by Joseph W. Duggan
Originally printed in Shared-Vision Magazine

from SDNL Website

Joseph Duggan: David, what have you been up to since we talked almost a year ago?

David Icke: Well, Iím just on my way to spend a month in South Africa where I have television interviews and a whole series of lectures and talk shows lined up. They are very interested in my information because they realize that there is something big going on in the world arena as well as within their own country. Because of their relative isolation, they are very keen to hear information from outside their country. What is interesting to me, as I travel, is that exactly the same agenda is being implemented in every country I travel to. Because people from different countries donít talk to each other and the international media are being used to bring about the changes desired by the global elite, nobody realizes this.


For instance, in every country Iíve visited, they are struggling to maintain access to herbs and supplements under the onslaught of codex and the WTO. Social services and support for workers are being dismantled on a global scale as country after country adopts the austerity measures being forced on them by the international bankers who have actually created the economic problems in the first place. Yet most people think that their problems are unique to their own country; this is far from the truth.

Joseph Duggan: Do you have a deeper understanding of this global agenda now?

David Icke: I can chart, with illustrations, how the same group, starting in the ancient world, has manipulated humanity up to the present day. Their organizations, corporate assets as well as secret societies can be traced by understanding the true meaning of everyday names and logos including the real meaning of Columbia. What their agenda amounts to is basically using every tool at their disposal to maintain the status quo and their power base. Everything from mass mind control, economic enslavement, political control, media control, and military control are being used to implement a program to bring about complete domination of the world.

Joseph Duggan: What about the constitution and bill of rights, as well as the BNA Act in Canada? Donít these protect citizens from domination by a few?

David Icke: This is what we are led to believe, but I can demonstrate that both the US and Canada have never been free even from their very inception. The very cleverly written US Constitution has all of the loopholes needed to circumvent it at the appropriate time. The BNA Act in Canada does not even have the implied protections of the US Constitution and is basically an act spelling out the powers given to the appointed representative of the King or Queen of England.

Joseph Duggan: Have you been able to identify the secret group behind the secret societies we are aware of, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, etc?

David Icke: I have positively identified this group as what I call the Black Nobility, which includes the Queen and Prince Phillip. By the time I get to Vancouver, Iíll be able to reveal the true role of the Queen of England and the real facts around Lady Dianaís death.

Joseph Duggan: One thing I donít understand is how this 'Black Nobilityí has been able to continue its manipulation of the human race for thousands of years. Why do successive generations follow suit?

David Icke: This is done through the maintenance of blood lines. For instance, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, or Queen Elizabeth II, is, like all the royal families of Europe, an ancestor of that pivotal figure in the take-over of Britain William III, Prince of Orange, the man who signed into existence the Bank of England. In short, the ancestors of the Windsors were fundamental in putting the Black Nobilityís William of Orange on the British throne, after which the Bank of England and the power of the City of London were firmly established. Queen Elizabeth, through her Hanover ancestors, carries the bloodline of the Black Nobility in Germany, back via the Black Nobility Venetians through the Phoenecians, the Egyptians, to Sumer and, no doubt, Atlantis. Prince Charles can trace 3,000 years of descent alone from Edward III (1312 - 1377), the monarch who formed the elite Satanic Brotherhood group, the Order of the Garter. Successive generations in these bloodlines follow their ancestors because they are very carefully educated, initiated, and put through Satanic rituals such that they are totally under the control of the secret orders they are inducted into and whose direction they eventually follow. If they donít, they are assassinated or taken out of power.

Joseph Duggan: You have also been doing research regarding all the missing children. What have you discovered?

David Icke: Directly linked to the control being implemented by the Black Nobility is mind control, Satanism, and the missing children. Ted Gundersen, a former high-ranking member of the FBI, has given me figures of missing children from a private organization in Denver where, of 19,000 missing children in 1995, only 11,000 were found. Eight thousand were still missing. If these figures are extrapolated to the whole of the US, it means that somewhere around 400,000 to 500,000 children go missing every year. Apparently, similar figures exist for many parts of Canada mostly urban areas of high population.


(Note: see missing children statistics from California)

Joseph Duggan: Why donít we hear about all these missing children?

David Icke: The media reports the sensational cases, but there are thousands of cases that they never report. First of all, the US Federal registry of missing children is only concerned with children where there is evidence that they have been taken across state lines and therefore come under federal jurisdiction. So, if you consult their figures, you see that they are much lower than have been reported when you check and total up missing persons state by state, as I did. Children who go missing within a state are often street children who have been away from home for years, as well as many children who are reported missing; but, because of the sheer volume of missing persons, nothing much is done. There is also a great lack of funding, social workers, and manpower to follow up on all of these missing children.

Joseph Duggan: Where are they all disappearing to?

David Icke: This is what gets upsetting. Many of them are taken into Satanic rituals for human sacrifice, others are abducted into secret CIA and government mind control projects. Cathy OíBrien was a victim of this type of operation, except that her father sold her to MK-ULTRA and he became part of that whole program. Many children are needed for these mind control experiments and come through breeding programs, adoption agencies (particularly, it seems, Catholic ones), from the Third World where children are kidnapped and parents sell their children, and through a network of Social Services agencies. There are also organizations whose job it is to find children of the right genetic background for specific mind control projects. Other children are kidnapped and sold as sex slaves in the pedophile rings, some of which have penetrated to high levels in the government of Canada, the US, Belgium, and Australia. These rings have been exposed by individuals like Cathy OíBrien who named Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, George Bush, Gerald Ford, etc, in her book, Trance Formation of America. The same pedophile rings exist in every Western country, but have not as yet been exposed. The white slave market in the Orient and Arab countries is still active and, according to Ted Gundersen, a white, blond, blue-eyed teenage girl can be sold for $50,000. There are even kidnapping rings that will photograph prospective children for clients and then grab the one they choose. This is hard to believe, but it is happening.

Joseph Duggan: What is the good news in all of this?

David Icke: The great news is that people all over the world are waking up to the truth about what is really going on. Itís as if a light has come on in human consciousness and the Dark Nobility is desperately trying to maintain the darkness. This information is painful and brings up a lot of fear and feelings of helplessness in people, but if we can embrace it with love and understanding, while realizing that it is only happening because we have given up our power to these dark forces, it can be cleansed from our world. However, as long as these activities continue to be carried out in secret, and we are in denial about their existence, we are powerless to change anything. Standing in your light of love and truth does not mean that you personally have to go out and fight these forces, but it contributes towards the light and love within human consciousness which will finally overcome the dark forces. Sooner or later, we will all have to decide which side to align ourselves with. Iím here to point out what is really going on and to remind people that they have a choice and that we do have the power to turn things around. In fact, as I travel, I feel a tremendous turning of the tide. We are going to succeed, and the change in consciousness I have experienced around the world is phenomenal. We are part of it and, just as it is difficult for a fish to understand what water is, it is hard for us to understand the tremendous changes happening in the consciousness of our world. Yes, humanity is waking up and we will see the effects of this tidal change in human consciousness in our lifetime.