology and civilization of Mars from further visitation, exploration, habitation and colonization by human visitors from Earth.


    This treaty would be bilateral and negotiated diplomatically between the indigenous human civilization on Earth and Mars, and provide for the,

    • full resumption of open diplomatic relations between the Earth and Mars civilizations

    • economic, cultural and trade relations

    • immigration

    • mutual defense

    • technology transfer, and environmental protection, including archeological and biological resource protection

    This treaty is not optional. We are already visiting Mars.


    Our cosmic citizenship requires this treaty.



  4. The Mars that has seen Martian astronauts coming to Earth and Earth chrononauts traveling to Mars since the 1970s, where secret US bases and a common Earth-Mars defense regime exist

    Andy: Andy's encounter with the Martian astronauts at Curtiss-Wright in 1970. Corroboration by his law client, who was a secretary to Howard Hughes, that she met two Martian astronauts at Hughes Aircraft in 1960"s.


    Accounts of Mars ,

    Existence of "jump rooms." Photograph of Mars base revealed by Bob Dean at the European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, Spain, 2009.


    The hidden history of Mars is not just one of Mars having an indigenous ecology and civilization but involves the deep politics implied by the fact that modern human civilization on Earth is already on Mars and has established defense bases there.

    Alfred: This deep politics of Mars has many layers:

    • First, establishment of an elaborate formal and informal disinformation system to keep the US presence on Mars hidden:


      • NASA with its seven means of data distortion of its rover images

      • travel to Mars hidden via reliance on time travel technologies and niches within time-space

      • witting/unwitting operatives, former NASA employees Phil Plait, Ray Villard and Richard C. Hoagland, who have risked their own credibility to attack Andy's Mars findings above and beyond what their career interests would rationally indicate

      • conference organizers, including Steve Bassett, who twice prohibited presentation of Andy's Mars findings at the X Conference and booked George Haas and William Saunders, active suppressors of the Mars findings who have required as per the terms of going on radio shows that Andy's Mars findings not be mentioned on the air

      • Dr. Michael Salla, written false and defamatory statements about the Mars findings and tried to isolate Alfred for supporting Andy

      • funders, such as Sergio Lub, had son-in-law write note to Alfred trying to get him to disavow Andy

      • Paola Harris, who has discouraged discourse about Mars in exopolitics


    • Second, evidence of armed conflict on Mars:


      1. Michael Relfe and "Pat" woman armed forces colleague of Michael Relfe: Conflict with an enemy on Mars involving fire fights with a hyperdimensional adversary

      2. Andrew D. Basiago: Meeting with CIA colonist on Mars in 1981 with Courtney M. Hunt of CIA who described loss of his colleagues to a hostile force, not clear whether it was human, animal or exraterrestrial

      3. Emily Cragg claims of 11/11/07 fire fight at the Ultrea Mesa

      4. Andrew R. Stec's recent image of a US soldier in combat fatigues walking across the surface.



        Above - Human-looking figure of male is at far right

        Below - The male figure is at center in this close-up




    • Third, defense posture on Mars, teleportation capability not to a research base but to a forward military base. The implications: that Earth and Mars are already in a common defense regime.


Why the existence of a Mars cover-up?


First element: The ET cover-up

  1. Washington, DC - July 1952 over-flight of Washington, continuing to the present day

  2. Durant Report, Robertson Panel, 1952-53. ET cover-up is a cover-up of a war in the solar system, if public aware of that, public alarm, so keeping public in the dark part of a war to win against an extra-solar system enemy.


Second element: The time travel cover-up

  1. Project Pegasus. Teleportation weaponized when Tesla's papers were seized in 1943.


    Rumsfeld (1971):

"The significance of teleportation is primarily military. It will enable us to put troops precisely where they are needed on the battle field. Teleportation kept back from public as military weapon and to prevent it from destabilizing fossil fuels-based transport."

Ancient Origins in the Egyptian Civilization

Andy: This violates human rights, because under natural law, human beings on Earth have a human right to a true telling of both the natural history of our solar system and the actual technical history of our civilization, embodied in the 40-year cover-up that Mars is inhabited and 60 years of secrecy surrounding technical development by the defense-technical community that developed the teleportation technology that is being used to reach Mars but kept it secret.


In fact, Earth and Mars were linked in a common interplanetary confederation in antiquity, and the US government is concealing its achievement of teleportation-based time travel by 1970.

Alfred: The history of the ancient connection between Earth and Mars.


An Earth colony on Mars during the first civilization on Earth, the one that built the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. A solar system catastrophe that deeply impacted Mars and Earth.


We believe that debris elements from the Vela supernova explosion hit Mars and Earth, severely damaging both. And the tie between the two planets. We need to recapture an understanding of this event because our planetary survival may depend on it.


Cite Graham Hancock's The Mars Mystery to read the best account of that catastrophe and its implications.


Barbara Hand Clow's theory of catastrophia: One reason Earth humans are such a fearful and violent species is we are working out through lateral conflict memories of that cataclysm.

Andy: Evidence of that high Egyptian civilization includes:

  1. Discovery through satellite images of pyramidal mounds on Mars began with the Mariner mission in the 1960's

  2. Hoagland, Bara and Munck: Study of the D&M Pyramid Complex: Giza, Egypt; Avebury, England, Washington. Cairo means "Mars" and "Aryan" means "Martian"

  3. The Great Pyramid as celestial observatory of Mars, with red orb of Mars focusing through passageway of King's chamber on wall behind the head of his sarcophagus

  4. Andy's discovery of the sarcophagus of a pharaoh on the western edge of the Home Plate Plateau, with same dark turquoise, blood red, and drab green coloration of Nefertiti's headdress in iconic bust of hers found by German archeologist Ludwig Borchardt at Amarna, Egypt in 1912, she the wife of the Sun King, Pharaoh Akhenaton who was the Egyptian ruler when that civilization reached the other planets in solar system

  5. Ross Curley of MARS' discovery of The Rosetta Stone of Mars, the face of an Egyptian pharaoh on rock that Spirit passed on day 2004 of its Mars mission, with banked, cylindrical hat and cobra-ready-to-strike motif of high Egyptian civilization. The ancient connection between Egypt and Mars has been factually established.

Alfred: Since there was this ancient connection between Earth and Mars, then, in the interests of cosmic integrity and solar system governance, it should be re-established with the full public participation of both planetary cultures.


To re-establish our interaction with Mars in a positive way, doing so should not be kept secret. Is there a positive reason to maintain the Mars cover-up? No.


Is the existence of a solar system or intergalactic war a positive reason to perpetuate the Mars cover-up, there is still no reason to keep it secret. We have a sophisticated population that can deal with this information.


Violates basic constitutional doctrine:

  1. Government by the consent of the governed

  2. No taxation without representation

  3. Executive action not via secret delegation of Presidential prerogatives to military or intelligence community but under Presidency.

People can deal with this information because they are rationale; Brookings Report (1961) is invalid.

What Andy and Alfred will continue to do in re Mars Cover-up

Andy (president of MARS, author The Discovery of Life on Mars) will continue to:

  1. Produce research findings showing that Mars has an indigenous ecology and civilization until improved photo-analytic techniques and best available evidence establish that the case for life on Mars is unassailable and it becomes the accepted societal belief

  2. Cultivate whistle blower testimony like he has provided himself and has solicited from others establishing the fact that Martian astronauts have visited Earth and Earthian chrononauts have visited Mars; coming up soon, interview with assistant to Howard Hughes

  3. Relate Mars to his truth campaign urging the US government to declassify its teleportation technology.

"Teleportation is being used secretly to get people from Earth to Mars. It should be used publicly to get people from New York City to Los Angeles"

Alfred (chairman of MARS, authors of Exopolitics) will continue to:

  1. Lobby the Exopolitics community to give Mars law and policy and the Mars cover-up the attention that they deserve within the field of Exopolitics that he founded

  2. Use Mars as a case study for the normalizations of relations between our human society on Earth and off planet cultures, as first introduced in his work Exopolitics (2005)

  3. Draft and campaign for adoption of the Mars Protection Treaty normalizing relations between Earth and Mars and protecting the ecology and civilization of Mars from the effects of further visitation, exploration, habitation and colonization by human beings from Earth