by Martin Cannon
“The Controllers” released circa 1990

from MindControl Website



“Much of the forthcoming is an introduction to the topic of mind control - what it is, and how it works.”



Table of Contents

  • I. Introduction

    • The Problem
      The Hypothesis

  • II. The Technology

    • A Brief Overview
      Subsequent Electrode Implant Research
      Abductee Implants
      A Question of Timing
      The Quandary
      Remote Hypnosis
      That’s Entrainment
      Wave Your Brain Goodbye
      Final Thoughts on “The Wave”

  • III. Applications

    • Palle Hardrup’s “Guardian Angel”
      Screen Memory
      The Super Spy
      Bases of Suspicion
      The Scandinavian Connection
      Helicopters and Discs
      The Military and Mind Control
      The Ultimate Motive For Mind Control

  • IV. Abductions

    • The Hill Case and the “Advanced” Aliens
      Arms and the Abductee
      “They Will Think It’s Flying Saucers”
      Glimpses of the Controllers
      Grounds For Further Research
      Final Thoughts

  • Selected Bibliography on Mind Control