by Judy Wilyman PhD
August 10, 2021
from VaccinationDecisions Website







Did you know that antibiotics are in most vaccines?


Many people are allergic to antibiotics and using any vaccine carries the serious risk of anaphylactic shock to this and many other vaccine ingredients.


Are you being informed of this before you give consent to the vaccination of your baby or yourself?


Please consider whether you want the substances listed below injected into the tissues of your newborn infant before the body systems are fully developed.


These ingredients and many more are present in vaccines and the vaccination schedule has expanded over 70 years to include mandates for 16 vaccines in Australian Social Services policies, but not in any Health Act.


This allows the Australian Prime Minister to claim that vaccines are not compulsory even though social services programs and businesses can coerce parents with their jobs, childhood education, welfare benefits and travel since January 2016.


Parents must 'choose' between using a drug or having the capacity to live in society. Is this a real choice?


This policy has not been made mandatory in any Health Act in Australia because the Australian government has not provided any scientific evidence to validate mandatory vaccination as being for a legitimate public health purpose.


If there is no health law to validate this policy, then governments are breaching all International Human Rights Covenants and medical ethics with coercive vaccination in social services policies.


These policies remove parents right to welfare benefits, jobs, education, and travel. That is, they are losing their inalienable right to live in society without any scientific evidence being provided by the Australian government.


The 'new norm' in children's health since coercive vaccination policies were implemented in the 1990's include,

allergies, anaphylaxis, Kawasaki's Disease (vasculitis), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), autoimmune disorders (diabetes, childhood rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis etc.), thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP), autism, speech delay, neurological disorders, encephalopathy, meningitis, ADHD, cancers,

...and many more that has increased in direct correlation to the vaccination program - a plausible cause of this illness.


However, doctors will tell you 'we don't know what causes these illnesses' and 'it would have developed anyway'. Here is further evidence of the possible causal link between vaccines and autism. Here is the evidence that the CDC cannot support its claim that vaccines do not cause autism.


Your doctor will also inform you that this is 'just a coincidence' after vaccination because the Australian government and vaccine manufacturers have never funded a causality study that would disprove this association.


That is, a study that uses an inert placebo in the unvaccinated trial group to prove the safety of each vaccine over an appropriate long-term period: 

a period that includes the delay in the appearance of these diseases (5-10 years), or even the safety of combining 16 vaccines in the human body.

That is, governments are assuming they are safe without any hard evidence to prove it. This is called 'undone science' and it is described in my PhD thesis.


Governments don't have to prove the safety of these drugs because the pharmaceutical companies received indemnity for any vaccine product in the US Congress in 1986.


They needed to get indemnity due to the millions of dollars they were paying out every year in the 1980's due to deaths and injuries caused by vaccines.


Is this evidence that vaccines are 'lifesaving drugs' as the medical industry refers to them?


Since 1986 governments have misused the precautionary principle in the design of vaccination policies. This is the principle that is designed to protect the public's health in government health policies.


However, since 1986 the onus of proof of harmlessness in this principle has been reversed and it is now protecting industry-interests in government policies - not the public's interest of 'health'.


This is the case even though the public has been informed that vaccination policies are designed to 'protect community health'. The community is trusting the government to be carrying out its duty of care to its citizens in protecting health in the design of public health policies.


Yet by reversing the onus of proof the government is protecting the industry-interests of profits in these policies.


Despite the medical industry's knowledge that hundreds of chronic illnesses are linked to our genes (epigenetics), doctors, governments and the media have been downplaying the risks of vaccines, and exaggerating the benefits, for decades.


This is how the indoctrination of the population has occurred that ensures every individual believes vaccines are only beneficial.


A situation that is now leading to people taking the COVID 'vaccine' (is it a drug or a vaccine...?), even though the new genetic technology in this injection has never been tested in human clinical trials.


Plus, in the small animal studies that were done all the animals died upon re-exposure to wild coronaviruses...


This is called Pathogenic Priming or a hyper-immune response.


For thirty years the public has been educated with false and misleading health information from the industry-medical paradigm and also from the media.


The result is agnotology - a society that has been educated to be ignorant about the risks of vaccines.


Here are just some of the common components of traditional vaccines that are not inert substances in the human body:

  • Antibiotics:

    • Neomycin

    • Polymyxin

    • Gentamicin

    • Kanamycin

  • Foreign Protein includes:

    • Human Foetal Cells

    • Chick embryo Cells and Bovine Serum

    • Recombinant Human Albumin (genetically engineered DNA)

    • Potassium Chloride

    • Aluminium hydroxide

    • Aluminium hydroxide/phosphate

    • Aluminium phosphate

    • Thimerosal (50% mercury compound) (flu vaccine multidose vials & infanrix-hexa & hep B 2013)

    • Borax ('sodium borate' - causes infertility and is found in HPV vaccines and hep A)

    • Polysorbate 80 - causes infertility

    • Formaldehyde

    • Egg protein

    • Gelatine

    • Phenol

    • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

    • Phenoxyethanol

    • Yeast