by Jon Carlson
May 2005

from Rense Website


Sean Murtagh, CNN Producer -

"I just witnessed a plane that appeared to be cruising at slightly lower-than-normal altitude over New York City, and it appears to have crashed into -- I don't know which tower it is -- but it hit directly in the middle of one of the World Trade Center towers. It was a jet. It looked like a two-engine jet, maybe a 737."

Ira Furman, former NTSB Spokesman -

"But that looks to me like it could be certainly a passenger jet and one of those aircraft that could hold 100 or more people. I caution you at this point to wonder whether or not that airplane was occupied by more than just a pilot or crew. We don't necessarily know that there were any passengers aboard that airplane. Those planes could be, should be, normally would be under air-traffic control."

Todd Harris (North Tower) -

"Yes, I had a perfect view, and the plane was coming in. I noticed it a second before it hit the building. It looked like it was moving slowly, and it lined itself up to hit the building directly. I was on highway 278, like a dead-on view of the side that hit the building."

Further Confirmation On The South Tower Airliner ID Joe Tractonburg (South Tower) -

"Well, I'm not an expert on planes, but it didn't seem like a big passenger jet. It was smaller type plane, because it made some pretty radical turn, and flying low."

See full CNN transcripts HERE

Newly-discovered video from CBC shows the South Tower Boeing 737. Narrow wings, engines under wings close to body and bulge under wings distinguish it from a Boeing 767. Bulges on both sides of the body near tail may be bombs (click above image).

Previously the engine from the South Tower airliner that landed in the NYC street was identified. WTC Jet Engine Confirmed NOT From Boeing 767  (click below image to see full report)


On the morning of 9/11 CNN reported a sonic boom prior to the NT crash.


"the windows were all blown out."


"black smoke billowing from what appears to be all sides. Obviously, windows are shattered,"

WITNESS Jeanne Yurman:

"There was this sonic boom, and the TV went out. And I thought maybe the Concorde was back in service, because I've heard about that sonic boom. And I went to the window -- I live in Battery Park City, right next to the twin towers -- and I looked up, and the side of the World Trade Center exploded. It was a gigantic sonic boom. The TV went off for a second and went back on. And the windows -- you felt the vibrations on the windows."


WITNESS Carl Teterskis:

"The calm and tranquility was suddenly pierced with the thunderous sound of a plane. My first impulse as I looked to the sky was that I would see an F-16 streaking by. Looking overhead in the wrong sector of space a tremendous boom resonated - " Holy (deleted) he broke the sound barrier".

Large thermopane windows were shattered in the North Tower lobby:

In the RENSE article, NYC Photos, Flight 93 Witnesses Identify 9/11 White Jet the white jet that flew in-formation above the North Tower airliner was identified (click below image).

The Naudet brothers caught the white jet just as it separates from the tight formation with the airliner. To escape the cameras the white jets puts in the after-burners and shoots past the North Tower causing the SONIC BOOM.

  • USAF SONIC BOOM fact sheet HERE

  • Hear a sonic boom online HERE 

  • Watch the video clip of the North Tower run-up and hear the actual sonic boom:


Dan Rardon of Indiana has sent a CNN video exposing the white jet presence over the White House environs as well as Pennsylvania and NYC. The online transcripts for the CNN broadcast are found HERE.

Here is what CNN reports about the white jet sighting in DC:

About 10 minutes ago, there was a white jet circling overhead. Now, you generally don't see planes in the area over the White House. That is restricted air space. No reason to believe that this jet was there for any nefarious purposes, but the Secret Service was very concerned, pointing up at the jet in the sky.

It is out of sight now, best we can tell. They've evacuated the entire White House staff and the old executive office, as well as some townhouses that are government offices.

Read full CNN transcripts HERE 


"About a half hour ago, the Capitol building itself was evacuated. It was a little bit chaotic. Everyone was running out of the building. People ran a couple of blocks away. Now have been pushed back by security. We're within two blocks of the Capitol. I did see a plane, about a half hour ago, circling over the Capitol. Now whether that may have been a Air Force plane, it's unclear. But that seemed to be the reason, according to security guards that I talked with, towards the evacuation of the Capitol."

Read full CNN transcripts HERE 


  • 8:45  North Tower airliner chase plane (formation flying above the NT airliner)

  • 9:02  South Tower flyby after bringing ST airliner to Manhattan Island, then 206 miles to Washington, just 20 minutes at 600 mph but it can fly faster

  • 9:40  Pentagon airliner chase plane, then 126 miles to Shanksville. Only 12 minutes for trip

  • 10:06  Pennsylvania airliner crash seen by 12 witnesses, then 264 miles to NYC. 26 minutes or less for that trip

  • 10:35  North Tower demolition (See following links for full information.)


  • (shortly before 9:30 am.)

"An FBI official has told CNN that they are investigating, but they have not yet determined whether or not this was indeed a terrorist act. The official that I spoke to said that so far, there has been no communication, NO ONE CLAIMING RESPONSIBILITY FOR EITHER OF THOSE CRASHES.

But I have to tell you, I repeat, right now the FBI has not determined whether or not this is a terrorist act, although they are investigating."

Read full CNN transcripts HERE 
AP gets the TERRORISTS DID 9/11 ball rolling: (An unidentified US official knows more than the FBI!)


"And we're just now getting word again from the Associated Press now, saying that the crash of these two aircraft into the towers, the World Trade Center in New York, appeared to be an act of terrorism. This, they are quoting a U.S. official. They did not say which department of this -- this U.S. official was speaking from, or the authority this official was actually carrying at this particular point. But they are saying that a U.S. official is now saying to the Associated Press, it is -- he is saying at least that these two aircraft crashes that we have seen into each of the towers of the World Trade Center are the act of terrorism."

Read full CNN transcripts HERE


  • 9:30 am (Bush doesn't listen to the FBI, no matter.)

BUSH: "Today we've had a national tragedy. Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country."

Read full CNN transcripts HERE

Read the RENSE article, On 9/11 An Ill Wind Blew to Booker School  for the full story. ALSO: Berg's Blog


  • (about 10:20) CNN has been told, that an American Airlines 767 jet was hijacked out of Boston today.


    Read full CNN transcripts HERE

Finally, United Airlines announces Flight 93 LANDS SAFELY IN CLEVELAND - Plane Lands In Cleveland; Bomb Feared Aboard

  • 11:44am: "A Boeing 767 out of Boston made an emergency landing Tuesday at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. United identified the plane as Flight 93. The airline did say how many people were aboard the flight. United said it was also "deeply concerned" about another flight, Flight 175, a Boeing 767, which was bound from Boston to Los Angeles.

Karl Schwarz reported on the missing Boeing 767 aircraft and passengers. Re:Interview of Karl Schwarz - 040805

"I can answer your question, in part. Two air traffic controllers came forward and started talking. Both of the flights that took off that supposedly hit the World Trade Center were actually directed to the east and they disappeared in a single sweep of the radar out over the Atlantic."

Karl Schwarz has a NICE SURPRISE for Americans and the World: 

Karl Schwarz: We found the following related information on YayaCanada Website:

"Update May 4/05: Karl Schwarz's bid for US presidency has been "officially" announced; it's posted on his own website and on the Republic Broadcasting Network which has created an audio file of the announcement.

You can hear too, this AudioFile here

Part 1

Part 2

YYC: On both sites there are stills of the video Schwarz claims will prove that the Boeing that hit the second tower was a 737, and not a 767 as we've been told it was. The towers were built specifically to withstand the impact of a 737. Maybe some experts will have an opinion on Schwarz's findings. No results from his press conference yet - it still ain't in the nooz."




Now you are ready to watch "9-11 In Plane Site - Video Shocks Sacramento Citizens"...