Project Serpo
The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program

The gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78

1) Interview with EBE-2: March 5th, 1983 at Los Alamos National Labs

The following reported interview was referenced in discussion by many on the list, and can be found both in Exempt from Disclosure by Robert Collins, and on Collinsí website While the details do not match precisely, the orders of magnitude of the numbers provided (length of day and year) do correspond.

The following is an account of the meeting I [Rick Doty] was involved in with EBE-2. On March 5, 1983, I was at Los Alamos National Laboratories conducting business on a counterintelligence project. During my visit, a source Iíll call LANL-1, asked me to sit in on a very special interview. Not knowing what he was talking about, I questioned him. However, he wouldnít say exactly what the project involved or who was being interviewed.

I accompanied LANL-1 to an underground facility west of the Los Alamos complex. The area was called, Site 30. Access to this facility was gained by entering Area 49. Access to the underground facility was through building number 49-2091. An elevator took us down about 60 feet (only estimating). Once we arrived, access was gained through a large vault opening outside the elevator. We walked down a hallway to another vault door.

We entered and turned right. We walked about 200 feet turned left and entered vault door to a large room. This room contained two tables, several chairs and recording equipment. I sat near the door. About ten minutes later, three people, who I did not know, entered the room. One, an Air Force Colonel, asked me to sign a security document, which gave me an upgraded clearance, TS/SCI/Group-MJ-B-3 clearance. Iíve never heard of this but I signed. The Colonel told me I was to listen and not make any sounds during the interview.

I asked the Colonel who was being interviewed and he told me a guest from another planet! The Colonel left. The other two people set up a table with a microphone and recording equipment, including a camera. About five minutes later, in walks a 4í 9" non human looking creature. It was dressed in a tight fitting cream colored suit. It had no hair and was identified to me as EBE-2.

EBE-2 sat in a chair across the table from two civilians and the AF Colonel. I did not know the identity of the three. LANL-1 came into the room and sat next to me. I listened while the three asked EBE-2 a series of questions pertaining to its home planet. First question was about the temperature, climate and weather. EBE-2 responded in perfect English but sounded like a machine generated voice. Very hard to explain but it was either coming from a device that EBE-2 had in front of him or from something in its body.

EBE-2 explained the weather of its planet which was dry, varying temperature between 65-90 degrees. There was 35 hours of constant sunshine and three hours of darkness. Rainfall occurred only during one of its months each year. The day lasted 38 of our hours. They did not have months but did have years which consisted of approximately 600 of our days. They used a society cycle which I understood to be similar to our months. During this society cycle each Eben worked a certain time and conducted business. There was also a rest cycle which consisted of a regulated period of sleep. I donít recall the exact number of hours or sleep/rest. EBE-2 discussed weather patterns and how they were formed. I donít recall the exact words. However, EBE-2 seemed very intelligent and fully explained each weather pattern in precise detail. He used Earthís equivalents for Meteorology terms.

The interesting part of this interview was that I didnít hear any questions being asked by the three humans sitting across from EBE-2. Either the questions were already given to EBE-2 or the three humans were "thinking the questions" and EBE-2 would respond in English.

[Clarification requested by Rick Doty: this was observed on a TV monitor and Doty was not actually in the same room as EBE-2.]

[Addition from Robert Collins: EBE–1 stated that his planet was named "Sieu" – but that was in Eben, not English.
EBE–1 (initially just known as EBE) was the sole survivor of the Roswell crash, and lived until 1952 (see this posting by Anonymous). He never mentioned "Serpo" as such. EBE-2 said that his planetís days were approximately 38 Earth hours; that he liked the cool climate of Earth, around LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratories) and northern New Mexico; and that he was a scientist and was providing assistance to Earth scientists in the area of space travel. EBE–2 arrived in 1964 and stayed till 1984.]

2) Anomalous orbital data.

The orbital data supplied by Anonymous (particularly the 865 day period of orbit) do not appear to accord with Keplerís laws. This generated a large volume of discussion on the list, a number of whose members are prominent scientists.

However, itís reasonable to consider that if a story like this was invented the first thing a storyteller would get right would be the physics, as the “correct” numbers are easy to calculate. So the fact that some of the numbers differ widely from those predicted by known laws – a sitting duck for criticism – may be a validating factor, not otherwise. Why set oneself up to be dismissed immediately?

3) Distortion of biological rhythms in the absence of the measurement of earth time.

Research has been done in caves on chronobiology, with no natural rhythms to guide the subjective judgment of time.

In 1962, Michel Siffre, a French caver and geologist, spent two months in a cave in the European Alps in the first of several “out of time” experiments. After 61 days underground with no time reference, he resurfaced on 17 September believing the date was 20 August.

In 1972 – now in collaboration with NASASiffre supervised other similar experiments before going down again into the Midnight Cave in Del Rio, Texas where he for 205 days, a far longer period. Siffre had all comforts and conveniences, including communication with the outside world, but had no means of measuring time. He had agreed to emerge when he judged 175 days had passed. Siffre said: "My brain would make automatic adjustments because it had memorized the previous experiment, and yet I was still out."

It’s interesting to speculate that while NASA may never have revealed (or maybe never knew themselves) the real reason for sponsoring the experiment, this would have been smack in the middle of the Eben exchange program (originally planned to be 1965-75, though Anonymous reports that it stretched to 1978) and presumably in their communication with Earth it would have become clear by then that the twelve had become time-disoriented: so research on Earth was necessary. Siffre, having done the first and only other experiment in 1962, would have been the obvious guinea pig.

A little calculation is interesting. In the first experiment, Siffre “stretched” his subjective time by a massive 85%. In the second experiment, fully prepared and alert to the problem, he did better – but still stretched his stay by 17%. The Eben exchangees appear to have stretched their own stay by approx 30%. Not proof as such, but a compelling indication, from an unexpected direction, that Anonymousís report has validity.

Reference: Michel Siffre, "Six months alone in a cave", National Geographic, v.147, no.3, March 1975, pp.426-435.

4) The ability of some ETs to manipulate and transcend time is referenced in Dan Shermanís book, Above Black.

Dan Sherman wrote a book, Above Black, in which he reveals how he was groomed and trained as a telepathic communicator with a race of ETs from and about whom he received data but never actually met – in preparation for an anticipated catastrophic event. He learned information that appears to corroborate the difficult reports by Anonymous that time is in some way experienced differently by the Ebens and/or in the Ebensí environment, with a corresponding distortion of physical laws as we would understand them.

Sherman states that he learned that "time" – as we humans know it – does not have the same meaning for them. They still age as we do but are not bound by the physics of time as we currently are. Their means of travel across vast distances is heavily dependent on the manipulation of time but not as we perceive it.

Sherman enquired whether they can travel through time, i.e. whether they can go backwards and forwards in time. He was told that it was not possible to witness a reality that occurred in some other time but the present: in order to go back in time, one must assume that there exists a reference point from which to measure backward or forward. This is an impossibility. Essentially, they werenít able to travel through time – rather, around time and from time. Sherman states that he never really understood what this meant. Their mode of propulsion was somehow that they used both time and electromagnetic energy. Sherman was also told that our sun was very unique; and that someday we would understand how it really worked and how we could utilize the same methods that they themselves use but on a smaller scale.

5) The reported inclusion of a "DIM" in the exchangeesí inventory.

Anonymous reports in his fifth posting:

They also took electric razors, coffee pots, electric heaters, a DIM (no explanation as to what this was), an electric IBM typewriter, a scientific calculator, slide rules (both conventional and scientific), Base Data Collection Recorder (BDCR), three different sized telescopes, tangents, both conventional and electrical.

This tiny but possibly significant part of Anonymousís report rings true. If the story is false, it would be very clever misinformation to mention something so minor and unexplained when so much else reported is graphically and clearly stated (whatever opinions readers may have about it).

Update, 2 December (clarification from Paul McGovern):
The "DIM" was the Duty Information Manual. It was their "bible," for all of the information they would need. The operations plans, how to execute the plans, emergency action procedures, etc.

6) The following was presented to Victor Martinez from another source (not "Anonymous"):

MJ-12 Staff Document
30 July 1999


1) Intelligent life does exist on other planets and throughout the Universe.
2) Craft not of human design or manufacture are operating in and around the land, sea and air of Earth.
3) Intelligent beings other than Homo Sapiens Sapiens are conducting various missions on this planet. These beings have been coming here for tens of thousands of years.
4) Alien beings may have human-like bodies or non-human bodies (such as hybrid, insectoid, or reptilian). Intelligent beings can be physical, non-physical or inter-dimensional in nature.
5) The variety of life in the universe is diverse, like the life on our own planet is diverse.
6) Some alien beings have the ability through advanced technology or other means to move forward and backward at will through time and space.
7) The spiritual evolution of an alien life form may be ahead of, equal to or behind its level of technological development.
8) The social orientation, motives and agendas of these beings is very diverse. Some alien intelligences are more friendly to human beings than others.
9) In many cases, the "abduction phenomenon" is a real event. This activity is complex, coordinated and purposeful. It often occurs throughout many generations of a family.
10) Cross-breeding of humans with more than one alien species has occurred. Hybrid children and hybrid adults do exist. They have characteristics of both the human and alien races.
11) Although most alien contacts and sightings occurring on modern-day earth have been shrouded in secrecy and mystery, the veil is slowly being lifted by the activities of civilians and specially assigned government personnel. The Public Acclimation to the reality of alien life is proceeding in a way designed not to shock or disrupt society any more than necessary.
12) A great amount of "UFO" and alien information is now in the public domain. Countless books, videos and internet websites are devoted to these subjects. Thousands of pages of U.S. government documents on unusual sightings and encounters have been made available.


At this point, credentialed researchers and academicians have investigated the UFO/alien phenomenon and published their findings. This is a further step to help validate the phenomenon in the minds of the public.

With these 12 points as a reliable framework, it is intended that key members of the public and government will be better able to accept, evaluate and place into perspective the large body of evidence which is soon to be before them.


The document on the right above [click here to enlarge] is part of the original 1954 UFO Crash Retrieval manual of the U.S. Government, known as "Special Operations Manual SOM1-01". The document was classified at two levels Above Top Secret.

As of a few years ago, my information is that UFO crash retrievals are handled by special "Blue Teams," operating out of the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). The advanced technology of these craft is being back-engineered at facilities such as Area S/4, near Papoose Lake, Nevada. While "mainstream" scientists wonder if thereís alien life, the government has been working on the alien technology for decades.

Click here for more information on the entire document.

On the right [click here to enlarge] is part of a Top Secret Briefing to President-Elect Eisenhower, dated 18 Nov 1952, concerning the existence of UFOs. After extensive investigation at the U.S. National Archives, it has been concluded that this document is very likely authentic. (Leaking a document to the public is one way of "unofficially" declassifying it.)


7) The scene of the exchangees departing Earth on the Eben craft appears to be cinematically portrayed in the final scene of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind – with the same number of male and female personnel reported by Anonymous.

The final segment of the movie does indeed feature twelve people – ten men and two women. Twelve people is also the number given in Spielbergís book of the movie. Interestingly, one blonde woman stands out, first shown in a long close-up when the priest gives his blessing. Then, when the team members file past, all have dark glasses with the exception of the blonde... and Roy Neary, who would be the thirteenth member. The subsequent shot is where they line up, and now the woman is seen to have put on her dark glasses to join the others. This appears to be a flawed piece of direction, most untypical of Spielberg; the reader is left to speculate on any possible significance.

Also worthy of note is that all team members wear a triangular patch on their left arm and the American Flag on the right arm of their orange jumpsuits. There is a uniformed officer with the priest when the blessing is given.


8) An e-mail from a researcher (name supplied, but withheld here).

Regarding the SOM-1 document and the private MJ-12 Staff document known as "A Framework" [see (6) above] – I was almost blown off my chair. WOW! What a brilliant post!

It requires about 20 years of experience to know the importance of what you have posted. VERY WELL done! And I liked your interview on "Coast to Coast AM." Hint: I think youíve "pushed some buttons" in Washington, DC, at high levels. (You may never hear about it, though. Nice job :-)

I really like your website, and the "consistencies" webpage in particular.

My assessment of SOM-1 is that it is real. Iíve known someone who was involved with U.S. Navy Seal UFO crash retrieval "Blue Teams." I have reason to believe that SOM-1 is authentic, or a manual like it is authentic. Youíre close to the truth.

I received a copy of "A Framework" years ago in the U.S. mail, with no return address. It was on plain, printed paper. Iím sure that was intentional, to prevent tracing. Iím a researcher, so I guess Iím on a "list." Of great interest to me was that the "Public Acclimation Campaign" unfolded exactly as "A Framework" indicated. The public releases in movies, etc., have followed that document very well. Iíve had other researchers comment on this to me. Some of them were skeptical at first, then amazed. They had no explanation why the document in their hands matched what happened in public.

Just so you know, I can ASSURE you that nobody just "made up" the "Framework" document recently, to fool you. Some people have known about this for many years. AND to your credit, you quoted it accurately. The copy you posted IS the "Real Deal."

The "Framework" document has met the test of time... it matches the rare reports of U.S. security officers in underground alien bases, to the testimony of abductees. I donít know of ANY informed researcher who has EVER questioned the contents of that document, over the years. Many researchers have their own way of "knowing and checking" things. Not one researcher I know refuted anything.

A couple of very good researchers have questioned the source, but they NEVER questioned the contents. And THAT is truly extraordinary.

Please keep SOM-1 and "A Framework" on your website – and keep up your good work!

I have attached a copy of "A Framework," which I had from years ago. You can check my copy, word for word. This is the REAL version, only known to a very few people at the time.


9) The Eben craft power source, reported to utilize negative matter.

In his eleventh posting, Anonymous writes:

Team Commander: "In the center of these containers is a copper colored coil or something looking like a coil. There is a bright light being shined from a point above into the center of the coil. We hear a very dull hum, but no major loud sounds. 661 thinks it is a negative matter versus positive matter system."

The following was summarized in simple terms by a student on,

Negative Mass Propulsion

The idea of negative mass propulsion was created to eliminate the need for fuel, since fuel limits the feasibility of interstellar travel so much. Theoretically, it would allow faster than light travel without violating Einsteinís theory of relativity. (note 1)

The way this works is it uses gravity to bend space around the spaceship. A large amount of "negative mass" would be in front of the ship and a large amount of positive mass would be behind it, and the masses would curve space in such a way that itíd accelerate the ship. Apparently, such a process would not violate the conservation of energy, as the space it is travelling through would be warped. (note 2)

If this theory were to work, it could be the best form of transportation available. It has been suggested that it would allow a ship to bypass the limitations of relativity, and a ship could actually travel to and from its destination at speeds far faster than the speed of light without running into the problem of taking several years to do so. (note 2)

Unfortunately, we donít even know if negative matter exists, and even if we did discover it, weíd have to develop a way to turn the effect of the matter on and off, so the speed of the ship could be controlled. (note 1)

2.  www,

10) Documents newly disclosed, reporting confusion, sickness and disorientation when entering a disk at the Kingman crash site.

These two pages of a classified document were sent to us on 24 December by a researcher (name supplied but withheld here). They appear to be transcripts of a prepared briefing or lecture – or perhaps a simple memo – dated 24 March 1995, of the experiences of a number of military personnel when entering a downed craft (Kingman, Arizona, 1953). The symptoms reported correspond closely with those reported in the Team Commanderís log in the eleventh posting.

As additional consistency: in 1995, Bill Uhouse, an insider at S-4 in Area 51, who worked with a live alien (J-Rod) trying to bridge the gap between ET technology and ours on a craft delivered by the ETs to S-4, told the researcher who supplied the document above about a craft recovered in 1953 from the vicinity of Kingman, Arizona. Uhouse reported the following, as summarized by this researcher:

The craft kept making a noise that the engineers were unable to stop. Somebody suggested they bring the alien occupants back from Los Alamos, where they had been taken to a prepared habitat, and have them stop the noise. This was done, and when the aliens indicated they would have to go inside the ship to stop the noise, that was permitted. It is believed that they made contact with another of their ships while inside. Then they came to the door again and were reloaded into the van and taken back to Los Alamos.


11) An interesting experience reported by a filmmaker on the Above Top Secret Forum.

I am a filmmaker, and a couple of years ago, I had this meeting about a science-fiction film concept... Make a long story short, a guy in the room, when Close Encounters is referenced, mentions that CE3 is based on fact. There was no reaction from anyone., since the initial presumption was that he meant that there was a
Roy (Dreyfuss) person – an ordinary phone line worker who was chosen, or called, to join the aliens... the guy, sensing a lack of comprehension regarding what he just said, repeated it and slowly laid out the basics of the Serpo story...

It was a very cool thought, at the time, to consider the viability of such a program. I amuse myself with daydreams of daily life on another planet for a few weeks, forget about it for a few years, and then, since Anonymous came along, I am back, happily withstanding the din of my internal debate about whether this profound piece of history was censored, or created.



12) What the Ebens may look like, taken from Wendelle Stevens' book UFO Contact from Reticulum.

These images below are NOT photographs of an Eben, but are taken from a lifelike sculpture of a "Reticulan" created by the artist Alan Levigne, who did work for many of the major movie studios in California. Levigne created the sculpted head in close consultation with Bill Herrmann, an contactee and abductee whose graphic and detailed experience is the subject of Lt Col Wendelle Stevens' excellent book UFO Contact from Reticulum. Readers are left to judge for themselves whether the Reticulans and the Ebens (both from Zeta Reticuli, and apparently not the Grays) are one and the same.



13) A message received on this website contact form on 7 December 2005:

I [BR] received this message below on the website contact form on 7 December, the day after the Coast to Coast AM with George Noory radio show. I immediately relayed it to Victor Martinez, asking him to check with Anonymous whether the information was correct or a hoax.

The reply came back that it was indeed correct but was a very long story which would NOT be made public, and we should under no circumstances release the information. So we didnít, and sat on it... not knowing quite what to think. Now Ė in further indication of a policy reversal Ė we are being asked to do just that. Hereís the 7 December message in its entirety. It entirely confirms the posting by Anonymous on 28 January:

From: "T.G.H." <>
Date: 7 Dec 2005 09:11:23 -0000
To: "" <>

Subject: Contact
There is much, much more to this story. One person, a male, died during the trip to Zeta.
He suffered a pulmonary embolism. In addition, an autopsy was performed at which time
the deceased individal's DNA was extracted and stored. At a later tine, the DNA was used
in a cloning type process which actually involved creating a hybrid being, part human, part
alien. Through an advanced aging process and something called rapid-cycling cloning,
several hundred hybrid beings were created. Some remain on Zeta, but others were
returned to Earth. This can be verified in documents contained in the ZR Repro Factor file.



14) A photograph purported to be of EBE-1:

I [BR] received this from an ex-intelligence officer while at the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, in March 2006. It is not specifically connected with Serpo and the source was not Anonymous. However, such is the nature of the material that it is assumed that visitors to this site will be most interested in the image.

I was informed that it was was a real photograph, but it has not been analyzed. I have had confirmation from two sources, one who has seen a film of EBE-1 made as a briefing for President Truman, and another who worked for six months as a military archivist with original Roswell crash material, that even if this is a model or a mock-up of some kind, it is an excellent likeness. I present this image for visitors' interest without further comment.

"I have seen two different kinds of ETs from crashes, and this is definitely one of them. It could very well be him. I am not 100% sure, but I'd bank on it."

Ex-military archivist, who in the 1980s handled photographs, films and artifacts from crash retrievals in the late 1940s - name supplied


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