by Martin Armstrong
April 08, 2017

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington has published a Working Paper on “de-cashing” the economies and the implications.


This paper clearly demonstrates that this is the direction we are headed into. It provides advice to governments who want to join in the latest thing:

abolishing cash.

IMF-Analyst Alexei Kireyev recommends in his conclusions:

Although some countries most likely will de-cash in a few years, going completely cashless should be phased in steps.


The de-cashing process could build on the initial and largely uncontested steps, such as,

  • the phasing out of large denomination bills

  • the placement of ceilings on cash transactions

  • the reporting of cash moves across the borders

Further steps could include creating economic incentives to reduce the use of cash in transactions, simplifying the opening and use of transferrable deposits, and further computerizing the financial system.

The paper (The Macroeconomics of De-Cashing - IMF Working Paper) does not advocate eliminating cash. It merely goes through the plus and minus to such a policy.


While governments are pressing this using terrorism as the excuse, you do not eliminate the entire monetary system of the world to even catch 100 terrorists and their camels.


This is all about the collapse in socialism and the desperate need to raise money.