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A Study of The Origin of Certain Banking Practices, and of their effect on the events of Ancient History, written in the light of the Present Day.


David Astle's "The Babylonian Woe" is the finest book on the
history of money in antiquity that I've ever read. In this scholarly
work, he has presented to the world a history of the effects of
monetary mechanics in very ancient times.


It illustrates how, even in
the earliest times of which written record remains, the days of
Babylonia or before, a so-called monetary science undoubtedly existed;
being then, as in today, never more than as instrument by which its
secret and cynical controllers wittingly influenced the destinies of
individuals, nations, and empires as to (temporary) glory or final

This important and well-documented work is a most useful reference
book; complementing any study of Economic or Monetary history. It will
be a great asset to learned societies, top management, and self-
teaching individuals in all parts of the world.


Captain David Astle,
Colborne, Ontario
September 15th 1993,

Great indeed was my surprise when I opened your small parcel to find therein a translation into Hungarian of "The Babylonian Woe".


Please accept my thanks! I esteem your unsolicited work as a great honor, and it is indeed an event in my life. There may be other translations, but I do not know where they are. It is not the easiest type of book to translate.


A Greek lady set down to translate it into Greek but she gave up after a chapter or two (so far as I know). She told me that it was as difficult as translating Plato into English!... I am the more pleased that you are one of the relatively few who truly understand the theme and its significance in the rise and fall of civilizations.


The impression that Hungarians in Toronto have given me is that there is no people more aware generally of this fact.


No specially deep thought is required to see that everything we describe as civilization and indeed all of its works, is the derivative of Money Power and its creation as indeed by Sovereign Power or by the activities of an International criminal caste...


Law No. 7 of Hammurabi that I quote is evidence enough.


Also the proscription by Manu of the Goldsmiths who used their trade to deceive...

"The most pernicious of all deceivers is a Goldsmith who commits frauds. The Maharajah shall order him to be cut to pieces with razors..."

The principal fraud being that which has appeared and reappeared throughout history, the issuance of fraudulent receipts as against Gold supposedly on deposit...


This knowledge is written deep into the memory of your people for there cannot be much doubt that it was the destroyer of Sumer.


If not, why then Hammurabi's Law, a repetition of similar Laws out of much more ancient codes yet again ?

Have you produced a finished book? and if so, have you circulated it? If you have not done so, then that is obviously the next step. I myself am at the moment concerned with the United States. "SPOTLIGHT" in Washington plan a review within a few weeks, which should wake things up thereabouts.

If you do not feel that you want to go further than you have (at the moment) I might try myself . Though it seems to me that you should be better able to so do in North America. But there is also Hungary itself, and this is an understanding they need more than any at this moment when Communism is supposed to have collapsed and the Jackals will be seeking to take over .

I do not remember whether I replied to your last letter and the copy of "The Rise of the Money Power" you sent me. Was it from "The Red Dragon"? and was that the title of the book found in the library at Cincinnati? I am alone here and do not mind admitting that I am not as well organized as I would like to be.


Anyway I had some copies of "The Rise of the Money Power" zeroxed and it is doing good work. If I did not reply please accept my apologies.

The fact is I am 77 years of age and Alas! not getting any younger! However, as you see, I keep going.


My main effort "The Babylonian Woe" was not finished until I was practically 60 years of age, and then on top of that, it had to be sold and promoted generally.

But nevertheless in the last seventeen years it has trickled all around the world; principally due to my own efforts.


When Mrs. Thatcher said to the British Parliament that she would not lead Britain into a COMMON MONEY MARKET, you need have no doubt whose book she had been reading ; she had had it for 13 years!

If you decide to publish your translation itself, I can advise you to some extent. However it seems to me there is a wide field open, not only in North America etc., but in Hungary itself .

I vaguely remember Lillooet as a village near the junction of the Thompson River and the Fraser river ; not far from Ashcroft and the small town of Merritt with the Douglas lake ranch in between.


There used to be good fishing around there. I cannot imagine what it is like now. When I was there some 45 years ago, the road was just a dirt track crawling around the edge of the canyon.

If you come here again [why don't you] immediately look me up. At present I live very much in the country about 83 miles from Toronto - Eastwards.


In this letter I am giving you my home address the telephone No. is 416 515-8002. Although I keep box 282, Stn. "P" going, most of my mail comes here these days.

Thank you once again for the honor your work bestows on me and hoping to hear from you soon

Yours very sincerely

David Astle
PS: "the Red Dragon" is "Y Draig Coch" in Welsh. As you may know it is their very ancient flag.

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  1. In The Beginning was The Word

  2. The Temple and the Counting House

  3. Per Me Dei Regnant!

  4. The Left Hand of Dawn

  5. Blood, Sorrow and Silver

  6. Babylon, Banking and Bullion

  7. Phrygia, Finance and Front Man

  8. Tyrant and Trapezitae

  9. Potsherds and Other Fragments

  10. Pergamum and Pitane

  11. Voices from The Dust

  12. Sparta, the Pelanors, Wealth and Women

  13. Money Creators and The Political Control

  14. Man Proposes but God Disposes


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