Project Serpo
The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program

The gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78



Posting 1 - The original posting by Anonymous,

and three apparently independent supporting comments from other list members

First let me introduce myself. My name is Request Anonymous. I am a retired employee of the U.S. Government. I wonít go into any great details about my past, but I was involved in a special program.

As for Roswell, it occurred, but not like the story books tell. There were two crash sites. One southwest of Corona, New Mexico and the second site at Pelona Peak, south of Datil, New Mexico.

The crash involved two extraterrestrial aircraft. The Corona site was found a day later by an archaeology team. This team reported the crash site to the Lincoln County Sheriffís department. A deputy arrived the next day and summoned a state police officer. One live entity [EBE] was found hiding behind a rock. The entity was given water but declined food. The entity was later transferred to Los Alamos.

The information eventually went to Roswell Army Air Field. The site was examined and all evidence was removed. The bodies were taken to Los Alamos National Laboratory because they had a freezing system that allowed the bodies to remain frozen for research. The craft was taken to Roswell and then onto Wright Field, Ohio.

The second site was not discovered until August 1949 by two ranchers. They reported their findings several days later to the sheriff of Catron County, New Mexico. Because of the remote location, it took the sheriff several days to make his way to the crash site. Once at the site, the sheriff took photographs and then drove back to Datil.

Sandia Army Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico was then notified. A recovery team from Sandia took custody of all evidence, including six bodies. The bodies were taken to Sandia Base, but later transferred to Los Alamos.

The live entity established communications with us and provided us with a location of his home planet. The entity remained alive until 1952, when he died. But before his death, he provided us with a full explanation of the items found inside the two crafts. One item was a communication device. The entity was allowed to make contact with his planet.

Somehow, I never knew this information, but a meeting date was set for April 1964 near Alamogordo New Mexico. The Aliens landed and retrieved the bodies of their dead comrades. Information was exchanged. Communication was in English. The aliens had a translation device.

In 1965, we had an exchange program with the aliens. We carefully selected 12 military personnel; ten men and two women. They were trained, vetted and carefully removed from the military system. The 12 were skilled in various specialties.

Near the northern part of the Nevada Test Site, the aliens landed and the 12 Americans left. One entity was left on Earth. The original plan was for our 12 people to stay 10 years and then return to Earth.

But something went wrong. The 12 remained until 1978, when they were returned to the same location in Nevada. Seven men and one woman returned. Two died on the alienís home planet. Two others decided to remain, according to the returnees. Of the eight that returned, all have died. The last survivor died in 2002.

[Clarification (BR/ Victor Martinez): the paragraph above contains a typo in the original. Twelve team members went, and eight returned – two having died on Serpo and two having chosen to remain; these two were not ordered to return.]

The returnees were isolated from 1978 until 1984 at various military installations. The Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) was responsible for their security and safety. AFOSI also conducted debriefing sessions with the returnees.

I have never seen or read anything about the exchange program. I once heard a little bit of information from Linda Howe, but she didnít have much information.

Iíve monitored your e-mails for about six months. Iíve read e-mails from you and others. But Iíve never seen nor heard the truth about the real Roswell incident or the exchange program.

Iíd like to hear what others say about this.

Comment 1 (by Gene Loscowski):

Who is this person? Most of the information is absolutely correct.

However, I never heard of any females going. To the best of my knowledge, we had 12 men, all military men. Eight USAF, two Army and two Navy guys. I think the females are a red herring. But maybe I just didnít have the clearance for that.

They left and was gone 20 years, as I was told. When they came back they were put in quarantine for 365 days at the complex. Only eight came back, that much is right. Two died a few years into their assignment on the Visitorís planet. Two others decided to remain and maybe are still alive today. Since their return, all have died. The last being in 2003 in a VA hospital.

As for the Roswell incident. Whomever sent the e-mail is correct.

The complete debriefing is contained in:


"PROJECT SERPO," Final Report-80HQD893-020, classified TS, Codeword.

Ask [Rick] Doty about that report because I think it is an OSI report. Paul [McGovern] should be commenting on this since he was involved in the debriefing.

[Clarification by Victor Martinez, 1 December: This project classification was provided by Paul McGovern, not Gene Loscowski. Apologies for the error.]

Comment 2 (by Paul McGovern):

Interesting but not totally correct [commenting on Anonymousís original e-mail]. As for the Roswell incident: absolutely right. Few people have ever gotten it entirely correct. Two crash sites, not one. As for the exchange program: Unauthorized Release of Classified Information, as I see it. But maybe someone currently within our government wants it out. No females were sent. Twelve men, all military. 8 USAF, 2 U.S. Army and 2 U.S. Navy. Two were doctors; three were scientists; two were language specialists; two were security personnel; two were pilots and one was the leader (Colonel-AF).

All were sheep-dipped and completely erased from the military roles. Iím not totally sure of the training period, but I think it was about six months. They were able to transmit messages to Earth by means of a communication system set up prior to their trip.

One doctor and one of the security personnel died three years into their visit. The doctor died of pneumonia and the security guy died of an injury. The exchange team had to endure extreme hardship adjusting to the environment of the visitorís planet.

The heat was extreme and took many years to adjust. The food was something of a problem because the human system had problems digesting it. The team took enough food for two years and rationed it another eight months, but eventually had to eat the visitorís [Ebenís: alienís name] food. This caused all team members gastrointestinal problems. Eventually, they adjusted. The visitors tried to create different foods but few worked.

The team was never isolated or restricted by the visitors. They could travel as they wished and see whatever they wanted to see. After about six years, the team moved to a northern portion of the visitorís planet, where the temperature was cooler and which contained ample vegetation.

The visitors built a small community for the team. The only major problem was time. Time was different on the visitorís planet. I donít think anyone ever figured it out. The visitors had no clocks. They didnít judge or account for time as we did. The visitors found our attempts to account for time strange.

The visitors were extremely disciplined in their daily lives. Every visitor worked on a schedule, which was not by a clock, but by the movement of their sun. Each little community had a large tower, which filtered the sun through. When the sun was at a particular point on the tower, it meant the visitors had to do a particular thing.

There was never complete darkness on the visitors planet. It got dim but not dark. The visitors had rest periods, but not like our sleep periods. The visitors rested three times during their sun days. Our team determined the entire work period was approx. 43 hours. They had three rest periods within that 43 hours. That is still about 14 hours straight,... couldnít get too many of our workers to do that! The visitors also didnít have months or years.

They did have life periods, as our team coined it. It was impossible to judge the visitorís age, although our team did find graves. The population of the visitorís planet was about 650,000. There were small communities throughout the planet. There were underground rivers, which fed into open valleys. There was industry.

But all of the food was grown, either in fields or in large buildings. They did have animals. Different types. Strange large beasts, they used for work and other things, but no meat was eaten. The geological make up of the planet was so much different than ours. Few mountains, no oceans, some trees or something similar to trees and no other civilization except the Ebens.

Everyone looked the same initially to our team. But after some time, the team members learned to identify different Ebens by their voices. Although the Ebens couldnít speak English, they did make noises that our team members were able to translate into English. After five years, we had their language completely translated into English. The complete debriefing accounts for about three thousand pages.

Comment 3 (by “Anonymous II”):

I would prefer you keep my name private.

But here is my evaluation of the information from "Anonymous."

1. As for the Roswell incident [described by Anonymous in his e-mail]: This was the story I read in the historical document called the "Red Book." Almost exactly to the word. Although there were more details about the crash sites and what was recovered.

2. As for the Exchange Program: I read about it but thought there were 12 men; I donít recall any women. But that was about all I knew. We did have a special unit that handled their debriefing but USAF positive intelligence was also involved. I was never involved in that program, but I knew other agents who were.

3. Iíd like to contact this source. I have about a million questions to ask!

I heard Linda Howe speak about the exchange program some years ago. I always wondered where she got her information.

Keep up the excellent work!

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Posting 2 by Anonymous (4 November, 2005)

Paul is not correct. There were two females, one being a doctor and the other being a linguist.

There was a period of darkness, but not total darkness. The Eben planet is located within a solar system of the Zeta Recticular Star System [two 5th-magnitude yellow double stars, similar to our Sun located near the Large Magellanic Cloud]. The planet had two suns but their angles were small and allowed some darkness on the planet depending on oneís location.

The planet was tilted which allowed the northern part of the planet to be cooler. The planet was a little less than Earthís size. The atmosphere was similar to Earths and contained the elements of CHON [Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen]. Zeta Recticular is approximately 37 light years from us. It took our team, in an Eben craft, nine months to travel the distance.

During the trip, each of our team members were frequently dizzy, disoriented and suffered headaches. The craft did not go through any weightlessness during the trip. The craft was very large and allowed the team to exercise.

Once the team arrived on the Eben planet, it took them several months to adjust to the atmosphere. During the adjustment period, they suffered headaches, dizziness and disorientation.

The bright suns of the Eben planet also presented problems. Although they had sunglasses, they still suffered from the bright sunlight and the danger of sun exposure. The radiation levels of the planet was a little higher than that of Earth. They were careful to cover their bodies at all times.

The Ebens had no forms of refrigeration, except in industry. The temperature of the planet, at the center portion, stayed between 94° F (34ļ C) and 115° F (46ļ C). They did have clouds and rain, but not frequently. At the northern hemisphere of the planet, the temperature dropped to between 55 and 80 degrees. This was too cool for the Ebens, or at least most. Our team did find Ebens living in the north, but in very small villages.

Our team eventually relocated to the north in order to stay cool. The ground transportation used by our team was similar to a helicopter. The power system was a sealed energy device that provided electrical power and lift for the craft. It was very easy to fly and our pilots learned the system within days. The Ebens did have vehicles, which floated above the ground and did not have any tires or wheels.

There were leaders, but no real form of government. There was virtually no crime seen by the team. They had an army, which also acted as the police force. But no guns or weapons of any type were seen by our team. There were regular meetings within each small community. There was one large community, which acted as the central point of the civilization. All the industry was at this one large community. There was no money.

Every Eben was issued what they needed. No stores, malls or shopping locations. There were central distribution centers where Ebens went to obtain items of needs. All Ebens worked in some capacity. Children were kept very isolated. The only trouble our team members got into was when they attempted to photograph Eben children.

The Army politely escorted them away and cautioned them not to do it again.

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Posting 3 by Anonymous (7 November, 2005)

Statistics on the Eben planet was collected by our team. Here is the pertinent data for your UFO thread list:


7,218 miles


5.06 x 1024

Distance from Sun #1:

96.5 million miles

Sun #2:

91.4 million miles



Surface gravity:


Rotation Periods:

43 hours


865 days


43 degrees


Min: 43° / Max: 126° F

Distance from Earth:

38.43 light years

Planet named by Team:


Nearest planet to SERPO:

Named: OTTO


88 million miles (colonized by Ebens with research base, but no natural inhabitants on planet)

Number of planets in Eben Solar System:


Nearest inhabited planet to SERPO:

Named: SILUS (SILUS is made up of creatures of various types, but no intelligent life forms. Ebens use the planet to mine minerals.)


434 million miles

We did have visitors from nine other star systems.

The Grays, which some people characterize as being like the Ebens, were not. They came from a planet near Alpha Centauri A.

[ALPHA CENTAURI is a nearby multiple star with a magnitude of -0.3 and is the third brightest star in the sky. It consists of two yellow and orange stars of magnitudes 0.0 and 1.4. There is also a much fainter third star, an 11th magnitude red dwarf called Proxima Centauri. This is the closest to our Sun, 4.2 light years away or about 0.2 light years closer to us than the two brighter members of the Alpha Centauri system.]

The third class of visitors came from a G2 star system in Leo.

[LEO or LEO MINOR? LEO: Star distances range from 20-25 – 77 light years away. Notable interest is Gamma Leonis which is a glorious double star consisting of two golden orange giants of magnitudes 2.4 and 3.5. They are a genuine binary pair orbiting each other every 600 years or so.

LEO MINOR: Squeezed between Leo and Ursa Major with its brightest star Beta Leonis Minoris that has a magnitude of 4.2. It is a close double star which are 145 light years away with an orbital period of 37 years.]

Another class of visitors came from a G2 star system in Epsilon Eridani.

[EPSILON ERIDANI is one of the closest naked-eye stars to our Sun. It is 10.5 light years way with a magnitude of 3.7. Although somewhat cooler and fainter than the Sun, it is otherwise similar.]

The visitors were classified by a code. The code, which was classified in itself, was, "Extraterrestrial Entities" (ETE). ETE-2 were the Ebens, the Grays were ETE-3, and so on.

The "Red Book" lists nine different visitors. We determined recently that some of the visitors were the same type of race but a "mechanical lifeform." They were hybrid beings that were created in a laboratory rather than by natural birth.

The creatures were more like robots, although they were intelligent and could make decisions. They might be the "hostile" visitors that some people report.

To the best of my knowledge, we have NOT had any visitation since 1985 from the Ebens.

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Posting 4 by Anonymous (9 November, 2005)

Thanks for forwarding my information to your e-mail stream list without IDíing me. I realize it might be a little difficult for you to keep my name confidential with the mounting pressure enormous, but I don’t wish to reveal it at this time; perhaps to Richard C. Doty in due time as his questions and online demeanor seems to be the most fair, open minded, and his questions posed were the most reasonable as I monitor the online feedback after each new posting.

I also realize your list of quizzical people have numerous probing questions. Iíll try to answer them, but you must understand that all of this information is contained in a huge voluminous book. There are literally hundreds of pages of scientific calculations trying to understand Serpo, the orbit, etc. I could not possibly relate all of that information via e-mail.

Our scientists had the same questions, as posed by your audience. Our scientists questioned our team members and the information they gathered. Our scientists could not understand how the orbit of Serpo could revolve around the two suns at the distance measured.

In the end, our scientists found that some things relating to that particular system was different in physics compared to our system. There were some questions about how our team measured the orbit and other calculations based on the lack of a stable time base. For some reason – and I donít think this was ever determined – our time instruments did not work on Serpo.

Now, considering this, you can understand the difficult job our team members had making calculations without time. They had to come up with an alternate method to measure speeds, orbits, etc.

Challenge: Try solving a problem in physics without being able to measure time on Earth!

So you see, our team did the best they could with the instruments they had and the hardships they developed attempting scientific calculations. It is difficult for any Earth-based scientist to understand the different physics in other solar systems or on other planets.

One of the questions sent me involved Keplerís Law of Planetary Motion. Our team had that information. We had some of the best military scientists on the team. But if you consider Keplerís Law, it requires time and our team could only measure time in the conventional way. It was determined that Keplerís Laws did not apply to that solar system.

MODERATORís COMMENT: (Victor Martinez)
[Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer and mathematician, 1571-1630. Keplerís discovery of Marsí elliptical orbit led to the publication in 1609 of three laws of planetary motion.

1) First law: States that a planet moves on an elliptical path with the sun at one focus point.
2) Second law: States that a planet moves faster when closer to the sun and slower when farther away.
3) Third law: Makes it possible to calculate a planetís relative distance from the Sun. Specifically, the law states that the cube of a planetís average distance from the Sun is equal to the square of the time it takes that planet to complete its orbit.]

CONCLUSION: One of the things our Earth-based scientists learned was not to apply Earthís laws of physics in a universal way.

Serpo was estimated to be about three billion years old. The two suns were about five billion years old, but only by estimation.

The Eben civilization was estimated to be about 10,000 years old. They evolved from another planet, not on Serpo. The original home planet of the Ebens was threatened with extreme volcanic activity. The Ebens had to relocate to Serpo in order to protect their civilization. This occurred some 5,000 years ago.

The Ebens had a great interplanetary battle with another race about 3,000 years ago. The Ebens lost many thousands in their battle. The Ebens completely eliminated all of their enemies. The Ebens have never fought another war since. The Ebens have been space travelers for the past 2,000 years. The Ebens first visited Earth about 2,000 years ago.

Why does the Eben population number only about 650,000? The Ebens have a very stable, structured civilization. Each male has a mate. They are allowed to reproduce (in somewhat the same sexual way we do), but are limited to only a specific number of children. Our team never saw a family with more than two children.

The Eben civilization was so structured that they planned the birth of each and every child, spacing them apart to allow the proper social grouping of the civilization. Eben children matured at a super rate, compared to Earth children. Our team watched live births, attended to by an Eben doctor, and then watched the development of the child over a period of time, team memberís time. They matured at an alarming rate.

The Ebens had scientists, doctors and technicians. There was one educational facility on the planet. If one was chosen, you attended the facility and learned the job one was best qualified and suited for. Although it was extremely difficult to judge or measure, the team estimated each Ebenís IQ to be 165.

The Ebens had no single ruler. There was a "Council of Governors," which the team named. This group controlled every single action on the planet. The members of the council seemed to have been around for a long time. Since Ebens didnít age – or at least our team couldnít detect aging – it was difficult to judge the age of each member.

There were about 100 different villages or living locations for the Ebens. The Ebens only used a small portion of their planet. They did mine minerals in remote areas of the planet and had a large industrial plant in the southern portion of the planet near a body of water. Our team determined this plant had some sort of hydroelectrical operation.

The Ebens developed a different type of electrical and propulsion system. It was unknown to our team and I donít think we ever really understood it. They were able to tap into a vacuum and bring back an enormous amount of energy from that vacuum.

Our teamís living quarters, which consisted of several small buildings, contained electricity powered by a small box. This small box supplied all the power our team needed. Ironically, the electrical equipment our team brought on the trip worked using their power source only.

Ebens did die. Our team members saw deaths, some from accidents and some from natural causes. The Ebens buried the bodies, similar to our method. Our team saw two air accidents involving their intra-planet flying vehicle.

The Ebens worshipped a Supreme Being. It appeared to be some sort of deity relating to the Universe. They conducted daily services, normally at the end of the first work period. They had a building or church they entered to worship.

Our team left Earth in a large Eben spacecraft and flew to Serpo in approximately nine months by our teamís measurement of time. Upon our teamís return, they traveled on a newer Eben craft. The time, estimated by our team for the return, was seven months.


Project Aquarius briefing document

(TS/ORCON) – Most governmental documents pertaining to UFO sightings, incidents and governmental policies, including "Project Blue Book," have been released to the public under FOIA or under various other release programs.

MJ-12 felt the remaining documents and information (not relating to "Project Aquarius" relating to technological facts regarding alien medical matters, the fact that an alien was captured alive and survived three years under secrecy, cannot be released to the public for fear the information would be obtained by SHIS. There was other information obtained from EBE that was deemed sensitive and not releasable to the public.

Notably, "Project Aquarius," Volume IX, which pertains to tracing the alienís first visitation of Earth back some 5,000 years. EBE reported that 2,000 years ago, his ancestors planted a human creature on earth to assist the inhabitants of Earth in developing a civilization. This information was only vague and the exact identity or background information on this homo-sapien was not obtained.

Undoubtedly, if this information was released to the public, it would cause a worldwide panic. MJ-3 has developed a plan that will allow release of Project Aquarius, Volumes I – III.

The release program calls for a gradual release of information over a period of time in order to condition the public for future disclosures. Attachment 5 of this briefing contains certain guidelines for future public releases.]

Comment (by Paul McGovern):

Sometimes the truth is hard to understand, especially by closed minded people.
Please read Einsteinís statement made to a German scientific society on May 11, 1934.  I wonít actually quote him, but he said the dumbest people in the world are the scientists who keep their minds closed to new ideas.
You are trying to base our scientific understandings on another world.  We found a long time ago that that type of thinking blocked progress.  We could never have understood the visitorís gifts if we had people like some trying to figure it out.  We had open minded scientists who were able to think beyond the realm of Earth-based science. 
Iím no scientist, but I know enough to keep an open mind.  I cannot vouch for Victorís sourceís statistics, but I know he must be speaking from knowledge because it is the same knowledge I read years ago.
Just keep an open mind, people.  Once you close that mind, you are lost in your own misguided thoughts....
The complete debriefing accounts for about three thousand pages.

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Posting 5 by Anonymous (13 November, 2005)

Thank you for the cooperation you display regarding my information. Your attention to this matter is highly and greatly appreciated. I sometime type faster that think and thus my fingers make the grammar/spelling errors!

My colleagues and I are discussing several different options regarding the release of this information. First, we must obtain proper sanction from past officials. The group called MJ-12 – which wasnít really the group that controlled the information – but for the sake of clarity, weíll just call them "MJ-12." The actual name of the group who controlled, managed and oversaw the Serpo project was called ____ ____.

Many have died, but we still have a few around. We are asking their approval for release. Next, we must obtain current official sanction. This may be a little more difficult. Current DIA officials have very little knowledge of this subject matter. However, we will move ahead with our plans. Our main supporter is _____ ______ ______ , a former director of __________. He is in our corner and will support our gradual release plan.

The proposal by one of your readers [Bill Hamilton] regarding the Web site is a great idea. With the cooperation of several "co-authors," we might create a Web site and post some information on that site. Until then, I will continue to provide the official information only through you.

Regarding the Web site. I know we have some hurdles to overcome. Maybe that would/wouldnít be a good first step. But we have several different options. If Plan A doesnít work, maybe Plan B might. We have discussed everything from an international press conference to a National Press Club news conference.

We are also considering your suggestion of releasing 100 key pages (out of the 3,000) to you and then your forwarding them around the country to the six key individuals you named in your e-mail: Dr ____ ____ , Dr ____ ____ , ____ ____ , ____ ____ , ____ ____ and ____ ____.

Of these individuals, I agree with you that it would be of manifest importance to have someone like Dr ____ ____ , who has the stature and prominence in the scientific community, come on board and "in the loop" to not only give credibility to the programmed release, but also to assist in explaining the complex scientific/physics theories and principles to the layperson.

Weíll let you know.

I will provide some answers to the many questions once I find them. Remember, I have over 3,000 pages of to view and another two sizeable volumes of other supplementary data.

Iíve studied the documents and debriefing data. I cannot find answers to everyoneís questions, but I did find some answers especially to those posed by UFO thread list member, Bill Ryan.

1) I find some of the questions [from various list members] to be very disturbing. I expected thoughtfulness in the responses, rather than criticism. The information I am providing is coming directly from official documents. But I guess itís difficult for our Earth-based scientists to understand something foreign to them.

The criticism being displayed by your list of scientists doesnít bother me. Iím just stating what the official documents say. As for the scientific calculations, our Earth-based scientists had the same questions. Our home-based scientists questioned the collection methods of the team. But in the end, our home-based scientists figured out that our applied scientific principals did not always work on Planet Serpo. Once our scientists minds were open, the calculations were made to prove the teamís data.

2) One of the principal home-based scientists (astronomer) contracted to assist us was Dr. Carl Edward Sagan. Initially, he was the biggest skeptic of the group. But as information was slowly analyzed, Dr. Sagan came back to the middle. I canít say he fully accepted every single piece of data, but he did agree on the final report.

3) Lively discussions brings out some very interesting questions. Some of which I cannot find answers to. Although our team spent over a decade (our time) on Serpo and nearby planets, they did not have a laptop computer to enter all data. They had two recorders, who were responsible for writing down the data. Our team acknowledged that a lot of data was lost or not documented.

[Bill Ryanís questions]

4) Regarding Time:

The Team Members brought several time pieces, e.g., wrist watches, non-battery style, as it stated in the debriefing data. The time pieces worked, but they had no reference to time since the Eben days were longer, the dusk and dawn periods were longer and they had no calendars to reference.

They did use the time pieces to calculate movement, for example, timing the movement of the Eben two suns. They also calculated the time between work and rest periods. But, after awhile, the team discarded their time pieces and used the Ebenís measurement of time periods. The team became confused with the calendars they brought – a 10-year calendar.

After 24 months, the team lost track of time, as to the calendar since they could not properly calculate days compared to Earth days. They set up one large clock to the earth time when they left. However, this was a battery-controlled clock and when the battery died, the clock stopped and they forgot to change the battery in time. Consequently, they lost the earth time. The team brought a large quantity of batteries, but they ran out after about five years. The Ebens had no comparable item like batteries.

5) They also took electric razors, coffee pots, electric heaters, a DIM (no explanation as to what this was), an electric IBM typewriter, a scientific calculator, slide rules (both conventional and scientific), Base Data Collection Recorder (BDCR), three different sized telescopes, tangents, both conventional and electrical.

The list goes on and on. But they took about everything they were allowed to take, as to weight. The Ebens did weigh the equipment taken by our team. The weight limit was 4.5 tons or 9,000 lbs. As for food, the team took C-Rations, military style. They carefully planned for 10 years.

6) Another question pertained to the team make up. Why were only two females taken?

If one considers the monumental problem associated with picking a team of 12 people, where each person must be totally erased from the military system – no family ties, no spouses and no children – one can see the difficulty that the selection group had. The selection group picked the best team members from a limited pool of military people.

The original selection group picked 158 people. The final 12 were selected from that number. If you consider the psychological, medical and other tests that had to be administered, the final 12 were the best qualified from the original number. Why they chose two females was never written. Apparently, those two females were the best qualified in their individual specialty: a doctor and a linguist.

7) How did the Ebens advance so quickly?

Nothing was written about this. But Earth-based scientists surmised that since the Eben culture consisted of just one species, their advancement excelled and accelerated more rapidly than a civilization that consisted of different species, different languages, etc.

8) Why are there only 650,000 in the Eben civilization?

Again, the team never found the answer except that many hundreds of thousands of Ebens died in The Great War. Earth-based social behavior specialists surmised that the Eben civilization was structured to accommodate their own needs. Our team did find limited supplies of commodities on their planet. Large buildings were used to harvest food products.

The soil wasnít rich in a lot of minerals. Ebens used a form of organic agriculture to harvest food items. Maybe the Ebens were scared that if they over populated the planet, they couldnít provide for their citizens. This is only my idea, and not anything written in the official records.

9) As to the Eben culture:

They had a form of musical entertainment. The music sounded like tonal rhythms. They also listened to a type of chanting. The Ebens were dancers. They celebrated certain work periods with a ritual dance. The Ebens would form a circle and dance around, listening to the chanting type of music. The music was played on bells and drums, or something similar to them.

There were no televisions, radio stations or anything like that. The Ebens played a game, something like soccer, but with a larger ball. The object was to kick the ball down a field into a goal. The game had very strange rules and played for long periods of time. They also had another game, mostly played by the children, that consisted of making formations with groups of Ebens. They seemed to really enjoy the game, but our team found little understanding of the game.

Athough the Eben civilization had no televisions, radios, etc., each Eben had a small device belted to their waists. This device gave orders to perform a particular task, news of pending events, etc. The device displayed a screen, similar to a television screen but in a 3-D style format. Our team brought back one of these devices. (I think today, we could compare it to a palm pilot.)

10) The Ebenís energy device was analyzed over and over again by our team. Since our team did not have access to scientific microscopes or other measuring equipment, we could not understand the function of the energy device.

But, regardless of the electrical demand, the Eben energy device provided the proper current and wattage. Out team surmised the device had some sort of regulator that sensed the required current/wattage and then supplied that specific amount. (Note: Our Team Members brought back two energy devices for analysis.)

11) Serpo moved around one sun only. The other sun was within the two orbits. As I said before, there are hundreds of pages of calculations in the debriefing explaining all of this.

12) Why some Team Members remained!

The debriefing reported that the Team Members who remained, did so voluntarily. They fell in love with the culture of the Ebens and the planet. They were not ordered to return. Communication with the remaining crew members lasted until about 1988. No other communication was received from those Team Members. The two – who died on the Planet Serpo – were placed in coffins and buried. Their bodies were returned to Earth.

13) Each Team Member received a large dose or radiation during their stay on Serpo. Most of the Team Members died later of radiation-related illnesses.

14) The Ebens fought a battle with an enemy for a period of time. Our Team Members estimated the war lasted about 100 years, but, again, that is our time. The war was fought using particle beam weapons, developed by both civilizations. The Ebens eventually were able to destroy the enemy planet, killing the remaining enemy forces.

The Ebens did warn us that several other alien races within our galaxy were hostile. The Ebens stay away from those races. The debriefing document never stated the name of the enemy, probably because they no longer existed.

[FAST FACTS ON Dr CARL E SAGAN: (Victor Martinez)
Born in Brooklyn, NY on 11-9-í34 and died in Seattle, WA on 12-20-í96 of bone marrow cancer. He was an American astronomer, educator and planetary scientist and was the Director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies at Cornell University.

CONNECTING THE DOTS: "Project SERPOís" final report was written in 1980 with Dr Sagan having been brought in half way through the project. It is believed that he wrote his 1985 bestseller, CONTACT, based on his insider knowledge of the most secret project in human history: a human-alien exchange program of which he signed off on its final report!

Years later, his book was made into the 1997 movie CONTACT starring Jodie Foster.]

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Posting Six by Anonymous (14 November, 2005)

You will be honored one day for providing assistance in our release of information. Many thanks.

I do not feel that a dialogue or argument with non-believers would benefit our cause. They have the right to criticize our information, but none of them will ever be involved in the final process.

This was a gigantic problem, to say the least. It took our linguist specialists several years to adequately establish a form of communication with the Ebens. A group of Ebens learned to understand English and a few other Earth languages.

This group contained the "Travelers," as our team called them. Our Team Members connected themselves with the Travelers. Although the Team couldnít always understand their responses, the Eben travelers understood our Team, most of the time. During this time period, the only exchange of information was simple.

The Ebens, not being able to completely explain something to our team, used a form of sign language by pointing to the object or item they wished to explain and made hand movements. Our team, two members, eventually grasped that method of communication. However, our Team didnít receive much information from the Ebens during this time period.

The Travelers (the very few who understood English numbered about 30) did not fully understand all words in our language. Later, the Ebens called our language too complicated and difficult to understand. We eventually determined the Eben Tonal Language to be very complicated and extremely hard to translate. We were able to record their language and then play it back, listening to each Tonal dialect and each tonal bar.

Eventually we crudely translated some of the language. We started with simple items, for example, the flying object that they used to travel around their planet on. Then things like houses, roads, food, clothing, their suns, their planet, etc. Although we did establish some form of communication, it was crude and not always helpful for our Team when something complicated happened.

For example, when our first Team Member died in an accident, it was hard to communicate with the Ebens. The member died instantly, therefore, no medical care was provided. Our two doctors examined the Memberís body and determined the injuries were consistent with an accidental fall. Initially, the Ebens never interfered with our care or offered to provide any of their medical care.

However, once the Ebens – a very benevolent and caring people – saw our team members crying, the Ebens stepped in and offered to attempt some sort of medical care. Although our doctors felt the Team Member was medically dead, they allowed the Ebens to try their own medical care. Most of this was either through sign language or speaking to the Travelers who could understand some English.

The Ebens transported the Team Memberís body to a remote area of the largest community. They took the body into a large building, apparently their hospital or medical center. The Ebens used a large examination table to view the body. The Ebens ran a large bluish-green light beam over the body. The Ebens watched a display, that appeared on a large screen that looked like a television screen. The readouts were in the Eben written language and thus our team could not understand it.

However, there was a graphic display, similar to a heat beat graph. The solid line was not wavering. Our doctors understood that meant the same thing that their equipment measured: the heart was not beating. The Ebens administered some liquid through a needle. This was done several times. Eventually, the heart started beating.

But our doctors knew the internal organs of the body were damaged, but couldnít fully explain that to the Ebens. The Ebens finally made a sign, placing both their hands to the chest and bowing their heads. Our team members knew that meant the body was dead and nothing could be done.

The Ebens showed affection to our Team. During the last work period, the Ebens had a ceremony for the dead Team Member, the same ceremony used when an Eben died. Our team held their own service, attended by the Ebens. The Ebens were extremely curious about our religious service. One Team Member, who was acting as a minister, performed a death service. Our Team was eternally grateful for the Ebenís caring attitude for our dead friend.

The Ebens live in a very simple society. The individual Eben family contained a male, female and at least one child. Our team did find some families with as many as four children. We later learned those families were caring for children of Ebens who were either on Traveling Missions (exploring the universe) or dead Ebens.

Our Team witnessed an aircraft accident that killed four Ebens. The Ebens performed a form of ritual at the crash site. The Ebens transported the bodies to a medical facility and examined the bodies. Our Team Members were always allowed to accompany the Ebens, except during rest period, when the Ebens closed their doors for privacy.

Our Team Members saw the sorrow in the eyes of the Ebens during the death of their own. Later, after the last work period of the day, the Ebenís had a "funeral," at least that is what our Team concluded it was. The Eben bodies were wrapped in a white cloth. Several types of liquids were poured over the bodies. Large numbers of Ebens would stand in a circle, chanting.

The sounds became almost nauseating to our Team Members. The ceremony lasted for a long time. Finally, the bodies were placed in metal containers and buried in a remote location away from the communities. After the burial, the Ebens had a feast. Large tables of food were brought out and everyone ate, danced and played games. This occurred at every Eben death witnessed by our team.

The individual Eben family lived a simple life. Their homes were constructed of clay, some type of material similar to wood, and some metal. The houses all looked the same. They appeared to be something from the Southwest, looking like adobe. The interior of the house consisted of four rooms. One sleeping room where all Ebens slept in the same room on mats, a food preparation room (kitchen), a family room (the largest in the house) and a small waste room.

This brought up an interesting point for our Team. The Ebens did not have a physiological need to release body wastes as we did. The Ebenís had small collection locations in the residence for their body wastes. But the Ebenís body was extremely efficient in processing all food taken in. Their body wastes consisted of a small amount of fecal matter, similar to a small cat dropping.

Our Team Members never saw any urine excretion from an Eben. On the other hand, our Team Memberís wastes consisted of bulk quantity of both fecal matter and urine. The Ebens had to dig large waste reception sites for our 12 Team Memberís waste. The Ebens accommodated our team.

Food, as I mentioned previously, was a problem for our Team Members. Our Team consumed mostly military-style C-Rations, but eventually had to switch to Eben food. The Ebens had a variety of food items. They grew vegetables. Our Team found items similar to potatoes, but they tasted different. They had some type of lettuce, turnips, and tomatoes. They were the only items similar to ours. The Ebenís had other vegetables grown.

These were strange looking round items with long vines. The Ebens cooked the vines and ate the large portion of the plant raw. The Ebens had some type of white liquid, which we first thought was a form of milk. But after tasting it, our Team realized it was different, both in taste and content. The liquid came from a small tree located in the northern portion of the planet. The Ebenís literally milked the tree for the liquid. It appeared to be some sort of pleasure to drink the stuff.

Our Team Members never got a real "taste" for the liquid. The Ebens cooked food. They make pots of stew, which was extremely tasteless to our team. We used a lot of salt and pepper. They also baked a form of bread. It was non-yeast bread and tasted fairly good, but caused extreme constipation to our Team Members. We had to drink large quantities of water in order to digest the bread.

The one common food that Ebens and our Team Members liked was the fruit. The Ebens ate a great quantity of fruit. The fruit, although different from anything we saw, was sweet. Some of the fruit tasted something like melons, while others tasted like apples.

Another problem was water. The water on Serpo contained a number of unknown chemicals found by our team. Our Team eventually had to boil the water before drinking it. Seeing this, the Ebens built a large plant that processed water for our Team.

In our Teamís final report, written by the commander (Colonel), the report states that during the exchange period (he was careful not to use exact time periods), the Team was able to communicate with the Ebens about 50% of the time. There were some things we were never able to communicate.

Our Team brought along softball equipment for sporting activity. The Ebens would watch the game and laugh out loud. (The Eben laugh sounded like a high pitched yell.) Eventually, the Ebens started playing the game, but never got used to catching the ball before it hit the ground.

Our Team also played touch football. Again, the Ebens watched the game intensely and then played it themselves. But again, like softball, the Ebens never figured out they had to catch the football before it hit the ground!

Although our Team Members honored the privacy of the Ebens, our Team was allowed to witness births. Our team, snooping around, was able to capture the sexual activity of the Ebens. The males and females had similar sexual organs and performed intercourse. The frequency of sexual activity was not recorded as being as often as our society performed. It was believed that they performed the act for pleasure and reproduction.

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Posting 7 by Anonymous (17 November, 2005)

Here are some geological facts regarding Serpo our Team Members compiled:

Our Team contained two geologists (they were also cross-trained as biologists). The first thing our geologists did was map the entire planet. The first step was to divide the planet in half, thus creating an Equator. Then they established a Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Within each hemisphere, they created four quadrants.

Finally, they established the "North and South" Poles. This was the easiest method to study the planet. Most of the Eben communities were placed along the Equator. However, there were some communities established north of the equator in each of the four quadrants in the Northern Hemispheres. There were no communities located in either poles. The southern pole was desert. It was barren land with virtually no precipitation where absolutely nothing grew in this area.

There were volcanic rock formations and part of the extreme south contained a rock desert. Temperatures in the south pole were measured at between 90° and 135°F. Going further north from the south pole in Quadrant 1, the Team found extrusive rocks. This indicated some volcanic activity in the area. Our team found numerous volcanoes in this area.

The Team found several fissure eruptions in this region, with standing water. The water was tested and contained high levels of sulfur, zinc, copper and other unknown chemicals. Moving from east to Quadrant 2, the Team found basically the same volcanic fields of rocks.

However, in one particular location near the north end of Quadrant 2, the Team found an Alkali Flat. On Earth, these were formed by streams flowing into a desert or arid location. Our team found hard mud covered by alkaline salts. Some vegetation was growing in this area.

Moving to Quadrant 3, the Team found a form of Badlands: An arid region that is lined with deep gullies with sparse vegetation. The gullies or valleys were extremely deep, some going down 3,000 feet.

The team found the first Serpo animal in this region. It looked like an armadillo. This creature was extremely hostile and tried to attack the Team several times. The Eben guide used some type of sound device (sonic-directed sound beam) to scare away the creature.

Moving to the Equatorial region, our team found desert-style landscapes which contained patches of vegetation. The team found numerous pockets of water fed to the ground by Artesian Wells. This water was the freshest, containing only the unknown chemicals. It tasted good and the Ebens drank and used it. Our team still boiled it because during culture tests, unknown types of bacteria were detected.

Moving to the Northern Hemisphere, the Team found a major change in climate and landscape. One Team Member, who had coined it Quadrant 1, in the northern hemisphere, named it "Little Montana." The Team found trees, similar to the Evergreen style of Earth trees. These trees were milked by the Ebens. A white fluid was extracted and drank.

Numerous other types of vegetation was found in this region. Standing water, possibly fed by either Artesian Wells or fissure eruptions was found. In one area, marsh lands were seen. Large plants were observed growing in the marshy area. The Ebens used these plants for food. The bulb of the plant was very large. The bulb tasted something like a melon.

Our Team eventually moved to an area in Quadrant 1 in the northern hemisphere. This area contained moderate temperatures [50° - 80°] and ample amounts of shade. The Ebenís built a little community for the team. Most of the remaining exploration of the planet was done from this point. The Team only explored the southern hemisphere once, obtaining geological information.

Because of the intense heat, the Team decided not to venture back. The Team continued to explore the northern hemisphere, where, as the Team traveled towards the north pole, the temperature cooled considerably. The Team found mountains, raising to an elevation of 15,000 feet and valleys that sank below the basic mark the team established for "sea level." Lush green fields were found containing a form of grass, but contained bulbs. The Team coined these fields, "Clover Fields," even though the bulbs were not clover.

The radiation levels were lower in the northern hemisphere than at the Equator and southern hemisphere. The north pole contained cold weather and the team saw the first sign of snow. Blankets of snow littered the landscape around the north pole. The snow measured about 20 feet, at its deepest.

The temperature was a constant 33° F. Our Team never found the temperature to vary in this region. The Ebens could not stand to be in this region for long. They suffered extreme hypothermia. The Teamís guide wore a suit, similar to a space suit with built in heaters.

Our Team found evidence of past earthquakes. Fault lines were found along the northern tip of the southern hemisphere. Exfoliation was observed along with extrusive rocks, which indicated magma flows in the past.

Our Team brought back hundreds of samples of Serpo soil, vegetation, water and other items for testing on Earth. During our Teamís exploration, they discovered numerous types of animals. The strangest was the "Beast" which looked like a large Ox. The animal was timid and never seen to be hostile.

Another animal looked like a Mountain Lion, but had long fur around the neck. This animal was curious, but was not considered hostile by the Ebens.

During the exploration of Quadrant 4 of the southern hemisphere, the team found a very long and large creature that appeared to be a snake. This creature was "deadly," as explained by the Ebens. The head of the creature was large and contained almost human-like eyes. This was the only time our Team used their weapons and killed the creature.

The Ebens didnít appear to be upset that the Team killed the creature, but was upset they used a weapon. The team brought four .45 caliber Colt (standard military issued) handguns and four M2 carbine rifles. After killing the creature, the team dissected it. The internal organs were strange and nothing similar to a Earth-style snake. The creature measured 15 feet long and 1.5 feet in diameter. The team was curious about the eyes.

Examination of the eyes revealed cones, similar to human eyes. The eye contained an iris and the back contained a large nerve, similar to the optic nerve feeding into the creatureís brain. The brain was large, much larger than any Earth-based snake. The Team wanted to eat the meat from the creature, but the Eben guides politely told them "No."

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Posting 7a by Anonymous (18 November, 2005)

[In response to specific questions]

The bodies of water on Serpo did not contain fish, as we know. Some bodies, near the equator, did contain strange-looking creatures, similar to eels (small and about 8–10" long) and was probably a cousin of the land-based "Snake." There was something like a jungle, near the marshlands, but not the jungles that weíre familiar with.

Regarding the weapons:

There was a lengthy discussion about weapons. At the end, the Ebens didnít really care. So our Team Members decided to take some just in case. Not for a fight, God knows, as our Team was vastly outnumbered, but for the safety aspects of it. Remember, the 12 were all military members, so weapons made them FEEL safe. A side note: They only took 50 rounds of ammunition per handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition per rifle.

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Posting 7b by Anonymous (20 November, 2005)

After reading Dr. Saganís remarks on the Serpo project, which is about 60 jam-packed pages of calculations, I found one paragraph which states that in order to use Keplerís law – in the case of Planet Serpo – one had to vary the exact gravitational pull placed on Serpo by the two suns. Serpo did not have large planets, like Jupiter and Saturn to affect the gravitational pull as the Earth does. Serpoís gravitational pull was different than anything Dr. Sagan had ever seen before.

There are numerous figures and calculations to support this. I will forward them at a later date. Have your list stay tuned.

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Posting 7c by Anonymous (25 November, 2005)

In response to the intensive ongoing debate recorded in the Comments section of this site, I would like to endorse this clarification from a prominent physicist on the list:

The senior theory (essentially proven) is Newtonís inverse square law for gravity. For a simple system, Keplerís Laws are a fallout of what a planetary solution looks like (for the simple case of a single planet circling a massive sun). For a complex situation (like a planet interacting with two suns, several planets, or whatever) you have to go back to Newtonís law and solve a many-body problem which takes a computer. In this case Keplerís Laws are only an approximation, since they hold only for the simplest case.

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Posting 8 by Anonymous (29 November, 2005)

I decided to concentrate this release on the "Team" and their selection process, communication problems and the final exchange. There have been many questions pertaining to these issues.


Ebe #1 provided a communication device that allowed us to contact Serpo. This communication device was onboard the Eben craft that crashed in July 1947 near Corona, New Mexico. Ebe #1 showed us the proper use of this communication device prior to his death.

However, the device did not function properly and no contact could be made with Serpo. Just prior to Ebe #1ís death, an American scientist from Los Alamos figured out the device worked and connected an energy source found in the Eben craft to the communication device. With Ebe#1ís assistance and language input, several signals were sent during the summer of 1952. In early fall of 1952, we received several signals on the device.

Ebe #1 translated the messages and provided us with that information. Ebe #1 sent six messages.

The incoming messages gave a time and date (Eben date and time system), and confirmed a landing location. However, once the message was translated by Ebe #1, it was determined the date was over 10 years away. Fearing that Ebe #1, who was sick at this point, did not translate the message correctly, our scientists began to translate the message, based on the Eben language that was taught to us by Ebe #1.

(NOTE: Ebe #1 was a mechanic, not a scientist. He was still able to teach us some of the Eben language. According to the document which I read, we translated about 30% of the Eben language. Complex sentences and numbers could not be recognized.)

Ebe #1 assisted us as long as he was alive. But once he died, then we were on our own. We sent several messages over a six-month period (1953). But we did not receive any return messages. We fine tuned our efforts over the next 18 months and finally sent two messages in 1955 and received a reply.

We were able to translate about 30% of the messages. We turned to several linguist specialists from several U.S. universities and even several from foreign universities. Finally, we were able to translate most of the messages. We decided to reply in English and see if the Ebenís could translate our language easier than we could theirs. Approximately four months later, we received a reply in broken English. Sentences that contained nouns, adjectives, but no verbs. It took us several months to translate the messages. We then sent Eben our typed English lessons. Six months later, we received another English message. This time it was clearer, but not clear enough. Ebens were confusing several different English words and still failed to complete a proper sentence.

But we were able to provide the basic skill level for them to communicate in English. In one message, they provided us with a form of the Eben alphabet, with the equivalent English letter. Our linguist specialist had a very difficult time figuring this out. The written Eben language was simple characters and symbols, but our linguist specialist had an extremely difficult time comparing the two written languages. Over the next five years, we were able to perfect our understanding of the Eben language (somewhat) and the Ebens were able to better understand English. However, we had a major problem. Trying to coordinate a date, time and location for an Eben landing on Earth. Even though we could basically understand some Eben and the Ebens could understand some English, we could not understand their time and date system and they could not understand ours. We sent them our Earthís rotation schedule, revolution, date system, etc. For some reason, the Ebenís never understood this.

In return, the Ebens sent us their system, which was difficult for our scientists to understand because we had no reference to their planet. The Ebens did not explain any astronomical data of Serpo or their system. We then decided to just send pictures showing the Earth, landmarks and a simple numbering system for time periods.

The Ebens sent back a message indicating they would return to Earth on a particular number date and location that we chose. The date was April 24, 1964 and the location was in the southern sector of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

Now, our Government officials met in secret to plan the event. Decisions were made, then changed and then changed again. We had just about 25 months to plan for the event. Special teams, mostly military, were formed to plan the event.

Several months into the planning process, President Kennedy decided to approve a plan to exchange a special military team. The USAF was tasked as the lead agency. The USAF officials picked special civilian scientists to assist in planning and crew selection.

The Team Member selection process was the hardest to accomplish. Several plans were suggested in the make-up of the team. It took several months for the planners to decide on criteria for each Team Member. They decided that each Team Member must be military. They must be single, with no children. They must be career military (over four years of service). They must have special skills.

They must have cross-trained skills, meaning that they must have more than one specialty. They must be entirely "sheep dipped" and cleared of any identification problems that would haunt them while on the trip. One suggestion was to list all members as being dead. This was thrown around until it was decided each Team Member selected would be listed as "missing" on the official records and discharged on the unofficial records. That way, all connections between the team and their individual service was covered.

Every single record on each Team Member selected was purged, including their Social Security records, Internal Revenue tax returns, medical records, military records, and any other identification records were either destroyed or collected and placed in a special storage location. Originally, about 56,000 files were screened for possible selectees. The screening process finally got down to 12. These were the best of the best. During training, which lasted roughly six months, there were 16 going through training. The four were replacements just in case one of the originals was injured or released for some other reason.


Each Team Member selected was sent to a special facility located at Camp Perry, Virginia. This was an intelligence training location. We took over a complete complex inside Perry. Most of the training took place there, but some special training was accomplished at Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls Texas; Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota; Dow AFB, Maine; and isolated locations in Mexico and Chile. The training lasted for 167 days. The Team was allowed about 15 days off during this time period, but they were closely guarded. Just prior to their trip, each team member was transported to the United States Disciplinary Barracks, Ft. Leavenworth, KS and confined in locked cells. This prevented them from communicating with anyone from the outside world and kept each under close watch.


We received a message from the Ebens stating that they did not wish to make the exchange during their initial visit to Earth. They wanted to meet first and then plan the exchange in person. This created many problems since our Team was ready for the exchange. We sent a return message, but we did not receive a reply.


In December 1963, the Ebenís sent a message confirming the time, date and location of their landing. The message stated that two crafts were enroute to Earth and would make the appropriate landing at the pre-arranged location.

(NOTE: During this time period, our government was suffering from the loss of President Kennedy. Some on the project wanted to cancel the exchange because of his death. But President Johnson was briefed and decided to continue the event, although, it was noted, that Johnson didnít really believe it would happen.)

Our Team planned for two locations. One "cover" location on Holloman Air Force Base near Alamogordo, New Mexico and the other, which would be the actual landing location, was west of Holloman near the southern entrance to White Sands Army Post.

The first Eben craft entered our atmosphere during the afternoon of April 24, 1964. the Eben craft landed at the wrong location, near Socorro, New Mexico. Our team was in place at White Sands. We were able to communicate a message to the Eben craft that they landed at the wrong location. The second Eben craft picked up the message and landed at the correct location.


The Eben craft landed exactly at the location we sent. There were 16 senior U.S. Government officials on the ground. Some were political and some were senior officials, including military officers. The Ebens exited their craft and walked under a pre-located canopy. The Ebens gave gifts of their technology. The Ebens had a crude translator device. It appeared to be some sort of microphone with a read-out screen.

The senior U.S. official was given one of the devices and the Eben kept the other one. The officials spoke into the device and the screen showed a printed form of the voice message, both in Eben and English. It was crude and hard to understand everything that was said. The exact transcript of the meeting wonít be discussed at this time. The Ebens decided to make the exchange, but not until the following year. July 1965 was set and the location decided upon was the Nevada Test Site. Planners did not wish to keep the same location for fear that something might leak.

The Team Members were kept at Ft. Leavenworth until May 1964. They were transported to Camp Perry. The Team was isolated for the next six months, going over the same training they received. Fine tuning their individual skills and learning some newer skills. This gave the team an opportunity to better understand the Eben language. Although most team members had difficulty learning the language, the two linguists on the team were able to hone their language skills.

In April 1965, the team was transported to Ft. Leavenworth and confined until July 1965, when they were transported to Nevada. During the exchange, only a selected few officials were present, other than the preparation crew for the exchange team. The Eben craft landed and our Team was placed on board.

(NOTE: One item that was misstated by me in an earlier e-mail, was the amount of equipment that was taken to Planet Serpo by our Team Members. The correct amount loaded on board the Eben crafts was 90,500 lbs of equipment.)

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Posting 9 by Anonymous (30 November, 2005)

Each Team Member had to endure extreme psychological and physical training.  In one training test, each Team Member was locked inside a 5í x 7í box buried seven feet underground for five days, with just food and water, no contact with anyone else and in total darkness. This tested several factors.

Each Team Member also took a "pill" with them. The pill was standard issue for intelligence agents operating behind enemy lines.  The pill could end their life if, for some reason, the Ebens turned out to be hostile. 

Several selected Team Members (pilots) were trained on flying an Eben craft, one of which was the one captured near western New Mexico in 1949. The plan called for these selected few to fly the craft back to Earth in case of an emergency. 

There were four pilots on the team. These four spent many weeks at the Nevada complex learning to fly the recovered Eben alien craft. It wasnít hard to fly, once one could understand the operation of the controls. Iím sure many of the UFO sightings back in 1964/í65 around the West could be attributed to these test flights by our Team Members. Selected Team Members carried small containers of liquid nitrogen. Ebens were vulnerable to extreme cold. In case the Ebenís turned hostile, the liquid nitrogen could be used to neutralize Ebens during an escape attempt. The Team Members were instructed to spray the substance directly into the face of an Eben. Ebe #1 was found to be vulnerable to this.

As for the liquid nitrogen matter. The liquid nitrogen was placed in special containers, just like we do today. The debriefing document doesnít state the type of containers, just that each member had a small container.

However, during the return debriefing, the Team found the Ebens to be so docile, each Team Member quickly discarded these bottles of liquid nitrogen when they arrived on Serpo. The Ebens realized the Team had this substance, but never questioned the reason for bringing it. 

As with weapons, each Team Member had a handgun and rifle. The Ebens realized these were weapons, but again never questioned why the Team Members were bringing them along.

But each Team Member never carried the weapons except during their exploration of Serpo and then only certain Team Members carried them.

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Posting 10 by Anonymous (2 December, 2005)

Here is some "beef" that Gene [Loscowski] wanted regarding the Team Memberís training.

After the extensive selection process, each Team Member had to demonstrate their abilities to endure hardship, which included a battery of psychological tests, medical screenings and a PAT (Positive Attitude Tests which is a military test given to pilots and special forces personnel).

The training consisted of the following:

 1. Introduction to Space Exploration (taught by NASA personnel)
 2. Astronomy, identification of stars, use of telescopes and general astrophysics
 3. Eben anthropology (information received from Ebe #1)
 4. Eben History (basic information received from Ebe #1)
 5. U.S. Army Field Medical Training (trauma care). This was given to the non-medical personnel on the Team
 6. High Altitude training Ė parachute and weightless/zero oxygen environment training
 7. Survival, escape and evasion training
 8. Basic weapons and explosive training (six pounds of C-4 [Composition-4] was taken)
 9. Psychological Operations Training and anti-interrogation preparation
10. Small Unit Tactical Training (Mini 4-week U.S. Army Ranger Course)
11. Intelligence Gathering Course
12. Space Geology Ė collection methods and use of specialized geological equipment
13. Physical Stress Training
14. Methods to cope with confinement/isolation
15. Nutrition course
16. Equipment use training
17. Individual specialty training
18. Basic Biology
19. Other training which is still considered extremely highly classified even after 40 years [1965 - 2005]

Humans could make the Eben tonal sounds, but one had to practice and practice and practice. It took a long time for anyone studying the Eben language to make the sounds. Some of the sounds were similar to high pitch singing sounds. The bottom line is that it could be done.

Now consider this: Even though each Team Member was taught the Eben tonal sounds/language, it was difficult for the Team Members to remember each tone and the use of other sounds with the tones. The two linguists on the Team practiced and learned enough to basically communicate, according to the documents I read.

The Ebens learned English, but had difficulty pronouncing words exactly correct. For example, according to the document, Ebens could not say the letter "L." So, if the Ebenís were trying to say the word "look," it came out "ook."

Between the first message sent by our Earth-based team in the summer of 1952 to the first message received from the Ebens was about four months. We have no way of knowing when the Ebens received our message, how long it took them to study it and how long it took them to send it back. The signals were in Eben language, with a readout and sounds, tonal, etc.

One interesting note: There was one Eben, who was a space traveller and who could speak English better than the other Ebens who had learned it. This Eben was codenamed "Noah" by the Team. Everytime the team had to communicate important information, they turned to Noah. But during the latter part of our Teamís stay, Noah left for an away mission. By then, our two linguists were able to communicate better than any other Team Member.

QUESTION: Why didnít our Team use the Eben communication device?
ANONYMOUS: They had it, but it contained only about 500 English words. Not enough to fully communicate. The Team discarded the device early in their stay.

Who is "Falcon?!" I am reading from the actual debriefing documents. There is no mention of a "Falcon." There is no mention of a "Falcon" on the Briefing Control Access Roster. If youíre referring to the 1989 TV special, "UFOs Coverup,... LIVE!" in which a "Falcon" and a "Condor" appeared in shadowed form, they never had access to the actual "Project SERPO" Report.

I would guess that whomever Falcon is was spreading DISinformation. Ebens lived on a warm planet, except the northern hemisphere, which was cooler. Some Ebens lived in the cooler climate, but the Ebens could not stand extreme cold.

I think one is confusing what Ebe #1 said about "our" planet. It liked the cooler places on "our" planet. He was not referring to Serpo. Ebe #1 was a visitor on our planet and was taken to several different locations, mostly warm. When he arrived at Los Alamos, he remarked that he like the "cooler" climate, meaning Los Alamos in the late summer.

However, when he [Ebe #1] was taken to Washington, D.C., (very closely controlled), the climate there (in late fall) was too cold for him. I donít know about a "Falcon" or his/her information, but I do know the facts surrounding Ebe #1.

QUESTION: What do you make of what Ebe #1 allegedly said about Mankind being genetically altered throughout time and that they established religions and Christ in particular on our planet? [An idea that was popularized in the 1989 bestseller, "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley, ISBN# 0380718073]

ANONYMOUS: If one reads the "Yellow Book" [the true and correct history of Mankind as relayed by the ETEs] and reads between the lines, one would come away with the thought and clear impression that the Ebens had something to do with Jesus Christ or, possibly, Jesus was one of them.

Also, if you look at some events that are shown in the "Yellow Book," (remember, there are no dates shown in the "Yellow Book"), you can connect some incidents, such as Fatima, etc., with an Eben landing.

Cosmic Conflict: 005 - A Covenant with Death/fatima

QUESTION: Is the much ballyhooed and hyped "Alien Autopsy Film" released by Ray Santilli real or fake?
ANONYMOUS: That film is a fake. We did perform four autopsies of the five dead Ebens found in the Corona crash site and did photograph them, however the bodies from the western New Mexico crash site were too decomposed to be autopsied. But the Ray Santilli film is an absolute 100% fake.

The "DIM" was the Duty Information Manual. It was their "bible," for all of the information they would need. The operations plans, how to execute the plans, emergency action procedures, etc. [BR: the meaning of the "DIM" was supplied by another person, not Anonymous, who had detailed knowledge of the project.]

5 December: clarification by Victor Martinez

Anonymous writes 85% of the material; another 13% comes from another source directly connected with the project; and the final 1-2% comes from a "ghost," who cancels his e-mail account as soon as he sends his information. [BR: this may explain some of the apparent stylistic and grammatical differences in the various postings.]

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Posting 10a by Anonymous (8 December, 2005)

[Referring to Bill Ryanís 6 December radio interview on "Coast to Coast AM with George Noory": an audio file of the interview is available here]

Victor: Yes, I did listen to the entire show. Never heard this guy George Noory before, but he seemed to be a very open-minded narrator and for that, me and my DIA colleagues were very pleased. The show caused a lot of buzzing in the halls of the DIA!

Bill [Ryan] and Rick [Doty] both did an excellent job. I was hoping you [Victor Martinez] might just show up and add your own comments since you know more about me than anyone else as well as the program, but I guess that wasnít possible.

I called Mr. _____ this morning.


I found some discrepancies about the animals mentioned on the show.

The Armadillo-like creature was not aggressive, it just scared the Team Members. The Eben guide directed some type of sound (very high pitch) at the Armadillo creature and that scared it away. These creatures were seen at several locations around the planet. Some were larger than others, but they were not aggressive.

Only the snake-like creature was aggressive, which forced the Team to kill one. The snake-like creatures were located in just one location and the Team never saw another one.

As for birds, there were two types of flying creatures. One resembled a hawk and the other looked like a large flying squirrel. Neither were aggressive and the Team could never catch one for examination.

As for insects, they had small bugs, similar to cockroaches, but smaller. They were harmless, but did get into the Teamís equipment. They had a hardened shell, with a soft interior body. The Team never observed any flying insects, such as flies, wasps, etc. Several other small bugs were found and identified.

I was hoping Rick [Doty] would expand his knowledge of the subject matter as he knows much more than what I heard him say. But maybe the show was scripted and he had to follow some script or was prevented from saying what he wanted to say by some director or producer.

[Note from Victor Martinez: The show was not scripted; only time constraints prevented ex-AFOSI SA Doty from saying more on the air; Anonymous was corrected by me. All participants were called in at the last moment to fill in for a last-minute cancellation of another guest.]

Bill did a great job promoting the Web site, and the information contained therein.

My next posting of information will be the actual journal entries of one Team Member. Each Team Member was required to keep a journal. I will provide a partial journal entry (since the journals are attachments to the original report, they contain hundreds of pages of written entries). I will provide a few days or possibly a weekís worth of entries from one Team Member.

Also, we are working on obtaining four photographs taken by our Team Members of Serpo. I will scan them into my computer and then e-mail them to you. You can send them to Bill Ryan for inclusion into the Serpo Web site.

Donít distribute the photographs through your huge UFO thread list. Just leave it on the Web site for Web site Administrator Bill Ryan to post.

Once the public sees these photographs, even our skeptics, die-hard debunkers and those who claim that this is all a "non-event disclosure," will scratch their heads in total amazement! [Theyíre not from a Hollywood movie set.]

one photograph shows the entire Team standing next to an Eben home, with several Ebens standing in the background;
another photograph shows the Teamís new home in the north;
another photograph shows an Eben village in the north;
another photograph shows a group of Eben
s playing their "soccer" game.

Youíll love them!

One group member has a fool-proof way of sending them. Iím not sure of the exact method, but Iíll let you know just prior to his sending them. Either theyíll be sent to you (or Bill directly) in encrypted form or a special military courier will bring them to you from a special unit within the DIA. Weíll let you know.

[BR: We donít yet know when to expect these photographs. It may be several weeks yet – possibly even in the New Year. We ask all readers to be patient, as we are ourselves.]

LISTENER: One niggly question on the EBENsí non-use of clocks and the use of a tower to tell the position of the sun. Much of our avionics, electronics, and machinery involves timing pulses. How do the EBEs even fly a spaceship or helicopter-type craft without the use of some sort of clock?

VICTOR: What idiot wrote this?! One must think in different terms of science, not Earth-based but Serpo-based science. Ebens were thousands and thousands of years more advanced than us. They had different forms of navigation systems, which I will discuss in great detail later, probably 2006.

Enough for now; I must go back to bed. Keep up the great work.

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Posting 11 by Anonymous (21 December, 2005)


QUESTION: If our Team Members had their identities "sheep dipped," how did they refer to one another as?
ANONYMOUS: Each Team Member was not identified by name. Once the final 16 were selected, (remember, we had four alternates), each Team Member got a number (three digit).

From that point on, they were identified by number only. Even each Team Member identified the others by their three-digit number. They were never to use their real names. Once they left planet Earth and traveled on to Serpo, they gave each other nicknames.

For example, the Team Commander was identified as, "Skipper," the medical officers were identified as "Doc-1" and "Doc-2," the pilots were identified as, "Sky-King" and "Flash-Gordon." Even though it wouldnít make any difference if they used their real names on Serpo, they were disciplined enough to continue either using the nicknames or the three-digit numbers.


VICTOR: I hope you didnít lose hope and faith in me; I needed to take a break during the holidays as Iím sure you did! I have been coordinating this very complex subject matter with various people in the USG intell community.

Additionally, I and the rest of the DIA-6 are working on the photographs.

Attached for your UFO Thread List are just four pages of the Team Commanderís diary. The diary contains a large number of pages, all hand written. It took me several days to prepare the attached four pages from the diary.

This is the actual, verbatim diary of the Team Commander. It was started the morning of the departure. There were code names for control personnel and three-digit numbers for each Team Member [addressed above]. There are other codes and abbreviations for certain things, which is not explained.

Iíve typed the EXACT words, phrases and abbreviations. Nothing has been changed. And likewise, I will ask you to not alter, change, correct any of the text here as you often do with mine to make it grammatically correct. This includes your use of caps to emphasize things Iíve written; I ask you to not do this with these journal entries, Victor.


We are ready. Hard to think we finally made it. Team is motivated and calm. Final briefing by MTC and MTB. Cargo packed in EBE craft. Might have some problems with guns. Will be talking to the MVC. 899 and 203 will have overall charge of weapons. No sync system or we donít know about them. Everything moving smoothly. 700 and 754 will give each member final check before boarding.

OK, we loaded everything and it fits. But we have to transfer all of it to the bigger ship once we get to rendevous point. Really excited about this. No reservations by anyone. MTC asked all members to make final decision. The team all said go. We go. Interior of Ebe craft is big. There are three levels, this is different than the one we trained on. I think that was a scout craft, this one is a shuttle craft.

We stored the cargo in lower level. We will sit in the center level and the crew will sit in the upper level. Strange looking walls. They seem to be dimensional. There are three stations, four of us will sit in each station. No seats just benches. We wouldnít fit in those small crew seats.

The MVC says we donít need anything special, no O2 or helmets. Donít know what to do with them. OK, final checks. MTC gave us final words. One pray said. We board the Ebe craft. 475 really nervous. 700 will watch him. The hatch is closed. No windows. We canít see out. Everyone is seated in their respective seats on the bench. No retention harnesses. OK, well, bar across us.

The craft is starting engine, or what they call energy thrusters. Seems like we are moving but nothing happening inside. Still able to write this. Really dizzy now. 102 sitting next to me and he is faint. Something feels really funny. Have to rewrite this because I canít think straight.


We made it to the rendevous craft. We donít know where we are, but it seemed like we all fainted or was really confused during this trip. According to my wrist watch, it took about six hours. Or maybe more. We left at 1325 and it is 1939. But not sure of the day. We flew into the big ship. We are standing in a bay or something.

There are many EBEs helping us. They seem to understand we are confused. The cargo was off loaded in one big move. The platform containing the cargo was moved without unloading the individual cargo. This ship looks like the inside of a real big building. The ceiling is about 100 feet high in this area of the ship.

OK, we are being moved into another part of the ship. OK, we moved to another room or area. What a big ship. I just canít describe how big this is. It took us about 15 minutes to walk to our area. Seems like it is something special for us. The chairs are bigger. But there are only 10 of them. OK, I guess 203 and myself will sit in different location above these seats.

We are moved by some sort of elevator, but I canít understand how it worked. Everyone is hungry. We have our backpacks containing some C-rats and I guess we eat now. But must ask the MVC. I canít find him and we canít communicate with the two EBEs here.

They seem to be real nice. 420 will try to use his language skills. Almost funny. Sounds like a screaming match. We just used sign language indicating we want to eat. One of the EBE brought us a container with something it. Doesnít look good but I think it is their food. Looks like mush or oatmeal. 899 will taste it. Well, 899 said it tastes like paper. Think we will all stick to C-rats.

OK, MVC finally showed up. Told us we will begin trip soon. Two mils I think he means minutes but donít really know. Maybe it wasnít such a good idea to eat before leaving. We donít feel any weightlessness and we donít feel dizzy. But we donít know what to expect from this point on. They are indicating we must sit in the chairs.


Iím not sure just how long we were in the containers. We sat in the chairs and a clear container was placed over us and the chair. We were isolated in this bubble or sphere. We could breath OK and could see out, but we really felt dizzy and confused. I think I fell asleep or fainted. I think this is another day, but my watch says one hour since we sat, but I think it is the next day.

Our time instruments are located in our backpacks which are stored in another area of this room. We are still in these spheres but it seems OK. Well, 899 figured out how to get out because he is standing up. He opened my sphere. Not sure if we should be out of this thing. 899 said a EBE came in and looked at us and left. Other team members sleeping. 899 and myself walking around this room.

I retrieved the time instruments. Seems like we have been traveling about 24 hours or so. No windows to see. Originally we were told it would take about 270 of our days. OK, EBE came in and pointed to the chairs, I guess we need to go back and get into them.


Since I am not sure of which day it is I wonít state a day as to my entry, [so] Iíll just say entry. We are all sick. Dizzy, upset stomachs. 700 and 754 gave us medicine to settle our stomachs. But we really feel bad. We seem to be unable to focus our eyes and seem to not know which way way to turn up or down and donít know the wasy to sit down. Really bad feeling.

Medicine helps a little we are able to eat a little. 700 and 754 tells us to eat and drink the water we brought along we are doing that and feel a little better canít concentrate on anything so I canít rite [sic] anymore right now.


Feel a lot better. EBEs came in and did something to the room. It all seems clearer and we are not so confused and dizzy. We ate again and drink more water. Feeling a lot better. We are out of sphere, but must stay in them at certain times.

EBE showed us a series of lights above the entry panel. Green, Red and White lights. If the light is red, we must sit in sphere. If light is white, we are OK. EBE never explained the Green light. Maybe that isnít good.

We have no idea what day it is, only that it is 2319. Our date recorder isnít working very well, according to 633. He thinks we have been going for 10 days but not really sure. We have been confined to this room for the entire time. I think this room was made for us and we are safe in this room.

Maybe it wouldnít be wise to leave it. No weightlessness. Donít know how they do it. But we do feel a little lightheaded when we walk. Seems room is pressurized. Ears are popping a lot. If we have to sit in this room for 270 days we will really be bored. We canít really do much, all our equipment is packed away.

We have our backpacks but they only contain a few items. We want to clean up, but canít find a bathroom except the containers we are using to relieve ourselves. They are small metal containers that are emptied by the EBE every now and then. EBE brings us food, their food. We tried it and it tastes like paper really no taste but maybe it is something special for space travel. 700 is eating it. He seems OK but it is upsetting his bowels. Their water is milky looking but tastes like apples. Strange. ENTRY It has been a long time since I have made an entry. We are guessing we have been on the ship for 25 days. But we might be off about five days. We were locked into our sphere for a long period of time. We had to leave in order to relieve ourselves and finally were able to open the sphere.

But when we did, we all got sick, really sick. Dizzy, confused and some couldnít walk. We had trouble urinating and moving our bowels. 700 and 754, who ate the EBE food didnít seem to be as sick as us. They treated us with medicine. EBE came in and pointed a blueish light on our heads. We felt better, much better after this.

But pointed to the chairs and we figure we must get back into them. We showed him our waste containers and pointed to the chairs in a confused manner. He understood and then left the room. EBE came back with small containers we could place inside the sphere.

He also brought in small jugs of the milky liquid and made a motion for us to drink it. So we went back into the sphere and just sat there with the waste containers and the jug of the milky stuff. We drink that and seem to be better, except 518, who seem to be sick. But we were cautioned to stay inside the sphere.


I donít have any idea how long we stayed in that sphere this time. But EBE came in and made a motion for us to come out. We were able to move around without being dizzy or sick. EBE even allowed us to leave the room. We walked along a very narrow hallway for a long period of time, maybe 20 minutes. We then got into some sort of elevator, which moved fast because we could feel the motion.

We came out into a very large room that contained many EBENS sitting in seats. Maybe this is the control center. Our escort made a motion to go into the room. We could see control panels which contained many lights. There were four different stations containing six EBENs each. They were in levels.

The top level inside this room contained just one seat. One EBEN was seated in that chair. We figure he must be the pilot or commander. He seemed busy with an instrument panel. There were many television screens, but they all showed EBEN language and series of lines, both vertical and horizontal. Maybe some sort of graph.

We were able to wander around without any EBEN bothering us. 633 and 661 were really interested in this. 633 seemed better. There was one window. But we could see anything. It was dark but we could make out wavy lines. Maybe some sort of distortion in time. We must be moving faster that light speed, but we canít see anything out the window.

OK, MVC finally arrived. He explains in broken english, that we are halfway to home planet. Everything is functioning properly and we all will feel better once the craft gets out of this time wave, as he calls it. MVC says we can walk around any part of the ship, but we must stay together.

We must be shown how to operate the movement centers. We are thinking he is referring to the elevators. It seems simple, just placing your hand over one of the operating lights. White and red. White moves it and red stops it. We hear some type of ringing sound, but MVC says it is only space sounds. Whatever he means by that. We were able to walk around the ship, but it is so large it is difficult to understand how such a large ship can move so fast.

633 wants to see the engines. MVC takes four of us to the engine room or whatever they wish to call the room. It contains large, very large metal containers. They are in a circle, with the ends of each pointing into the center. Many pipes or some type of large tubes connects them.

In the center of these containers is a copper colored coil or something looking like a coil. There is a bright light being shined from a point above into the center of the coil. We hear a very dull hum, but no major loud sounds. 661 thinks it is a negative matter versus positive matter system.


QUESTION: Please explain, for the enlightenment of all, the Eben Energy Device (ED) found at the crash site.

ANONYMOUS: OK, I will answer this question. Dimensions: 9" x 11" x 1.5", weight 26.7 oz. The ED [Energy Device] is clear and made of something similar to hard plastic.

On the bottom left, there is a small square metal plate, possibly a chip. It is one of the connector points.

On the bottom right, there is another small square metal point, which is the second connector point.

Viewed from an electron microscope, the ED contains small circular-shaped bubbles. Within these bubbles are extremely minute small particles. When a demand for electric power is applied to the ED, the particles always move clockwise at a great speed, not measurable. There is also some type of unidentified fluid located around the bubbles. When a demand is placed on the ED, this fluid turns from a clear color to a hazy pink color. The fluid becomes warm between 102° - 115° F.

However, the little bubbles would not heat up, ONLY the fluid. The bubbles maintained a constant temperature of 72° F. The boundary of the ED contains small (micron sized) wires. When a demand is placed on the ED, the wires expand in size. This expanding process depended on the amount of demand placed on the ED. We did extensive, exhaustive experimentation with the ED. We could power everything from a 0.5 watt bulb to an entire house.

The ED automatically detects the required demand and then outputs that exact amount. It worked on everything electrical except equipment that contained a magnetic field. Somehow, our magnetic field interferes with the output demand of the ED. However, we have developed a shielding process to correct this.

I wonít go into all the scientific nomenclature at this time [due to national security implications]. This is just the basic information on the ED, which is what a reader wanted to know.

Interestingly, when our recovery team first found the ED, they thought it was a window because of its clear plastic-like qualities. Ebe #1 had to show us how it worked. It still took us many years to fully understand the EDís operational qualities. Iím sure we fully understand everything about it today, BUT that isnít written in the final [Serpo] report.


Ebe #1 was the crash survivor from the craft found in Corona, NM in July, 1947.

Ebe #2 was the first exchange of an Eben scientist and was the second visitor left on Earth. I donít know the exact time period of his stay.

Ebe #3 was a female scientist.

J-ROD was a cloned Eben, created by the Ebens, who came as another type of visitor. J-ROD is a very complicated matter and the entire story will never be made public. The exact type of entity J-ROD was shall remain classified as "Above Top Secret."

Let your exclusive UFO Thread List membership know that this subject matter is closed and no future questions regarding this topic will be addressed.

Why s/he or it was named J-ROD is classified. People have speculated about that, and officially it means something, but that information shall remain shielded from the public domain.

President Bill Clinton wanted to continue the exchange program, but others in his administration thought it would be a mistake and overruled him. It was terminated in 1994 with Ebe #5.

QUESTION: UFO author Whitley Strieber claims to have been contacted by a man claiming that he was part of a human-alien exchange program in the í60s. Was Whitley "played" or did he actually meet one of the Team Members?
ANONYMOUS: The guy who approached Whitley Strieber in 1989-90, was a Team Member. We know him and knew the contact he made with Strieber, not once, not twice, but three times.

All surviving Team Members were carefully monitored and watched by a special branch of the DIA. The last surviving Team Member died in 2002 in the State of Florida.


VICTOR: Can you give me more details re this statement?

"However, when he [Ebe #1] was taken to Washington, D.C. (very closely controlled), the climate there (in late fall) was too cold for him."

— When did this occur?
— How long was EBE #1 there?
— Where did he stay?

Thank you.
Unicus magazine

ANONYMOUS: I will NOT supply that information.

For your information only (not for public view), Ebe #1 visited Washington D.C. in 19__ and stayed at _____ _____, _____ in a special _____. He did not meet with President ______ .
[Withheld for reasons of national security.]

[FACTOID – Victor Martinez:

The final segment of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND which I viewed does have 12 people, 10 men and two women. Twelve people are also the number given in Spielbergís book version.

However, I got around to reading the end of Spielbergís paperback version of CE3. It reads the same as the movie except for two interesting things. The 12 Team Members are introduced as ALL MEN.

An additional dialogue not in the movie also takes place. They have a sit down with Roy Neary and have him sign a number of documents. While he signs the last one he is told the following:

"We have a possible problem in the area of canon and common jurisprudence outside of the parameters of our astronomy. The case could be made that you are, in effect, technically speaking... dead."

Is this a fancy way of saying that if anybody comes snooping around about what happened to Roy, they now have the legal right to tell them he is dead? Does that sound familiar?

"Spielberg tells me about the film. Itís about UFOs, he says, but it is not science fiction. He calls it íscience fact.í"

COMMENT: Makes you wonder how Spielberg got the numbers and gender count right.

[It is reported that after President Ronald Reagan watched a special screening of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," he privately spoke to Steven Spielberg and said, "You donít know how true this really is." (The actual quote by President Reagan)]

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Posting 12 by Anonymous (24 January, 2006)

[Note by BR: This posting was sent directly to myself and was not sent to Victor Martinez. It is presented below verbatim. Nothing has been added or edited. Typos have not been corrected and all the formatting has been retained.]

I dreamt of earth. I really had some vivid dreams of Colorado, the mountains, the snow and my family. It was if I was really there. I had no worries and never thought of my situation inside the foreign spaceship. Then I awoke. I was confused and disoriented. I was in a bowl, well, it looked like a bowl to me. I donít remember how I got here. My first thought was to my crew. I pushed open the top of this glass bowl and it opened. I heard a hissing sound coming from the seams or seals. I looked around and saw that I was inside a room. Not a room I remember. But all of us were inside these glass bowls. All the other crew members were asleep. I climbed out and realized my legs were really sore. But I climbed out and went to each glass bowl and checked on the crew. I found only eleven of us. Somebody is missing. But who? I am so confused. Iím also very thirsty. I canít find any of those water bottles. We had some but I canít find any. My eyes are really having a problem focusing. But Iím writing this in my log, I have to record everything. I found number..... He is alive. Who is missing. I have to look at each bowl. This room is large. The ceiling looks like bed mattress.

The walls of this room are soft. Not very much in this room except for the bowls and some tubes running from the bowls to the floor. I see lights flashing on the bottom of each bowl. There are bright lights on in the ceiling. Inside the mattress or something. I canít open these bowls. Iíve tried everything. I must get some help from the Ebens. I found a door but it wonít open. I canít remember how we opened the other doors. How long have weíve been in these bowls? I canít seem to remember much. Maybe the traveling in space causes problems with a personís mind. They told us this during training but we never had anyone travel this far in space before. We are the specimens. Maybe I should go back into the bowl. Maybe I awoke too early. My wristwatch says it is 1800 hours. But what day, what month, what year? How long have I been asleep.

The floor seems to be soft with wires running in a cris cross pattern. I see some type of television screen in the corner of the room. I think it might monitor the other bowls. I canít read anything on the screen because it is in Eben language. I do make out likes, maybe health monitoring lines on the screen. I hope that means everyone is breathing and is alive. But we are missing one man. Did I forget something? Did someone die? I canít remember. I have some type of rash on my hands. Real burning sensation. Maybe it is radiation burns from something. But where are the radiation monitors we had in our packs? Were are our survival packs? I canít find anything. I am returning to the bowl. I am lying down. I will stop making entries in this diary.

I am awake again. Ebens are in the room. My bowl is open. Some of my crew are walking around. The Ebens are helping them. I climbed out of my bowl. The English speaking Eben sees me and I asked him if everyone of my crew was alright. He doesnít understand, ďalrightĒ. I point to the crew. I say eleven. Where is number twelve? Ebe1 then points to a bowl that is empty and says, earthman is not living. Ok, someone died. But who. My crew is walking around in a state of confusion. I canít get anyoneís attention. They look like the living dead. What is wrong with them? I asked Ebe1, what is wrong with them. Ebe1 replied, space sick, but will not be sick soon. Ok, that makes sense. I have no idea how long. We are still flying but donít know how long. Ebe1 brings some fluids and something looking like a biscuit. Fluid tastes like chalk and the biscuit doesnít have any taste. We all eat it and drink the fluid. Almost instantly we feel better. Ok, get organized. Told 203 to round up all crew. Found 308 missing. Must be the dead crew member.

Ebe1 came back and lead me to 308. He was in bowl, something like coffin. 700 and 754 will examine 308. Ebe 1 cautioned us no to take 308 out. Donít understand the caution. 700 and 754 is here. I try to tell Ebe 1 that these guys are our doctors and must examine 308. Ebe 1 said no, because of infection. I guess 308 must have had some sort of infection and it could be contagious. But is 308 dead? Donít know. We will take Ebe1 advice. 700 and 754 just looked into the bowl and said it looks like 308 is dead. Everyone else looks ok.

The fluids and biscuit must have contained some type of energy food. We can focus our eyes and can actually think. No one can remember how we got into this room. All our equipment is here. Everyone is concerned about our status. Ebese are friendly but wonít tell us much. 899 is concerned with being locked into a room. 633 and 661 thinks we should be keeping busy. I agree. I order everyone to get their packs and ration belts, inventory everything inside and see if something is missing. That will occupy the team for some time. My wristwatch says it is 0400. But what day? Date? Donít know. Very strange not being able to gauge time. We have no reference inside this room or this spaceship. The year clock that we brought will be unpacked once we can get to the stowed gear. We donít know where that is.

All crew inventoried packs and ration belts. Everything is accounted for. 899 wants to arm himself with handgun. I said no. We donít need guns. No Ebese have been hostel towards us. We got out a compass. It doesnít work. We got out our radios. We will keep them on our belts. Donít know if they work away from the room. But we turned them on and they work. We can hear each other. Good, we have communication. But we must be careful, the battery life is only about two days. I suggest everyone start writing down their thoughts. Keep some sort of a diary, like I am doing. I was ordered to do this and will continue to do as long as I can. But I wonít keep it by day, since I canít tell when a day ends. 661 suggests we make up a calendar and a time system as long as we are here. Good idea, he will do that.

The calendar will run on a seven day system. We will use our wristwatches to gauge a 24 hour period and then consider that one day. We will start at 0600, which is in about 45 minutes. 518 set up the air monitor. Seems we are breathing regular air. The team is joking about 518ís nomenclature use for regular air. Good that we have some humor. Ok, this is the beginning of day 1, it is 0600 hours. 661 will keep calendar. We should have done this before. We have no idea how long we have been inside this spaceship, how long we have been traveling. Didnít we get into the command station? Maybe I dreamed it. I canít find the first part of my diary.

Ebe1 came in. Told us journey almost over. Lead us to hallway. We got into moving room and moved to another part of ship. Came out into large room with many items, I canít identify them but they look like clothing chests or bedroom chests. We are also lead to a large table with food. Ebe1 tells us to eat. He said good food, eat. Weíll, we all look at each other. 700 and 754 says lets eat. Ok, we find plates. Seems like ceramic plates real heavy. I chose something that looks like a stew. I then got a biscuit, same as we ate earlier. The drinks were in metal containers. Same fluid we drank earlier. We all ate. Very little taste in the stew. Something like potatoes, maybe cucumbers, some type of stems. No really bad.

The biscuits taste the same. Everyone sat and ate. We found something like apples but didnít taste like apples. Sweet and soft, I ate one. Leaves an after taste in my mouth. Team looks happy. Some are joking about not having any ice cream. Ok, the MVC is in room. First time we saw him. He speaks through Ebe1. The language really bothers my ears. The high pitch sounds and then the vocal tones sounds very strange. Ebe1 tells us MVC wants us to prepare for landing. Ok, how do we do that. We must get into bowl room and get in bowl. No one wants to do that but if we have to we will do that. We must go into bowl room and get in bowl. No one wants to do that but if we have to we will do it. We are lead back to moving room and travel back to bowl room. We climb into the bowl. Some use pot for relief of our bowels and bladders. Then climb into bowl. The lids close but we are awake. Just lie there. I fall asleep.

The bowl lids have opened. My wristwatch says 1100. I guess it is still day 1. We climb out. Ebe1 is at our side. He tell us. Landing home. Ok, I guess we are there. We gather our gear. 700 reminds us to wear out sunglasses once we exit. We pack up and walk down long hallway. Then into another moving room. We travel for one minute. Then door open. We are in large room. We see our stowed gear. Large room, many smaller spaceships stored here. A large door opens. Bright light. We see the planet for the first time. We walk down the ramp. Large number of ebens waiting for us. We see a large eben, largest one we have seen yet. He comes forward and starts speaking to us.

Ebe1 translate a welcome message from the Leader. I guess this guy is the leader. About one foot taller than the others. The leader tells us we are welcome to planet, he called it something we do not understand. Ebe1 isnít doing a good job translating. But we are lead to an open arena. Looks like a parade field. The ground is dirt. Looking up, I see blue skies. The sky is very clear. We see two suns. One brighter than the other. The landscape looks like a desert, Arizona or new Mexico. No vegetation that we can see. There are rolling hills but nothing but dirt. This must be the central village or town. We landed in an open area with large structures like electrical towers. Something is sitting on top of these towers. On the center of the village is a large tower.

Looks like a concrete structure. Very large, maybe 300 feet. Looks like a mirror is placed on top of this tower. All the buildings looks like adobe or mud huts. Some are larger than others. Looking in one direction, canít tell any actual compass readings but there is a very large structure. All the ebens are dressed in the same clothing, except for some of the ebens who were on the spaceship. Now I see others dressed in a dark blue outfit, different from the others. Each eben is wearing some type of box on their belts. All have belts. Canít see any children, but maybe they are the same size too. Our boots leave an imprint into the soil. The brightness is almost too much for our eyes without sunglasses. Looking around 360 degrees, I see buildings and barren land. Canít see any vegetation. I wonder where they grow their food. What a planet.

Hard to believe we will have to live 10 years here. But a journey of 1000 miles begins with one foot step. Canít remember who said that but that just came to mind. But large numbers of ebens are welcoming us. They seem friendly. Then, almost shocking us, someone speaks English. We all look around and see an eben. This eben speaks very good English. This eben, we call ebe2, speaks almost fluent English, with exception of not really pronouncing the letter w. But ebe2 does a good job speaking English. Ebe2 says we are welcome to the planet serpo. Ok, that is the name of their planet. Ebe2 shows us a device and tells us everyone of us must wear it. It looks like a small transistor radio. We put it on our belts. The weather is extremely hot. Asked 633 to take temperature. 633 says it is 107 degrees. Very warm. We take off top jacket and leave us with one piece flight suit. The ebens looks at us but seem very friendly. Some are wearing some type of shawls. I asked Ebe2 about that, Ebe2 says they are females. Ok, I see.

They all look alike. Really hard to tell one apart except for uniform. Some have different colored uniforms. I asked Ebe2 about that, Ebe2 says military uniform. Ok, that makes sense. Ebe2 lead us to a series of huts, looking like adobe style houses. There are four. Behind them is an underground room, or storage area. It is built into the ground, underground. We have to walk down a ramp. The doors look like a military igloos that store our atomic bombs on earth. All our gear taken off the spaceship is stored there. We walked down into this area. Very large room. Very cool, a lot cooler. We might have to sleep here. All our gear is there. Sixteen palates of gear. This igloo is made up of something like concrete but not the same texture. Feels like soft rubber but still hard. The floor is made of the same stuff. There are lights in the ceiling. Looks like spot lights. They have electricity.

We must inventory all our gear sometime. We go back to huts. The huts are cooler than outside. But still very warm. We must get organized. I tell Ebe2, we will need to be alone and get organized. Ebe2, then I realize Ebe2 is female, says ok, We will be left alone. I asked for the body of 308 . Ebe2 seems to be confused and doesnít know about any body. I explained to Ebe2 held her hands across her body and bowed her head. It was really an emotional site because she was almost crying. Ebe 2 told us that the body would be brought to us but she must check with her trainer. The word trainer kind of shocked me. Is Ebe2 in training and someone is teaching her? Or is the word trainer in Eben something different in English. Maybe that means leader or commander. Donít know. But Ebe2 left. I told 203 to gather everyone in the lower storage area. We will have a team meeting. 633 suggested we start the calendar as of today. It is 1300 on our Day 1 on planet serpo.

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Posting 13 by Anonymous (28 January, 2006)

[Note by BR: This posting was sent directly to myself and was not sent to Victor Martinez. It is presented below verbatim. Nothing has been added or edited. Typos have not been corrected and all the formatting has been retained.]

We had a serious problem. How do we explain our science to an alien entity, who doesn't know Einstein, Kepler or any of the other scientists of our time. Simple mathematics, seems so foreign to them. Ebe2 is the smart one. She seems to understand our language more than 1 and 2. She even seems to understand our basic math. We started with the basic math. 2 plus 2. Then progressed on. She understood and even caught on so quick that she continued on without our help. We realize she has a great IQ when she repeated 1000 times 1000 and came up with an answer. We showed her our slide rule. It took her a couple of minutes to figure it out, although I don't think she fully understood all the symbols on the slide rule. She is really something.

We found a personality in her. Maybe because we have more contact with her than the others. She is very warm hearted, one can just sense that in her. She really cares about us and she even worries about us. During our first night, she seemed to make sure everything was just right for us. She warned us of the heat and the light. She mentioned that SERPO does not get dark, like earth. I wonder how she knew that? Has she visited earth? Maybe she is just educated on earth's properties. Maybe they have books about earth. Anyway, on the first night, she told us about the winds, what winds. Gusty winds start just when the one sun sets. The other sun does not but stays in the lower horizon. The winds blow dust, free dust into our huts. We had a very difficult first night. We call it night but it seems that the Ebens just call it a period of their day. Ebe3 knew the word day but didn't compare it to earth's day. Maybe she hasn't been to earth. We didn't sleep well during our night. The Eben's don't sleep, like we do.

They seem to rest for periods of time and then wake and go about their business, whatever that might be, When we awoke, Ebe2 was there, outside our hut. I opened the door and she was waiting. Why? How did she know we were awake? Maybe the huts are being monitored by some sensor. Ebe2 told us to follow her to the eating place. She didn't use the word dining hall or chow hall or facility. She used the word place. Once I gathered the team, we walked across the village, I'll call it a village for the sake of wording. We entered a large building. It seemed to be large, based on the small stature of the Ebens.

There were food on tables. I guess we'd call this place a chow hall. Ebens looked at us but carried on eating. Do they not cook inside their huts? Maybe everyone eats here. We walked to the food tables. Same food we saw and ate on the spaceship except some items were different. They bad large bowls of something like fruits. Strange looking things. They also had something like cottage cheese, it tasted like sour milk but after the initial taste, alright. I encouraged each team member to eat and drink. We might as well get use to the food. But 700 tells us to eat just one of their meals a day and stick to our C-rations for the other meals. That way, our system will adjust to the Eben food. We sat at a table, small compared to our standards and ate. The Ebens numbering, probably about 100, just ate and didn't really bother us. Every now and then, we would catch Ebens staring at us. But we were the freaks, not them. We are the visitors. We are the aliens. We must really look strange to them.

We all look different, they all look the same. How can they compare us to them? They can't. We stare at them, they stare at us. We then see a different looking Eben. Very strange looking creature, large, long arms, almost floats along with long legs. Can't be an Eben. We all stare. This creature just floats by us and didn't even look at us. I find Ebe2. She is eating with three others. Once I approach her, she stands and almost bows her head towards me. Maybe just a greeting, have to remember that. I ask her abet the creature we saw, I ask if that was some other type of Eben. Ebe2 seems confused. She asked me what creature. I used the word creature. Maybe that was an insult or maybe she didn't know the word. I pointed to the thing at the other end of the building. She then saw what I meant. Ebe2 said, no Eben, just visitor. Like you, pointing to me. Ok, I see, they have other alien visitors here. I guess we are not the only ones. I then asked Ebe2 what planet did that visitor come from? Ebe2 said, something like CORTA, not sure of the exact work although I asked her to repeat it twice. Ok, where is CORTA?

She walks me to a television, at least it looks like one. It is positioned in the corner of the building. It is set up like some type of command station. She places her finger on the glass and something appears. The universe? Star systems. I don't recognize any of them. She points to a spot and says CORTA. Ok, where is earth? She points to another spot and says earth. Based on this television glass space map, CORTA and earth are very close. But I don't know the scale of this map. Maybe they are a trillion miles apart or maybe 10 light years. But they seem close. I'll have to have one of the scientists look at this and see. Ok, I thank Ebe2. She seems pleased. She almost looks like a angel. She seems so very nice. She touched my hand and pointed to my table and said, eat. Good eat? I laughed and said, yes, good chow hall food. She looked puzzled. I guess she doesn't know what a chow hall is. I pointed to the building and said, chow hall, earth eating place. She repeated what I said, chow hall, earth eating place. I laughed and walked away. Now she will think all earth restaurants are called chow halls.

We retuned to our huts. We must get better organized. We have a meeting. Everyone seems ok. We wonder about latrines, Where do we relieve ourselves. Ebe1 comes by, almost as if he was reading our minds, maybe they can even do that. He tells shows us pot in hut. We all wondered what that was. Ok, that is our latrine. Realized that won't work very well but we'll do what we can. Then we realize the pot has some sort of chemical inside. Our wastes are dissolved or something like that. Can't really tell. Each of the four huts have one. That will work for the time being. Ebe2 tells us to walk on ground. Not sure what he means by that but 420 says that might we to just walk around. Ok, that we will do. I organize the teams102 will remain with 225. I want 633 and 661 to look at the television glass map and see if they can tell which star system is CORTA.

I ask 518 to take temperature readings and general weather observations. I know it is hot. Very hot. Most be over 140 degrees. 754 warns us to keep covered from sun radiation. 754 says radiation levels are high. Doesn't sound very good to me. This reminds me of Nevada. 1956, during one of the atomic bomb testing. We had hot weather and we had to worry about the radiation from the atomic blasts. Now we are on a strange planet 40 light years from earth and we have radiation and heat. But we have to explore that is why we were sent. We starting walking around 475 will take photographs with our military cameras. I hope the film is affected by the radiation. How do we develop it? Maybe we didn't think of everything. I team up with 225. We walk to a large open door building. We walk in and it looks like a classroom but no Ebens are here. There is a large television tube, it takes up the entire wall. There are some lights flashing on this television tube. We examine the tube. It is very thin.

I wonder how it works. Where are the tubes or the electronics. But maybe they are more advanced in this area than us. They must be. We don't find touch else in this building. We move on, wow, it is so very hot, I hope l get use to it. We find a large tower. Looks like a antenna tower but it has a large mirror. We saw this when we first arrived yesterday. We find an Eben standing near the door but he moves to one side. We ask him if he understands English. He just stares at us but seems friendly. I guess he doesn't speak English. We move on into the building, Can't find any stairs. But we see some type of round glass room. Maybe it is an elevator. Then we hear English. We turn around and find Ebe2 standing there. Where did she come from? I her if we may explore this building. She said yes, of course, She points to the glass room and says go up. Ok, we enter the glass room. The glass door closes and go up real fast.

I no time we are at the top. But what is this. We ask Ebe2, what is this. She points to the sun and then points to the top of the room, where the mirror is located. She then points to the ground. Ok, we see it. The tower is in the middle of a circle. The circle is situated on the ground. In each quadrant of the circle is a symbol. I see that the sun is directed through the mirror maybe this isn't a mirror as we know it since the sunlight travels through it, but once the sunlight travels through it, the light is directed on a symbol within the circle. Ebe2 says that when light contacts symbol then Ebens make change. Not sure what that means. Maybe she means it tells the Ebens what to do. 225 seems to think it is a sun dial. When the sun strikes a symbol, the Ebens change what they are doing and do something else. Maybe the Eben day is structured. Or maybe this is their clock. Strange. But we are on an alien planet.

I'm glad I still have my sense of humor. This is only our first day, first day of school. We have a lot to learn. We have to keep an open mind. We can't keep comparing things to earth. We have to open our minds to new ideas and new science. All these things are foreign to us but we must learn. I pointed to my wristwatch and then pointed to the ground and in a gesture to show Ebe2 that the two items are time pieces. Not sure if she understood. But I said time and she then understood.. Yes, she said, Eben time, pointing to the ground. I pointed again to the wristwatch and said, earth time. Ebe2 then almost smiled and said, no, no earth time on SERPO. Ok, that makes sense. 225 said, she just told us that earth time doesn't work on SERPO. Yes, I guess she did. What good is our watches or time device here? They don't work. We have to start using Eben time. But we must also maintain our time because we must know when to leave. Ten years seem like a million. Maybe based on Eben time that it might just be a million years.

Lets hope not. No time to think about home, we have a mission and duties to perform. We are a military team and we must maintain that idea. 225 and myself go back into the glass bowl and go down to the ground. We walk onto another building, large again. Inside we find rolls and rolls of plants. This must be some sort of greenhouse, They are growing food. Many Ebens are inside. They look at us with some glares. But we just walk in and around. One Eben comes up to us and speaks but in Eben. He seems to be telling us something. He points to the ceiling and then to our heads. Maybe he is telling us to cover our heads. We must find Ebe2. We go back outside and then finds Ebe2, she always seems to be near. Now we understand why, she is monitoring us by the devices we are wearing on our belts. I ask Ebe2 what is that building. She says food making place. Ok, maybe we contaminated the place.

We told her that another Eben spoke to us and then pointed to our heads. Ebe2 seemed confused and walked back into the building with us. The same Eben exchanged words with Ebe2. Ebe2 then told us that we must wear a cover on our heads in order to enter. Why? But we don't argue. This other Eben produces some sort of cloth had and we wear it. We walk about, the Eben seemed happy, We look at their plants. They are growing food in soil. They have a watering system. They also have some sort of transparent cloth over each plant. I point to the watering system and ask Ebe2, if that is water, drinking water. Ebe2 said yes. Then she senses we are thirsty. Ebe2 leads us to a place near another entrance and offers us water, at least we think it is water. Tastes like chemicals but it is water. Actually tastes good.

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Posting 14 by Anonymous (28 January, 2006)

[Note by BR: This posting was sent directly to myself and was not sent to Victor Martinez. It is presented below verbatim. Nothing has been added or edited. Typos have not been corrected and all the formatting has been retained.]

The leader of the Ebens is a larger creature than the others. He seems to be more aggressive than the other Ebens. When I write aggressive, I don't me in a hostile way. He seems to be the boss, similar to me, as the team commander. His voice, although after all this time, I still can't understand any words, is harsh and with a tone that is different from the rest. 203 claims the leader has an attitude. I agree. He is extremely friendly to us and has accommodated all our requests. The leader has requested many things from us. Most of which, we have provided. One strange thing is our blood.

He wanted all of us to supply a blood samples. Ebe2 explained that the blood or health fluid as Ebe2 explained it, was necessary for them to supply any medicine to us if we should ever need it. 700 and 754 feels that a blood sample might just be used for other purposes. We have allowed the Ebens to utilize 308's body for experiments. They took all 308s blood, that was without my approval. I wrote about that in log 3888. We had a very tense situation with the Ebens about that. When we traveled to the building housing 308s body, we were confronted by several Ebens. Ebe1 showed up and I explained that we wanted the body of 308. Ebe 1 told us the body was in storage and we could not take it.

We told Ebe 1 that we will take it. The eleven of us walked by the Ebens, numbering six and walked into the building. They did not attempt to stop us. While inside, we could not open any of the containers. There was some type of system, maybe crypto style, that was being used to lock the containers. We did find the container housing 308's body. We decided to send 899 to our storage area and get some explosives to open the container. Ebe2 showed up with the leader. Ebe2 was extremely polite and asked us to wait. She used the word please several times. In fact, she actually used the English word beg. We backed off and I told Ebe2 that we wanted our friends body and we wanted to examine it. Ebe2 translated that to the leader. There was a long exchange of words between the two.

Finally, Ebe2, who seemed very frustrated told us that the leader would like us to go to another location and speak with another Eben, a doctor, about the body of 308. Ebe2 explained that everything wanted to know about 308's body would be explained to us by the Eben doctor, who Ebe2 said spoke English. I told Ebe 2 that I would leave 899 and 754 here to guard the body and I would take the others to the location containing the doctor. Ebe2 translated that to the leader. Again, there was a long drawn out exchange of words between the two. It lasted for several minutes. Finally, Ebe2 stated that the leader would like all of us to leave this building and go to visit with the doctor. I told Ebe2, no, I would not leave the body of 308 alone. I felt that this was going to be a confrontation. I told 518 and 420 to go back, obtain our handguns and come back ASAP. I was not going to allow the Ebens to counterman my decisions. When Ebe2 heard this, she told me to wait and placed her hand against my chest.

I told her to translate that to the leader. Again, there were several minutes of word exchanges between the two. Ebe2 then stated that the leader would bring the doctor here to discuss the situation with us. Ebe2 asked me to please don't send your men for guns. Guns are not needed, we can settle this without guns. Please don't. I told Ebe2 that we would not get the guns but we would not leave until we saw 308's body. The leader did something with the communication device on his belt. About 20 minutes later, three Ebens showed up inside this building. One of the Ebens, who identified himself as a doctor and who spoke very good English. This doctor had a strange sounding voice, almost like a human's voice.

This doctor did not have a high pitch accent, like Ebe1 and Ebe2. I was very impressed with this doctor. I just wonder where he has been for these past 18 months. We have never saw him before. This doctor told us that 308s body was not inside the container. The Ebens have done experiments with 308s body because they considered it an honor to have such a specimen to work with. The doctor told us they have used 308s body to create a type of cloned human being. I stopped the doctor at this point. I told the doctor that the body of my teammate was the property of the United States of America, planet Earth. The body did not belong to the Ebens. I did not authorized any experiments on the body of 308.

I explained that humans consider a body to be religious. Only I could have authorized the use of 308s body for experiments. I demanded to see the body. This doctor explained the body was gone. This doctor said all the blood, body organs were taken out and used to clone other beings. The use of the word beings really scared me and the others. 899 became extremely angry. He called the doctor curse names. I ordered 899 to be quiet. I then told 203 to take 899 out of the building. I realized this matter could really blossom into a major incident. I could not allow that to happen. There were just eleven of us and we realized that if the Ebens wanted to imprison us or kill us, they could do it very easily.

But I didn't think the Ebens would resort to such behavior. I was not going to allow this incident to advance into something worse. I realized there wasn't much we could do about what the Ebens have done with 308s body. Ebe2 looked very upset. Ebe2 told me that everyone should be nice, she repeated the word nice many times. Ebe2 did not want this matter to escalate. I kind of felt sorry for Ebe2. She was trying to mediate the matter. 203 suggested we return to our living quarters and have a team meeting. I told the leader that I did not want any further interference between whatever is left of 308s body and experiments. I pointed my finger towards the leader's face. Ebe2 translated, along with the doctor. The doctor, who was extremely straightforward, told me that nothing further would happen with the body, but advised me very little was left of the body.

Ebe2 then told me the leader was concerned that we were upset. That we were their guests. That the leader was upset that we were offended. The leader did not wish to upset us and promised that nothing further would happen to the body. I thanked Ebe2 and had her rely that to the leader. We returned to out huts. Everyone was upset, especially 899. I told each member to calm down. I explained our situation, as if each team member didn't already realize it, that we were only eleven military personnel. We had no way of fighting the Ebens. We did not come 40 light years to start a war with the Ebens. A war we could not win. We could not even win a simple fist fight with the Ebens. Yes, maybe we could beat them up but what then. We have to realize out situation and act accordingly. I ordered each member to reconsider the situation and to except the facts about 308s body. I told 633 and 700 to investigate this cloning procedure with the English speaking Eben doctor. Lets get all the facts about what they did with the body and what we can find out about the body and the Ebens experiments with the body.

Ebe2 came to the hut. I told Ebe2 that 633 and 700 were going to examine what was left of 308s body. They would also conduct research into the Ebens experiments done on 308s body. Ebe2 look very concerned. It is sometimes difficult for us, even after the time we have been on this planet, to determine the meaning of facial expressions on Ebens face. Ebe2 replied that she must first obtain approval, approval was a new word for Ebe2. She was must reading or learning our language. Maybe she is just picking up our words. I told Ebe2 that she can go get permission but that we were told when we arrived that we did not have any restrictions on where we went. Ebe2 said she would speak with the leader. 633 and 700 gathered test equipment and prepared themselves for the examination of the Eben laboratory.

According to our time devices, Ebe2 came back about 80 minutes later. Ebe2 said it was alright for my men to visit their laboratory. I decided that I would also visit it. Myself, 633 and 700 were escorted by Ebe2 to the laboratory facility. We had to be taken by the helitransport device, as we call their helicopters. It took us sometime before arriving at this location. According to our compass readings, which are not really a compass reading but we made points of references and according to them, we traveled north. The facility was large, by Eben standards. The building looked like a large single story windowless school. We landed on the roof, or maybe just a landing zone on the roof. We were escorted down a walkway or ramp. They don't have ladders on this planet. I think I wrote about this in one of my past entries.

They have ramps. We arrived in a room. White walls. We then walked through a hallway into another larger room. We met our English speaking doctor. We saw many other Ebens, all dressed in a bluish colored one piece suit. Different from their ordinary suits I spoke of in past entries. The doctor told us that all the experiments done inside this building, he didn't call it a laboratory, just a building, is done to create cloned beings. We were lead into another room, where there were rolls of containers, looking like glass bathtubs. Inside each bathtub were bodies. I was shocked, as were 700 and 754. Bodies.

Strange looking bodies. Not human bodies, at least not all of them. We started walking down the space between the tubs. We looked into the tubs. These were hideous looking creatures. I asked the doctor what type of creatures were inside these tubs. The doctor told us that these creatures came from other planets. 700 asked the doctor were these creatures dead when they arrived? Or did the Ebens bring them here dead. The doctor said all the creatures were brought to the planet alive. 700 asked if the creatures were kidnapped or brought here against their wishes. The doctor was not sure of the word kidnapped. The doctor seemed puzzled. The doctor asked about the question. 700 said that these creatures were taken from another planet and brought to serpo without permission from them or their leaders of their planet. The doctor said that these beings were brought here for experiments.

These creatures are not intelligent beings. Ebe2 then used the word animals. Ok, now I understand. All these creatures are animals from other planets. The doctor didn't seem to understand the word animal. Ebe2 and the doctor exchanged words in Eben and the doctor then said, yes, they are animals. I then asked if there were any intelligent creatures in this building. The doctor said, yes, but that all of them were dead when they arrived on serpo. 700 asked to see these creatures. The doctor corrected 700 by saying beings. Ok, I guess creatures are animals and beings are like humans. Let me first write down the description of these creatures inside these tubs. They are not all alike. The first creature I see inside the tub looks like a porcupine. It appears to have a tube placed inside of it.

The tube leads to a box underneath the tub. The second creature I see looks like a monster. It has a large head, big deep set eyes, no ears, a mouth, but no teeth. It is about five feet long and has two lower legs but no feet. It has two arms but it doesn't appear to have any elbows. It has hands but no fingers. This creature also has a tube going through it. The next creature looked like nothing I can compare it to. It had blood red skin, two spots in the middle, maybe eyes. No arms or legs. It had a very strange odor. The skin appeared to be blotchy with scales. Maybe like a fish. Maybe it is a fish. The next creature was human like. But the skin was white, not skin white, the color white. The skin was wrinkled. The head was large, with two eyes, two ears and a mouth. The neck was very small.

The head almost looked as if it sat on the lower torso. The chest was thin, with large bone like protrusions. The arms were curled, with hands but no thumbs. The legs were also curled with feet but only three toes. I couldn't look at anymore creatures. We walked down another hallway, through a room, down a ramp, into another room. We came into a room that looked like a hospital room. There were many beds, or at least sometime of bed, Eben style bed. I described them before. In each bed was a living being, as the doctor called it. The doctor told us that each being was alive and well cared for. 700 asked the doctor if these beings were ill or sick. Ebe2 had to translate that but the doctor said, no, they are being lived. The three of us seemed really stunned by that word lived. I asked Ebe2 what the doctor meant.

Ebe2 exchanged words with the doctor. Ebe2 then used the word grown. 700 asked the doctor if these were the cloned beings that he mentioned before. The doctor said yes that each being was being grown, using the same word as Ebe2 just used. 754 asked the doctor if these beings were being grown like a plant. The doctor said yes that is a good comparison. 700 asked the doctor how are they grown. The doctor said that certain parts of other beings were used to grow these beings. The doctor said he could not explain the process in English because he didn't know the words. 700 then asked Ebe2 if she could explain the growing process. Ebe2 said she did not know the English words. Ebe2 said that parts of the blood and other organs are used to mix a substance that is placed inside the bodies of these beings. That was all Ebe2 could explain in English. I told 700 to go back and get 420 and bring them back. While we waited for 420, we looked at these beings. They were breathing. They looked like humans, most of them. Two of the beings on the end looked like humans with dog heads. These beings were not awake.

They were either sleeping or drugged. 420 returned. I told 420 to see if he could translate the method used to grow these beings. 420 then spoke with Ebe2. 420 is really good. However long we have been hear, some guess about 18 months earth time, 420 learned the language well. 420 then said that the growing process involved cells taken from other beings, grown and mixed with chemicals and then inserted into the bodies of other beings. That was about all 420 could explain. 420 did not know the words Ebe2 used. But the word cells were used. Ebe2 then told me that some things were taken from inside the cells. 700 and 754 then asked if the item take from inside the cells were cell membranes or identification markers for the cells. Ebe2 translated that to the doctor. Both seemed confused and said they could not explain the process because they did not know the English words for it.

700 used the word advance biological extraction of the cell membranes. But neither Ebe2 or the doctor knew anything about that process. I asked 754 if he might understand what they were doing. 754 said that human cells contain smaller substance that can identify the structure with the membranes of the cell. This isn't something that earth technology has advance but 754 has read about it prior to leaving. But 754 doesn't think that earth technology can be used to grown living cells into what the Ebens have done. The Ebens must have found a way to grow cells and to make them into living beings. 700 and 754 said nothing like his is known on earth. I then asked the doctor if 308s body was used to create a being. The doctor said yes, and showed us the being. I was shocked, as was 700 and 754. This being, with our teammates blood and cells, looked like a large Eben.

But the hands and legs were similar to humans. How could they have grown this being so quick. Obviously, this is well above our intelligence. I saw all I wanted to see. I told the doctor that we would like to leave. Ebe2 saw that I was upset and touched my hand. Instantly, I felt concern. Ebe2 was really concerned about what I saw. Ebe2 said we leave. We traveled outside this building, a building that I did not wish to see again. I saw the dark side of this civilization. The Ebens are not the humane civilization we thought they were. But I must say they didn't hide anything. The doctor spoke straight to us. Just like the Ebens. They don't know how to lie. Seeing what we saw will change our impression of the Ebens as long as we stay on this planet.

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Posting 15 by Anonymous (1 February, 2006)

[Note by BR: This posting was sent directly to myself and was not sent to Victor Martinez. It is presented below verbatim. Nothing has been added or edited.
There also seems to be an anomaly, as "102" appears to be a different person from the Team Commander in the information above. I invite other pairs of eyes to check.]

Team Commander
Assistant Team Commander
Team Pilot #1
Team Pilot #2
Linguist #1
Linguist #2
Scientist #1
Scientist #2
Doctor #1
Doctor #2


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Posting 16 by Anonymous (4 February, 2006)

Note by BR: This posting was sent directly to myself and was not sent to Victor Martinez. The diagram below was downloaded, printed, and then scanned into a Word program supplied by Anonymous, all precisely as per detailed instructions.

The outlined circle did not appear in the original download; however, as the diagram was scanned, the circle appeared in the Word program. Because this created a 4 Mb document and the individual components could easily be accidentally clicked and dragged, I created a screenshot of it and produced a far smaller .gif (Ebenobject original - first below). This is the original.

I increased the contrast a little to darken it for easier viewing, and the result is Ebenobject darkened. This is the second below.

The name of the image Ė Ebenobject Ė was given by Anonymous.

There were no labels, description, or any other explanation for the diagram.

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Posting 17 by Anonymous (9 March, 2006)

[Note by BR: This posting was received by myself while at the Laughlin UFO Congress, Nevada. There are two parts:

1) A sample of the Eben written language (original below -click for a higher-resolution image; sample enlargement further below);

2) A further installment of the Team Commander's Log, posted verbatim as before. The final sentence is also verbatim, and apparently incomplete.]

It was difficult to speak science to the Ebens. How do we explain Einstein? How do they explain their Einstein? We had a difficult time relating our science to them. However, they seemed to understand our physics and chemistry quicker than we can. We managed to observe some strange things about their technology. First, we took apart one of the locators, they placed on our belts. It wasn't easy. There were no screws or bolts holding it together. We had to break the thing.

The electronics inside was nothing we have ever observed. There were no transistors, tubes, rectifiers, coils or other electronic components like our technology. This thing had just wires and some bulges in the wires at certain points.

There was two components, which none of us have ever seen. We could not use our frequency counter to determine the frequency it transmitted and received. It was out of our range. 633 and 661 used some other equipment to analyze the thing but couldn't understand it. We asked the Eben Scientist, who we called Ebe4. The problem was the translation Ebe 2 had to translate because Ebe 4 didn't speak English. A lost is lost in translation even though Ebe 2 does a pretty good job with English. We showed Ebe 4 one of our portable radios. The Motorola FM radio was pretty complex to us.

It was new and contained four channels. 661 took apart the radio in front of Ebe 4, explained the parts and the different crystals we use for frequency. Ebe 4 couldn't understand it. He seemed as lost with our radio as we did with theirs. Ebe 2 told us that Ebe 4 couldn't understand the radio or how it worked. So that was our dilemma. How do we exchange science. Each of our civilizations must learn from the other.

So, we decided to begin a school. Our first days were pretty tough. We started with simple things. which we thought would be similar to what they would know. We chose light. 661, who did some teaching before, started with wavelengths. 661 started with nonvisible light and the different angstroms. Then 661 showed them the spectrum of light. 661 showed them cosmic rays and how we measured them.

Then he went to gamma rays, x-rays and ultraviolet light. 661 explained that light was what we called electromagnetic waves. Over a period of eben days, 661 explained everything he knew about light, frequencies and a description of the frequency bands. During this time, several other Ebens came in and listened. Ebe 2 was extremely tasked with translating this.

Ebe 2 had a difficult time explaining everything 661 said because she didn't know the Eben words for everything. But she did an outstanding job of describing what 661 was saying. I don't think Ebe 4 got everything 661 said but it didn't take long for Ebe 4 to realize what 661 was describing. 661 then showed Ebe 4 a repair manual for one of our test equipment. Since everything, or almost everything we brought was military, it was a military manual. The manual contained schematics of the circuits.

Ebe 4 was completely lost. But eventually figured out what 661 was showing him was the inside of the test equipment. 661 then started showing the basics of electricity. Ohms laws, different formulas to figure voltage and amperes. Ebe 4 was confused, to say the least. But one of the other Ebens. who had came in to listen, grasped the idea quickly. We called this Eben, Ebe 5 or the Einstein.

This Eben was smart, exceptionally smart. After three years, we finally meet an Eben who can grasped our science. The only problem is he couldn't speak English. But he asked questions, which Ebe 4 didn't really do. Although it took several lessons to teach Ebe 5 what each letter meant in a formula, Ebe 5 finally realized what we were saying. This Eben must of have an IQ of 300.

Ebe5 actually solved some simple problems set up by 661. Basic electricity, solving for the amount of resistance in a circuit, simple things like that. It was a remarkable scene. Ebe 5 became our ace student. We couldn't get rid of the guy. He followed us around and asked questions through Ebe 2. When Ebe 2 wasn't available, he would simple point and shrug his shoulders. We'd speak to him in English or have 420 or 475 translate to him. But only 420 could understand most of what Ebe 5 was saying. This come to another interesting point. Ebe 5 looked a little different than the rest of the Ebens. During the last several years, we have noticed some of the Ebens, especially the ones who live up north, look different.

There heads seem to be bigger. They have a more weathered looking face. Ebe 5 is from the north. He lives in the second village to our north. The distance is approximately 5 kilometers. I drew the map in entry 4432, showing all the villages in the north. I'm sure they have more villages farther away but we haven't visited them yet. Ebe 5 also does not have a mate. This is strange but not totally uncommon. We have found several Ebens without mates. We haven't delved into the personal life of Ebe 5 but 518 wants to. I explained in one entry about the Eben technology when it comes to screws, bolts, etc.

They don't have any. Everything they make is sealed with some sort of solder or melting method. When we visited their manufacturing plant, we were amazed at how efficient they were with manufacturing furniture, their helicopters or flying devices. We still haven't seen their main spacecraft manufacturing plant. It must be in the far west and south. I'm sure we will visit the place someday.

We still have seven years, or at least seven earth years left. As I mentioned before, we have totally lost track of earth time. We gave that up many of our years ago. We have gauged our time on Eben time, which is extremely complex, as I mentioned before. We had a feast today. What a feast. We used our last C-Rations but the Ebens didn't really care for our food. We did kill a beast. As I mentioned before, the Ebens allowed us to kill the beasts for meat.

The meat isn't really bad, 899 says it tastes like Bear, which I never ate. But Ebens look at us very strange when we eat meat. Strange, they can clone creatures and other species of humans but they can't eat meat. How strange they are. But they allow us to do just about anything we want and eating meat is something we need for the protein. We used the last of our salt and pepper, which does make eating their food more of a challenge. The Ebens don't have anything similar to salt and pepper. They do have an herb, as we, call it, something like Oregano which they use.

It has a tart taste but we have developed a taste for it. The feast was great. We participated in the dances, which the Ebens really like. They get great pleasure dancing and playing their strange games. I described the games before but this feast, we saw something different. The game was played like chess but with Ebens standing on a large square area of the compound. The squares were divided into 24 sets. Each set had another 2 spots. Just how or why the Ebens moved was a mystery to us.

One of the Ebens would say a word and then another Eben would move. It appeared that it was a team game. Six Ebens on each side. We couldn't figure it out but at the end,, the Ebens danced with each other, signifying a victory, we think. It was a fun day. My team played softball, with some hard nosed Ebens, who have learned the game. Well for the most part. They still haven't figured out they have to catch the ball before it hits the ground. But they had fun. We have found some extremely gifted athletics among the Ebens. Then again, we found some who had no athletic ability.

Just like humans. Our softball game ended when the rains came. We ended up inside the community building. We finished our meals and separated to our living area. As we do each day,, we have our end of day briefing. We check each other for psychological condition and medical health. Our day ends and we start our eight hours of rest. Ebens have a different period of time, as I mentioned before. They rest about four hours, for every 10 hours working time. But we must consider their hour is longer and that their days are longer. So we stopped using our time and used the Eben time.

It is difficult to understand but this is only a diary. Once I return to Earth, I can explain the time difference and how we had to use their time instead of ours. I keep writing about the time in every diary entry but it is important to note that even though we have been hear for about three years, Earth time, we have given up Earth time and utilized the Eben time. We tried to use their two suns as a counting system but that didn't work. We then tried to use our own watches but that didn't work. So we gave up our time pieces and just use the Eben's time tower. Each village has one and it is easy to understand the symbols. Each symbols means a certain time and certain work period. Ebe 2 came by after the feast.

Ebe 2 was concerned with 754. As I mentioned in one past entry, 754 became sick. But he has recovered. We don't know what he suffered but 700 treated him with penicillin, which worked. We all have had some sort of sickness since we've been here except 899, that guy is a solid rock. He hasn't been sick, not even a cold. 706 and 754 are keeping details records of each team member and their medical and physical condition. We have tried to keep a steady physical fitness program since we arrived. Some time we follow it and sometime we don't. But everyone is in pretty good shape, at least physically.

Mentally, that might be another story. Some team members miss Earth, as I do. But no team member has broke down or has needed some type of psychological help from 700 or 754. Our screening process was great. Keeping busy is our medicine. We keep extremely busy, exploring and doing our mission goals. At one of our team meeting recently, 203 and myself decided to give up the military greetings, saluting that each member did the first time they saw us. I decided we maintain our military bearing and manners but we will give up the saluting. Each team member agreed. I have no problem with that. The Ebens just starred at us when we did that. But they also have their greetings.

Ebens exchange greetings depending on the time of day. They hug on certain times, touch fingers on other times and bow at other times. We still haven't figure out why they do that. Ebe 2 just explained it was a formal greeting method. Ebens live a very strict life. They keep a regimented life style. We have seen some variances but only by a few. The military keeps everyone in line. The military acts as a police force, as I mentioned before. They do not carry any weapons but they do have different uniforms and every Eben respects that uniform.

The military are patrolling all the time. They walk in pairs and seem to be extremely friendly but can be very strict. We saw two Ebens walking across a field. Two military members quickly approached the two Ebens and pointed to a building. The two Ebens walked to that building with the military members. The military members were yelling something at them. At the time, neither 420 or 475 were available for translation but I figured those two Ebens violated some custom or law. We have been warned by the military when we approach something we are not suppose to approach.

The military are very respectful when they deal with us but they don't allow us to violate any of their customs or laws without warning us. When we first killed one of the sand snakes, we had six military members at the scene in no time. It took a great deal of diplomacy to deal with that situation. But the military never touched us nor threatened us. The Ebens have adjusted to us just as we have adjusted to them. We carry on our mission and they allow us to do just about anything.

The one forbidden act is not to enter a private living house. We did that once and was politely escorted out by the military. There seems to be more military than actually needed. They do have weapons, as I mentioned before. We rarely see any military member with those weapons. But we have seen them during the alert that occurred some time ago. Ebe 2 came into our living compound, just after one of our rest periods. Ebe 2 was excited and told us to stay inside and not to exit our living quarters. We asked why and Ebe 2 said that an unknown spacecraft had entered their planet's orbit. But Ebe 2 assured us that the military will take care of the problem.

We naturally went into our own alert. We issued our weapons and stood by to guard our living area. We violated her instructions and went outside. We watched the skies and saw a lot of air traffic. We then saw all the military members with weapons and something that looked like field packs. They were in full fighting gear, as 899 called it.

The alert didn't last very long and Ebe 2 came back, looked at us a little curious and then told us everything was alright and the alert was over. We asked her if the unknown spacecraft was identified. She said it wasn't a spacecraft but just a natural piece of space debris and left it at that. We didn't believe her but we had no way of knowing any difference. We returned to our normal routines

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Posting 18 by Anonymous (3 April, 2006)

[BR: This message was posted by Victor Martinez to his list on 3 April 2006. Comments in square brackets below are by Victor Martinez.]


The following information pertains to the equipment our Team took to Planet SERPO. All of the military equipment was real,... at least back then.

LIST OF SUPPLIES TAKEN BY "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" Team Members [which was later renamed "Project SERPO" once the seven (7) Team Members returned in 1978 and the report was finalized in 1980]:

1) MUSIC Ė The Team Members took the following types of music:

Elvis Presley
Buddy Holly
Ricky Nelson
The Kingston Trio
Brenda Lee
The Beach Boys
Bob Dylan
Peter Paul & Mary
The Beatles
Loretta Lynn
Simon & Garfunkel
The Hollies
Chubby Checker
Bing Crosby
Dinah Shore
Vera Lynn
Tommy Dorsey
Ted Lewis
Ethel Merman
Everly Brothers
Lesley Gore
Marline Dietrich
The Patters
Doris Day
Connie Francis
Shirelles Lyrics
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Perry Como
Guy Lombardo
Glenn Miller
Rosemary Clooney
Al Jolson;
Christmas Music
U.S. Patriotic Music;

Classical Music:

Indian Chanting Music
Tibetan Chants
African Chants [these last three (3) for the intended benefit of the Eben hosts].

2) CLOTHING Ė The Team Members took the following clothing:

24 pairs of specialized flight suits
112 pairs of underwear (pants/shirts)
220 pairs of socks
18 hats including jungle style and regular ball caps
50 different types of footwear
military clothing, load bearing belts and harnesses
military backpacks
30 pairs of civilian casual pants
sleeveless shirts
15 pairs of athletic shoes
100 pairs of athletic socks
eight (8) athletic supports
24 pairs of thermal underwear
24 pairs of thermal socks
six (6) pairs of cold weather boots
military-style hot weather clothing
60 pairs of gloves military work-style
10 containers of military-style sanitary gloves
six (6) pairs of cold weather gloves
10 laundry bags
disposal surgical gloves
military-style warm weather jackets
military-style cold weather jackets
civilian-style warm and cold weather jackets
10 pairs of warm weather sandals
24 military safety helmets
24 military-style flight helmets
1,000 yards of fabric for the repair and making of clothes.

3) MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Ė The Team Members took the following medical equipment:

Portable X-ray machine
100 pre-packed medical kits for advance trauma care (military-style battle field medical kits)
examination scopes for the stomach bladder and rectum
eye examination equipment
120 pre-packed surgical kits (military style)
120 pre-packed military field medicine kits (containing various medicines)
30 military-style field medical sanitation kits
75 water testing kits (military style)
50 water testing kits (civilian)
75 FAST kits
1,200 food testing kits (military style)
500 pieces of miscellaneous surgical tools
5,000 packages of insect repellant (military style)
250 medical intravenous kits/with fluids
16 pre-packed medical testing kits (military style)
50 pre-packed medical testing kits (civilian)
five (5) military Medical Portable Hospital Tents with base
two (2) Military Medical Portable Deployment Kits
18 Military Medical Blood testing kits
three (3) portable military chemistry testing stations
two (2) Advanced Biological Testing Kits (civilian version)
15 Military Radiation Treatment Kits
1,000 pounds of miscellaneous medical equipment.

4) TESTING EQUIPMENT Ė The Team Members took the following testing equipment:

100 pieces of geological testing items
2 military soil testing stations
two (2) chemistry testing stations (civilian)
six (6) radiation testing meters
two (2) military radiation testing stations
two (2) biological testing stations (civilian)
two (2) 100cc tractors
four (4) 100cc digging tool tractors
10 pre-packed military Soil Testing Kits
16 astronomical telescopes
two (2) Military Star Stations
four (4) military power generators (1-10,000 watts)
four (4) civilian power generators
experimental solar collecting equipment (military)
50 portable two-way radios with FM frequencies
six (6) military combat radio platform kits
50 pre-packed military radio repair kits
1,000 different frequency tubes
30 pre-packed military electrical testing and repair kits
three (3) solar testing stations (military)
one (1) experimental solar testing station
10 solar collection panels with collector containers
10 air sample collection kits (military)
five (5) air sample collection kits (civilian)
six (6) diamond drills
10 military special access kits
1,000 pounds of C-4 explosives with 500 blasting caps
detonating cord
time fuse
Military shape charges
one (1) Nuclear Detonating Kit.

5) MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT and ITEMS Ė The Team Members took the following miscellaneous equipment/items:

100 military blankets
100 military sheets
24 pre-packed military combat deployment kits
80 pre-packed military combat tent kits
four (4) military mobile kitchen deployable kits
six (6) military survival stations Ėwarm weather
six (6) military survival stations Ėcold weather
2 military weather stations Ė combat style
50 military weather balloons
24 military handguns
24 military rifles (M-16s)
six (6) M-66 weapons
two (2) M-40 grenade launchers
two (2) military 60mm motor tube (30 rounds)
100 military air burst flares
5,000 rounds of .223 ammunition [M-16 assault rifles]
500 rounds of .45 ammunition
60 M-40 rounds
15 Freon dispersal containers
15 compressed air dispersal containers
20 tanks of oxygen gas
20 tanks of nitrogen gas
20 tanks of miscellaneous gases for cutting equipment and testing
75 military-style sleeping bags
60 military-style pillows
55 military-style sleeping platforms
six (6) pre-packed military deployment combat field living platforms
250 different style padlocks
6,000 feet of different types of rope
24 repelling kits
10 seismic deep hole drills
1,000 gallons of fuel
four (4) military-style phonographs
10 Military cassette players
10 reel-to-reel tape players
60 belts
10 military sound collection equipment kits
25 military Intelligence Collection Kits
1,000 other miscellaneous items.

6) VEHICLES Ė The Team Members took the following vehicles:

10 military-style combat motorcycles
three (3) military M-151 Jeeps
three (3) military trailers
10 Military repair kits for jeeps
10 Military repair kits for the motorcycles
one (1) Military lawn mower
1,500 gallons of fuel for all of the above items.

7) FOOD Ė The Team Members took the following food items:

25 pre-packed containers
100 pre-packed containers of freeze-dried food items
100 cases of various canned food items
seven (7) years worth of vitamins
100 containers of energy bars/snack items
1,000 gallons of water
150 military survival food kits
16 boxes of various alcoholic wines
150 cases of drinking fluids
chewing gum, lifesaver candy and various other miscellaneous food items.

8) MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Ė The Team Members took 2,000 pounds of various other items.

More to come....


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