September 2007

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On the 30th of September 2007, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens sat down for a first-of-its-kind, unmoderated 2-hour discussion, convened by RDFRS and filmed by Josh Timonen.


All four authors have recently received a large amount of media attention for their writings against religion - some positive, and some negative. In this conversation the group trades stories of the publicís reaction to their recent books, their unexpected successes, criticisms and common misrepresentations.


They discuss the tough questions about religion that face to world today, and propose new strategies for going forward.


Tolerance of pervasive myth and superstition in modern society is not a virtue. Religious fundamentalism has gone main stream and its toll on education, science, and social progress is disheartening.


Wake up people!! We are smart enough now to kill our invisible gods and oppressive beliefs...

It is the responsibility of the educated to educate the uneducated, lest we fall prey to the tyranny of ignorance...




The Four Horsemen

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