by Dr. Steven E. Jones
Physicist and Archaeometrist

Journal of 9/11 Studies - September 2006/Volume 3
from ScholarsFor9/11Truth Website

The paper has undergone significant modifications following a third set of peer reviews organized by Journal of 9/11 Studies Editor Kevin Ryan.
An earlier version was accepted for publication in a volume edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, 9/11 And The American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out, Northhampton, MA: Interlink Publishing. It is published here by kind permission of the editors.


  • Abstract

  • Introduction


    Thirteen Reasons to Challenge Government-sponsored Reports and Investigate the Controlled-demolition Hypothesis

  1. Molten Metal: Flowing and in Pools

  2. Observed Temperatures around 1000°C and Sulfidation in WTC 7 Steel

  3. Near-Symmetrical Collapse of WTC 7

  4. No Previous Skyscraper Complete Collapse Due to Fires

  5. Squib-timing during the Collapse of WTC 7

  6. Early Drop of North Tower Antenna

  7. Eyewitness Accounts of Flashes and Loud Explosions

  8. Ejection of Steel Beams and Debris-plumes from the Towers

  9. Rapid Collapses and Conservation of Momentum and Energy

  10. Controlled Demolition “Implosions” Require Skill

  11. Steel Column Temperatures of 800°C Needed: A Problem in the Argument of Bazant and Zhou

  12. Problems in the NIST Report: Inadequate Steel Temperatures and Tweaked Models

  13. NIST’s Failure to Show Visualizations

Some Additional Considerations