by Steven J. Smith

from Electrogravitics Website





Since the dawn of civilization, governments have sought means to manipulate the thoughts and perceptions of its citizens. For example, every dictator wants to feel safe from, and loved by, those he dictates to. Even democratic governments use the techniques of public relations, spin doctoring, and press conferences, to shape the perceptions and opinions of their constituency.


These techniques are so widespread that most human languages have a word dedicated to its description. In English, that word is "propaganda". The reason for this emphasis on human thought and perceptual management is quite simple. It takes far less effort to change someone's mind, than to change their living, working, or economic conditions.


Furthermore, since the citizenry always out number those who exercise authority, it is critical that a majority of the people are satisfied with their leadership, or at least believe that no better alternative is available. Any government that fails to follow this maxim, be it a democracy, republic, monarchy, military junta, or dictatorship, is doomed to a quick and ignominious demise.


It follows that ALL governments have an intense interest in, and are willing to expend vast sums of money on, ANY method or technology that holds the promise of enhancing the manipulation of human thought and/or perception.

With the rise of competitive nation states and international trade, a second application for human perceptual/opinion management has emerged. The use of propaganda to modify the perceptions and opinions within neighboring nation states, and thereby gain some political, economic, or military advantage, generally to the detriment of those who are manipulated. In the 20th century, a new and novel avenue for manipulating the human mind made its first appearance.


The use of EM (electromagnetic) energy to directly modify human thought process. Its first application was electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) also known as electro-shock treatment. While being a crude, brute force method, it none the less opened the door to more tantalizing and subtle possibilities.

What follows is a detailed exposť on the development, deployment, and ongoing use, of a covert EM mind control technology that spans the entire planet. You already know its name, if not its capabilities.

You call it the Cell Phone Network...


Early developments

Starting in the 1950s, working under the now infamous MK Ultra project, dozens of government grants were awarded for research into different aspects of human thought and/or perceptual manipulation. Some of these grants involved the development and testing of psychoactive drugs (LSD for instance).


Other grants involved the physical modification of the human brain via surgery. Still other grants involved the use of EM energy to alter brain chemistry, with the ultimate goal being covert injection of perceptions or thoughts directly into the human mind. It is this last category of research that we shall focus upon in this paper.

It is unlikely that we'll ever know the true extent of, or the full results derived from, human mind control research conducted under the auspices of MK Ultra. However all is not lost, there are non-classified research papers from that era. Also a body of circumstantial evidence exists, that can be used to gain further insight into the subject. And of course, we have the fully deployed remote mind control system itself, available for our review and analysis. All we have to do is connect the dots...

Lets start with a 60 year old piece of circumstantial evidence.

During the development and deployment of Radar (in WWII), there were reports from radar technicians of auditory stimulus (artificial sounds) coincident with exposure to microwave radiation. It was generally assumed that mechanical movement within the ear or surrounding bone structure, created by rapid changes in temperature from exposure to microwaves, was the most likely cause.


However, when deaf subjects also reported "hearing" microwaves, it became clear that a more subtle mechanism or phenomena must be responsible for the effect.


Allen H. Frey

Cornell University (Ithaca New York), 1962.


Allen H. Frey publishes a research paper in the Journal of Applied Physiology entitled, "Human auditory system response to Modulated electromagnetic energy". In his paper Mr. Frey describes the use of EM energy at average power levels measured in microwatts per square centimeter. I quote directly from his research paper:

The perception of various sounds can be induced in clinically deaf, as well as normal, human subjects at a distance of inches up to thousands of feet from the transmitter.

With somewhat different transmitter parameters, we can induce the perception of severe buffeting of the head, without such apparent vestibular symptoms as dizziness or nausea. Changing transmitter parameters again, one can induce a "pins-and-needles" sensation.





The transmitter modulation method employed in Mr. Frey's experiments was "pulse modulation", later known as digital modulation (below figure). A further observation by Mr. Frey is relevant to this discussion. The EM frequency spectrum for greatest absorption by the human head, and therefore lowest threshold of auditory perception.





In other words, what part of the EM spectrum is most efficient (requires the least transmitted power) to produce an auditory response? Referring to Mr. Frey's paper, the graph in Fig. 5 (below) indicates the frequency spectrum from 500 Mhz to 5000 Mhz is most efficient, with peak efficiency near 1000 Mhz.

View a full copy of Allen H. Frey's research paper.


Cell Phone frequency spectrums

The frequency spectrums assigned to the Cell Phone Network fall within 840 to 960 Mhz (low band) and 1710 to 2170 Mhz (high bands).


Figure 1 is a reproduction of Mr. Frey's graph, with the positions of cell phone frequency bands outlined in red.



Figure 1


As you can see, the frequency bands assigned by the FCC (federal communications commission) for use by Cell Phone Networks are at or near the peak of Mr. Frey's graph (showing most efficient absorption of EM energy by the human head), a graph taken from a 40+ year old research paper entitled: "Human auditory system response to Modulated electromagnetic energy".

What a remarkable coincidence! Or is it?

As a side note, the frequency assigned for use by microwave ovens (2450 Mhz) is also in this same part of the EM spectrum.



Cell Phone base transceiver stations

Everybody's seen them and hates them. They dot the urban landscape like a plague, and they seem to pop up like weeds. I'm talking about Cell Phone towers (figure 2).


These towers are just the most visible part of a Cell Phone BTS (Base Transceiver Station). At the bottom of each tower is a small building that houses the actual BTS electronics.



Figure 2, a typical Cell Phone BTS tower
(picture courtesy of


One might assume that each Cell Phone conversation (channel) has an independent transmitter dedicated (or assigned) for the duration of the call. In reality three sets of broadband transmitters known as an MCPA (Multi-Carrier Power Amplifier) are used, with each Cell Phone conversation (channel) summed together with other Cell Phone conversations (channels), and the entire group broadcast (transmitted) by a particular MCPA set.


The reason three MCPA sets are used is that most Cell Phone BTS sites divide their coverage area into three 120 degree sectors, with each MCPA set assigned to one particular sector. These 120 degree coverage sectors are why the Cell Phone BTS tower has that distinctive triangular antenna arrangement (as shown above).

Since each MCPA set handles all the Cell Phone conversations for a 120 degree coverage sector, it follows that although the transmitted power for any particular Cell Phone conversation is specified as 10 watts, the TOTAL power output of an MPCA set ranges from 180 watts to 360 watts.


Furthermore, the antenna configuration shapes (or focuses) the radiated EM pattern such that the total ERP (effective radiated power) ranges from 9,000 watts to 18,000 watts per 120 degree coverage sector (17db or 50x antenna gain).


Therefore the total ERP for a Cell Phone BTS site (360 degree coverage) is on the order of 27,000 to 54,000 watts! And of course there are multiple Cell Phone companies, each with its own network of BTS sites.


Consequently any particular urban area will be subjected to EM radiation of approximately 81,000 to 216,000 watts (3 to 4 cell phone companies). To put this in perspective, the average AM radio station transmitter is 50,000 watts.

Under normal operation, each Cell Phone company uses a different portion of the Cell Phone Network frequency spectrum. However the actual frequencies used are determined by computer controlled DSP (digital signal processors) which like any computer controlled device, can be reprogrammed in fractions of a second.


The transmitted signal uses TDMA (time division multiple access) or CDMA (code division multiple access) encoding. Both encoding methods produce a series of digital (on-off) pulses, just like Mr. Frey's original experiments (see above).

It would seem the modern Cell Phone BTS is tailor made to reproduce Mr. Frey's experimental results.


Touch someone

Modern radar systems employ a non-mechanical steering technique known as a phased array. Essentially, a set of independently controlled microwave transmitters are synchronized such that their signals will combine constructively at one particular location, while canceling at other locations (figure 3).



Figure 3, phased array radar
(courtesy of USN)


An easy way to visualize this technique is to imagine ripples, caused by dropping several small pebbles into a lake at slightly different locations and times.


If done precisely, the peaks of the ripples would all combine at one location. While at other locations, the peak from one ripple would combine with the trough of another, thereby canceling each other.


In a similar manner, the EM radiation (electromagnetic waves) from multiple BTS sites could be synchronized to create a large effect at one particular location. When combined with GPS (global positioning satellites), targeting would be very precise. In practical terms, an agent provocateur (CIA, NSA, or DIA - take your choice) would use a computer equipped with a modem or internet connection to access a special phone number, then enter the target coordinates.


The Cell Phone network would be reprogrammed to bring all DSP's of BTS sites near the target location into synchronized phase with each other, and to transmit in a single narrow frequency spectrum, thereby allowing up to 200,000 watts of microwave radiation to be targeted at the unsuspecting victim. Optimally, this would take place between 11:00PM and 5:00AM because the Cell Phone Network call traffic is minimal during these hours.

A further refinement of targeting capabilities took place in 2002, when Lucent Technologies announced "per-user intelligent antenna processing".


With this technique, and I quote:

The base station sends a separate, dedicated, narrower beam to each active user, which adaptively follows them as they move through the base station's coverage area.

In other words, a BTS site equipped with this technology can focus a narrow "beam" of microwave energy at a particular cell phone, and will "follow" that cell phone as it moves from one location to another.

View the Lucent Technologies intelligent antenna processing press release.



Such a nice boy

His mother said, "he was such a nice boy, he never caused any trouble". Until he walked into a fast food restaurant, pulled out a gun, and started shooting everyone in sight. Sadly, he also shot himself, so now we'll never know why he committed such a shocking criminal act. Sound familiar? Of course it does.


These days, it happens with depressing regularity. Then there was the Texas mother who drowned her children in the bathtub. She said, "the voice of god told me to do it".

Psychologists tell us these seemingly random acts of violence result from economic pressures and breakdowns in inter-personal relationships, caused by the stress of modern society. I contend what we are witnessing in these wonton acts of violence, is nothing less than experimental tests of remote mind control, accomplished using the Cell Phone BTS sites to inject post hypnotic commands directly into the human mind.

How do I support this conclusion?

Synthesizing the human voice from a digital noise source is proven technology, dating back to the 1960s (Bell Labs 1962). The technique is called Formant Synthesis, and was used in the movie 2001, when HAL 9000 sang "Daisy". The Cell Phone transmission method uses digital pulses, and according to Mr. Frey's observations, the perceived sound most closely matched that of the EM modulation i.e. a series of digital pulses.


As any audio engineer will attest, such a series of digital pulses, when reproduced by an audio amplifier, are perceived as a "buzzing" noise, just as required for input to Formant Synthesis of the human voice. It is quite reasonable to assume that in the 40+ years since Mr. Frey published his paper, use of digitally modulated EM energy to inject the auditory perception of human voices, directly into the human mind, has been perfected. Especially when you consider the value any government would place on such technology.

Sleep learning, also known as hypnopaedia, is another proven technology with roots dating back to the 1950s. Spoken phrases are repeated over and over, while the person sleeps, which then facilitate recall when the subject is awake. Many believe hypnopaedia is not very effective, since the memories are not fully integrated into the subjects general conscious state.


However, from the perspective of injecting posthypnotic suggestions to perform violent criminal acts, this supposed drawback is actually beneficial because it allows the person to disconnect or disassociate form performance of the criminal activity. This leads to another common thread among many contemporary crimes of violence. i.e. when questioned, the suspect said: "it was like I was watching someone else commit the crime".


The technique of hypnopaedia could be further enhanced by use of EM modulation methods that induce an emotional bias or hormonal response in conjunction with the posthypnotic suggestion, thereby creating trauma based imprinting of the suggestion. The common name for trauma based imprinting is Brain Washing.

While there is no direct evidence of Cell Phone BTS sites being used in the manner described herein. As I have so amply shown, the BTS site architecture and capabilities are a perfect match to the required specifications of a fully functional mind control network. 


And when considered in the context of government propensity to coerce rather than cajole citizen behavior, it is hard to imagine that if such mind control technology is feasible, that it was not built into the Cell Phone BTS sites.




American foreign policy

It is a well known fact (at least outside of America) that American foreign policy is dedicated to the manipulation and economic subjugation of other sovereign nations. Furthermore, while American foreign policy favors democracies, dictatorships and military juntas are also routine recipients of American foreign aid and trade concessions.


Next, according to the CIA World Fact Book, most third world and developing nations have more Cell Phones in use than conventional land line phones. The reason being that Cell Phone Networks require less installation, and incur less maintenance costs.

Now consider a hypothetical dictatorship.


The dictator is receiving so called American foreign aid (which he's depositing in numbered Swiss bank accounts). In return, he's allowing American multinational corporations to exploit his nations natural resources, with complete disregard for the environmental damage, and consequent human suffering caused by such exploitation.


As the plight of these people deteriorates, how is this dictator (and his American backers) going to keep the subjugated populace from rising up, and deposing the dictator? American supplied guns (and military advisors) worked well in the past, but such bellicose behavior is frowned upon in this enlightened, post millennium era. Suppose instead the Cell Phone BTS sites are used every night to inject hypnotic suggestions of tranquility and well being, directly into the minds of a sleeping populace.

But what if, despite the best efforts at population mind control, some opposition leader should arise to challenge the despotic rule of our hypothetical dictator?

His mother said, "he was such a nice boy, never caused any trouble". Until he picked up a gun, and assassinated the wildly popular opposition leader during a political rally in the capital city today. When questioned by the authorities he is reported to have said, "the voice of god told me to do it".

Later, in a written press release, the local representative from the U.N. High Commission on Human Rights said he is investigating possible involvement by government secret police, but so far no proof has been found. The White House press secretary also issued a statement on behalf of the President, strongly condemning the incident as a senseless act of violence, and reaffirming the President's unwavering commitment to democracy, the rule of law, and universal human rights...

Of course if our hypothetical dictator should ever decide to double cross America, and cut a better deal with the Europeans or China, the Cell Phone BTS sites will transmit hypnotic suggestions of discontent and anger. Then within a month or two, the White House press secretary will be issuing another statement on behalf of the President, asking for calm during this troubling time of transition, and pledging support for the new leader.


Beyond voices

Mr. Frey's paper describes two other (non-auditory) phenomena that can be evoked by modulated EM energy.  The perception of severe head buffeting, and the sensation of "pins-and-needles". In the context of coercing specific behavioral response, both phenomena would be useful in and of them selves.


However, beyond their direct usefulness, these two phenomena imply the possibility of a much wider constellation of hallucinatory sensations. Furthermore, the autonomic feedback loop from sensory to motor nervous system networks within the mammalian brain, would indicate that remote control of musculature is also a distinct possibility.

What follows is based on reports from targeted subjects.

Physical sleep disturbances:

  • Physical restlessness. Inability to get, or stay comfortable.

  • Localized physical hot spots, generally discovered when getting out of, or returning to bed in the middle of the night.

  • Waking up feeling dehydrated, or with very dry mouth, or sinuses.

  • Startling awake for no apparent cause. Sometimes accompanied by the impression that someone had just spoken.

  • Sweating, for no apparent reason, sometimes in unusual patterns. For instance, only on one leg or arm.

  • Muscle twitch similar to the involuntary knee jerk elicited by a doctor during examination, but involving every muscle in a leg or arm, or sometimes the whole body in a single massive spasm.

  • Muscle rigidity, often accompanied by whole body muscle tremors.

Mental sleep disturbances:

  • Disruption of REM sleep over multiple nights, leading to overall decline in physical health.

  • Dream hijacking. Having a dream suddenly change from pleasant to frightening or threatening.

  • Up-Down syndrome. Getting up because you can't sleep, and then immediately starting to yawn because you're tired. With pattern repeating multiple times in a single night.

  • Waking up with general or specific feelings of fear, dread or anger, and no memory of a cause or reason for such feelings.

  • Waking up from a dream in which you did something, or acted in ways that are contrary to your normal behavior.

  • Sometimes accompanied by feelings of shame, or self loathing.

The above lists are NOT exhaustive, but merely intended to illustrate the types of physical and/or mental disturbances that can be triggered by modulated EM energy, when used as a covert weapon.

Defense lawyers, when confronted with a defendant who's actions seem completely at odds with their previous patterns of behavior, should carefully question their client as to any recent sleep disturbances they may have experienced.


Furthermore, a defendants claim of hearing voices that compelled them to commit a criminal act, should not be lightly dismissed, especially if a clinical examination of defendant shows no sign of mental defect. In such cases, hypnotic regression may prove useful in uncovering the root causes of their aberrant criminal behavior.

Psychologists, and psychiatrists should also take the time to familiarize themselves with this new and sinister form of induced mental illness. It just may be that your mentally disturbed patient of today who is hearing voices in their head, will become tomorrows mass murderer.




The obvious solution to covert attack by targeted microwave energy is metallic shielding. While several companies offer products specifically intended to shield against microwave energy, ordinary aluminum foil works very well, and is much less expensive.


Furthermore, at least one of the companies that offer microwave shielding products is owned by individuals with ties to the government intelligence community (CIA, NSA, DIA), and therefore should be carefully avoided. Another useful shielding material is fine mesh window screening, however make sure it is metallic, and NOT plastic.

There are two basic approaches to EM energy shielding.

  • Whole room shielding

  • Selective shielding

Whole room shielding is by far the preferred solution, but more expensive to implement.


Selective shielding is less expensive, but also less convenient and depending on the exact nature of its construction, less effective. Whole room shielding entails covering all walls, and depending on physical location, the floor and ceiling, with aluminum foil or fine mesh window screening. Selective shielding entails the use of folding room dividers covered in aluminum foil or fine mesh window screening, and placed around the bed.

One other method is suggested by figure 6, in Mr. Frey's paper. That is the use of a head shield. While portrayed as a "tin foil hat" in the popular media and belittling jokes, the use of fine mesh window screening, sandwiched between two light weight cloth stocking caps would be far more comfortable, and far less noticeable by others.


This method would be useful in locations and circumstances where other shielding methods discussed herein are impractical (a motel room for instance). However, the author must caution that use of a head shield is far less effective than other methods discussed in this section.

Another useful adjunct to EM shielding is a microwave leakage meter. These meters are used to measure the level of EM leakage from devices such as microwave ovens. Many consumer versions are available for less than $50. However, since the meter is intended to measure leakage from microwave ovens operating at 2450 Mhz, rather than Cell Phone Networks operation at slightly lower frequencies, the meter should be tested by holding it near an operating Cell Phone during a call.


A more accurate (and expensive) version known as an RF field meter is available from Scientific Meters, for $320. An RF field meter, with an audio alarm function that could be set to trigger at a specific threshold level would be ideal. The meter could be located next to the bed, and would wake the victim up, at the commencement of any directed EM energy attack.

In closing, during the last 10 years, there has been a plethora of whacko jokes, derogatory comments and movie plots involving the use of tin foil hats. These should be viewed as an attempt to discredit the whole idea of attack by directed EM energy.


Comments and movies of this type should also be considered as yet another piece of circumstantial evidence that such attacks are in fact, taking place on a daily basis.


And finally, that those individuals and organizations responsible for attacks by directed EM energy, also exercise influence over the mass media, and other forums of public opinion.



Further investigations

A consequence of flooding the urban environment with high energy microwave radiation is the steady rise of non-specific sleep disorders in the general population.


This may be an unintended side effect, or it may be quite intentional. Either way, a study of sleep disturbances, correlated with Cell Phone BTS site distribution would prove very helpful.


The study should also explore the temporal relationship between Cell Phone BTS site growth, and the rise of reported sleep disturbances. Furthermore, it is the author's conjecture that a positive correlation between leukemia and Cell Phone BTS site geographic and temporal growth will also be evident.

Another useful study would be the correlation between the rise of violent criminal activity and Cell Phone BTS site density. Both geographic and temporal correlations should be considered. It is the authors opinion that a positive correlation will be found.

For those organizations that have the technical capabilities, reverse engineering the BTS computer firmware would lead to incontrovertible proof that Cell Phone BTS sites are in fact mind control weapons. Reverse engineering would also provide the necessary information to block the weapon functions, while leaving the communications functions intact. This project would be a good undertaking for some enterprising company in an emerging nation (India for instance).


They need not worry about legal liability arising from charges of patent or copyright infringement. Charges of this type would inevitably lead to disclosure of the pertinent facts, and it is most unlikely that any corporation would wish to take public responsibility for developing such a vile and pernicious weapon.

Several recent incidents within the EU would seem to warrant further investigation. The unexpected and widespread uprising of disgruntled youth in France is a good example, especially given the strained diplomatic relations with America, over the Iraq invasion.



The development and deployment of a remote mind control network, based on Cell Phone BTS technology as described herein, does not require some grand conspiracy with hundreds of corporations, and thousands of individuals. The number of people who were directly involved in the development is most likely less than 100.


The vast majority of individuals who manufacture, market, sell, and install Cell Phone BTS sites are ignorant of the networks true capabilities. It is unknown how many people within the American intelligence community (CIA, NSA, DIA, etc.) that have direct knowledge of the systems capabilities.


However, given the operational requirements, this number may range upwards of 10,000. It is also not known how many individuals in other countries (such as those within the EU intelligence communities) are cognizant of the remote mind control capabilities built into Cell Phone BTS sites.

While many will choose to view this paper as an exercise in paranoid fantasy, others will recognize symptoms or behaviors I have described, and take the appropriate precautions. Still others will read this document, and over time, as they watch events unfold in the world around them, come to know the truth of my words.


Despots and dictators will desire to possess this technology, while the free and righteous will desire to ban its use. By your actions, each of you will help create mankind's future, and each of you will have to live within that future you have created.


Choose wisely...



ALL information contained herein is derived from public sources, widely accepted scientific principles, and/or authors first hand experience. The author has NO written or verbal agreement with ANY governmental agency forbidding disclosure of the information contained herein.


In disclosing this information, the author is exercising his right to free speech as a private citizen of the United States of America. While the author advocates the discovery and disclosure of Cell Phone based remote mind control technology, NO ATTEMPT should be made to interfere in any way whatsoever with the personnel and/or operations of said technology.


The proper method for achieving discontinuance of these activities is through court ordered injunctive relief.