by Alfred Lambremont Webre
June 28, 2018

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


The Monday after my participation in the June 23-24, 2018 Abort5G-BanDEW COMMUNITY CALL TO ACTION SUMMIT, I telephoned my local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and asked them to downgrade our Wi-Fi from 5G to 2.4G for health reasons.


(We are renting and so cannot hardwire our Internet connections through the walls of the house, thereby avoiding the EMF health hazards of Wi-Fi.)

Our Telus customer representative, a Filipina by ethnic origin, thanked us for alerting her and Telus to the human health hazards of 5G Wi-Fi, gave us the first available appointment on Wednesday June 26, and said she would be sending the link to the Abort5G/BanDEW Summit to management for their review.

Downgrading our Wi-Fi from 5G to 2.4G with our Telus technical service representative was a piece of cake, and a health-consciousness-raising exercise.


Our Wi-Fi was reorganized so that 5G has been eliminated completely from our home, leaving only 2.4G, less harmful to health for the reasons set out in our letter of appreciation to the Telus rep below.


The Telus rep, himself an industry techie of some experience, asked us to send him more information on the health hazards of 5G, so he could pass it on to his management.

Below is our letter to our Telus Service Representative, with our appreciation.


We urge you to read it and to take action to Abort 5G/BanDEW,

  • by preventing 5G from being installed in your home Wi-Fi or in your mobile smartphone or cell phone, and

  • by downgrading your Wi-Fi to 2.4G or lower or hand-wiring your Internet connection, and

  • by downgrading your mobile from 5G to a lower frequency connection, or

  • by discontinuing your mobile service altogether [I did after doing this research, and now discontinued 5G/DEW targeting on me and feel so much better physically and psychologically!

Our letter to ISP after a downgrade from 5G to 2.4G, thereby avoiding genocidal EMF frequencies in our home:

Dear Telus Rep Hi!


Thank you for your assistance as our Telus service representative in implementing and supporting our downgrade from 5G to 2.4G with Telus for health reasons.

Here are some of the links Links about the human health hazards of 5G technology that we spoke of yesterday, and that you asked me to send you.

#1 link is the first link I sent to Telus customer service when reporting this issue to Telus and requesting a downgrade from 5G to 2.4G for health reasons.

1 - This is an international online Summit I was invited to participate in: Abort5G-BanDEW COMMUNITY CALL TO ACTION SUMMIT – Participate at:

When I spoke with the Technical Department that ordered your unit to our house, the Telus rep she said "Thank you so much for your consciousness and for alerting us to these issues, I am sending this information and link up to the Telus management."

2 - 5G/DEW Health documentary – This is a 27-minute documentary I produced for the Summit on the detrimental human health effects of 5G. WATCH TrueTube Video:
TrueTube – 5G/DEW CALL TO ACTION: Banning 5G Phones & 5G Internet-of-Things, DEW, Neurotech Nano, Scalar, Plasma Weapons, HAARP & Chemtrails – 27+ min. video, as presented by Alfred Lambremont Webre

NOTE: There are some additional online sources on the detrimental health effects of 5G provided by the Summit, including reasons why Telus customers should use only 2.4G and not 5G.


In my legal opinion as an international lawyer and Judge, Telus may be opening itself to potential consumer products liability lawsuits by offering hazardous 5G, in the same way that tobacco companies opened themselves to consumer products liability from smokers who got cancer and other diseases from smoking tobacco.

I can send you these additional research resources if you wish. Please let me know via return email.

Please feel free to send this email to your corporate ladder at Telus.

Thank you,
In good consumer health,





Reader Jim Gerlach contributes a valuable technical update with a distinction about 5G that makes a difference.


Jim writes:

"Thanks for the rich article on 5G. A wise choice to stick with 2.3ghz or better yet, hard wired networks and dispose of all toxic wireless devices.

"I wanted to be sure you understood that 5.1Ghz is not the same as 5G. 5G, which is only in the test phase in a few cities, is planned to be in the millimeter wave frequencies of 23-100 Ghz range, unlike the present 5.1 Ghz wireless emissions from many present routers and wireless devices.


Not sure if you understood the difference in the probable intended confusion between the two technologies-naming conventions.


2.3 Ghz and 5.1 Ghz are inclined to break DNA, while 5G millimeter frequencies are expected to unzip DNA and cause a large increase in eye, and skin cancers.

"It does appear that Verizon [an ISP in the USA] has found a way to get these high millimeter frequencies to now penetrate trees and other items. That bodes poorly for our bodies trying to defend from this new onslaught of frequencies.

"Keep up the great work!"





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