by Jonathan D. Moreno
by Cheryl Welsh, director, Mind Justice, December 2006
from MindJustice Website

Table of Contents



  1. Introduction: Nature magazine book review

  2. Most genuine secrets ironically remain secret

  3. EMR mind control weapons: one of the deepest secrets of the nation

  4. Mind control is controversial and would be very a classified weapons program: “vigorous protection of one nonnegotiable premise” - freedom of thought

  5. 'Misguided' or real: government mind control victims

  6. No thorough or impartial investigations

  7. An old scientific con game: if there is no scientific theory then there are no proven health effects

  8. EMR mind control weapons more powerful than the atomic bomb

  9. Technological obstacles can be overcome

  10. The government cover story: if there are no proven EMR bioeffects then there are no EMR weapons

  11. Why so much government disinformation on EMR bioeffects?

  12. A global EMR arms race: U.S. with Russia, China and India catching up

  13. Cold War/post Cold War weaponeers culture: how the government cover story is so successfully carried out

  14. Scientific con game II: EMR bioeffects scientific evidence but no theory and no mention that the theory could be classified

  15. An unanticipated finding: a reasonable probability of advanced mind control weapons developed by the U.S.

  16. No human subject protections in classified research: a case of the highest levels of government acting above the law and paying lip service

  17. National security: utilitarian judgments at the highest levels of U.S. government

  18. Treaties, laws and proposed legislation on EMR weapons

  19. Lessons not learned, Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb