Find out where Religion originated from.


And that Religious characters are just myths from ancient Egypt. If you do your own research you will find it to be true. I'm currently researching and cant find any faults in this documentary.



Exposes The Deceptions of Religions!

"The Naked Truth" ("TNT") series consists of a one-hour and a two-hour video that delve into the origins of religion, providing some of the important information found in The Christ Conspiracy and Suns of God - Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled.

Why is there no contemporary evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed?

This unique series is excellent for turning on friends and family to this explosive info. It is also a superb teaching tool for schools and churches, done in a very professional manner with distinguished spokespeople. The series is not a dry, scholarly chronicle, but incorporates relevant and fascinating facts into an accessible and comprehensible format for everyone of all ages and educational backgrounds.

Find out the secrets behind Christianity!

Why are the religious symbols of ancient Egypt almost identical to those of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions?

Learn how orthodox religious institutions have suppressed these truths to consolidate their power over the masses!

The one-hour version of The Naked Truth is ideal for people on the move, while the long version provides two riveting hours of revelation comparing the ancient texts of the Hindus, Sumerians, Persians and Egyptians with the holy books of later religions, in order to expose:

The Naked Truth examines centuries-old texts from different cultures that contain the exact same phrases - yet these cultures supposedly never interacted!
Were ancient pre-Christian texts plagiarized by conspiratorial religious zealots?

We all know it's easier to watch a video than to read a book, and only with a video can we share the experience with friends and family! Many people have had life-changing experiences while watching these videos--they are that powerful in freeing the soul of humanity from erroneous and enslaving ideologies.


The following is an actual, unsolicited testimonial:

I viewed "The Naked Truth" videos and was "set free" from Christian fundamentalism. I never fit in too well anyway, asked too many questions.... Keep up the much needed and great work!
William Smith

Watched "The Naked Truth" video. Excellent - loved it! Bravo! I am going to show the stuff to some Muslim friends and maybe open their eyes once and for all... I have been showing it to my friends, and everyone loves it....

Very, very interesting news with this video; gave it to Iranian friend whose daughter goes to church. Making long story short, the church people saw it and several people got up and left, believing this is the work of devil, and several other people stopped going to church. A mini-revolution...!

Showed the videos to several other folks here at work, including a Jew, and they are all saying, "Man this is cool!" I know! I love it!
Reza P.

Houston, TX





by urthnet1

May 26, 2011

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