by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

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Before getting into an extensive discussion of the subject, let me first make some rather simple remarks that may answer the question in an immediate way.

In terms of Service To Others: You could say that a soldier in an army would declare that,

"I serve others because I Serve my Country, my People, my General, my Cause - and for this reason, I kill other human beings."

In such a case, anyone viewing this with a historical perspective could see that it was clearly NOT Service To Others in a pure sense.


It is "mixed" with many other factors such as fear, desire, pride and so forth. This "Service To Others" is in another sense, "Service to Self Against Others." So, by using the term "Service to Others" and "Service to Self," we have easily been able to identify the essential nature of the activity without even having to think about the values in specific, i.e. whether the cause is "just" or "unjust," and who might be "right" or "wrong." What you see is simply this: a judgment. One person in action against another, and that is the essence of Service to Self.

Yet, when we divide the world into "good and/or evil," that is exactly what we are doing - we are judging. What is "good" is subjective, and what is "evil" is also subjective. We might try to use the terms "positive" or "negative" but we immediately fall into a value judgment of "good or evil," so that wonít do. The terms "Service to Others" and Service to Self" give us a better handle on what we are dealing with in our world.

Lisa complains that it is "too simplistic," and maybe so... but not nearly so simplistic and prone to error as "good and evil," or "positive and negative." If anyone has a better set of terms, I wish they would suggest them!

These terms, "Service to Others" and "Service to Self" are inextricably mixed up with the idea of "love." On an individual basis, we may say that we Love this or that person, and want to Serve them, but then the question arises: WHICH PART OF THEM are we serving? The higher part that seeks spiritual growth and Union with God, or the Lower part that seeks survival in the Flesh? When we help someone who keeps making the same mistakes over and over again, we are clearly interfering in their lessons. What, then, are we serving?


Most likely ourselves because we are then able to "feel good" that we are so "long suffering" and "patient" and "self-sacrificing," because we can certainly see, from the evidence of our eyes, that the other person isnít making any progress by virtue of our efforts. And, it may be a far more difficult thing to deny assistance, particularly when it is someone we love, because it "hurts us to see them hurt." Yet, that may be the very thing needed in order for them to grow - to be left to their own suffering until they have had enough so that they will begin to see their own way out of the difficulty, thereby building soul strength and accessing their own powers and inner potentials.

But, we run into the same problem of judgment here:

arenít we judging whether the person is really asking from the soul level or the level of the flesh? And, canít we be wrong?


Because an STS vehicle does not learn to be an STO candidate by determining the needs of another. If one "gives" where there is no request, therefore no need, this is a free will violation!

How do we know when our giving is violating anotherís free will? Well, we DO have a little bit of a clue in many ancient teachings about "asking." The stories say: "ask and you shall receive." But, if you study this idea, you find that what they really say is "ask and keep on asking, and it shall be given you; seek and keep on seeking, and you shall find; knock and keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you."

There are a number of Jesusí parables that illustrate this point, particularly the "Friend at Midnight," found in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 11, vs.5-13.

The same teaching is standard procedure among the yogis of India and Tibet. A sufficient effort must be made by the supplicant before a response is made. In some cases, it takes YEARS of asking!

So, a good general rule to follow is that TRUE asking is accompanied by sincere effort on the part of the one asking, and they must have done all that is in their power to achieve that for which they are asking.

Greg wants to travel into the past and reverse a "mistake" that he believes cost his wife her life. He believes that his motives are pure: he also wants to correct his mistakes and do the "right thing" this next time around. He has come face to face with the Universe and the anguish faced by millions upon millions of people down through millennia who have "wept when it was all done, for being done too soon..." In Gregís opinion, the Universe made a mistake - God screwed up - and he, Greg, knows NOW what he was supposed to know then, so he wants another chance. He wants to manipulate Time. He wants another chance. (Donít we all at one time or another?)

Manipulating time is not the same thing as going to the store and deciding to spend a couple bucks to buy this product or the other product. To buy one shampoo or another generally has consequences only for the self - whether one or the other product gives satisfaction. But, traveling into the past to change one single thing, even so simple a thing as which shampoo one buys in a store at a given moment, could have ENORMOUS consequences that are unknown without sufficient knowledge of the nature of our reality, the universe, time itself, karma, and a whole host of related issues.

When discussing the purported "Montauk Project" with the Cassiopaeans, the incredible potentials of time manipulation were made clear in the following remark:

Q: Were they able to materialize people from the past or the future?
A: Temporarily.

Q: Did they, in fact, do this?
A: Yes.

Q: Did they ask people from the future what kinds of events have occurred between then and now in order to refine their plans and activities?
A: No such.

Q: Why?
A: Variable futures. One of 329 decillion.

Q: Probable futures?
A: Yes. Up to a point...

Q: At which time something collapses into the now.

So, what might be the consequences of Gregís desired manipulation? We, at present, have no way of knowing; we can only conjecture.

Nevertheless, to truly "serve others," in a pure sense, and not in the sense of the soldier in the army who serves one side, one ought to wish to learn about these potential consequences. If you believe that manipulating time is possible, then you need to seek the knowledge of consequences by studying what is known about time, nature, life after death, the realms of existence, and related subjects in order to fully understand the consequences.


Before one should try to manipulate time for ANY reason, all possible energy should be expended to make sure that this is what the other person really wants, and then to make certain that such manipulation will not cause a disaster to others in some non-linear way. Otherwise, it becomes the same as the soldier in the army who is serving HIS country, HIS general and HIS cause, not regarding the country, general and cause of his "enemy."

Sometimes, "Serving Others," in the human sense of the word, is merely the serving of the STS part of the person, the 3rd density aspect of the flesh, and is NOT true STO in the sense of achieving higher balance.

If you give a child candy every time they ask for it, because you "love" them, or seek to "serve them" by meeting their every request, are you truly "serving" them? Even if their constant diet of candy leads to their ultimate physical death from diabetes?

If you intercede for your child every time he misbehaves in life, and prevent his experience of the consequences, how will he grow up?

Let me also add Arkís comments on the idea of traveling into the past to change it:

"Experimenting without really understanding what we are experimenting with would be very dangerous. And not only for the experimentors. One has to understand the phenomena first. This understanding is still lacking. What Bearden and other Tesla fans are writing about in terms of time travel is totally unreliable and, in fact, is confusion and obfuscation. Of course you can produce an unusual effect here and there, but next time you try it - you produce what you didnít intend. Therefore, and this is my strong belief, theoretical understanding is necessary. That is a good conceptual and mathematical model. There are several competing theories on the market - none goes far enough and none can be relied upon.

"(...). I hope, with time all that will be solved positively. "There is no time" - so be patient. If you stay patient, and not too long - you will see time travel implemented. Maybe not the way we like to think of it - yet real. We will kick "time" and it will kick us back.

"To play with inanimate gadgets may be fun. But to play with human beings and souls is the domain of STS."




Another aspect that needs to be understood is this: In 3rd density, we are ALL Serving Self in one way or another. We cannot, by our very nature of existence in the flesh that must consume to survive, be pure STO beings. Thatís the bottom line.


And, it is in the understanding of this, the acceptance of it and then focusing on learning the lessons of this estate in which we find our being, that we have the chance of becoming "STO candidates."



A: You are all STS. If you were not, you would not be where you are.

Q: (A) There are those who are happy in the STS mode; and there are those who are trying to get out of the STS mode...
A: STO candidate. You are confused because you seem to think you must be STO to be an STO candidate. You are STS, and you simply cannot be otherwise, until you either reincarnate or transform at realm border crossing.

Q: Alright, I got that. We are here, we are what we are, and until the realm border comes, we canít be anything else.

(F) So, donít worry about being STS. That is what we all are. As long as we eat food, thatís what we are. Itís that simple. You can be moving toward STO, but you arenít there yet, and there is nothing wrong with that.
A: [And there are] different ways of getting there. Your respective developments have led you to where you are.


Q: (L) Okay. One of the sensations I have experienced lately that this feeling of having had enough of 3rd density, in an absolute sense. Is this one of the primary motivators for wanting to find oneís way out of this trap we are in. I want out of it. Is this part of this "nature" as you call it?
A: Yes. When you see the futility of the limitations of 3rd density life, it means you are ready to graduate. Notice those who wallow in it.

Q: (L) Some people obviously wallow in extreme materiality. And there seems to be another kind that is more subtle, which has to do with saying that you want to grow and become enlightened, and yet such a person is unable to pierce the veil of their own illusions and delusions about how to become enlightened...
A: Wallowing takes many forms. More often, the sign of "subtle wallowing" is someone who does not feel alienated by the obvious traps and limitations of 3rd density.


Q: (L) How does one know that one is a 4 D candidate?
A: You gradually "awaken".

Q: (L) Are my children 4 D candidates? And my husband? You have to tell me this. If I have to deal with things, let me do it a little at a time.
A: You are not in correct frame of mind.

Q: (L) Well, that sounds ominous.
A: Wait for answer.

Q: (L) Wait until when?
A: You are ready.

Q: (L) So, in other words, some people may have to leave behind children or mates, or siblings or parents, is that true?
A: If so, will be prepared.

Q: (L) Is there any way to tell if someone is a 4 D candidate?
A: Inquire of them.

Q: (L) And, will they know?
A: Yes, at some level. In a sense. Those who are chosen feel it. You will know.


Q: (L) How does one get to be a 4th density candidate?
A: Natural progression.

Q: (L) Is everyone on this planet a 4th density candidate?
A: No.

Q: (L) Could someone become a candidate overnight who is not now a candidate?
A: Yes.


Q: (L) Once we move into 4th density we are on an equal footing with all these other guys and things will be more equal. At the same time, those who are not 4th density candidates are going to cycle back and start all over again. Basically they are all going to go into the primordial soup and experience another 300,000 years of strife and misery. (BP) And this moving into 4th density will be a change in perception, rather than a change in location, in terms of space/time, is that correct?
A: Close.


Q: (L) Does that mean that when a person is a 4th density candidate that they have to leave their body to go to 4th density?
A: Yes unless they are in the body when The Wave arrives.


Q: (L). What is the criteria to be a 4th density candidate?
A: There is no criteria. A criteria implies a judgment system which implies that an individual or individuals are watching over the progress of other individuals. It is merely part of the natural process of learning, which you are in total control of from beginning to end, in one sense. In that sense, you choose to be in the environment you are in, which does not indicate any recommendation of the environment by any higher source, or, conversely, any condemnation of the environment by any higher source, but merely the existence of the environment and your choice to exist within it. Therefore, being a candidate merely means that you have chosen to be a candidate for ANY level of density, be it first, second, etc. It is a choice of the self to continue that learning pathway.

In the following except, some aspects of being an STO Candidate are brought out in a discussion of an interaction with a potential abductor of the participants:


Q: (T) Why did he talk to us? Why did he approach us? I know exactly...
A: Spying on you and aural frequency reading, had you not been as strong, would have suffered permanent abduction because of your studies

Q: (L) What is there about strength that makes one inaccessible to permanent abduction?
A: Strength is of character, i.e. if STO candidate, not likely to be victim.

Q: (L) Not likely to be victim... OK, but what... is the thing inside one that stops them... I mean, is this something that is a core ingredient of certain human beings? Is this like something inside them that blocks this manipulation and victimization?
A: Soul pattern.

Q: (L) So in other words, there is something about us, or within us, that literally they cannot touch or harm, is that correct?
A: Basically, but difficult to facilitate.

Q: (L) OK, in other words, this is something that is in us, that creates an inherent barrier, but not necessarily something that we can, at this level of density, reach in, grab out as a weapon, and wave around, as in facilitate?
A: Can, but intricate to do consciously.

Q: (L) Is this some quality or ability that we can work at? Is this a state of focused awareness, whole body awareness, internal and external, basically whole body awareness...

(J) Going with instinct... ?
A: Helpful.

Q: (L) Thatís helpful. Is there something we can do to develop this to the highest degree possible, while in these bodies, in this density?
A: Wait for 4th

Q: (L) 4th density?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) We canít develop it ourselves, but if we...

(J) We can start the process...

(T) Itís a case of not developing it, itís a case of that, if you can do it, it does it all by itself, you donít think about it... Itís a do, itís an involuntary, itís there, it works when it needs to work. Is this the idea?
A: Yes.


Q: (L) A reader asks: íI would like to ask the Cís what we could each do to best develop ourselves to be ready for the transition. [...] Maybe the question is: what do each of us, individually and/or as a group, need to do to ensure that we are candidates for 4th density during the transition, and can we help friends and loved ones?í
A: Not correct concept.

Q: (L) What IS the correct concept?
A: If one embarks upon a journey, what does one do to prepare?

Q: (L) Well, I guess that if one is not really sure of the route or destination that one tries to have as much of a variety of clothing and necessary essentials and packs the suitcase and gets ready to leave, yes?
A: Does one concern oneís self with the proper texture of the suitcase?

Q: (L) Not usually. If it is big enough and strong enough to hold what might be needed, that is all that matters. Are you comparing the suitcase to the body?
A: No.

Q: (L) Then I donít understand the analogy.
A: If one walks down a street, does one choose the color of oneís socks based on what one expects to arise during the walk?

Q: (L) No, that would be an utterly trivial concern. And you pick your socks based on what you have, what you like and what feels good. Functionality... how well they do the job as socks...
A: Yes, so?

Q: (L) Okay, I get it. He further writes: íIím not sure what constitutes the requirements for transition to 4th density. I would have thought spiritual enlightenment and commitment to STO, and related attributes would have been high on the list. But there are Lizards on 4th density, and they are certainly not all that nice to us and are not STO, as a rule. How did they get to 4th density?í
A: He needs a better understanding in general, and this is a natural process, there is no preparation.

Q: (L) Okay, another reader writes in response to the first one: íThere is evidence for the case that mankind is devolving rather than evolving. We have descended from our forebears, not ascended from some ape-hybrid.
A: Devolving?!?

Q: (L) Are you saying that ídevolvingí is not an accurate way of describing this process?
A: Of course not!! Devolving does not exist! All there is are lessons.

Q: (L) Well, we are talking about the obvious evidence for higher and more advanced civilizations of the past. My thought would be...
A: That is not devolving. If your great grandchildren wind up tossing spears, that is íevolutioní too.

Q: (L) So, it is the spiritual matters that count and not the technological state of the civilization?
A: Close.

Q: (L) So, a highly advanced civilization could be not as highly evolved, spiritually speaking, as a less advanced civilization in terms of spirit?
A: No matter what, it is still "evolution."

Q: (L) Does it have to do with the fact that time is variable and selective, and all actually exists simultaneously?
A: Somewhat. There is no such thing as devolvement. All experiences are rich with lessons. Many in your realm need to move beyond this superiority/ inferiority kick.

Q: (L) Anyway, speaking of these ancient civilizations, he says: íYet they all met the same decisive end. They failed to graduate. Cataclysms overtook them all...í
A: Who says they failed to graduate? This gentleman proposes to know what constitutes graduation?!? How does he know this?

Q: (L) I guess it is an assumption that the state of the material civilization, or what happens to it, is a measure of the possible/probable graduation of the members of that civilization in whole or part. He says that we must írediscover what was known before. I personally believe that it was a failure to prepare for the transition to 4th density.í He says: íThe 4th density, as I understand it, is one where the thoughts of the heart can actually generate external reality almost instantaneously. Can you imagine the devastation if one is not prepared for that. Preparation, it seems to me, would consist of honestly coming to grips with those demons within us and purging them through a variety of means until the water of Spirit runs clear from our intentions.
A: Preparation consists of merely being there!

Q: (L) I think that the issue is, what these two guys are trying to get to is that they want to transition to 4th density, they donít want to be hanging out on a post-cataclysmic world where everything is all messed up, they donít want to go back to square one and do third density all over again and suffer, and they want to know how or why or what to do to ensure that they make this transition?
A: You cannot honestly entertain such nonsense, can you?

Q: (L) Well, I have tried to explain to them that it doesnít matter where you are or any preparations that you have made along this line, but it is important as to WHO you are and what you SEE. And, seeing is based on awareness, and awareness is based on knowledge. Therefore, it seems to me that the only thing one should be occupying oneself doing is gathering and gaining knowledge.
A: Closer.

Q: (L) Can we get closer than that?
A: No.

Q: (L) Okay. Letís move right along here. This reader also says that what he thinks is part of the preparation for 4th density is an extensive effort toward the methods of creating our own reality in the sense of using visualizations toward a desired end with enough consistent emotional intensity as to manifest the phenomenon in the physical.í
A: Also, three cups of sugar, mixed with quinine and eye of gnute. Be sure to shake it three times over your head in a burlap sack while wearing an amulet depicting King George backwards over your left nipple. Say 14 oooms while shaking your left ankle 5 times, throw in some monoatomic gold...

[at this point we are becoming aware of what is being said and laughing so hard that it is difficult to call out the letters.]

Q: (L) I think I get the point. You are saying that all of this stuff that people are doing is, where they think they are doing something to get them somewhere, is simply a waste of time?
A: Oh no, not at all, we have forgotten to mention the sage, salt and the unleavened bread!

Q: (L) The bottom line that I have on the subject is that anybody who does this or that WITH THE INTENT of achieving 4th density, is following the STS mode because they EXPECT SOME RESULT or reward, and that is Servicing Self...
A: Yes, and they are missing the point. By the way, when does the next flight leave for North Carolina?

Q: (L) So, wanting to DO anything other than to just BE as fully as you can be in the here and now constitutes...
A: STS and... 3rd density thought.




Q: (L) Have the Cassiopaeans ever been in physical bodies?
A: Ever is subjective.

Q: (L) Okay, at any point in space time have you occupied physical bodies?
A: Have, will and do. Omnipresent.

Q: (L) Are you part of our higher consciousness?
A: So is everything else.