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 -  Acerca de Laura Knight-Jadczyk


 -  Abducción Extraterrestre, Posesión Demoníaca, y La Leyenda del Vampiro


 -  Algo Maligno Viene Hacia Acá


 -  Alien Monsters


 -  Aliens and Cosmic COINTELPRO


 -  Ascensión - Los Casiopeos


 -  Ascension - The Quest for the Holy Grail


 -  A Wider Perspective on the Bogdanov Affaire - COINTELPRO and the Speed of Light


 -  Binary Stars - Does our Sun have a Dark Companion?


 -  Cointelpro Cósmico - Extractos



 -  Cometa Elenin, La Conexión Cósmica, y El Debilitamiento del Velo - Experimento Casiopea - Sesión 13 Feb.2011


 -  Cometa Elenin - ¿Portento de Qué?


 -  Comet Elenin, Cosmic Connection, The Weakening of The Veil - Cassiopaea Experiment - Session 13 Feb.2011


 -  Comet Elenin Is Coming!



 -  Comments on the Pentagon Strike


 -  Cosmic Connection - Comet's Wars, Pestilences and Disasters


 -  Dirt on SERPO


 -  Eíriú-Eolas/Growth of Knowledge - Breathing and Meditation Program


 -  El Despertar


 -  Enlightenment and Ascension - Laura Answers Questions from Readers


 -  Enochian Magicians, Aliens and the Nazis - Agents of Cosmic COINTELPRO and The Stargate Conspiracy?


 -¿Es el HAARP una Conspiración Para Controlar el Tiempo? ¿O es Algo Más Siniestro?


 -  Estrellas Binarias - ¿Nuestro Sol tiene un Compañero Oscuro?


 -  Ethnic Specific Weapons


 -  Fire and Ice - The Day After Tomorrow


 -  Fluorine Compounds Make you Stupid - Why is the Government not Merely Allowing, but Promoting Them?


 -  Forget About Global Warming - We're One Step From Extinction!


 -  Global Pathocracy - Authoritarian Followers and the Hope of the World


 -  Has Nibiru/Planet X Been Sighted?


 -  Hoagland, Hyperdimensions, Space and Time and Assorted Strange Connections


 -  How to Spot COINTELPRO Agents


 -  Impact Hazards on a Populated Earth?


 -  Josephus, Pilate and Paul - Its Just a Matter of Time


 -  Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism


 -  La Conspiración de la Puerta Cósmica


 -  La Onda - Main File


 -  La Verdad Acerca de un Pueblo Semitico...


 -  Lluvia de Cometas - ¿Los Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis?


 -  Los Cassiopaeans Responden Preguntas Acerca de la "Ascensión"


 -  Los Protocolos de Los Patócratas


 -  Maynerd Most (a pseudonym) AKA "Dr. Strange" - New Age Grifter or COINTELPRO?


 -  Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets - Damages, Disasters, Injuries, Deaths, and Very Close Calls


 -  Michael Topper on Stalking


 -  Mukluks, Snowshoes and other Prophetic Considerations - Whitley Strieber - Excerpts


 -  Multi-Dimensional Soul Essences



 -  O.H. KRLL, Val Valerian, the Cassiopaeans and Other Mysterious Beings...


 -  Organic Portals - The "Other" Race


 -  Ormethion, el 'Dios' de Los SAS… Y los Nombres de 'Dios'


 -  Patocracia Global - Seguidores Autoritarios y la Esperanza del Mundo


 -  'Political Ponerology' by Andrew M. Lobaczewski - Commentaries and Additional Quoted Material


 -  'Ponerologia Politica' por Andrew M. Lobaczewski - Comentarios y Material Adicional Citados


 -  Portales Orgánicos - La "Otra" Raza


 -  Reining In The Imperial Presidency - The Conyers Report and What YOU Can Do With It!


 -  Roswell Revisited or Shades of The X-Files!



 -  SAD y SAS - ¿Qué Significan Realmente? - Main file



 -  Ser o No Ser


 -  Something Wicked This Way Comes


 -  Supernovae - Vehicle of Ascension?



 -  Technicians of Ecstasy - The Shamanic Initiation of The Knighted Ones


 -  The Coming of The Cassiopaeans - Amazing Grace



 -  The Denver Airport Material



 -  The Destruction of the 9-11 Truth Movement


 -  The French Connection


 -  The Golden Age, Psychopathy and The Sixth Extinction


 -  The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man - Visa to Magonia


 -  The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and The Process of Alien Abduction


 -  The Nexus Seven Meet The Cassiopaeans


 -  The Priory of Sion - from The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man


 -  The Protocols of The Pathocrats


 -  The Stargate Conspiracy - A Review, analysis, and commentary on the book by Picknett and Prince


 -  The True Identity of Fulcanelli and The Da Vinci Code



 -  The Truth About a Semitic People...


 -  The Wave - Main File


 -  Transient Passengers - Laura Answers Questions from Readers


 -  Tunguska, Psychopathy and The Sixth Extinction


 -  Tunguska, The Horns of The Moon and Evolution



 -  Underground Bases - Information from The Cassiopaeans


 - "V" is For Vendetta



 -  What is "STS-STO" - Main file



 -  Who Wrote the Bible


 -  Witches, Comets and Planetary Cataclysms



Additional Information



 -  Cambios Planetarios - La Lista de Aciertos de Los Casiopeos


 -  Cassiopaea Esoteric Glossary



 -  Connecting The Dots - Global Warming Gaffe, Flukraine's Folly, Mossad Mendacity


 -  Connecting The Dots - The Mass Poisoning Begins, the Secret Team's Tricks Continue and the Dollar's...


 -  Earth Changes - The Cassiopaeans Hit List


 -  Entrevista a Laura Knight Jadczyck


 -  Laura Knight-Jadczyk Interview on BBC Radio



 -  Psychopathy - Special Research Project of the Quantum Future School


 - ¿Qué Es un Psicópata?


 -  Sinopsis del Material Casiopeo  - Extractos fechados: Octubre, 1994 - Enero 1996


 -  The Cassiopaeans Logs - Cassiopaeans Transcripts from 1994 to 2002


 -  The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and The Process of Alien Abduction - Book Review


 -  Towards The New World Order With The Men Who Count The Votes - Connecting The Dots


 -  William Milton Cooper Killed in Entrapment





 -  Laura Knight-Jadczyk and The Cassiopaeans - Video Interview by Project Camelot Productions

 -  Laura Knight-Jadczyk Interview on BBC Radio


 -  Laura Knight-Jadczyk y La Canalización Cassiopea - Entrevista con La BBC Wales Radio 2007

 -  Laura Knight y Los Cassiopeos - Entrevista de Project Camelot Productions


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