The Russian craft are not always visible; actually they are almost never visible and from an orbiting standpoint they are as any other satellite which would be too small to be seen by the eye alone. They are shielded by a very sophisticated stealth shielding system. The "aliens" sometimes neutralize the Russian systems in hope that we will see them and wake up to what is happening, but we are too brainwashed to accept the truth.

You may ask, if the aliens are benevolent, why don’t they help us? Who would they help? Which side is the "good guys?" We have to first ask for their help, then we have to accept their help and follow their rules. Instead, both the American and Russian (and other) governments have tried to shoot them down.

The flurries of UFO sightings over Australia and New Zealand were actually due to Cosmospheres with monitoring alien craft along with some of our own monitoring craft with sufficient speed capability.

The U.S. in the 1970s decided to outflank Russia by deploying Minuteman and other nuclear missiles all over the world, since our main bases such as Edwards, White Sands, etc., were all monitored by Russian Cosmospheres. We believed that we could disable the Cosmospheres long enough to launch a missile attack against Russia. We came very close to doing just that several times, but each time we were defeated by the Cosmospheres which saved the world from nuclear nightmare. Who are the "Good guys," friends?



It is well known to U.S. scientific intelligence analysts that the Cosmospheres hover by floating in the earth’s electro-static field. They also presume that the Russians use the same techniques we would use in order to aim their Particle-beam weapons - that is, a combination of infrared detection and radar. They reasoned that if the Cosmospheres can be disturbed from their hovering positions and if their sensing systems can be blinded, their particle-bam weapons would do no good - even if they fired they would be aimed wildly and miss our rockets as they would be launched.

The solution devised was called a Cobalt Ionization Bomb. Unlike a normal cobalt bomb, such a device is not designed to create a tremendous blast; its primary purpose, instead, is to create tremendous quantities of totally ionized cobalt atoms stripped of all their electrons, leaving bare nuclei. The plan is to detonate these at various locations in the upper fringes of the atmosphere, as high as possible, but below the hovering altitude of the Cosmospheres.

The result will be an enormous storm of electrons, spreading horizontally in the Earth’s magnetic field to pass underneath the Cosmospheres. When you hear in the news that we have recently launched a satellite that "illuminates the electrostatic/magnetic field," does that make more sense now? And do you remember that the launch was considered to be a secret military mission? It would also disrupt the infrared and radar systems used to watch the missiles below; and while the Cosmospheres are briefly incapacitated in this manner, our rulers planned to launch our ICBMs right past them.

Meanwhile, ground-based high-power lasers would be used in the effort to shoot down the Cosmospheres. But, my friends, your masters fell victim to the very intelligence gap which they themselves brought about years past, which I wrote about in my newsletters in 1978, because the Russians well understand the importance of surprise, including technological surprise. And so, while they have allowed their space triad to become known in intelligence circles because of it deployment, they still have a master secret weapon in reserve for the war itself.

This weapon is a system to protect the Achilles’ heel of their beam-weapons - the ability to aim them accurately. It is called "Psychoenergetic Range Finding" or PRF. PRF does not rely on conventional radiations like infrared or radar - instead, it is based upon detection of the actual atomic signature of the target, and normal jamming techniques have no effect whatsoever on PRF. Therefore, when the American cobalt ionization bombs explode, the Cosmospheres would be able to aim right through the electron storms to blast our missiles or ANYTHING ELSE in the target.

In November an alternate plan for the second launch was presented. This plan would be an abbreviated orbital mission. So, the second Space Shuttle launch took place from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on November 12, 1981, seven months after the first launch.

Some seven hours after launch it was announced that the flight was going to be cut short. Therefore, the secret plan for an abbreviated mission was verified and under way. As an excuse, NASA pretended that a faulty fuel cell was responsible for shortening the mission.

The abbreviated Space Shuttle mission in November was the legacy of the total disaster which engulfed the first Shuttle launch in April. In November, just as the prior April, no part of the real Shuttle flight was heard other than the Florida take-off. The identical theatrical techniques that were used to fool the public in April were again utilized, including some of the same taped segments - no one noticed, not even when the story did not match the sound or pictures.

Remember, we watched the "Columbia" take off but it was the "Enterprise" that landed in California.

The "Enterprise" was a very specially designed Shuttle, unlike the "Columbia" or the three other Shuttles which secretly existed at White Sands. The "Enterprise" was a training Shuttle with its cargo bay filled with rocket fuel tanks. Launched from the top of an airborne 747, the "Enterprise" was able to make short suborbital flights into space, but due to its fuel tanks it could carry no payload in its cargo bay.

In the wake of the secret Space Shuttle disaster in April, the military Shuttle planners sent the "Enterprise" to Florida.
Originally, they were simply trying to buy time. But time was going by quickly because the American Bolsheviks were on an accelerated timetable to bring about WAR! Arguments broke out among the military Shuttle planners over the original plan to throw away a launch just to keep up appearances.

A scheme was finally constructed to use the "Enterprise" itself in November for a military mission.



Just as computers are handy for helping with the workloads of people, they also make handy scapegoats to cover a massive multitude of errors and omissions. This time a computer problem would be the important factor in deliberately shortening the second Shuttle flight - as information to be lied forth to the public. So, on the evening before the launch, there was a sudden flurry of activity at Cape Canaveral.

Supposedly a data processing module aboard the Shuttle - that is, part of its computer system - "was misbehaving." We were told that a replacement was flown in, and we saw workmen rushing to install something aboard the Shuttle. It was all going on, literally, at the very last minute, just before the large external tanks started being loaded with rocket fuel.

The last minute rush at Pad 39-A that evening on November 11 was not to load a computer module as we were told - and shown. Instead, special photo reconnaissance equipment was installed in the rear deck of the crew compartment. It was arranged to look out of the two overhead windows. The "Enterprise" was unable to carry a spy satellite in its cargo bay as mentioned earlier, so instead the "Enterprise" itself was turned into a spy satellite.

The makeshift spy apparatus installed in the crew compartment rear deck was not as good as that of a regular spy satellite, but the military planners were desperate. By the way, you can fool your friends quite easily but you can rarely fool your enemy for they are watching most closely and the Russians knew, moment by moment, what was happening.
It would soon be four years since Russia finished destroying all of the American spy satellites with her fleet of Killer Satellites. The military Shuttle team was hoping to use "surprise" in order to get at least a little bit of reconnaissance over Russia. It was hoped that the Russians would consider the "Enterprise" to be no threat since it could not carry anything in its cargo bay.

NASA, also, did everything it could to convince the Russians that a non-threatening orbit would be used. Finally, the launch time was shifted by about 2-1/2 hours on the morning of November 12th. That was intended to make it harder for the Russian Cosmos INTERCEPTORS to readjust their orbits to attack the "Enterprise."

The last item reflects a deadly intelligence error made by the United States military Shuttle team. They knew about Russia’s orbital cosmos interceptors, the Killer Satellites. They also knew about the first generation Cosmospheres, Russia’s Levitating Weapons Platforms. Both were first deployed some four years prior. The American planners knew that the Space Shuttle COULD probably outrun the "first-generation" Cosmospheres, therefore they believed that the orbiting cosmos interceptors were the main threat to the Shuttle.

WHAT THEY DID NOT KNOW - BUT DID SUSPECT - WAS THAT RUSSIA HAD DEVELOPED AND DEPLOYED A SMALL FLEET OF SEMI-EXPERIMENTAL SECOND GENERATION COSMOSPHERES. In April there had been seven in operation - by November there were at least eight or nine. The new Cosmospheres were called "Super Heavies, or "Jumbos," and could outrun and outlift anything America had, including the Shuttle. The Russians even gave NASA pointed information about them as far back as the April launch.

There were some in America’s intelligence community who correctly interpreted what happened and informed the planners. But the American Bolsheviks who controlled America’s military space program were refusing to accept it. They were explaining away the fragments of intelligence about the new Russian Jumbo Cosmospheres and thereby guaranteeing their own failure.

When the "Enterprise" took off there were no human pilots aboard. It was a known suicide mission. The "Enterprise" followed an evasive, curving launch, just as the "Columbia" had done in April. It headed toward the north which would indicate a near polar orbit. When it passed over Russia the "Enterprise" was to be upside down with its spy camera staring downward through the crew compartment windows.

Five nice bit fat Jumbo Cosmospheres were right on hand and kept pace along with quite a good number of "alien" craft, as it climbed toward orbit. Moscow was instantly notified of the course it was taking - but the Russians were told not to fire on the Shuttle. Instead the Russian Ballistic Missile Defense Forces were alerted. The Russians knew war was coming and the decided to use the approach of the Shuttle as a good test drill.



It had been known for two years that Russia had been preparing to deploy a new anti-ballistic missile system and underground shelter systems were improved and renovated along with new shelters being installed and totally updated for the population security. Our government did nothing for us good tax-paying citizens. The new missile system was based on charged particle beam weapons fired from modified supersonic TU-144s Jet Transports. On November 12 a squadron of TU-144s were scrambled to intercept and shoot down the "Enterprise."


NASA went ahead with its made-for-television space movies and followed the preplanned script for a shortened mission. They knew within the hour after launch that the "Enterprise" had been destroyed. Having learned about Russia’s plans, in April, to create an international incident with the crashed Shuttle, they wanted to complete the flight, in the world’s eyes, quickly.

The Shuttle landing at Edwards Air Force Base, California, on November 14th was a replay of the Shuttle we saw the previous April. Literally, those long distance telephoto shots of the Shuttle swooping in from the stratosphere were the very same ones that were shown in April. NASA merely fed videotapes of the long distance scenes from April to the networks and added a fresh narrative to them. The only part of the landing that was live in November was the terminal portion which could be seen from the ground.

The Shuttle we were shown landing was one of the new Shuttles from White Sands. It had been carried aloft by the launch aircraft, boosted to a modest speed and altitude by a pair of solid fuel booster rockets - enough to produce sonic resonance, and then it swooped down to the delight of the attending crowd.

Since we all witnessed how well that second Shuttle worked out the next launch was already set for March, just three months from that perfect landing. It was planned to launch the third Shuttle right on schedule. Well, "Enterprise" would no longer be an embarrassing problem to NASA.

We now had a new Shuttle, the third we were shown with "Columbia" on it and it awaited at Cape Canaveral. Its cargo bay awaited a NEW secret military pay load. That particular Shuttle had really been modified and ARMED FOR BATTLE in space. Our idiot Bolshevik military planners continued and still continue to refuse to understand what they are really up against - and thusly, another tragedy was already in the final stages of being made.




To give an overview of the world events coincidental to the Shuttle launches, we need to go back to the attempted assassination of Reagan, March 30.


That news flashed myriads of questions around the world instantly as old concerns were triggered. Would some other country try to take advantage in some way? Most of all, would Russia decide to invade Poland? At that time headlines were telling us that an invasion might be imminent. As it turned out then, our worries about that were unfounded but we had no way to know.

Instead of "invading," the Russians were in the process of cooling down the latest "Solidarity" labor crisis. Likewise, other nations around the world generally acted with restraint following news of the shooting and literally, without much surprise or reaction, for the planners know the plans. That is, all except one - the lone exception was ISRAEL!


You may want to look closely at the next bits of information and see what you can discern.




The timing could not have been more precise, "if it had been planned in advance."


As the first shocking bulletins of the shooting flashed across America, Israeli war planes were starting their engines. As White House spokesmen were gathering to brief the press, ISRAELI FIGHTER BOMBERS WERE GATHERING OVER LEBANON.

Through that afternoon and evening Americans huddled around their television sets for the latest word from George Washington University Hospital, completely transfixed on the happenings of our own day and totally distracted from anything else which might be occurring in the world.

Meanwhile, Lebanese villagers were huddling in basements and bombed-out shelters as Israeli missiles and bombs exploded all around them. On the BBS World Service and other short-wave radio news reports around the world, the sudden new Israeli raids on Lebanon that day were very big news indeed. But not so in America.

News of the presidential shooting and its aftermath drowned out everything else just exactly as it was supposed to do and you will never be told what REALLY happened with that shooting incident - but it didn’t go exactly or precisely as planned but it did its job - after all, we ALL saw it, didn’t we?

It was not until Syrian troops began making moves in response to the Israeli raids that Lebanon began to enter our consciousness in America. Day by day, the Israelis and Syrians lashed out at one another more and more, directly and through surrogates in Lebanon.

On April 28, Israeli jets shot down two Syrian helicopters over Lebanon. It was tremendous news overseas, but in the U.S. it was completely ignored in favor of an all-networks coverage of the President’s speech to Congress the same evening.


It was not until the following day, April 29, that the Lebanon crisis received billing in the American controlled major media.




The Syrians had moved Russian SAM-6 anti-aircraft missiles into the Beka Valley of Lebanon. This was Syria’s answer to Israel’s shooting down of two of her helicopters the day prior over Zahle. Thus, the Middle East missile crisis was born.


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Another looming crisis was the growing FEUD between the U.S. and Japan. It seemed as if Washington couldn’t do anything right toward the Japanese.


On the morning of April 10, 1981, the first attempt to launch the Space Shuttle "Columbia" took place at Cape Canaveral. It ended in failure due to a computer problem, but it was the top story that day in America. It all but buried the news story that was tops that day in Japan.

The prior day, an American submarine had sunk a small Japanese freighter, supposedly by ramming it. Then the submarine had left the scene without making any attempt to rescue survivors.


Worse yet, because the U.S. had not even admitted the incident to Japanese authorities until some 36 hours after the incident, the episode raised more and more questions in Japanese minds.




The U.S. Navy issued a report about it which differs drastically from the testimony of the 13 Japanese survivors. The Navy report even put the location of the collision 3-1/2 miles away from where it actually happened. The Japanese wanted to know WHY!

The Japanese began demanding answers to that and many other puzzling questions about the incident.


The supposedly "accidental" sinking of the Japanese freighter was only the opening gun in the Washington-Tokyo feud. One shock after another from America rocked Japan. American naval vessels sailed through Japanese fishing fleets, cutting fishing nets to ribbons. Suddenly, there were revelations that American ships with nuclear weapons aboard were using Japanese ports regularly, in secret.

Secretary of State Haig canceled a visit to Japan. Even the visit of Prime Minister Suzuki to Washington recently had backfired on him. He agreed to language in a joint communiqué that led to accusations in Japan that Suzuki was making a secret military alliance with the United States. The irony of it all was that Suzuki’s troubles were due to the fact that he was resisting any such military alliance.

The facts, of course, were that an attempt was being made to pressure the Japanese because of the massive amounts of counterfeit money from South America and the Antarctic. In addition, the Bolsheviks in the U.S. wanted Japan to re-arm, to become the policemen of the Western Pacific. Suzuki’s predecessor, Prime Minister Ohira, was ready to go along with America’s Bolsheviks despite stern warnings from Russia not to.

Then, surprise of surprises, Ohira died suddenly and Suzuki replaced him. Suzuki didn’t want to re-arm Japan, and so America’s Bolsheviks wanted him out of office. Japan had endured all kinds of shocks in those particular months, but they all had one common denominator: they all involved loss of face for Japan as a whole and especially for Prime Minister Suzuki, and that is most painful for such an Oriental people.

In Asia, loss of face is a very, very serious matter. By using it as a political weapon, America’s Bolsheviks believed they could bring down the Suzuki government.


Whoever would follow Suzuki would have to talk "peace" for domestic consumption, but he would have to prepare for war if he was to get along with Washington.




Elsewhere in Asia, Red China and Vietnam had recently engaged in very heavy border fighting with many casualties.


Meanwhile, the so-called Reagan Administration was preparing to declare openly that it would sell America’s most sophisticated weapons to Red China. Might you agree that the cancer eating away at America had caused total insanity? Do you think it has improved in the years since? Well, it surely has gotten far worse.


You have no idea what kind of a decade the 1980s really was.

In Europe, too, there was turmoil at the hands of Bolshevik agents. The government of Italy had just been brought down in a tremendous scandal involving a massive conspiracy of many of the country’s leading citizens. In West Germany, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt was under fire from forces who wanted to undo the balance he had struck between East and West.

And in France the Bolsheviks won a tremendous victory in the election. Until then, France had enjoyed a special relationship with Russia as well as with the West. The relationship was one of trust built up laboriously beginning with the former President Charles de Gaulle; but the new French President, Mitterrand, was working as fast as possible to change that. Mitterrand would try to bring France into the anti-Russian camp, headed by the American Bolsheviks. Note his current presence at every open meeting and secret meeting and put your own puzzle pieces in place.

At the time, crises large and small were multiplying and compounding all around us, and by and large they were not accidental.


They were part and parcel of the deliberate war build-up strategy of the Bolsheviks in America. By turning the world into a cauldron of crises, they were setting the stage for NUCLEAR WAR Nº ONE. The entire world was filled with unrest just like the uneasy Balkans just prior to World War I. Has the confusion lessened?

World War I was set off, seemingly by accident, by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by terrorists.
When the Space Shuttle "Columbia" took off on its ill-fated flight on April 12, 1981, a fleet of special airplanes were aloft to help track it. The U.S. was depending heavily on its fleet of advanced range-instrumentation aircraft. These were flying radar and communications stations known as "Froop Snoots" for their huge bulbous nose.

This special airplane was a modified military Boeing 707, designated "EC-135N." When they were not involved in space shots, the "EC-135Ns" also have many other uses, including the tracking of Russian satellites. There were only a few of these "EC-135ns," so they were all very important. When the Space Shuttle "Columbia" took off in April, there were only eight of them.

The Space Shuttle Program was an indispensable key to the underway war plans of the Bolsheviks, and the "EC-135Ns" were crucial to the Shuttle Program. On May 6, 1981, an "EC-135N," nicknamed the ""Boss Hog,"" took off from its base in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. It headed east on what was to be a routine training flight. As the modified 707 flew eastward, it was heading for an unexpected rendezvous.

Hovering high over the rolling hills of western Maryland, a lone Cosmosphere was waiting for the "Boss Hog." At 10:51 A.M. Eastern Time the pilot of the jet radioed the words "Flight level 29" to controllers on the ground. The plane was at 29,000 feet.

Moments later the Cosmosphere fired its Charged Particle Beam weapon downward at the jet plane passing miles below it. The beam blasted a hole through the top of the fuselage and another out through the bottom. Explosive decompression emptied the cabin of its air. The blast also set off a secondary explosion, turning the jet into a ball of flames.

At the same time control cables through the tail were destroyed, and the jet turned violently nose down. Instead of gliding to a crash many miles away, the ruined airplane dropped like a rock, almost straight down.

Radar traffic controllers were startled to see the plane disappear suddenly from their screens, but it was all documented. It was all over before they even knew anything had happened, however.

On the ground, eyewitnesses heard a boom-boom-boom, and moments later a giant ball of fire came screaming downward out of the clouds. For at least ten minutes small pieces of debris from the plane kept settling earthward for miles around.

In any air disaster as violent as that one, the investigation usually extends over a period of months - but not this one. On Friday May 29, just over three weeks after the crash, the Air Force quietly announced that its investigation was already over and there had been "some type of pilot error" doing something to the whatchit which engaged the wrong whichit and poo!


The Air Force knew what had blown their radar plane out of the air, but they also declared that "for the time being the results would not be made public."

While the Air Force was still reeling from the crash of the valuable "EC-135N," it became the Navy’s turn to have some fun. Is any of this beginning to allow you to piece together what "probably" happened to all those naval excursions? How about gun turret blow-outs, etc.?

The particle beams ARE SO EXACTING THAT THEY CAN BE SHOT RIGHT INTO A JET TURBINE - IN FLIGHT. Once again Russia’s target was a highly sophisticated electronic warfare jet. The plane involved was an EA-6B Prowler based on the nuclear supercarrier, "USS Nimitz."

On the night of Tuesday, May 26 (1981) the "Nimitz" was engaged in night-landing exercises just off the East Coast. Carrier landings are always dangerous, and night landings especially so; but the EA-6B has a special advantage. It is equipped with an Automatic Carrier Landing System to permit safe landings even in conditions of zero visibility.


Partly as a result, the Prowlers are known as some of the safest of all carrier aircraft; but on the night of May 26 one of Russia’s new Jumbo Cosmospheres was hovering high above the "Nimitz." It was one of the two which are armed with a Neutron Particle Beam Weapon.

As the EA-6B approached the "Nimitz" to land, the Cosmosphere waited. At a critical moment of the final approach, the Cosmosphere fired. The invisible neutron beam instantly killed the crew of three and temporarily deranged the airplane’s electronic systems.

Being suddenly without guidance, the jet veered to the right and crashed into a deck full of airplanes. The toll: 14 dead, 48 injured, and 20 aircraft destroyed or damaged. It was the Navy’s worst flight-deck disaster since the early 1950s.




During those times there was a lot of hocus pocus about "national security."


What did that mean? Could there be any such thing as National Security without National Survival?

Funny thing - our leaders kept telling us that the threat to our security was Russia. Then, while we were not looking, they turned right around and TAUNTED THE RUSSIANS. Here is an example.

The supercarrier "Nimitz" entered port only very briefly after the fiery crash of the EA-6B. It entered port on May 28 and left again just two days later, May 30. The official story was that it was heading for the Caribbean for continued exercises.

The "Nimitz," however, was ordered to the north, not to the south. In a drastic departure from normal procedure, an American carrier group was ordered into the Norwegian and Barents Seas, right on the doorstep of Russia. The deployment was expected to be brief, but it was indeed most dangerous to say the very least. It was in insane act of bravado by the American Bolsheviks, like walking up to a bully and throwing salt into an open wound.

The Russians had had their day and felt no need to push their advantage but undoubtedly there would come a time when the push would go too far.




The lie of National Security was as big a lie then as it is now.


The more we pretend to spend on National Security the less security we can achieve. Those who secretly control America’s destiny (and thus the world) cannot stand the truth and this is why only the truth can begin to loosen our bonds.

There was so much going on at this time that I do not have time to even begin to mention is all, in Iran, Central America, Israel, etc. In January, 1982, Russia renewed geophysical warfare involving weather modification and artificial earthquakes - something which is going on now more than ever. Parts of Canada suffered such extreme blizzard conditions that a "National Emergency" was declared.

For over four years Russian electrogravitic weapons platforms called Cosmospheres had been hovering high over the U.S. They first announced their presence by creating giant air booms along the coasts. Their number continued to multiply and they patrolled continuously over all types of American strategic target areas.

Our American Bolshevik planners planned to shoot down as many Cosmospheres as possible using high-power lasers, when war came. Until late 1981, it was all but impossible for us to even detect the presence of the Cosmospheres floating overhead.

They were invisible to normal radar, except at very close range, but by late 1981 one crash weapons program had come up with a system that could sometimes detect the spheres and allow laser aiming. The new technique was called "Computer-Enhanced Infrared." It was an extremely sensitive means of detecting the heat radiation given off by Cosmospheres. It was recognized by the acronym CEIR (pronounced seer).

On the evening of January 12, 1982, a complete operational test was carried out against a Cosmosphere which was patrolling high over central New Jersey. CEIR was used to aim a ground-based high-power laser at the Cosmosphere, then the laser was fired. A section of the Cosmosphere erupted into blue-green flames.

As the flames started to spread, the crew accelerated the Cosmosphere toward the coast because all Cosmospheres are under very strict orders to make certain that their craft NEVER fall into non-Russian hands, and they were making for the sea post haste. The stricken Cosmosphere, trailing blue-green flames, was seen over a very large area of eastern Pennsylvania and central New Jersey.

It had been hovering at an altitude of more than 40 miles, but it came down fast. Its semi-rigid shell started crumpling. It passed over Atlantic City at low altitude and plunged into the water just a few miles off shore.


Many witnesses watched as the remains of the Cosmosphere burned, floating on the surface of the water for some ten minutes.


The whole incident created a sensation in the local region, but official Government spokesmen treated it all as a usual non-event! The first downing of a Cosmosphere created shock waves in the Kremlin. It was decided very quickly that a clear message would be sent to the Pentagon that they would pay dearly if the incident should be repeated.

The Russians knew that a laser had shot down their Cosmosphere so the very next day (January 13) an Air Florida Boeing 737 jetliner Flight 90 with laser warfare specialists aboard was caused to crash in Washington, D.C.


The plane crashed into a crowded bridge, broke into pieces, and sank into the river moments after takeoff from National Airport during a snowstorm. The crash claimed the life of 74 of the 79 persons on the plane and 4 others in vehicles on the bridge. Perhaps you remember seeing some of the rescue attempts.

Isn’t war fun?




Then followed a string of crashed and near-crashes - all of them supposedly unexplainable.


All four Air Force Thunderbird demonstration jets were made to crash. A Boeing 737 in California dropped far below its flight path, seemingly without cause, and narrowly missed disaster as it clipped some power lines.

And strangest of all, a Japan Air Lines DC-8 crashed into Tokyo Bay on February 9th during the final moments of its landing approach. It was a perfect flying day, clear and sunny. The DC-8 was only 1000 yards from touchdown, flying in a gentle glide. There were no mechanical problems.

Suddenly, the pilot acted as if he were dazed. Reportedly he reached over and reversed thrust on two of the four jet engines. The big jet nosed downward; it smashed into light stanchions marking the approach path and crashed into the shallow water; 24 persons were killed and some 150 others were injured.

Later, in the hospital, the pilot said he had blacked out. The co-pilot reportedly said he, too, suddenly felt woozy, but fought it and remained conscious.

Suddenly there was a release of information regarding UFOs and cover-ups of alien visitors and thus and so.




Neutron beams disrupt electronic instruments and also the mental and nervous systems of people.


The Russians were saying to the American Bolshevik Pentagon in effect:

"If you shoot down any more Cosmospheres, there would be no place to hide."

In February of 1982, there were three main Power Factions struggling to become king-of-the-hill.

  • One faction was that of the Rockefeller cartel - the multinational complex of Big Oil, Big Banking, and Big Business

  • Another faction was the Bolshevik-Zionist Axis with headquarters shared between New York City and Jerusalem

  • The third faction was that of the NEW rulers of Russia who had expelled most of the Bolsheviks formerly in power there




A new operational relationship was in the works between Russia’s new ruler and the Rockefeller cartel. The arrangement, however fell far short of the prior closeness.

The new arrangement was one of, basically an agreement not to damage one another as a matter of deliberate policy. The prime objective was to free both of them (the Russians and the Rockefeller cartel) to deal with their now mutual enemy, the American Bolsheviks who had infiltrated key policy-making government positions in Washington.

The main area in which the Rockefeller cartel could be helpful to the Russians was in the economic sphere. The American Bolshevik-dominated foreign policy in the U.S. was a policy of economic starvation against Russia and her satellites. The Rockefeller cartel was in a position to partially blunt those policies by cooperating with Russia in the East-West trade.

American Bolshevik economic warfare against the Soviet bloc was most apparent right then in the plight of Poland.


The American Bolsheviks were finally succeeding in using the Solidarity Labor Union to push Poland into martial law. Martial Law was being used as an excuse to make the Polish people suffer even more at America’s hands.


A thinly disguised food embargo was in place by the U.S. against Poland. Even chicken feed was being held back in order to create disaster for Poland’s own chicken farms. Everything possible was being done to drive the Polish people to such desperation that open revolt would erupt.

The collapse of Poland posed a military threat to Russia and was an economic drain as well. Russia’s new rulers were working with an unwieldy, centralized economy left behind by the expelled Bolsheviks. It could not be changed overnight so the Russians were vulnerable to economic warfare. In order to avoid economic disaster, the Russians were pushing hard for new ways to raise hard Western currency.


One such move was a major coup in U.S. Treasury securities but, for the long term, the Russians wanted to establish more stable and mutually beneficial economic ties with the West.




The centerpiece of Russia’s economic drive became the Siberian gas pipeline for Western Europe.


It was a 25 billion dollar project, the biggest ever between the Soviet Union and the West. It would be completed in 1984.

The Bolsheviks were trying to completely stop the pipeline project, but the Rockefeller oil and business cartel was working diligently to assist the go-ahead of the project. In mid-February the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a long-time Rockefeller public relations organ, went public about the pipeline. It called the Reagan embargo against pipeline equipment a strategy of economic warfare against Russia.

The "Joint Economic Committee" of Congress endorsed the pipeline project and in Europe, American multinational oil companies were lining up in support of the gas pipeline - all of them, that is, except one, Mobil Oil. Unlike the other members of the Rockefeller Big Oil cartel, Mobil Oil in West Germany had been publicly opposing the gas pipeline which, of course, was most interesting in itself.

To the Russians the gas pipeline was a matter of economic survival and, with all-out war on the horizon, the Kremlin had no patience with those who said one thing and did another. The Russians regarded Mobil’s position against the pipeline as a double cross, in effect siding with the Bolsheviks in America. Russia’s rulers decided to give Mobil Oil strong reasons to rethink their position, and fast.

On Thursday, February 11, the Russian container ship, "Mekhanik Tarasov," departed from a port in Quebec, Canada, bound for Leningrad. It headed northeast up the St. Lawrence River, then out through the Gulf of St. Lawrence into the Atlantic.

After skirting the south coast of Newfoundland, the "Tarasov" set course east by northeast. Its course was chosen to take it very close to the world’s largest semisubmersible oil rig, passing it on the south. Guess what? - the rig was the "Ocean Ranger," operated by none other than Mobil Oil.


It was supposedly unsinkable - just like the "Titanic."

The "Tarasov," like many other Russian merchant ships, possessed a military capability that was not admitted. As it neared the giant oil rig in a mounting storm, it launched a homing torpedo with a low-yield nuclear warhead toward the rig.

Just before 1:00 A.M. Monday morning, February 15, the torpedo reached its target, one of the giant underwater pontoons. Nuclear explosions under water are far more confined than those in the air, and this one was well hidden by the hurricane-force winds and pounding waves. A hole was blasted in the pontoon, and the "Ocean Ranger" started settling toward the side.

The crew gave a trouble call by radio; half an hour later they reported that they were manning the lifeboats. But the Japanese-built "Ocean Ranger" was designed to be the world’s most unsinkable oil rig! A corner of the upper platform dipped into the water and then stopped. The rig stayed afloat, listing at a crazy angle.

The roughnecks stopped boarding the lifeboats, hoping the boats would not be needed, after all. Then a Cosmosphere hovering above the rig took aim at the corner of the rig which had dipped into the water. A powerful blast from its charged particle beam weapon blew a hole in the partially submerged corner.

Immediately, the "Ocean Ranger" heeled over and sank. It went down so fast that it was too late for lifeboats to be launched successfully, and all hands were lost.

The freighter "Tarasov" continued on course after sinking the oil rig. The Russians expected that the freighter would be long gone before anyone figured out what had happened - but they miscalculated!

At around 2:00 P.M. that same afternoon, Monday, February 15th, an American attack submarine was closing in on the "Tarasov." The sub fired a single torpedo at the "Tarasov," hitting it broadside. Water surged in through a giant hole below the waterline, and the freighter started sinking.

Like the crew of the Cosmosphere that was shot down over New Jersey, the crew of the "Tarasov" had strict orders to protect the secrets of their ship, and so the Russian captain refused assistance from a nearby Danish freighter as his ship sank with its secrets.


Well, Mobil Oil certainly got the message and, just two days later, Mobil Oil shut down the other two oil rigs which had been nearby and towed them ashore.

I recommend you take a second look at all the "oil spill" accidents that have been happening.


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On February 5, 1982, Vice President Bush made himself conspicuous by a trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida.


He was photographed with astronauts inside the European-orbital science laboratory called "Space Lab." It was planned to place Space Lab into orbit by Space Shuttle in late 1983. Bush also announced that Space Shuttle flight No. 3 was scheduled for March 22, 1982. It was supposed to be a week in duration.

For public consumption, NASA spokesmen were continuing to pretend that the Shuttle was merely carrying out leisurely test flights. We were told that the Space Shuttle Program was basically a peaceful civilian program in spite of the all-military crews flying the Shuttles. But the peaceful image of the Space Shuttle Program was a total lie. The fact was that the Space Shuttle flights under way were a part of a crash, er, sorry about that, program by the U.S. to regain a military toe-hold in space.

The United States had been virtually locked out of the military use of space by the Russians since late 1977. Russia’s domination of space for those prior four years and longer had been highlighted by numerous manned space flights. Those included cosmonauts from nine countries other than Russia.

Meanwhile, the U.S. went more than five years without admitting to any manned space flight attempts. The Russian, long-duration space spectaculars in Earth orbit were sufficient to build Russia’s prestige in the public eye but the Soviet Space Program involved more than was revealed publicly.

Since mid-October 1977, the Moon had been a Russian outpost. There were seven manned long-range particle beam installations on the near side and at least one large base on the far side. In the past, regular missions were flown to and from the Moon in order to resupply the bases and rotate crews, and slowly but surely, the Kremlin was inching its way toward breaking the news about its control of the Moon.

They were already beginning to drop hints about it as in the example of a publication circulated in the U.S. called "Soviet Life" in February, 1982.


It stated:

"Today spaceships shuttle between the Earth and the Moon with greater frequency than did the first voyages to the New World."

At the top of the page was a nighttime photo of a moonship ready to blast off from a Russian Cosmodrome.


Below was a picture of the Earth as seen from space, and in between was a statement in bold type designed to give another hint about the moon flights which stated,

"From a distance of 70,000 kilometers above the Earth, the planet looks peaceful and even defenseless. The common goal is to protect our blue and green home."

Friends, "satellites" are not used at altitudes of 70,000 kilometers.


The highest orbit that is generally useful for Earth satellites is the geosynchronous orbit for stationary satellites over the equator. Seventy-thousand kilometers is almost twice that far from the Earth. The only time a spacecraft reaches that far from the Earth is when it is on its way to or from the Moon or another planet.

Russia’s interest in space extended far beyond military factors. The plans of Russia’s new rulers were for the colonization of the solar system. Those plans were moving ahead steadily; in fact, at that time there were two Russian spacecraft approaching the planet Venus and sending back a steady stream of reports from the men aboard.

The Russians settled on Venus first, not Mars. It was the first target beyond the Moon for experimental colonization. Now do you better understand the inability of our government to allow a "Hubble Telescope" into space? The Russians first started landing unmanned craft on Venus in 1975! They learned some key facts that were yet unknown to the U.S. in 1982 when the Shuttle Program was starting up.

In 1978 the Russians began a series of increasing long-duration manned orbital space flights which were widely publicized. Those were gradually extended to six months and more to learn how well crews would stand up to interplanetary space travel. Late in 1981 those long-duration orbital flights were completed. The Russians had learned everything they really needed to know.

On October 30 and November 4, 1981, two Russian spaceships blasted off for Venus. Both ships were manned by Russian Cosmonauts, and both were prepared to land on Venus by early February (the first week) of 1982.

The comparison between the space program of the U.S. and Russia was a study in tragic ironies.

  • Americans were being told that the Space Shuttle was primarily a civilian-oriented project, but it was actually military.

  • We were being told that it was the world’s first reusable spacecraft, but a Shuttle was actually being lost on every flight.

  • We were being told that the Space Shuttle had put us years ahead of Russia, but we had actually slipped years behind.

  • We were often told that our Rulers wanted only peaceful activities in space, but they were shutting down almost all of the entire civilian scientific space program.

Funding was continuing for one or two peaceful projects which were too visible to cancel without an uproar, such as the space telescope.


The follow-up on projects to explore the solar system were being lopped off and discarded because they contributed nothing to our leaders’ plans for war.

We were told that the Russians had nothing but war and conquest on their minds; but it was the Russians, not the Americans, who at that moment had two teams of spacemen ready to land on Venus. They were going there for reasons which had nothing to do with war.

The Russians were exploring the land of Venus. They were going there to explore the solar system simply because it was "out there." Russia’s new rulers believed that it was man’s destiny to move into space. The urge to explore that motivated their Viking ancestors of old was alive and well in the Russian Space Program. The only real prayer of equality for the U.S. was to somehow bring Russia to her knees economically and hence the orchestrated civil wars.

I know you will find this hard or impossible to believe. It is time for the truth to come forth. Why don’t you try to prove me WRONG? Or better still, why don’t you decide to seriously find out for yourself what is going on?

You might try reading "SOMEBODY ELSE IS ON THE MOON" by George Leonard. Little, Brown & Co. "Publishers Weekly" said of the book,

"Leonard has been clued by a pseudonymous ex-NASA scientist (his book’s "Deep Throat"), and his photos from the ’haunted photo tub of NASA,’ are truly mind-boggling when one begins to see what he sees: immense ’rigs’ apparently ’mining’ the moon; strange ’geometricities,’ markings, symbols; lights, evidences of change and movement."

Or obtain Richard Hoagland’s tapes and books such as Hoagland’s "Mars, Vol. 3, The Moon-Mars Connection (...our latest findings on the Moon").

On February 16, 1982, the Space Shuttle was moved out to the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, five days ahead of schedule. This would be America’s third Shuttle that was being used. The first, of course, was the real "Columbia" and was destroyed in the prior April.


It was replaced by the training Shuttle "Enterprise" which landed at Edwards Air Force Base and was taken to Florida. The "Enterprise" flight in the previous November was simply a stop-gap measure while a third Shuttle could be extensively modified.

The new Shuttle at Cape Canaveral was one of the three secret Shuttles from White Sands. It had undergone extensive modification since the first Shuttle disaster ten months prior. It looked the same as the original "Columbia," at least from a distance, but the Shuttle was actually far, far different.

The Shuttle sitting on the pad was armed "to the teeth" for battle. The basic mission of the third Shuttle was the same as that of the first Shuttle’s almost a year earlier. Its payload was a heavily armored laser-firing robot battle station designed for space reconnaissance over Russia. Russian space weapons finished destroying all of America’s Spy Satellites nearly four years prior.

That meant America’s war planners would be shooting almost blind at Russia if they began a war without somehow acquiring new reconnaissance date. The Space Shuttle was trying to solve that problem by getting a new hardened satellite into orbit. That was what the Space Shuttle flights were all about - attempts at reconnaissance so that nuclear war could be launched.

After each Shuttle would take off from Florida it followed a long, swooping curved launch into the north in order to immediately fly over Russia. The American Bolshevik military planners believed that if they could once get their new superspy satellite into orbit, it would do the job. They were confident that it could survive any attacks by Russian space weapons long enough to radio back large amounts of reconnaissance data and once they had that information, the Pentagon would be ready to take America to war.

In the spring of 1981, the "Columbia" was destroyed before the Spy Satellite could be deployed. Likewise, the makeshift "Enterprise" mission in November 1981 was a failure, but the military Shuttle planners believed it would be a different story with their Shuttle No. 3 preparing for launch.

In the cargo bay of this Shuttle there was a new robot reconnaissance battle station like the one previously described. There was also an additional laser mounted in the forward end of the cargo bay just behind the crew compartment. It was a hydrogen fluoride gas dynamic laser mounted vertically, aimed upward. It was equipped with a swiveling head consisting of mirrors that could aim the beam around a wide range of angles. The hydrogen fluoride laser in the cargo bay was intended mainly to protect the Shuttle while it climbed toward orbit.

The "Columbia" had come under fire shortly prior to reaching orbit. Intelligence analysts in the U.S. had eventually obtained enough information about what happened to decide on installing the cargo bay laser.

As a Shuttle climbs, the air grows thinner and thinner, dwindling to almost nothing long before rocket engines shut off. At the earliest possible moment, the modified cargo bay doors which had no hinges on the third Shuttle, would be blown off by special explosives. As the cargo bay doors would flutter away from the Shuttle, it would leave the upper half of the bay open.


The cargo bay laser would be ready to fire from that moment onward. It was equipped with the same system called CEIR as previously described.

Since a laser thusly equipped successfully shot down a Cosmosphere in January (1982), the Shuttle planners believed the Shuttle would reach orbit safely. Once in orbit planners believed that the main threats to the Shuttle would be Russia’s orbiting Cosmos Interceptors. Those manned killer satellites were responsible for sweeping the skies clear of American Spy Satellites. In order to deal with that threat, there were truly radical modifications to the third Shuttle.

Whenever the space Shuttle was discussed, it was always emphasized that Shuttle astronauts could work in their shirt sleeves - no need for space suits because riding in a Shuttle was almost like riding in an airliner. Not so this time.

When Col. Jack Lousma and Col. C. Gordon Fullerton would lift off in this Shuttle, they would be in spacesuits. What’s more, they would be depending on their spacesuits because their crew cabin would not be pressurized. The whole lower front portion of their ship below the flight deck had been turned into a weapons bay.


As soon as the Shuttle would reach orbit, the nose would open up to the vacuum of space, the nose would fold downward and back, somewhat like certain cargo aircraft whose noses fold upward to load and unload.

As soon as the nose opened up, a complex laser system would emerge. The system had five tubular sections aimed up, down, to each side, and straight ahead. Each laser tube had a swiveling mirrorhead for beam aiming like that of the cargo bay laser mentioned earlier. Once deployed, the Nose Laser System would be able to fire in almost any direction, the only exception would be a narrow corridor to the rear of the Shuttle.

The Nose Laser System was described as a nuclear punt helium plasma laser with five resonators. The nuclear power pack could fire any one of the five laser tubes at a given time. It was not so powerful as the cargo bay laser but, unlike the cargo bay laser, the Nose Laser System could operate for a long time on an intermittent basis and the Shuttle planners believed it would be powerful enough to disable the manned Russian killer Satellites.

Under the protection of the Nose Laser System, Lousma and Fullerton were to deploy the robot Spy Satellite. As soon as it was deployed, they were to return to Earth in a small Gemini-type re-entry capsule. That part of the plan was the same as previously pointed out for the first flight. Meanwhile, the Shuttle would remain in orbit.

The Nose Laser System was programmed to keep right on zapping any Russian Cosmos Interceptors that would come within range. It would continue doing so until it would be destroyed or the nuclear laser ran down, which could be a very long time. It would constitute a very dangerous nuisance in space, and the Russians would have little choice but to destroy it.


The American Bolsheviks hoped the Russians would lost a lot of spaceships and men before they succeeded in doing so.




If the military Shuttle planners were right in their calculation, the third Shuttle mission could turn into a battle royal in space.


If they were wrong, they planned to try again. The fourth Shuttle mission was already scheduled for the Fourth of July. After that, no matter what happened with the Space Shuttle, they were planning to go ahead anyway in setting off Nuclear War No. One.

During the holiday season of 1981 from around Thanksgiving into 1982, Three major crises had besieged us. First, there were stories about the alleged Libyan "hit men" bent on assassinating top leaders of the U.S. Government; secondly, there was the military crackdown in Poland; and thirdly, as soon as world eyes were riveted on Poland, came ISRAEL’ ANNEXATION of the Syrian Golan Heights.

On the surface these three crises might appear to have been unrelated, but they were all closely related indeed, and were certainly not what they appeared to be. Each was a consequence of the complex secret war plan for the joint military junta of the United States and Israel!

Ever since early spring of the year 1981 this war plan was reported to us, the public, but the big cover-up would sweep over us and it would be buried for no one would listen AND THE BRINGERS OF TRUTH WERE INCARCERATED, PUT UP FOR RIDICULE OR SIMPLY KILLED AND NONE OF THE CITIZENS SEEMED TO NOTICE - WORSE, WE DIDN’T CARE IN THE LEAST TO GET RID OF THOSE "WARMONGERS."

The conflicts were intended to gradually escalate until the time would be ripe.


Then an American nuclear first strike would be launched against Russia. Nuclear war would break out in such a way that it would appear to be accidental. America’s nuclear forces would not realize that they were firing the first shots of nuclear war. Instead, they would be given false information that would trigger all-out retaliation against a non-existent Russian attack!

The prelude to all-out nuclear war was planned to include war in the Middle East. In the joint war plan of the American Bolsheviks and the Israeli military planners, the Middle East war was the responsibility of Israel. This was making Israel the eye of a growing hurricane of violence.

The crises continued to expand and grow outward without seeming control. Close to Israel, the top priority was to do everything possible to destroy the Camp David Peace Accords, so called. That is why President Sadat of Egypt was assassinated a few weeks prior (Oct. 6).

By early December we were being told that a group of three to six "hit men" were thought to be in the United State. It was claimed that they were gunning for the President and several other top Government officials. The U.S. shot down two Libyan jets and killed a child of Khadafy, trying to program him to behave like a madman. These plans were well laid to try to create situations to push us closer to nuclear war.

The old Bolsheviks from Russia who had gained control of America’s military policies had been trying to trigger revolution in Poland. They first attempted to do so by subverting the Roman Catholic Church and already turmoil was stewing in the Vatican. About three years earlier an attempt was made to turn the Catholic Church strongly anti-Russian in its policies. On September 28, 1978, thirty-three days after his election, the newly-elected pope, John Paul I, was murdered by poisoning and yet we are told he died in his sleep.

In my February, 1979, issue of "Doomsday Club News & Intelligence Report" newsletter, I said that there was evidence that Pope John Paul I had been murdered and that the Pope who took his place was a KGB agent!


Malachi Martin wrote a popular book about the new Pope, "THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD," but what you did not know was that Martin was a Jew using a fake name, and THE NEW POPE WAS NOT WHAT HE SEEMED TO BE, EITHER!


A book called "IN GOD’S NAME" by David Yallop came out in 1984 with proof of the murder of the previous Pope, and Lawrence Patterson in his newsletter revealed the hoaxer using the name Malachi Martin.

For those of you who still have a copy of my newsletter, why don’t you check up on me: On page 6 of the February 1979 issue I said,

"The present Pope (Pope John Paul II) will not last very long. I will go on record and emphasize it - 'THE PRESENT POPE WILL LAST PROBABLY LESS THAN FIVE TO SEVEN YEARS'" (emphasis copied).

Ah, I goofed, you will say, because he is still there. But let me quote from a book called "BLOOD AND ASHES," a Phoenix Journal, which on page 133 says:

"The Bolsheviks within the Vatican who engineered his election wanted only his potentially anti-Russian image, not the man himself and so he, too, WAS DONE AWAY WITH BY POISONING AND REPLACED BY A ’DOUBLE’ ON NOVEMBER 21, 1978. THE NEW ’ACTOR POPE’ THEN BEGAN ISSUING A STEADY STREAM OF STIFF STATEMENTS AGAINST ALLEGED RUSSIAN REPRESSION OF POLAND.


"The American Bolsheviks fully planned to use their power in the Vatican to set off what would be known as the ’Pope’s Revolution’ in Poland... Russian Intelligence was able to replace the Bolshevik actor Pope with their own ’double’."

Yallop, in his book on page 301, says:

"Many millions of words have been written since the election of Karol Wojtyla in attempts to analyze and understand what kind of man he is. As can be seen, he is the kind of man who could allow men like Villot, Cody, Marcinkus, Mennini, de Strobel, de Bonis, and Poletti to remain in office. There can be no defense on the grounds of ignorance.


Marcinkus is directly answerable to the Pope, and it is inconceivable that the Pope could be unaware of the degree of guilt that clings to Marcinkus."

Marcinkus, my friends, was a member of the Jewish Mafia in Cicero, Illinois who eventually gained control of the Vatican’s BILLIONS (that’s dollars) (see book by that name, for instance) and killed the previous pope. Don’t you just love religion and preachers?


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