by T. Stokes

June 2004

posted January 31, 2006

from TheTruthSeeker Website

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T. Stokes lecturer in paranormal studies.

The following article may seem so outlandish as to be unbelievable.

However, this writer has had some encounters with Britain's security establishment and knows that darker forces lurk behind the establishment's public facade.

See here for further details which, although written a few years ago, confirm much of what follows.




The knowledge has been in the public domain for some time that possessing entities could be shocked out of a persons aura by E.C.T or Electro-Convulsive-Therapy.


In fact using Nikola Tesla's design model for electrical shielding, allied to magnetic plates and a kilner-Jar, a somewhat more complicated version of the famous Wimshurst machine, makes the whole aura light up in full color, and this static process will show the faces of the possessors, which then anyone who is mediumistic can interrogate and dislodge from the aura.

Sound and light waves can if used correctly also dislodge these deceased personality fragments, which can be such a nuisance to the mental and emotional health of the host.

Based on the effects of things like flashing strobe lights etc. where epilepsy, hypnosis and the subconscious can be effected and engineered, robotic states are now more than possible, to create a blank mental state, this is imperative to positioning your own input data and instructions.

The CIA holds patents on some 41infra-sound weapons, from the constant sound bombardment (CSB), used at the Waco siege with all its subliminal messages to the more sophisticated particle beam S and L weapons, (sound and light), to the neurological invasive techniques due to come on line very soon.

Detainees at Guantanamo Bay have said on record they were subjected to constant blaring pop music, which were believed to contain subliminal sound conditioning devices, to effect brain washing, and replace with political mind conversion.

Many people wondered how during christian broadcasts in the U.S.A. religious rabble-rousers like Jim Baker was one of many who could get people to pledge much more than they could ever afford for ever bigger and more dubious pursuits, this was part of the experimental "Jesus Project" and when Baker was in prison, informants such as Ellisar Quatromariner agreed to be imprisoned unjustly to help piece the real story together, of just how this phenomena occurred.

At the CIA sponsored Billie Graham christian rallies in the 1960's thousands of people would queue for hours to pledge for Jesus, not knowing why and the out pouring of grief over the death of Princess Diana, was out of all proportion, you would think she was a family member..

In Britain Tony Blair, has contained Muslim disapproval of bombing Islamic peoples, by radio broadcasts with sound conditioning, and by the use of human optical invasive programming, defectors from the security services have also told of subliminal messages passed through cellular and digital phones, assisted by networks of towers used for bio-neurological invasive techniques and mind control, in preparation of police state manipulation programs, so mental castration is compulsory, and there will be no crime or desire for change.

One intelligence source told me that Britain is to be divided into 8 regional zones, and they could theoretically, influence one zone to be happy and another depressed.

One of the main suppliers of crystals to the U.S. military some time ago, got suspicious and began to ask questions, and a whole series of disturbing and secret "people manipulation" exercises was revealed. Two of these high ranking manipulators under hypnosis, and de-programming at a safe house have given proof of this and much more.

The essence of the plan is summarized from a speech by a British politician in which he says,

"for a parliament of 300 people to control 65 million in the U.K. often against their will, and to make them do things against their natural patterning, mind control is very necessary".

The provision to "mind alter" the inhabitants of the world, by mood changes now beamed in by satellite would ensure non resistance to totalitarianism.

The elation in America when the "shock and awe" of the bombing of Iraqi residential suburbs, should have rung alarm bells of any educated nation, but we got away with it in Dresden so why not here?

Much of this is accomplished by new labour think tanks getting spurious letters and articles printed in the newspapers, particularly in the areas of what is now called "the racism industry".

A senior colleague in the postal service told us that many of the names and addresses in the letters did not exist on their database.

The many millions of pounds spent on CCTV countrywide in Britain, were foiled at a stroke by teenagers who became known as "hoodies" for wearing baseball caps and with their hooded coats, these could not be seen on camera, and this is only superseded by Muslim women who go out with only eye slits in their clothing.

Speeches by the British dictator Tony Blair, have been studied by expert in phonetics, and after each couple of words a gap is heard where substitute and subliminal sound conditioning can be inserted, to alter listeners thought perceptions.

George Bush strangely, has the same affliction.

Of particular concern is what is known as "the frequency fence" look this up on the net, as when used with the drinking water supply promises to make zombies of us all.

We already have two of the most toxic substances added to our water, chlorine and fluoride, look them up on the net too, add that to mercury in our teeth fillings, and this is a horrific cocktail of poisons.



Chemtrails are well documented, remember the senate statement "whoever controls the weather controls the planet," by stopping rain for months, or bringing on hurricanes, the population can be manipulated, ask yourself why ?

Against public wishes we already have G.M. crops, they are coming into use whether we like it or not, and a theoretical CIA document proposes that by 2012 planned genetic intellectual mutations will make us vulnerable to mass holographic persuasion, through the food supply, where we are watched on CCTV.

Strangely the originators to these ideas are major contributors to Tony Blair's New labour party, allied drug companies are already well into a "happy pill" which is water supplies soluble.

Psychotronics is the military word in the secret documents for mind control, and when senior personnel are questioned, they always reply that people are just "scaremongering" and that this will usher in the heaven on earth long predicted by religionists. And this is the bottom line, this is what it is all about, "personal disempowerment"

As formal external religion s disappear, and political figures melt into the mass of their own corruption, people are thinking for themselves, and are even rejecting the god of materialism. This is seen as a great threat, so a new form of control is needed, particularly as the worlds population is growing at a colossal rate, and there will be neither room for them, nor work for them, nor drinking water for them, and if the experts are right about global warming, no land for them either.


So a compliant happy dumbed down people is a priority, and you only have to watch the television programs to see the pattern is already in sequence.

Experimental efforts by the BBC where dancers, acrobats and wheelchair athletes are clothed in the Tony Blair's red of new labour, while this nonsense is serenaded by subliminal programming to instruct us subconsciously on ethnicity.

A plan already afoot, and being pressured by Jewish senators and congressmen in the U.S. whereby Iraq is to be policed by troops from Britain's old commonwealth countries of Australia and New Zealand etc, leaving the way clear for American troop withdrawal from Iraq, to stage two, invasion of Iran and Syria, subliminal messaging is in preparation now, to ensure an obedient and compliant public.

Jewish pressure in Britain from Peter Mandlesohn, Jack Straw and Michael Howard etc, are agitating for Turkeys entry into the EEC.

The original European community was known as the Haushofer plan, and Hitler was even prepared to use force to bring it on line, this was instigated to strengthen Europe from Soviet aggression, but Soviet countries against the advice of many are now on board, but for Turkey, the first Muslim country with an appalling human rights record, we have to ask "why"?

Britain has been discouraging its farmers since the end of WWII and Turkey will be a cheap place to buy food. Tony Blair's government were all student agitators, closet Marxists and ne'er-do-wells, and they tell us that we immediately need one and a half million new homes built on green belt land for the newcomers to our shores, so we will have no land to farm anyway.

The agitation to bring in Turkey is a Trojan horse, because then, according to documents recently shredded at Downing St., Israel will be the next EEC candidate in 2012.

Long rejected in the Arab world as a pariah state, its isolation would be broken with its membership in the EEC.


America offered Turkey $600 million in aid for their support and the use of their bases, in both gulf wars, strangely no mention of any offers or support from Israel why? Because it was pressure from the Israelis that brought America and Britain into the wars on Iraq, and pressure on the European Union to accept Turkey is payback time.

Subliminal messaging has been in place for this for some time. The future that is promised to us is a drugged up, mind altered happy one, but at what price?

With thanks to the intelligence personnel who contributed to this.