by jeepndesert
February 3, 2009

from NewWorldLiberty Website

I知 beginning to think they want for 9/11 truth to come out. That is why it was done sloppy. They want the economy to collapse at the same time the masses are awakened to the truth about 9/11.

This could lead to complete chaos. It could result in the people starving and killing each other. Wars and revolution could be spawned.

Then, the question would be,

  • Why?

  • Could it be an internal fight to rid of the world of corrupt systems?

  • Maybe there is some hidden noble intention to rid of the world of the ruling elite by subplot by top insiders where sacrifices were made?

  • Maybe it is a plot to depopulate the world to where the strong will be able to better survive pole shift in 2012, such as the magnetic shield exposing earth to solar flares, or perhaps some other natural disaster which is known to occur but hidden from the public?

  • Maybe that is why they are spraying the skies to defend against the pole shifts?

  • Or maybe it is just part of the plot to depopulate the world without having to resort to a major event causing severe harm to the planet to where the strong will be able to better dominate and enslave the world?

They are just trying to create the most chaotic situation where we end up killing ourselves.

I知 just wondering if I知 being programmed to help bring about the next revolution for the endgame of the ruling elite when I知 thinking I知 waking up to their agenda. They know the surface issues, such as 9/11 and the military industrial complex, will obscure their flight while the world goes into chaos and self-depopulation and to boost a Democratic Party to push through an agenda unresisted.

Biden talked about Able Danger and hinting that a lot of things will come out about that. It sounds like they are already plotting how the information will be leaked. And it seems they are starting to let information out.

Maybe they realize they are losing control of information and are trying to come up with a backup plan to remain in control, keeping the Democrats looking like good guys rather than the Fourth Reich.

Maybe they池e inbred retards and are struggling to keep a lid on things.

The key defense against this would be to remain focused on the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other central bankers as the central planners for the injustice.


Furthermore, we need to prepare for survival and make sure we remain as civil and peaceful as possible.

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