by Brian Desborough

from Whale Website



This website recently received the following inquiry:

"I am unable to find information on your research regarding an international church which I have been told is a sect.


This church apparently uses the Bible as its basic foundation but subtly changes passages. They are exclusive in that only through this church can one go to heaven.


Once you are baptized in the church you are then put onto a performance rating regarding how many people you invite to church and people leaving this church all require counselling due to all the mind manipulation.


It is called the Church of Christ or ICC (international Church of Christ). Do you have any research on this or will you be interested in researching something like this?"

This is a very interesting query; unfortunately it was posted during David's current lecture tour, so a staff member asked me to respond.

Current pressure of work does not permit me to provide an in-depth answer, however, a brief overview of religious cuts and the interrelationship with Illuminati mind-control programs and social engineering projects, will hopefully assist readers in researching this subject themselves in greater detail.

Mention of a membership rating is reminiscent of the numbers game inflicted upon Jehovah's Witness members. A perusal of intelligence appropriations reveals that both the Watchtower (Jehovah's Witness) and the Church of Latter Day Saints, both receive CIA subsidies, probably because their international missionary endeavors provide an excellent cover for intelligence operatives.


This is why it is unwise to invite missionaries into one's home.(1)

Perhaps it is synchronicity of the worst kind, but as this is being written, Larry Gene Ashbrook has just shot and killed seven members of a Texan church. In his youth, Ashbrook used to complain bitterly about being forced by his parents to attend his local Church of Christ establishment; at the present time, too few details are available to determine whether or not Ashbrook was a programmed mind-controlled assassin.

During a private conversation with a Church of Christ minister yesterday, the minister disavowed any current connection between the Church of Christ and the International Church of Christ organization. Moreover, he claimed that the latter church was a very strict cult which practiced mind-control.

The Church of Christ is patterned after the Restoration Movement of the 19th century. In contrast, the non-denominational International Church of Christ was formed by a splinter group of former Church of Christ members, who embraced the so-called Boston Movement. It has more than 350 branches globally.

It is well for all churchgoers to acquaint themselves with the Boston Movement, for it evolved from the teachings of the father of religious brain washing - American evangelist and Professor of Theology at Oberlin College, E. Grandison Finney (1792-1875).

When Finney commenced his ministry, his sermons wore delivered in a calm manner, with little emotion and designed to appeal to the intellect of the congregation. Unfortunately for the good shepherd, large numbers of his flock abandoned his church, never to return.

Realizing that he had to find a way to attract and maintain an enthusiastic congregation, Finney discovered, after a period of experimentation, that if normal brain function is disturbed through major fear, anger, shock or emotion, heightened suggestibility and impaired judgment occur temporarily. This facilitates the implanting of a new belief structure.

Instead of appealing to the intellect, Finney began to deliver sermons replete with copious amounts of fire and brimstone and spoken in a loud, emotion-filled manner.


Realizing that Finney had discovered a technique which turned previously rational people into mindless robots, other pastors adopted Finney's evangelical method, which became known as the Boston Movement - the foundation of the Fundamentalist Christian Church, exemplified in the hysterical rantings and ravings of television evangelists, more intent upon making a buck than in saving souls.

Manipulating the minds of an unwitting church congregation the means of this insidious method of mind-control is in my opinion, an act of the most despicable evil.

During the Jesus Movement of the 1960's, Finney's mind-control system was used very successfully by the Children of God religious cult.


In his book Battle for the Mind, author and Tavistock mind-control psychiatrist William Sargent, stated that a favorite recruiting ploy of Children of God proselytizers was to approach a group of teenagers and focus on the one who expressed the most opposition to religion.


The hostile victim would be provoked into an uncontrollable rage.


In order to prevent a neural overload, the mind of the hapless victim rejected the previous religious belief structure, replacing it with the ideology implanted by the victim's Children of God tormentors. According to Sargent, this evangelical mind-control technique enabled Children of God missionaries to make fanatical converts out of atheists in only fifteen minutes.

Founded by David Berg, the Children of God had established communities in 60 countries by the end of the 1970's. Former cult members claim that church members practiced pedophilia.


One British newspaper reported that children of cult members exhibited signs of rectal excoriations and that pre-pubescent girls had torn hymens and flayed vulvae.(2)

Berg's pamphlets promoted pedophilia and sex between children, while another pamphlet displayed a photograph of a Children of God nurse engaged in oral sex with a young boy.(3)


A prosecution witness and former cult member alleged that Children of God girls were expected to lure men into having affairs with them, in order to recruit new members; this was known within the Children of God movement as "flirty fishing".

Berg promoted not only pedophilia, but also racism, proclaiming that "I'm a racist because God is!"

Joyanne Treadwell Berg, the granddaughter of the cult's founder, alleges that she was made to have sex with important government officials and had "met presidents from around the world".


If this claim is valid, it would imply that possibly she could have been used as a "Black Widow".


This is an Illuminati term for mind-controlled sex slaves who are used for the entrapment of high-level dignitaries. One of Berg's own daughters claimed that her father had an incestuous relationship with herself and her sisters.(4)

Remarkably, the Children of God organization has withstood several prosecutorial attempts, including one in 1974 by the New York Attorney General's office, which accused the cult of incest, rape and kidnapping. Incredibly, the case was dropped by order of the Attorney General, who made the amazing claim that the cult was protected from prosecution by the First Amendment!


Could it be that the cult is protected by very powerful figures?


Former Chilean dictator Pinochet and Libya's Muammar al-Qaddafi, allegedly have connections with this organization, whose choir even performed at the George Bush White House.

In 1991, movie actor River Phoenix revealed that as a child he had been forced to have sex. This was during the period when his father served as an archbishop of the Children of God church. Because the actor had not acquired celebrity status at that time, his comments were largely unreported by the media.

Some 170 children were taken into protective custody in 1993, after a police raid on an Argentinean compound of the Children of God church. The police claimed that the children had been sexually-abused by church members; cocaine and pornographic video tapes had been seized in a previous raid. Not surprisingly, perhaps, no charges were brought against church members.(5)

State Chief Inspector Rebolio, leader of the 1993 raid, claimed to have found evidence that the Children of God church was being funded by a global cabal of influential people.

By the time of the Argentinian raid on the Children of God compound, River Phoenix had become a well-known movie star. A few weeks after the raid, River Phoenix died from a drug overdose: his body bore no evidence of needle marks. Since he died on Halloween night, was his death accidental - or was it a ritual murder to prevent him disclosing what he knew about the Children of God organization?

Since the Argentinian raid, the church has undergone restructuring and has changed its name to the Family of Love.


It disavows that its adult members engaged in sex with minors; it also claims that it terminated its practice of "flirty fishing" in 1987, which implies that this outrageous practice did take place in previous years.

Since religious brainwashing is only one facet of the Illuminati's goal to eventually achieve a mind-controlled global populace, a brief overview of the history of mind-control is presented in order to acquaint the reader with the principal conspirators in this evil undertaking.

In The Island Of Dr Moreau, by H. G. Wells, the evil geneticist states:

"It's not simply the outward form of an animal I can change. The philosophy, the chemical rhythm of the creature, may also be made to undergo an enduring modification..." (6)

The novel was based upon a real-life geneticist of the same name, who promoted the use of hashish among members of the Rothschild literary Circle in Paris, during the mid nineteenth century.(7)


Moreau administered large doses of narcotics to unsuspecting mental patients and advocated the use of hashish in order to increase suggestibility during the training of assassins.


The Jesuit-associated Moreau researched the use of narcotics for mind-control purposes by ancient cultures, e.g. the evil priesthood of the Royal Court of the Dragon, in Egypt.(8)

While Dr. Moreau was studying the drug-induced psychosis of hapless French mental patients, Lewis Cass Payseur, grandson of King Louis VI of France, was creating a vast financial empire in America.


Unwilling to be in the limelight, Payseur employed John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and Cornelius Vanderbilt to act as presidents of his numerous companies, paying them five percent of the profits.

John D. Rockefeller's brother William was appointed president of Standard Oil. In 1911, William Rockefeller hired a high-level British Intelligence operative named Claude Dansey. Dansey converted the U.S. Army Intelligence Service into a subsidiary of the British Secret Service. A loyal American supporter of Dansey was General Marlborough Churchill - a relative of Winston Churchill. General Churchill became director of U.S. military intelligence.

After the conclusion of the very bloody W.W.I, General Churchill created the "Black Chamber", a New York espionage group serving the needs of the U.S. Army and Anglophille New York financiers.


A short time later, Churchill became director of the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation. This medical center was to play a pivotal role in the development of mind-control techniques, on behalf of the Illuminati.

Sound, in keeping with all other forces of nature, is not biased toward the production of beneficial or destructive forces. The ancient Chinese were well aware of this, realizing that music compositions exert significant transcendental influences upon humankind, and hence upon the planet.


The Chinese believed that musical tones were but one physical manifestation at an inaudible superphysical sound which governed the cosmos. Depending upon the combination of musical notes, rhythms and instrumentation, music possessed the ability to either enhance the spirituality or the darker side of humanity.

The metaphysical aspects of music is too vast a subject to be dealt with here, it has only been referred to because during the 1920's, British Intelligence acquired control of a behavioral sciences laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany.


Like the ancient Chinese, the lab researchers had concluded that the psychological profile of large segments of the population could be modified through the form of music to which they were subjected.

These German researchers relocated to America during the 1930's, forming the Radio Research Institute at Princeton University. Their efforts were coordinated with the Columbia Broadcasting System, whose chief executive officer was career intelligence operative William Paley.


Today, the entertainment media is dominated by a few transnational companies thereby rendering it easy to control the types of music to which nations are subjected.(9)

The central body responsible for the oversight of the global mind-control network is the London-based Tavistock Institute. Founded as a clinic in 1922 to serve the psychological warfare needs of the British military, its first director was Brigadier-General John Rawlings Rees.


In keeping with the previously-mentioned W. Grandison Finney, Rees realized that by means of repeated psychological shocks, or stressful events, entire populations could be psychologically-controlled. This is achievable by providing a controlled psychological environment.

Rees's objective was to develop a vast network of psychiatrists, who would create a society,

"..where it is possible for people of every social group to have treatment when they need it, even when they do not wish it, without it being necessary to invoke the law."

For all practical purposes Rees controlled the British military during W.W.2 by virtue of his position as head of the Army psychiatric directorate.


Rees was able to infiltrate his staff into every British Army unit and even into the Allied Command itself. In this manner, Rees's network, which he termed his "invisible college", was eventually able to infiltrate, then control, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


As the War wound down, Tavistock personnel acquired control of the World Federation of Mental Health.

Paralleling the development of Tavistock mind-control research, was the evolution of the eugenics movement (racial purity). This research was initiated at London's Galton Laboratory.


In the 1920's, the Rockefeller Foundation funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in Munich, which was directed by Ernst Rudin. Initial funding in 1925 was $2.5 million, with additional funding provided by the Harrimans, Warburgs and the British Crown.


The Nazi Dr. Rudin was appointed president of the global Eugenics Federation in 1932.(10) Hitler came to power in 1933 and delegated Rudin to direct the Racial Hygiene Society, which advocated sterilization or death of the "racially impure".


Rudin's staff drew up a sterilization law which was based on statutory law from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Not all of this hideous eugenics research was conducted in Germany. Dr. Nolan Lewis, director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute, undertook fourteen research projects into the nature of schizophrenia (dementia praecox).


He was assisted in this work by Nazi psychiatrist and Rudin protoge' Franz Kallmann, who was forced to leave Germany after being determined to be part-Jewish. Kallmann had proposed the forced sterilization of even healthy relatives of schizophrenics.

This American schizophrenia research was funded by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, whose Grand Master was the Duke of Connaught.


Dr. Kallmann conducted a study of more than 1000 cases of schizophrenia. His report referred to schizophrenics as "..the lowest type of criminal offenders" and was used as a pretext for the Nazis to execute mental patients.

Mind-control technology took a giant leap forwards after Dr. Joseph Mengele was appointed medical commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943.


Infants selected for mind-control programming were subjected to intense trauma in order to cause the mind to split into several thousand alter personalities. Such trauma consists variously of limb dislocation, electroshock, prolonged solitary confinement enforced consumption of one's excrement and enforced observation of executions.

Mengele, who was a high-level Illuminatus, specialized in mind control research involving twins.


Frequently, trauma was induced in one twin by forcing he or she to watch the other twin being flayed or burned alive. After the mind had disassociated into multiple alter personalities, 169 alters could be individually programmed for specific tasks, e.g. to be a sex slave for Illuminati pedophiles, a drug courier or an assassin.

Each alter was given an access code. For reference purposes, the programmer then drew a 13 x 13 grid, each square denoting one specific programmed alter.


Each programmed multiple was implanted with 13 such grids; interspersed between the grids were alters programmed to act as gate keepers, thus rendering it extremely difficult for a deprogrammer to access the next grid level.

At the conclusion of W.W.2, Mengele was brought to America under Operation Paperclip, where he directed mind-control programming at such diverse locations as China Lake Naval Weapons Facility, Fort Irwin and Mendocino State Mental Institution.

Mind-control victims who were intended to function as intelligence couriers were subjected to an operation known as brain-stem scarring, which enabled specific alters to possess a photographic memory.


It should be noted that the front alter was programmed to be oblivious at the other alters which were always kept compartmentalized until required to perform a specific task.


The front alter was never programmed to possess a photographic memory.

To render deprogramming exceedingly difficult, alters are sometimes programmed using a web consisting of the Greek alphabet, divided into three groups of letters. Nursery rhymes and fairy tales, e.g. the Wizard of Oz and Alice through the Looking Glass, are often used in the programming of young children.


Castle themes are also used - important alters being implanted in dungeons, guarded by a dungeonmaster alter.

Mind-controlled individuals are programmed to exhibit intense loyalty to their programmer. A well-programmed victim only begins to recover memories after the death of the programmer. If the programming begins to fail alters known as "cutters" are automatically actuated, causing the victim to slash their arms or fingers; this inhibits further memories of the programming.

Victims are programmed to respond to reinforcing triggers encoded in specific newspapers, television programs and commercials. The television show "Millenium" is filled with such triggers, mainly of a numerical nature (the triggers on each three consecutive shows add up to 666).

While Mengele was conducting his gruesome mind-control experiments at Auschwitz, Montague Norman resigned his position as Managing Director of the Bank of England and formed the National Association for Mental Health.


In 1948, this organization convened a meeting of the world's leading mental health specialists; at this convention the World Federation for Mental Health was created. Not surprisingly, the person elected president was none other than Tavistock Institute's John Rawlings Rees.

Montague Norman's New York associate Clarence G. Michalis, was appointed board chairman of the Macy Foundation, which in turn became a major funding source for Tavistock's activities in America.

At the conclusion of W.W.II, Tavistock began to establish a global network of psychiatric research centers, in order to influence the ideologies of mass populations.


This subversive network, which was funded primarily by the Rockefeller Foundation and large corporations, included such establishments as the Stanford Research Institute, the Center for Research in Group Dynamics and the United States Office of Naval Research.


1966 saw the creation of the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University, in England.


This institution, which acquired several Tavistock staff members, became a major force in the development of social manipulation techniques and has engaged in classified contract studies for NATO.

President Kennedy incurred the wrath of the Tavistock Institute in 1963, when he ignored their counsel to permit NATO to engage in the psychological manipulation of domestic populations in NATO countries.


It was probably this act, in conjunction with his plans to federalize the Federal Reserve Board and terminate the Vietnam War which prompted the Illuminati to order his assassination.(11)

It was the JFK space program which sounded the economic death-knell for the Western nations.


Until that time, the geopolitical clout of Western nations had been primarily derived from profits of the opium trade and industrial growth. In 1963, NASA placed a contract with the Tavistock Institute to determine the effect's of the aerospace industry on Western society.


Tavistock found that the space program had so ignited the imagination of the public, that the Western world was in danger of becoming a technological society, replete with many free-thinkers.


If allowed to continue, this would cause the Illuminati to lose its dominance over the populace.

So alarmed were the Illuminati by the NASA report, that they convened a meeting in Deauville, France, called the Conference on Transatlantic Technological Imbalance and Collaboration.


In attendance were U.S. State Department planner Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski and Dr. Aurelio Peccei, chairman of a major NATO think tank.

The conference concluded that in order for the Illuminati movers and shakers to continue their dominion over the masses, the populace of Western nations must be brainwashed into accepting the de-industrialization of their countries.


De-industrialization was accomplished by culturally-shocking the masses into accepting the formation of vast environmental agencies staffed with parasitic bureaucrats.(12)

Admittedly, some anti-population legislation is necessary, but the mountains of nebulous paper and attendant draconian penalties issuing forth from environmental agencies, has thrust the Western world into a nearly-insolvent post-industrial era.


Most of the global pollution arising from transportation and industry readily could be eradicated through the implementation of proven over-unity (free energy) devices; while polluted rivers can by cleansed through the application of Schauberger technology.


Not surprisingly, environmental bureaucrats have repeatedly blocked the implementation of such devices, for fear of losing political clout.(12)

The conference spawned books by both Brzezinski and Peccei: Technetronic Era and The Chasm Ahead, respectively. In calling for the establishment of a post-industrial dictatorship, Brzezinski wrote:

" forms of social control may be needed to limit the indiscriminate exercise by individuals of their new powers."

He went on to suggest bio-chemical means to control the populace and stated:

"It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date complete files..."

In his later book Between Two Ages, he called for the establishment of a global government, and, in the manner of a thug working a protection racket, indicated what the global elite would do to punish the masses if they resisted.


This included geophysical warfare and satellites emitting a frequency capable of initiating mass epilepsy. Instead of charging this wretched apology for a human being with high treason, Illuminati puppet Jimmy Carter appointed him to a presidential cabinet position.(13)

Similarly, Peccei's book called for the establishment of a global government, employing "global planning" and "crisis management".


Pandering to the Illuminati reptilians, Peccei wrote:

"Man invented the story of the bad dragon, but if there ever was a bad dragon on earth, It is man himself..."

The major outcome of the conference was the founding of the Club of Rome in 1968, under the direction of Peccei. In keeping with Henry Kissinger's NSC policy directive 200, the club called for a massive global population reduction by means of famine, plague and controlled nuclear warfare.

The club's first report was "The Limits to Growth". It claimed that scientific research was an infeasible method for attaining material progress, claiming that the only way was to permit a global government to control the allocation of resources.


The report falsely claimed that nuclear fusion was infeasible as an energy system, ignoring the fact that both Philo Farnsworth and Bogdan Maglich had both developed feasible fusion systems (nuclear fusion energy systems have been suppressed because they do not provide fissionable radio-active by-products required by the military).

Since its inception, the Club of Rome, on behalf of the Illuminati and the Tavistock Institute, has established a vast global network of national chapters, which wield influence over policy makers.

Under the influence of the Club of Rome, NATO has evolved from being "a bastion against communism" into a social-control apparatus. It functions in an Hegelian manner by creating an insurgency involving genocidal activity.


Responding to global demands, a NATO "peace-keeping" force then quells the uprising and permanently remains in that country.


Often mind-controlled members of the U.S. Delta Force are an integral part of the insurgency group. It should be noted that the genocidal United Nations operations in Bosnia were under the direction of Lord David Owen, a psychiatrist and long-time executive of the Tavistock Institute. (14)

Bilderberger and NATO supporter U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell, has advocated NATO becoming an overseer of global environmentalism. He is a Club of Rome member.

In its quest to promote its goals of de-industrialization and controlled disintegration of the global economy, the Club of Rome convened the 1976 Re-Shaping the international Order (RIO) conference, which attacked Americans as being greedy.


This was followed in 1977 by a diatribe against industrialization and a call for limits to industrial growth.

What the above narrative depicts is an organized attempt by Illuminati front organizations to brain-wash the global populace into accepting the destruction of national sovereignty in preparation of a totalitarian World Government...


This is being accomplished by means of massive social engineering programs.

The New Age movement was created during the 19th century, as a ploy by the Illuminati to obfuscate a true understanding of aetheric energy (known to physicists as the neutrino sea) for those who have learned to harness it, can wield power.


The New Age movement greatly expanded as a result of the psychological warfare efforts of the Tavistock applied-psychology think-tank known as the Stanford Research institute.

The Institute published a report in 1974 which revealed that environmentalist, New Age and various religious organizations are, in actuality, all part of a unified, planned social engineering conspiracy. Six years later, at the request of the Institute's director, Dr. Willis Harmon, key elements of the in-house report were published in book form as The Aquarian Conspiracy (La Conspiración de Acuario), by Harmon protégé Marilyn Ferguson.


The last thing that the Illuminati desires is a populace which thinks for itself, something most New Agers fail to do, relying instead on the books and lectures promulgated by disinformers and kooks. The recent New Age emphasis on angels, for instance, has only occurred because New Agers have failed to determine the origins of the angel myth.(15)

It was necessary to digress from the subject of religious mind-control in this narrative, in order to present the sheer magnitude of the on-going social engineering (global brain-washing) project of the Illuminati.


Returning now to the subject of religious mind-control, de-industrialization propaganda was promoted through the founding in 1975 of the Inter-Religious Peace Colloquim (IRPC) in Bellagio, Italy.


It's board of directors included Club of Rome members Jesuit William Ryan and liberation theology proponent Peter Henriot.


Several of its Islamic theoreticians later became major players in Khomeini's ascension to power (in keeping with his father before him, Khomeini was an asset of British intelligence).

In order to divert public attention away from science and toward zero-growth ideology, the IRPC has played a major role in the promotion of religious fundamentalism, with its emphasis upon the 19th century mind-control techniques of evangelist Finney, and also in the area of religious cults.

Many religious cults are merely fronts for mind-control or occult activities. Such cults are structured in the form of concentric circles the outer circles being restricted to conventional religious doctrines, the members of which serve as a front for the occult or satanic rituals conducted by core members (lay Mormons, for instance, are unaware at the importance the Mormon hierarchy places upon solar rites performed in honor at Kolob, their name for the central sun).

A typical cult of this nature has been the Process Church for the Final Judgment founded during the 1960's in England by Church of Scientology initiates Mary Anne and Robert DeGrimston, the cult opened branches in Mexico and America, mainly recruiting from centers of counterculture such as Haight-Ashbury and Hollywood.

According to author Maury Terry, church members were heavily involved in human sacrifice, drug trafficking and kiddieporn. The "Son of Sam" and the Charlie Manson murders were both linked to the Church (Manson wrote an article for the Church's magazine).


David Berkovitz, the supposed lone Son of Sam killer, joined the Church in 1975. Interestingly, the Process Church's attorney was member John Markham.


Markham was later hired by U.S. Attorney William Weld (the Weld family made its fortune in the opium trade). Weld invested money in the counterculture tabloid Real Paper, which published a major article on the Process Church.

At the time that the Son of Sam killings commenced, the Process Church changed its name to the Foundation Faith of the Millennium. Since cult member Markham was a prosecutorial member of the U.S. Justice Department, is it any wonder that satanic cult murderers are seldom prosecuted?

Another satanic church in America poses as a New Age Catholic Church connected with the Celtic movement. In actuality, it is heavily involved in child pornography and ritual orgies.


It is not known whether or not the church engages in mind control.

I believe that the Illuminati-controlled Tavistock Institute, together with its vast global network of social engineering think-tanks has sown the seeds of its self-destruction; in other words, the entire Illuminati structure will implode.


This will be initiated by the religious mind-control activities of its "friendly enemy" - Russia.

To comprehend the geopolitical overtones behind this probable event, it is necessary to briefly review Russian history. In 988 A.D., Prince Vladimir of Kievan Rus, the offspring of Prince Svyatoslav and the daughter of a Khazar Rabbi, adopted the Eastern Orthodox branch of Christianity.

From that time on, Russia fell under the feudal control of a few aristocratic landowners, who created a secret society known as the Holy Brotherhood.


In the 19th century, as previously stated, the Illuminati created the New Age movement as a disinformation ploy, in order to misdirect attention away from meaningful research into the nature of aetheric energy.


A secondary intent was the subversion of Western culture, the latter having been successfully accomplished by the Tavistock cabal.

New Age disinformation was initially effected through the creation of the Theosophical Society, whose founding members, including Russian-born Helena Blavatsky, were initiates of various Illuminati secret societies, including the satanic Order of Luxor.


The Theosophical Society developed from Abbe' Dom Pernetty's Avignon Society which created a ritual known as the Rite of the Illuminati, circa 1760.


Benedict Chastanier, a founding member of the Avignon Society, relocated to England and created the Order of Illuminated Theosophists in 1767, which changed its name to the Theosophical Society in 1784. Another occult lodge - the Rite of Swedenborg, was an offshoot of this latter organization.

Among its members were Colonel Olcott and Charles Southeran, both of whom founded, together with Blavatsky, the Theosophical Society of today.


In her private correspondence, Blavatsky revealed that her "Ascended Masters" were, in actuality, merely nicknames she had assigned to wealthy masonic patrons of the Theosophical Society, and displayed outrage against phony psychics claiming to channel these non-existent beings.(17)

Prominently associated with the Theosophical Society during its formative years was Russian military attaché Count Muraviev-Amurskky, who was an operative of Count Alexander Ignatiev, whose family were long-time controllers of the military arm of the Okrana - Russia's pro revolutionary intelligence service.


The Okrana was headquartered within the St. Petersburg Ecclesiastical Academy, an arm of the Russian Orthodox Church.

After the 1917 Russian revolution, Soviet influence infiltrated into Theosophical and Ordo Templi Orientis lodges in Europe, including the Viennese Blue Lodge of Theosophy, with which both Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud were associated.


The Carl Jung Foundation has allegedly been linked to mind-control cultic activities.

Carl Jung was a major figure in the on-going struggle by the Illuminati social engineers to control the minds of humankind. He devoted much time to developing ways to change the belief structure of the masses "which gave us the Renaissance." Jung lectured at the Children of the Sun center, at Ascona, Italy, a learning center for Illuminati offspring.


He provided a safehouse for Lenin and Trotsky there. Jung lectured to Mary Mellon, who later founded the Bollingen Center in America; this center spawned several cults.

Jung was not only an influential advisor to Nazi sympathizer and CIA director Allen Dulles, he also instructed Alice Bailey and her 33rd degree masonic husband. She founded the Lucifer Publishing Company which later changed its name to the Lucis Trust.


Her book Education in The New Age outlined a social engineering program which later was adopted by the Club of Rome. In it she wrote "...the science of eugenics will grow." (18)

The Lucis Trust is a major New Age command center on behalf of the Illuminati, as evidenced by its sponsors, who have included

  • John D. Rockefeller

  • former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert MacNamara

  • former World Bank President and Masonic Grand Commander Henry Clausen

  • Thomas Watson, former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow and IBM president

  • the late Canon West, Dean of New York's Cathedral of St. John the Divine and protocol officer to Queen Elizabeth II (19)

The Lucis Trust operates a network of New Age groups known as "Triangles"; I have personally observed a Triangles coordinator telephone the CIA and report personal details regarding group members.

Jung's Russian connection extended beyond providing sanctuary to Trotsky and Lenin (Lenin studied for the priesthood, and was initiated into a satanic cult on the Isle of Capri, Italy).


Jung's assistant at Ascona was Olga Froebe Kapteyn, the granddaughter of Russian founding member of the Theosophical Society, Prince Kropotkin. It was she who initiated the current Mother Goddess New Age fad.

A United Nations conference was held in Brussels in 1976 to celebrate the UN's "Year of the Woman".


Out of the conference emerged a UN organization named Women's International Collectives (WICCE). This organization publishes a journal called Isis, and is involved in the coordination of feminist Wicca groups.


It interfaces with the Russian-controlled Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, in Geneva; it is also associated in America with the Revolutionary Communist Party. The latter organization was involved in precursor activities which culminated in the last Los Angeles riot.

The above comments would suggest that Russia is a willing co-conspirator in the Illuminati's global social engineering project, but in actuality, a hidden agenda may be involved.


This is because in 1982, a mysterious organization was founded in Russia. Known as Pamyat (memory), and intensely nationalistic, its leaders believe that Russians have a spiritual destiny to rule the world and that Moscow will become the global religious center.

Pamyat cannot be readily dismissed as yet another New Age kook organization, even though it emphasizes Planet Earth worship, for it has been under the direction of Russian intelligence and military officials such as the late General Aleksei Yepishev, director of the Main Political Directorate (MPD) of the Soviet Army and Navy. Yepishev was a close associate of KGB Chief Yuri Andropov. (20)

Pamyat recruits many members from numerous societies sponsored by the Russian military, e.g. the Rossiya Society, founded by Marshal Vasili Chuikov, which boasts more than ten million members.

Pamyat was the brainchild of rabid anti-Zionist and fascist ideologue Valeri Yemelyanov, who was associated with the Institute of Oriental Studies, a think-tank whose gnostic research was used by Russian Intelligence to create cults In foreign nations.

According to Yemelyanov, who promoted the fraudulent "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", the Russian Orthodox Church was a Jewish plot to supplant paganism!


As a result of his public rantings, Russian Jews have been persecuted and murdered. Yemelyanov himself murdered his wife with an axe in 1980, but was not prosecuted due to KGB intervention. Instead, he was institutionalized until 1987.

Pamyat's intent is well-defined in its manifesto, which states:

"International Zionism and Freemasonry have removed their visor and gone openly on the offensive against the last remaining islets of spirituality and national conciousness. Three years ago, Pamyat began ringing the alarm bell."

Since Pamyat exerts such a powerful influence on the Russian military, its manifesto should be taken seriously, particularly since both Gorbachov and Yeltsin are admirers of Pamyat.


It should be noted that in his 1997 address to the Russian parliament, Gorbachov stated that in the next few years, Russians would hear much mention of Perestroika.


Such talk was to be ignored since it was a ploy to lull foolish Americans into disarming. Ironically, not only has the American government sold Gorbachov a portion of the San Francisco military Presideo for the sum of one dollar as a site for his draconian environmental organization, but he is also on the committee which determines which U.S. military bases are to be closed.

At the present time Zbigniev Brzezinski and his protégé Madeleine Albright, are playing nuclear chicken with Russia.


This is occurring because NATO has infiltrated many Islamic terrorists into the Russian republic of Dagestan, who promptly claimed its independence from Russia.


If this conflict spreads into the oil-rich nation of Azerbaijan, Russia will be forced to intervene with massive military force.

With the aid of the Russian military, Pamyat, with its demands for a return to a pagan form of religion, is, in effect, conducting what amounts to a religious brainwashing of the Russian public.


If the present conflict spreads beyond the borders of Dagestan, Russia may well use the situation as a pretext to double-cross and destroy the Illuminati by launching a nuclear first strike at America and Europe.


This would presumably be accomplished in conjunction with China and Japan, the latter having entered into an exchange program of geophysical warfare technology with Russia.


With the current instability of the sun, such an attack would probably occur at a time when NATO surveillance satellites are temporarily blinded by a large solar flare.

If such a Scenario does not occur, a new global religion will replace existing religions as part of the New World Order. In a remote section of Colorado, in Crestone County, a compound has been established to create the new religion.


Staffed by representatives of various religions - each group having their separate living quarters, other residents allegedly include rebirthers, a group of midwives known as "Emissaries of Light" and such religious celebrities as Baba Ji.


Reptilians have purportedly been observed there and mind-control activities occur. The operation is reportedly under the control of billionaire and former British intelligence operative Maurice Strong and is allegedly Rockefeller funded.

In conclusion, it is worth remembering that Aldhous Huxley, the MK-Ultra operative who played a major role in introducing LSD to the public in order to create the rock counterculture of the 1960's wrote "Brave New World".


The purpose of the novel was primarily to enlighten Illuminati teenagers about the intended lifestyle of the mind-controlled masses after the totalitarian New World Order was accomplished.

The novel described how the global populace would be mind-controlled by ULTRA researchers - Dr. Wayne Evans, director of the U.S. Army Military Stress Laboratory, and eugenics advocate and Psychiatrist Nathan Kline:

"...the present breadth of drug use may be almost trivial when we compare it to the possible numbers of chemical substances that will be available for the control of selective aspects of man's life in the year 2000."

Happy New Year!




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9. The controlling stockholders of the world's second largest multi-media corporation (Hachette Industries, Paris) are family members of Sadham Hussein. John Lennon publicly claimed that the Beatles single-handedly introduced narcotics to the world's teen population. This suggests that the Beatles unwittingly may have been under covert Tavistock control, the lyrics of Lennon's "Imagine" are typical New World Order propaganda.

Soon after meeting Lennon, Yoko Ono, the offspring of one of Japan's ruling families, was summarily ordered back to Japan by her parents and institutionalized for a short while, prior to returning to New York. Was she subjected to mind-control to order to function as Lennon's controller? Before his untimely death, he was clearly his own person and therefore considered a political loose cannon by the Iluminatti.

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12. My duties as Vice-President for Research & Development with several companies, has necessitated undergoing frustrating phone calls to environmental agencies for clarification of nebulous and conflicting rules. The calls were often handled not by experienced articulate personnel, but by environmental neophytes fresh out of college, answering in broken English to the name Habeeb.

13. Like his Illuminati overlords, the arrogant Brzezinski fails to realize that equally advanced technology exists in the private sector. A dozen partisans equipped with Gavreau infra-sonic cannons, Mossbauer beam weaponry and isochronous oscillators, could readily topple the Illuminati by destroying key subterranean facilities, EFT switching centers, satellites and the annual Bohemian Grove shindig, not to mention de-activation of incoming missiles or catalysis of computer chips by means of MRX photonic coupling.

Recently I was sitting in a car. A few yards away, Dr. Henry Kissinger was involved with a book-signing ceremony. Had anyone had the inclination, a readily-obtainable magnetron, capacitor and cooling fan would have sufficed to construct a maser which would have cooked the brains of the good doctor and his secret-service personnel almost instantly. You were as vulnerable as when the Director Of Janus spies on you, Dr. Kissinger; or course, with a cooked brain, you would have made an excellent Senatorial candidate.

14. Many Native American children have been removed from their parents and subjected to mind-control in "Christian Schools" off the reservations. Some of these victims were sent to Britain and trained as special ops assassins, posing as Viet Cong soldiers, they massacred many (Cambodian women and children collecting their ears as trophies. These soldiers were designated by the military as "double veterans".

15. The leader of the civilized group of global food survivors who introduced the plough to the hunter-gatherer Sumerian natives, became known as Tas Mikigal, meaning "Lord of Agriculture". With the passage of time, he became deified by the superstitious populous as "Lord at the Air". To them, it implied that he must possess the capability of flight, which meant that he must have had wings. He was depicted in this form on Phoenician coins during the fifth century B.C. and on early pre-Roman era British coins. We know him as Archangel Michael, celebrating Harvest Festival on Michaelmas Sunday.

The Jews remained unacquainted with angelology until they were taken into captivity by the Babylonians. Interestingly, Sumerian clay texts depict death as a dragon!

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The names of Blavatsky's "ascended masters" e.g. Koot Hoomi, were created using a Royal Arch masonic cipher which was later modified by Aleister Crowley. Several people who claimed contact with extraterrestrials during the early years of the UFO movement were members of various occult orders such as Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis and the Ancient Amythestine Order founded by Adamski associate Ric Williamson. Curiously, the extraterrestrials (e.g. Adamski's Orthon and Billy Meier's Semjase) or the supposed planets from which they hailed, have the numerical equivalent of eleven when Crowley's cipher is applied.

18. The Nazis were adept at introducing psycho-manipulative techniques into German youth programs, in order to persuade children to inform on their parents, if they opposed Nazi ideologies. Kurt Hahn, the creator of the Hitler youth movement later became headmaster of Gordonstoun School, in Scotland. The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles were students there.

A similar insidious psycho-manipulative program is currently taking place in American schools, known as Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE). Claiming to be an anti-drug program, in reality it is a psycho-profiling operation conducted by police officers trained in techniques developed by behavioral psychologist Carl Rogers. Hearsay information about parents obtained through group dynamics is documented, a violation of privacy laws.

Various studies undertaken by behavioral psychologists have demonstrated that the DARE program has a negative effect on drug abuse, prevention, as evidenced by a paper prepared by University of Southern California psychiatrists in 1989 and published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine. It stated: "by the final post-test, classrooms that had received the affective program had significantly more drug use than controls.

The DARE program was initialed by former Los Angeles Police Department Chief Daryl Gates. According to a newsletter published by former LAPD detective Mike Rupert, "Daryl Francis Gates was a CIA agent from the time he became a policeman." This is not surprising since in order to qualify for federal Law Enforcement Assistance Agency funding, American police departments have to permit some of their agents to receive CIA training. This devious ploy has enabled the CIA to acquire control of major city police departments.

Since the CIA has been heavily involved in narcotics trafficking for many years, it follows that it would not condone a meaningful drug-prevention program to be conducted in American schools. If DARE operatives were serious about curbing drug trafficking, they would be vociferously campaigning for anti-drug legislation and the prosecution of bank executives who launder drug money, which they are not.

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