by Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH

from LeonardHorowitz Website


The Future of Civilization and 21st Century Medicine Rests with Vaccinations According to Health Officials and Drug Industrialists. Here's An Opposing View by An Award-Winning Author and Internationally-Renowned Public Health Expert

Magicians do slight-of-hand-routines. Now you see it; now you don’t. Theirs is a deceptive trade. You watch the active hand. It fools every time. Before their trick they bate you with what appears real and solid. You know you’re not a fool, but you’re left wondering, “How did that happen?”

Vaccine magic is performed consistently by the mainstream media.


Spin-doctors and medical deities weave webs of deception only sorcerers might suspect. Vaccines are heralded as cancer cures, required for frightening flus, vital for children’s health, and scientifically-certified as risk free.


Grab the Bate

“A federal advisory panel recommended that the Food and Drug Administration approve a vaccine that has been shown to prevent cervical cancer, the second most prevalent cancer among women worldwide,” the LA Times’s act heralded nationally.(1)

The story didn’t explain the many certified causes of cancer including lifestyle risks, chemical exposures, and vaccines containing foreign genetic material from various species.

This bate said,

“The FDA almost always follows the recommendations of its advisory panels and is expected to do so in this case, . . .”

I went to see “The Shaggy Dog,” rated-G, with my 11-year old daughter the other night. The villain, lusting for wealth and power, developed a human vaccine for longevity by mutating animals. He said,

“The FDA is never a problem that money can’t handle.”

My laugh was tempered by the long list of FDA-approved drugs, and previous vaccines for polio, smallpox, anthrax, Lyme, hepatitis B and more, condemned by class-action lawsuits.

Speaking for their cervical cancer vaccine, Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) said,

“It is common sense, good medicine and a groundbreaking step forward in the fight against cancer.”

Odd, I thought, Planned Parenthood traditionally plans population control not cancer prevention. Richards presides over the world’s second leading proponents of population reduction.

In recent publications, PPFA heralded its collaboration in drug trials with the Population Council of New York involving RU-486, the “abortion pill.” Following years of violating the health of millions of women with under-the-skin progestin implants called Norplant, these same parties now advance “Are You For 86?”

When you “86” something, it means you “get rid of it,” “trash it,” or “disappear it.” Are you interested in disappearing life? Obviously, these family and population planners seek ways of getting rid of “excess” humans.(2)

Financially influenced by Rockefeller’s leading petrochemical–pharmaceutical institutions, history shows these powerful “population planners” consistently working to manage global eugenics—the science of racial hygiene and “ethnic cleansing.”(3) Desperately seeking ways to control “excess populations,” how do you suppose they might magically disappear half of us now targeted for elimination?

Meanwhile, Newsweek (May 19, 2006), and the same day Honolulu Star Bulletin, said direct injection of mercury known to be neurologically toxic, while in vaccines has little, if anything, to do with sky-rocking rates of brain damage called “autism” in our nation’s youth.


Through their message affiliate, MSNBC, researchers from Cambridge University—a virtual central intelligence agency for governing royalty—encourage you to test yourself for this mysterious “mind-blindness.” (4)


Why would magicians want to extinguish “mind-blindness?”

To solve this mystery, Occam’s Razor is not prescribed. It states the simplest explanation for anything is usually correct. Magicians don’t want you to look here, especially with “Vaccine Magic.”


The sky-rocking rates of neurological disease in our children, coinciding in time with accumulating heavy metals and toxic chemicals injected with vaccines far exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency's toxic dose limits, has nothing to do with vaccine poisoning says the medical serpent.


Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle, is not immune to these tricks of magic. Medical organizations nationwide have urged her to,

“veto a bill [SB2133] that would ban vaccines with any mercury... except in cases of shortage.”

(Honolulu Star-Bulletin, May 19, 2006)

Her compliance is assured as medical deities tell us important mercury-preserved vaccines are in short supply.

Using words carefully chosen and echoed internationally by health officials, state Health Department deputy director, Dr. Linda Rosen, said,

“Our concern is this will make more people afraid of immunizations and reluctant to immunize children.”

The audience doesn’t perceive the deception—the difference between vaccination and immunization. “Immunization” is not man-made toxin-injection. It is the natural body-guarding response to foreign proteins and germs, the most lethal of which have been transmitted to humanity through contaminated vaccines and blood supplies.

Classic immunology draws an important distinction between these two terms. Casually substituting “immunization” for “vaccination” mystifies the masses. More accurately, in reality, vaccinations cause hyper-sensitizations. Simply put, white blood cell body guards begin to attack far more than desired. Myriad auto-immune diseases and childhood injuries result from vaccinations warns package inserts rarely studied by medical deities. But pseudo-scientists and ignorant health officials confuse this matter with the “immunization” misnomer.

Similarly, they repeat the myth that vaccines, not improvements in hygiene and nutrition, caused the great reduction, or alleged elimination, of deadly human diseases.

These are crucial tricks of the “public health” trade.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), allied medical associations, and Kaiser Permanente oppose Hawaii’s SB2133. Their audience doesn’t see the revolving door between prestigious AAP pharmaceutical prostitutes, our medical associations profiteering as drug-dealers, and their common markets developed from diseases induced by vaccinations (including numerous cancers, auto-immune diseases, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and more).


Add to this unholy alliance Kaiser Permanente — America’s leading vaccine testing institution — organizationally rooted in the genocidal practice of eugenics for white-Anglo-American-supremacy.


Foolish Heresy or Reality?

Before your imagination runs wild considering my view of “Vaccine Magic,” consider Kaiser’s history with the Rockefeller family cooperatively pioneering “managed care” in America along with the Kaiser Institute for Eugenics, Anthropology, and Human Heredity in pre-Nazi Germany.


In essence, these contemporary powers spearheaded Hitler’s racial hygiene program, its genetic experiments for unnatural selection, and propaganda methods in advancing their “master race.”(5)(6)

“Everything has changed today!” you say?

Maybe not. Victims then were persuaded to enter gas chambers for “public health” and “disinfection.” Come get your free vaccines!

But officials assure us,

“vaccines are safe and effective.”

“If you tell a lie long enough eventually it will be believed as truth,” Hitler said. “And the greater the lie, the more people will believe it.”

Are today’s hospitals and school-based vaccination policies kin to the concentration camps of yesteryear?

Given the magnitude of this issue, don’t you think it might be prudent to view who might be pulling the strings behind stage, and ask some serious questions? It would be radical to do less.

Doctors, nurses, and public health pundits rarely consider who or what’s behind the “curtain.” Blind bias says this is heresy. They never learn this history, not foolish conspiracy theory, but a living dynasty, largely because the Rockefeller’s established monopoly over American medicine, public health, and academic programming started early last century.

Have you seen the movie Manchurian Candidate
? Medical deities may be, likewise, well-trained assassins; clueless of their lethal actions, and the diabolical jobs they perform for their shadow governors.

Viewed under this microscope, such malfeasance and political corruption are tricks vaccine magicians prefer not revealed about their trade.


The Grand Finale - Saving Their Best for Last

A few years go, among his final acts, Lance Burton made a 330,000 pound Stealth Bomber disappear on prime time television. The mirage involved hundreds of military and civilian personnel each performing with limited knowledge of the total scheme. The camera never blinked. The aircraft disappeared none-the-less.

Near the Bible’s end, with the final world war afflicting terrorized humanity, great plagues erupt along with weather changes and natural disasters. Pharmaceutical magicians are then indicted (literally in older Bible versions of Revelation 18:23) for hypnotizing the planet’s mystified masses. This pagan deception kills billions of people who put their faith and trust in lesser deities. A third of all life on Earth disappears as a result of the magicians’ economic and geopolitical poisonings.

If you were to write the grand finale for a movie called “Vaccine Magic,” how would it end?


Here’s my version...

Set in tropical Hawaii, natives are decimated. Less than 8,000 remain. Anglo-American cult[l]ure has afflicted them like a plague. Immigrants fare little better. Economically privileged citizens neglect ancient wisdom and their moral roots. They grow stressed, demoralized, and diseased by their addiction to spiritually-constraining and ecologically-unsustainable living.


Their ocean is crying and dying.


Traditional strength in aloha ohana (i.e., the loving family) is replaced by an engrossing virtual reality projected by a controlled-media promoting individualism, immorality, lust for sex, social dominance, and drug delirium. This infuses all pastimes and pleasures.

As this magical distraction and trance-state spreads, the government, directed from the shadows by demonic humanoids, grows in power and possessions. Sovereign spiritual temples, children’s bodies, are decreed state properties. Philosophical and religious exemptions to vaccinations, blood testing, genetic tracking, and micro-chipping are terminated. Access to schools and workplaces is blocked pending compliance with state "immunization" statutes.

In the final scene, a flu fright or bioterrorist attack is loosed by the shadow governors. People line up, like sheep to the slaughter, for “required immunizations” and FDA-approved drugs. The frenzy provides opportunity for government orders for "medical microchips," produced by the “Digital Angel Corporation”(7) to be seeded into the population.

Most government officials and medical operatives are unaware of the total scheme. The company’s literature decrees these “sensors” beneficial in identifying, monitoring, and, if necessary, incapacitating “high-value assets” including “pets, fish, poultry, humans and livestock.” The hair-sized microchips are dispensed, along with the vaccines, in military-style operations.


Recipients are told they are "lucky" to get the treatments given their "limited supply."

Soon thereafter, the “medical biochips” are triggered (as viewed in the new release of Mission Impossible). Millions of "lucky" persons die. Survivors are terminally enslaved.